Exclusive Interview with Sudha Chandran Actress

I was born and bought up in Mumbai but my native is Tiruchi… Trichy Vayloore This is my Native But my Parents.. Grand parents who are 4th generations ones So they migrated to Kerala If i have to say the transition has been from Tamil Nadu to Kerala to Mumbai A long journey But i was born an brought up in Mumbai School life I have been a student of Convent bred student.. St. Josephs Convent Student Dance.. It would be not fair to say that i learnt dance by choice because it was my mom She was a classical Singer She wanted to learn dance badly and had the personality for that But she couldn’t So she said if i am blessed with the daughter i would definitely make her a dancer So that’s how At the age of 3 i learnt Bharatanatayam At the age of 8 i started performing onstage after this i have done many more performance all over western India I wouldn’t say i am a dancer by choice It was my mom’s wish And gradually as i progressed i developed interest in dance If any one says now Can you imagine a life without dance I would say no. I was only 7 1/2 So i was not knowing what was onstage fear Since i attend many functions, the onstage performance was hyped But i was not knowing the importance of onstage performance at that stage ok the make-up men came early morning They got me ready for the show And with happines i went and performed only after this did i know the importance of onstage performance As Audiance view these it was a graduation towards starting a new carrier in dance So if we take experience in to account i never had stage fright any time I perform with good confidence I think i had done good so far because The reports that came back then Especially press, media was very important When we were performing Recently electronic media has come into picture back at that time what ever press and media says Can be said as the final verdict So people who saw my performance The top most critics of Mumbai was She performed well for her age and she is a talented dancer It was a turning point in my life Because After this accident It was a Million dollar question weather i would dance or not But god has been very kind if you want to be successful in life I Think god plants people in your life Likewise One sucn person is DR. B.K Shetty He won the Ram & mckenzie award award in 1981 It was the same year i met with accident And after this i wasnot sure about my life and future Life is a big question mark When i was reading India Today It was the same time io read about Dr B.K Shetty He has invented Jaipur Foot which is a very natural foot it will function very naturally So i had a small hope on this So if i go and meet him, something can be done so with that hope i went and met him Hope in the sense As they say In a Tunnel, you see a light at the end of the tunnel So i went and informed him this You know i want to he asked what is your problem and i said You have proved that everyone walks with Jaipur foot But i wish to go a step ahead I want to dance with Jaipur foot? I still remember Dr. B.K Shetty he was blank for 10 seconds He said dance? What form of dance? I said Bharathanatyam I conveyed it over enthusiastically i said it required a lot of foot work Am not sure if i can perform with Jaipur Foot So he said why not.. what is the problem? You can dance with it I think those were the magic words he never doubted it even for a minute about this even if so i would have never danced again So i always say that in a medical profession It’s just not the remidy The way we have a practical approach to our life is very important So with Jaipur foot i started dancing But i had to practice for 2 1/2 years before coming on stage Accident was not a major… thing as i am unable to recall much of it because i was coming from a temple on the way to chennai is where the accident happened Near the temple I don’t remember what happened since it was an accident case They admitted in Trichy Government hospital After that how did i get Gangrene and after this my parents decided me to be moved to Vijaya hospital but by then they said Gangrene had already set in Limb or life? that was a million dollar question… Since i was a minor my parents decided that Amputation is the only remidy However it is We have to save the life after this decision i think… i was in Chennai for about 8 – 9 months Then i went back to Mumbai it was at that time i met Dr.B.K Shetty Who fitted Jaipur foot I practised for around 3 years 1981- 1984 I performed in 1984, January After seeing this performance Mr. Ramoji Roa Who is the Owner of E-Nadu & News time and Film City of Hyderabad he was the one who decided It is a interesting material what if we make a movie around this and spread the word he decided to make the film Mayuri But Initially he casted top most heroine in Telugu And wanted to use my story for that Thanks to Singeetham Srinivas Rao sir Who is our director he was the one who decided if i act in this movie Sudha Chandran is the one who will be acting That’s how i acted in Mayuri For many years no one know about Sudha Chandran I am still know as the Mayuri Girl So thanks to Ramoji Roa Sir And thanks to Singetham Sir After that i acted many films in Tamil I did Vasanta Ragam Chinna Puyalmela pesu China Tambi Periya Tambi I also did a movie in Malayalam Malarum Keliyum Kaalam Marri Kadham Maari So… around 8 -9 Films in Tamil 4-5 films in Malayalam Only after this i went on to act in Hindi since same film was remade in Hindi As natural Mayuri So then i transitioned towards Mumbai The biggest award is what audience have given me Well See at the end of day what we if it is enjoyed by audience I think that’s the biggest award any actor can get But yes to mention a few. I earned