EVERYTHING You Missed in US + TWIST Ending Explained

EVERYTHING You Missed in US + TWIST Ending Explained

Jordan peels follow-up to his masterly debut get out is a terrifying plunge into the double depths of humanity and hidden in the movies opening scenes and throughout the film or a stack of clues that cleverly reveal its dramatic twist ending yippee-ki-yay movie lovers I'm Jan and today I'm really excited to peel back and break down for you the many layers of the horrifying and thrilling film us we've got tons of Easter eggs you may have missed and hidden secrets to examine and there will of course be spoilers so take care if you haven't seen it yet let's quickly review what happened at the end of us so we understand exactly how all the clues in the movie foreshadow and explained the final twist the tethered were originally created as part of an experiment to control their above-ground counterparts when that failed the doubles were abandoned in their underground world of tunnels but red Adelaide's double helps the tethered rise up against the above-ground people killing many of them and forming a human chain across the land however the twist we discover is that the tethers leader red is actually the original a delayed in the 1980's fairground scene young Adelaide encountered her double in a Hall of Mirrors Adelaide's double overpowered her and took Adelaide's place with her parents above-ground in the final showdown present-day Adelaide kills red burying the truth about who she really is underground forever or at least that's what she thinks because her son Jason was also in the basement when red revealed that Adelaide was originally one of the tethered and it seems like he may have overheard her secret which is why he gives her a sort of strange look and pulls down its mask as they drive off in the final scene so now we've got the ending covered let's jump back to the movies opening scenes where Jordan Peele laid clues for everything in the ending and the twist the movie starts with young Adelaide watching a Hands Across America commercial which is full of imagery and themes we'll see repeated during the film the idea of doubles and twins has immediately brought up with the mention of 6 million people and 12 million eyes the Twin Towers the repeated letter Gees of the Golden Gate Bridge and the words from sea to shining sea accompanying an image of a lighthouse which appears twice once on the left of the screen and then immediately flipped with a mirror image to the right and to cap it all after the promo ends we see a copy of young Adelaide reflected in the TV screen sitting next to a white rabbit toy now that's intriguing because the advert is a huge clue to the real identity of the ted's leader when young Adelaide is switched with her tethered counterpart her tethered double steals her Michael Jackson Thriller t-shirt and leaves her with only her hands across America t-shirt over the years she spent growing up underground Adelaide who we now call red found inspiration in memories from her previous life above ground her memory of the 1986 Hands Across America charity event during which millions of Americans formed a human chain across parts of the country to raise money for the homeless is something that's been seared into her brain and so red takes inspiration from that to organize an act of rebellion where the tethered send a bloody message by rising up killing their above-ground counterparts and recreating that human chain from Hands Across America the clothes worn by the tethered give their group the feeling of a cult or escaped prisoners which in a way they are and read who designed these outfits took inspiration from several classic horror and cultural icons from the time prior to 1986 when she was still above ground the red work were jumpsuits and the single gloves worn by the doppelgangers were a nod to Michael Jackson's Thriller video as well as his custom of donning a glove on just one hand their outfits also evoke Michael Myers overalls in the Halloween movies and likewise their globes are a shout out to Freddy Krueger's look in the Nightmare on Elm Street series a VHS tape of which you can see by the TV set at the start of peels film which is doubly fitting as it's one of the directors favorite Horrors another of those VHS tapes by the TV is the mid-80s horror film turd which hints nicely at how us will end because as well as featuring monsters living beneath the streets who eventually emerge above-ground tchard also includes a government cover-up and interestingly for peels movie people who go missing by the way the idea of conspiracies also pops up early on in us when Zora says the government uses fluoride in water to control people's minds not only is this a pointer to the failed experiment revealed at the end of this movie but it may also be a little shoutout to the movie dr. Strangelove especially given Jordan peels love of Stanley Kubrick films like The Shining another key detail to understand the film's ending is the constant repetition of the number 11 in the very first scene there's a news and weather promo all on 7 at 11:00 the surprise young Adelaide chooses at the fairground I want number 11 she tells her dad there's the alarm clock that hits 11 minutes past 11:00 shortly before the Wilson's doubles turn up and wreak havoc and those same numbers are on the roof of the ambulance as it drives away at the end of the film and importantly a man with a jeremiah 11:11 sign pops up by the beach in the past and the present the man with the sign is a harbinger of doom as you can tell from his biblical verse therefore this is what the Lord says I will bring on them a disaster they cannot escape although they cry out to me I will not listen to them this biblical warning precedes Adelaide's traumatic experiences in both the past and the present what's intriguing for this movie though is that this particular chapter of the Bible is all about how God's people have forgotten their own history where they come from and the commitment and promises they made to get where they are all of which ties in nicely with the way Adelaide tries to bury the memory of what happened in 1986 if she wants to forget how she ended up where she is today in other words she's desperately trying to avoid confronting the fact that she's a doppelganger who used violence to replace the original Adelaide and now she's terrified what consequences her actions back then might have