50 thoughts on “Family Feud: Oscars Edition – SNL

  1. I don't understand how or why a lot of black people don't seem to like Dr. Ben Carson…the dude's IQ score is extremely high, he's a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, he's a Registered Republican, just like Dr. King Jr and Malcolm X both were, so what's the problem with Dr. Carson?

  2. I'd no one going to talk about Kate missing the buzzer? Cause that shit was hilarious. That and calling Willem Dafoe a "Goblin."

  3. Oh lord meet Frances Mcdormand many times very nice person, quirky and smart like my Mom, she is just so "there" like she has a big and engaging personality. Shes practically in an additional phase of fame and shes just a head on person whose eager to absorb at the moment trends while sipping a chocolate Shake Shack Milkshake:D

  4. 1:05
    The heck. I’m doing a Spanish project rn on him. Like I was legit typing about the awards he won ??
    Guillermo, you mystery

  5. Sucky ass pete davidson ruins another sketch. I swear, he acts the same in every sketch he does. Its like they stuck their head out the door at NBC studios and grabbed the first stoner they saw. Petition to fire pete davidson and increase Keenan's pay.

  6. I can imagine Timothee's reaction to Pete Davidson's impression of him would be the exact same thing Pete Davidson did in his impression.

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