100 thoughts on “Famous ‘God Bless America’ rendition banned over singer’s racist past

  1. Lou is typical of men from his generation. His opinion during interview didn’t surprise me at all. He probably did a little black face himself.

  2. One question. When are they going to take down Paul Robeson's statue at Rutgers university???? He sang the same song 8 years before Kate Smith !!!

  3. idiots. all whites were racist in the early 19th century. blacks were their slaves. accept the truth. it was already history. we colored people dont have to be too sensitive.

    she is already dead. give it a rest!

  4. Fuck that bitch destroy that damn statute lol … Racist piece of shit look at you now … Oh wait you can't hahaha

  5. Why ban it! This iconoclast problem is terrible. We should keep it forever. You know why its history. It shows future generations the racism of America.

    Erasing the racist history only white washed true black history. Erasing this history is like avoiding and a continuously not acknowledging our history.

    Here's an idea. Replace all of those statues around the country. But, add to those statues messaging how racist they were.

    Learn from the history….tell the truth how America hates black people.

  6. The irony is how terrible both fan bases are for those teams ha. Now, they are going to change the name of the Master's lol.

  7. LMFAO she's not a racist, but she will happily sing disgusting racist songs. I'm saying you are fucking racist.

  8. CNN sucks in this video. Why? They did not offer the 1945 statement of Kate Smith about tolerance, which was a very strong statement made after WW2 about what churches, communities and homes needed to do so that another world war didn't happen again. Yes, those songs are racist and blackface is racist, but CNN should have done their homework and seen the big picture about Kate Smith, as should those sports teams, before coming to a politically expedient conclusion. LZ Granderson needs to do the same thing also.

  9. the yankees and the flyers are owned by fucking pussies, they should tell people you don't like it, then fuck off

  10. Honest to god people need to get over this stuff. The song is about America and honor all those here,
    "ALL". I see where the yankees and flyers fans want to protest, unfortunately I don't see that working out. I would suggest the fans start singing the words to the song at everygame, what are they going to do kick everyone out. That would be awesome to see true fans singing God Bless America

  11. Leave this woman alone, she's been in hell over 30 year's. Singing a godly song won't get you into heaven. Your heart has to be right, that's what God looks at. Unfortunately it's many more has lived this way. And we'll continue. Hell ain't worth it at all! I bet she can tell you that now.

  12. Correction, her voice was a New York and Philly – European American favorite. I knew better than to listen to her, Judy garland, and any other old timey racists. In supporting these racists, other racists are able to be racist while maintaining a delusion of cognitive dissonance. Should've could've would've lip service adds insult to insult here. Good to see racist people sticking to their guns and standing up for their fellow bigots. It lets us know where they stand. And yes white folk, racism is racist, we know you know this stop lying to yourselves.

  13. It’s HISTORY!!!!! People need to get over themselves. You have to keep everything in context. Taking away a statue or stop playing a particular song will never stop racism. And if ppl continue to wipe all of history away how will ppl learn from the past? This is truly ridiculous!!


  15. I think the history books need to be wiped clean, no more people, they didn’t exist. Even in 2019 with our holier than them attitude, good luck finding perfect role models that everyone can agree on.

  16. Take down all your cup banners you won before having black players because that offends me. CNN calling them selves a news agency is offensive.

  17. I don’t think anyone thought it was offensive at the time so I think it’s challenging to view it as racist nowadays. And frankly doing this just turns people against racial justice causes for a ridiculous reason.

  18. Yes, CNN, Trump was guilty of Collusion and Kate Smith was a racist based on a song she sang 88 years ago in 1931. You specialize in Fake News CNN. You have no ethics of any kind.

  19. God Bless America was written by a Jewish immigrant Irving Berlin he did it for free too he did not profit off it. He loved America and what it had given him Freedom and opportunity.

  20. I'm sorry but why are we acting like the Star Spangled Banner doesn't have a two whole verses of racists words

  21. Funny it don't bother any of you that the Yankees didn't allow blacks on their team until like 1958 so it's that racism ok? Just wondering I mean if we go after one we go after all don't we?

  22. And if we knock down her statute and burn all the books we can count on one thing. It will all repete one day. Better to explain than to shove under the rug.

  23. What was wrong with her she just hated black people this race shit is so wild who bleeds different color blood? If you can't raise your hand to that you can't be racist.

  24. What a stupid world we live in. 100 years from now everyone will be racist because they said African American. Dumb Fuckers in the Media destroying the world with political correctness.

  25. Racist huh, find a pure Anglo Saxon ? Few very few, Shut up liars, I didn't want to be another race. Yet look at it like the truth, no one wants to be you!

  26. So anything that unites us is forbidden and anything that might, could possibly, in anyway, be construed as racial or gender division is the new chant. The Democrat's were the ones who fought for slavery, segregation and gender inequality. I vote that we ban Democrat's from the United States. We can send them to Germany where they will be accepted with open arms. Maybe they can live in the remaining concentration camps they inspired and helped build.