for herself and her family today if she returns to the scene of her original crime the films frequently repeated Bible quote is a stark message that goes out to its protagonists and viewers in general and also given the double meaning of the film's title specifically to the u.s. when Gabe asks his families doppelgangers what are you people the question word wat implies a certain dehumanization as Gabe doesn't quite see the doubles as human beings Reds answer we're Americans is unnerving for the Wilsons who see the strange but familiar beings in front of them as different not equal to themselves as a visual double of the number 1 the number 11 perfectly suits the film's imagery and themes of doubling mirror repetition but through the ages the number eleven has also acquired some interesting symbolism as it can signify transition excess peril and conflict all of which there's plenty of in this film and it can also symbolize sin and repentance which seems very fitting given that this movie suggests that we need to take a long hard look at ourselves to find the source of our individual and collective problems rather than constantly be rushing to blame other people or groups for our self-inflicted disasters that is we are our own worst enemies the owl that pops out and frightens young Adelaide at the fair fits in with the murals of trees and wildlife around her but given the setting is a Vision Quest with a sign to find yourself the bird symbolism is also interesting for the film in some symbolism owls are connected to magical forces and the idea of being able to see beyond your immediate reality some think the film seems to implore us to do and it's also intriguing that symbolically owls embody the duality seen throughout the film as they can be considered a good or a bad omen depending on what happens next clearly for young Adelaide it was a bad omen though things worked out better for a doppelganger who got to experience life above ground inside the Hall of Mirrors young Adelaide starts whistling the tune – the nursery rhyme itsy bitsy spider but then her clone takes over whistling it – the nursery rhyme is about a spider climbing up a drainpipe before being fleshed down again when it rains and then when the Sun comes out and dries away the rain the spider is able to finally emerge from below the lyrics match exactly how young Adelaide's clone comes up to the surface then drags Adelaide back down below before returning to the surface to take young Adelaide's place in the world above-ground years later red finally has her moment and comes up to the surface for the untethering and that final emergence from below by red is foreshadowed in the scene at the holiday home where present-day Adelaide spots a tiny little spider creeping out from below a bigger toy spider on the coffee table the cages of rabbits gradually revealed during the film's opening credits for another fascinating detail that point to the film's final twist Pele moves quickly from an image of young Adelaide's horrified face at seeing her dove for the first time and cut straight to a close-up of a caged rabbits face indicating young Adelaide's ultimate fate of being caged underground with the tethered who like rabbits have been living in tunnels and were used for experiments the flashback to young Adelaide and her parents that the doctors after her traumatic Hall of Mirrors experience is another vital clue to the film's body swap twist two details are particularly crucial first Adelaide has been acting differently to her usual self and she doesn't speak and secondly there's her mother's words I just want my little girl back a few scenes later we learned that the Wilson family's doubles do not speak which explains why young Adelaide couldn't speak after the phone firm and the fact that only present-day Adelaide's doppelganger can speak but sounds like someone who hasn't used her vocal cords in an extremely long time his further evidence of the Hall of Mirrors body swap young Adelaide's mum didn't realise but she never did get her little girl back as the child living with her that day in Santa Cruz was actually her daughter's clone this hint is echoed in the present day when either late tries to tell her husband Gabe why she feels so uncomfortable on holiday I don't feel like myself she says but just like young Adelaide's parents Gabe doesn't know or understand what that really means and replies I think he looked like yourself then there's the way later during the home invasion that read orders Adelaide tether yourself to the table and act which mirrors how young Adelaide's doppelganger chained her to the bed in the underground tunnels before leaving her there and replacing her above-ground of course there are other signs that things are not all they appear to be for example in the background here there's the board game guess who and notice that other game magic is actually turned upside down much like Adelaide's life has been since the hall of Marez encounter with her double heals film begins by showing us how we like to think of ourselves the Good Samaritans of the Hands Across America promo and ends by exposing our shadowy side which we so often prefer to keep hidden both from ourselves and the rest of the world essentially IRS's a film about society's hypocrisy the everyday violence of our privileges and power as well as issues such as class race xenophobia and general fear of the other as well as the way so many choose to ignore the ties that bind us and look instead to sow seeds of division keeping others down in order to raise themselves up in a constant game of whack-a-mole a game we see young Adelaide's dad playing as she wanders off soon to be lost to her parents forever now did you catch any other details in us and do you have any theories about the ending let me know in the comments below coming up I'll have new videos on pet symmetry and chilling Adventures of Sabrina so if you enjoy deep dives into your favorite Horrors be sure to subscribe and hit the bell to get all my new videos tapleft for my theory on how us and get out are connected or tap write for another video you're sure to like thanks for watching and see you next time you became movie lovers

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  1. I actually liked the movie better at the start when it was just the family battling their doppelgangers. For me it kind of lost tension a bit when it was revealed to be a sort of epidemic.