a National award in my first movie it self Best Supporting Actress Wherein i got a Special Jury award For my film Mayuri And this was in Guinness book of records He is famous in South India film industry Prem Nazir Sir He was the person who chose me for This particular award I remember this old lady who was aged She was about 85 i think But years back then They had migrated from Punjab to Canada After my performance this lady it was actually their kids who approached me and said that this madam wants to meet you I thought it was some of my Fans and i actually ignored that lady She was unable to climb upstairs As soon as i saw i went down to her and met her All she said was i don’t need any thing Can i get the shoes that you are wearing? Why do you need my shoes madam? How will my shoes be useful to you She says it’s not that I live in Canada But i am proud to be an Indian You are an Indian Maybe in those shoes There will be traces of soil underneath it this is what i wish to preserve it for life long… That was the biggest thing and that is when i felt so proud to be an Indian In Cinemas, More than me acting in inconsequential roles i am doing better roles in small screen and getting a good name here is very important So that’s the decision After doing quite a few roles on Hindi Cinema It didn’t work out much And only later on was this TV play which was just starting up in Hindi So i though of trying in television as a talented actress myself Maybe Television is the answer is when i decided to start acting on television and today i am so happy because even if it Hindi television industry Tamil, Malayalam, any Media for that matter but today i think television is a very, very strong media We need to enact in better characters I personally feel television is one step ahead, why because They say this is compulsory event It goes to every bedroom No one can ignore you So i have done many daily soaps in Hindi Earned a good name as one of the top most television actress as well with a good rating Same way i wanted to act in Tamil Currently i am acting for Vijay TV Which is one of the top most rated series Deviam Thanda Veedu Audience are viewing this whole heartedly Either be it in Chennai/ Tamil Nadu if we are to go for a shooting Response what we get is amazing So i think No regrets doing television Vegetarian i don’t eat Meat I love to have vegetarian foods a lot and i like sweets especially but if i have more sweets unfortunately i put on too much weight This will not suit for acting in televisions because we need to look good on screen As we need to undergo a bit of dieting for the same Which is compulsory but when i came to Chennai I was not able to control my diet because the people who act along with me Sulakshana Madam She is an absolute foodie She used to pamper me too much Suppose i say i have to eat Kesari on any particular day The next day she would get it in a big box Apart from sweet if i have eat something spicy she will get that also Any thing that i ask she will get it for me from her kitchen She wont get one or two she gets them in huge boxes So if this is the case dieting is out of control When i came to Chennai initially We work from morning 7:30 to night 10:30 we will be too tired i am not able to see much of Tamil films but i do watch all the series on television which is aired on all the channels There will updates on Hindi films for sure because when i was in Bombay i used to watch lot of films and lot of television Yes, Kamal Sir, Rajani Sir They are the trend setters Surya karthik All these i feel they are the fore runners and i feel very proud because Where as in Hindi we have Dhanush now in Shamitab I think it was one of the best entries of Dhanush he is a Star… In Hindi I feel very happy even Prabhu Deva Sir is there now Dhanush as well so you feel so nice because.. suddenly in north industry south industry is ruling now even if they are technicians from South Or even South Indian Actress Most difficult acting that i have done… Almost all are difficult because…. Of all the characters that i have done I don’t resemble one character in another movie i am very chosey in that And television is long running If it runs well for 5 years If we enact the same character again Audience will definitely reject it So i make it a point before signing up for a television series I will ensure that i don’t repeat the same character that i have done before So i think for me every character is difficult I don’t do any sort of homework for this What ever is said by the director is what i follow but yes i am very Inquisitive actor What happened before and what is going to happen next only after listing to these will i venture in to the set So.. i think After coming to set is when i do my home work Many a time If i am struck in a complex situation or complex scene I totally depend on the director for this We have our director here Arul sir He guides us very well. even if i am a seasoned actor There are some things which needs to be taken care by a director Which is very important As a television actress So i think in this series Devaim thanda veedu Audience have come back to me saying that i act very well Definitely i have my eperience on my side but Guidance of my director Arul sir Music yes All Indian music Even if it is Hindi songs or old songs in Tamil is what i like the most when going back home after packing up what i normally listen to is old golden melodies I am a huge fan of Sivaji sir if i see sivaji sir on screen only after seeing his songs will i get my sleep i think its like a lulaby to me In Hindi i am great fan of Mohammad Rafiq sir For Nettv4u viewers Sudha Chadran wants to I Love You, keep loving me

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