  27. How can colored people do black face when they’re colored? ?? He sounded really slow at that moment.

  28. CNN and Democrats love bringing up racism. Blacks are the most racist motherfuckers around but white liberals will defend that shit to please their black masters. Smh

  29. A black person sang the same song before her, I her over a hundred black rap artists being racists twards whit people but they dont get shit…

  30. With all the new emigrants moving in expect more complaints. Take away Apple pie and French toast.

  31. This Black ass hole is reaching. Wants to make a name for his newspaper. He’ gotta be sleeping with Hillary Clinton.

  32. Tiger woods was my hero golfer until u my ass a nine idiot who now changed my mind.
    Did your paper sell? Are you going back 100 yrs yet? Just how far back you gonna go back? It’s a shame people like you don’t go back home. You’d rather stay here & pick on Democrats about how bad you had it. The Masters were born because of Nigars? I’ve never heard that. But poor boy, you have two homes. Go home!

  33. You have no shame CNN. Kate Smith had and has no racist past. Your dropping like stone ratings reflect just exactly how bad you are. You specialize in convicting people with no evidence whatsoever. Donald Trump is the latest example.

  34. Oh, come on. How stupid is this?? Remember WHEN she recorded and also that people told her WHAT to sing. Different times. How stupid.
    It was 80 friggin' years ago! Different times, people.

  35. I am totally expecting family guy and south park to be banned in 10 years and it's creators deemed bigots. Fuck this modern world

  36. This sucks! I’m a big Yankee fan and I always enjoy listening to Kate Smith’s voice during a Yankee game. I was so upset when it was taken down.

  37. regardless of the songs.. her voice had no business being cranked through loudspeakers during a sporting event anyway.. good riddance.

  38. Lets just remove all history so we can be doomed to repeat it!! It is a wonderful old song sung by a great singer. Lets spend all our time judging the past instead of moving on!! This keeps us stuck in the past. It does not move us forward. That stupid activist got his ass handed to him. Historians like me who really know the past, the real past, the hard truth and not the bullshit these dumb fucks were taught in school, you see a far more complex picture of greater context of the past. Not only how people thought, but why and the fact that slavery, bigotry and hate were directed at many. Ever hear the term "Blacks and Irish need not apply"? Many were slaves!!! The same was applied to Germans, Slavs etc. Study Slavery and indentured servitude. Furthermore, learn who really runs the world and why and how different groups of people are pitted against each other. Racism is an elitist's tool. Humans learn slowly over long periods of time. Slowly, humans learn to do better. Maybe give credit to the hundreds of thousands of white soldiers and others who died to end slavery, and to countless others who stood with you in the civil rights movement. Quit obsessing on what some folks in the past did or believed and quit demonizing what some singer sung 80 years ago. GROW THE FUCK UP!!! Americans today are being hung separately because we do not hang together!!! You PC type people literally are the fascists and tyrants you claim to hate. And by banning things, you only create rebellion and hatred. You are nothing but sowers of discord and will one day be burnt like the chaff you are.

  39. If we deeply investigated most of America's past celebrities/artists I'm convinced we would find just as "disturbing" instances of behavior that today is viewed as racist or offensive. By no means am I supportive of racist or bigoted acts, but can't we as a society come to terms with the fact that many of the social/cultural norms of decades or centuries ago were very different from the ultra tolerant and PC ones of today? You can condemn the racist songs she sung, but to ban her entire discography is an example of self-censorship at its worst!

  40. I picked up one of her records at a flea market this weekend and I hadn't heard of her before. I looked her up to see that the SJW's are trying to drag her down?? She died almost 40 years ago! Whatever, I'm just going to listen to my record and be happy?

  41. I picked up one of her records at a flea market this weekend and I hadn't heard of her before. I looked her up to see that the SJW's are trying to drag her down?? She died almost 40 years ago! Whatever, I'm just going to listen to my record and be happy?

  42. Will all you judgemental cockheads leave Kate Smith the fuck alone? The lyrics for the song that people mentioned was written while racial segregation was still a issue, so the sooner you social justice cunts shut the Fuck up the sooner the Flyers can put the statue back up and start using God bless America.

  43. professional black men should not have dreads if i have to shave my fucking beard. i am so sick of the left. thwe media and news is making me racist. trump 2020!

  44. She had no racist past. As a young singer she was instructed to cover a now racist lyric. She had no choice. The second song was covered by the great African American Bass Baritone Paul Robeson. Only the gutless execs at the Flyers and the Yankees were so afraid of the "politically correct" to take this stupid action. I haven't watched a Yankee this year.

  45. The woman was no racist CNN. She lived a spotless life. She, and some others, sang a song some 88 years ago and there was nary a peep about it until an activist complained about it recently. Your post about her is just another in a long line of Fake News that you specialize in.

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