  2. The reason the "doppelganger"(real little girl) talks all weird is because she almost got choked to death by the actual doppelganger little girl. Not because she just started talking, she was teaching all the copies how to sew and get out and kill their real selves.

  3. adelaide also knew how to get to the tethered, and when both of what should have been her children were dying she et the daughter stay there and she yelled while pluto backed himself up into fire.

  4. Not going to lie, Jordan Peele peeved me when he was so upset "minority didn't win" when he didn't win, also the fact that Get Out was quite literally a copy of the movie The Skeleton Key with minority actors to call attention to their struggle. And yet he had the audacity to say it was completely original. However, Us was an absolutely amazing film. I thought the scene directing and mise en scene was so detailed and thought out. Maybe there is another film out there that matches Us, it would not surprise me seeing how Peele has blatantly plagiarized before, but the way Us was presented– I wouldn't be upset. Modern films will eventually never be original, but at least pay homage and respects to what you're drawing from and put in reasonable effort to add something onto it. Great movie, sad director.

  5. When they were walking on the beach, you could see that Adelaide was a little out of the line. They were all in a striaght line until you see Adelaide which is a little to the right. That is just one of the many hints that Adelaide was actually the real Red. Becuase she wasnt the same as everyone else.

  6. In first scene u will get answer for he ending movie…i shocke about that…its so fresh genre for thriller movie…the plot twist will make you surprising…i hope "US" had sequel…

  7. After watching the movie a a couple hours ago, and going through the comments. I can attempt to give a brief analysis. Please correct me or ask questions in my theory.
    1. Red( is the real natural birth Ade)
    -she can speak in the living rooom scene but the other clones can’t
    -The movie reveals it that way. ( case closed)
    2. Ade( is the clone)
    -She doesn’t know how to speak when she is young after the incident
    -She grunts kinda animalistic after killing the twin in the white people house
    -She knows exactly how to go down to the laboratory to save Jason
    – the movie reveals it to us( case closed)

    Now come the theories. Sometimes the simplest answer is the truth.

    3. The daughter was not switched.
    – She was scared when encountering the clones and was genuinely unaware of their existence.
    – based on the reaction from Ade( the clone imposter mother) she knew exactly what was up, and attempted to call the police to take care of business
    – she ran easy from her clone, the clone chased her to kill her.

    The basic narrative for the clones is to kill their originals and take their place. If she had been the clone, she would have been the aggressor.

    4. Jason was not switched
    – he too was oblivious to the existence of a clone , but his clone new actually who he was.

    The narrative for the clones in the movie is that they know their originals or have a concept about them. That is why they were created. Or that is why they copy them underground.
    – obviously from the wounds on Pluto. Jason could not get his trick to work on the regular world , but Pluto trick worked in tunnels, which would explain why he was injured and Jason was not . It’s that simple.
    – Jason was smart. He learned quickly and learned big words, cuss words. His clone was an idiot, and dumb.

    It is the given narrative that the clones were created to control the people on the surface.
    But it didn’t work.
    So the people that created them abandoned the project.
    What did work?
    The people on the surface were indirectly able to control the clones.

    This explains how Red(the real human Ade)was able to indirectly lead her clone (Ade the fake imposter clone) to her in the mirror house.

    This explains why the real Jason was able to control the Pluto, his clone in the closet to take his mask off and on. Eventually since Jason was a smart young boy, use this power to make Pluto put himself in the fire. ( plain and simple).

    The daughter being a runner and shit is obviously explained . The clone was faster because she is a clone.
    The clones have better bodies, and the humans have better minds.

    That is the clones are superior in their physical attributes but savage in the mind ( hence the animals sounds and behaviors ) especially Pluto crawling and shit.
    The humans are superior mentally.

    Now listen carefully. This is where is all leads too.

    The children form the clone and the real Ade are half and half. Let me explain.

    Then Clone mom had children normally with a real human, ( prince fell in live with a shadow) and the real mom was forced underground to have children with that zombie man.

    The children are weird. That is why Pluto is like a fookin aninal but has human intelligence, like his human mom( Red). That is why Jason and Nora are physically weak, but mentally savage and bloodthirsty and ready to kill like their mother Ade( the clone mom revealed at the end).

    Again. I repeat. The clones cannot control the real ones. That is why the experiment was abandoned.

    The real ones not by design , but by the clones Simply trying so hard to make meaningful go of their existence, try hard to copy the lives of their originals below surface. And more than occasionally, like Red( the real Ade) you are forced by the environment to follow on that path of life. That is why she had the kids without her wanting to have the kids.

    There are a lot of overlapping themes to this movie.
    Nature vs nurture

    But I just wanted to highlight those topics before someone goes down the rabbit whole of YouTube comments and gets confused…

    Again…… Jason was not switched or Nora. The only one switched was Ade and Red.

    More info to prove my statement:
    1. Jason was scared of Ade when she saved him form the locker, but she was acting like a clone , not a natural mom
    2. Jason continued to stare at her in the car because she was odd.
    3. When Ade yells at her husband and tells him he is not in control and he stares at her on the drive towards the pier. She was acting odd.
    4. Nora was not the aggressor and showed no type of physical superiority in any of her fights with clones. But her clone was jumping on cars and running fast asf and did not talk. She was NOt SWITCHED!!!
    5. Jason , the real boy is able to control his clone Pluto in the closet and also to walk into the fire!!!
    Ask yourself, why would Pluto try and kill his real clone mom and sister.????? Naw . It’s not the deep.
    The only way to be safe in this movie, is to kill your original. Hence form the getgo, you can tell who the clones are in the children. The clones had no fear.
    That is why Pluto was not scared of Jason , and the clone was not scared of Nora.

    Ade was never scared of Red only concerned with safety of her family.


  8. All the doppelgängers had all the same “physical” attributes. Including physical prowess, the daughters clone was a good runner(she did track), the son’s doppelgänger was good with fire(he did “magic” with fire). But didn’t have any attributes towards emotions or a “soul”. But the mom was the only one able to express emotions… due to her being the real mom at the end.

  9. Saw it today. I noticed a couple of times where people were wearing t-shirts with Black Flag on it. I know it's used to kill insects, but not sure where the connection is. 🤔
    Also, the mom, I forget her name, was snapping her fingers off beat to the song, Five On It, because she's a clone with no soul!!!

  10. 11-11 is a powerful number in the spiritual community and it represents transformation and awakening consciousness. Thus, 11-11 has a duel meaning just like most everything else in the movie. The Biblical 11-11 represents the wrath of God if humanity continues on its current path of material excess and seeing our fellow inhabitants as 'other." However, 11-11 also represents that we can change course through our awakening to Oneness and to our inherent authenticity that does not rely on material excess. It is a matter of becoming aware of our shadow side and accepting it so that we do not unconsciously operate from it.

  11. Instead of saying that Adelaide didn’t use her vocal chords for a very long time when the real Adelaide encountered the fake one the fake grabbed her by the neck which could’ve damaged your vocal chords

  12. Just looking for info about the movie and stumbled onto information about a song that Michael Jackson made called "they don't care about us." It was controversial at the time and I guess and Michael Jackson said " The song, in fact, is about the pain of prejudice and hate and is a way to draw attention to social and political problems. I am the voice of the accused and the attacked. I am the voice of everyone. I am the skinhead, I am the Jew, I am the black man, I am the white man. I am not the one who was attacking. It is about the injustices to young people and how the system can wrongfully accuse them." There seems to be so much woven into these movies, this seems like a link as well since Michael Jackson imagery was used more than once. You could also say Michael Jackson had problems with his identity as well, who he was before fame and who he was later in life…or am I reading too much into it? These movies do that to you!

  13. when the mystery unraveled in the final parts of the movie, I thought "damn, this is a well crafted, well written, and well thought of movie". Afterwards my friends and I tried to find loopholes and typical horror movie mistakes in the movie, but we couldn't really think of anything. Everything seemed to make sense, and each character reacted the way we thought within their universe.
    My biggest complaint was: "Sure, the copies kill everyone immediately, but leave the main characters alive for no reason, sure". Until it is clear, that Adelaide is switched and Red wants her revenge nice and slow. What better way to torture her mentally by torturing her family first.

  14. I feel like when the son was missing that 1 summer that its a chance its clone came and replaced him… which the clone could of killed the grandmother that summer…also at the beach the twins asked him what he was making he said a tunnel… that's odd to me instead of making sandcastles

  15. The mum and Jason both click out of time to the song, if you play that same song over how the teathered Jason clicks it is on beat and since the teathered have no sense of beat shown with the dancing the Jason we all know as good is actually the teathered showing why the mum wanted to save her so bad a knew exactly how to get down there shows she is the teathered

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