EPSTEEN "Flight 66" 🆕The Trump, Anna Malova, Naomi Campbell Connection

EPSTEEN "Flight 66" 🆕The Trump, Anna Malova, Naomi Campbell Connection

I was going to do this live show later in the morning but decided to go on early because of the outright attack before the show even went live in the thumbs-down now obviously this is contrived it's some kind of bot but what you guys need to understand is that this is part of the right-left paradigm they're all on the same side and believe it or not there is an arm of YouTube that protects Trump at all costs against certain information not all information because they want to draw you in to the hate of the other side but information specific to demonstrating that both sides are on the same side that's a little confusing but obviously it's come under attack some kind of bot hit this show before it even got started so for those of you that showed up early you're in for a treat because this is going to go off the rails now I'm going to lead with the Donald Trump information and then we'll get into Epstein's flight 66 which I don't believe was thoroughly looked into enough identified the flight where it went what event all these people were going to names include Rupert Murdoch amongst others who were involved with Epstein they flew on his private jet out to Monterey for this event some of the people at the event are the people that had nickelodeon Disney cable as well as KinderCare and this is why we went live this morning because we need to protect these children why are people flying on a known pedophiles private jet to an event when they're heading up some of the most important of children's media then our kids sit down and watch everyday and this is what we're getting get into let's get into this other connection first know what we're talking about today is Jeffrey Epstein he's been convicted I apparently serves from jail time may or may not I don't have any proof of that other than what the courts tell us and up this video if he just showed up to the show because they're gonna attack this video hard let's look into this so basically this all begins with this flight log now this was Jerry or Jeffery Epstein's manifest in on this particular flight or a Russian model named animal over there you see her name here and of course the famed Naomi Campbell now there's some other people mention here this david conrad which i believe maybe this actor may or may not be but probably is epstein never really hung around anyone that was worth less than a billion dollars or in this multi millions unless there were clients of his so this may be the David Conrad were looking at and see where do we go here sorry guys where'd that go there it is I don't know who Rebecca White is but this la vallee that's a French last name I'm just trying to give you an idea of who was on this particular flight these two people JG and GM are just simply regulars je is Jeffrey Epstein GM is probably someone else that's a regular on his flights this particular flight raised these two names animal OVA and Naomi Campbell so I looked into animal OVA and I found something very troubling animal OVA and this is the only place on the Internet where you can find this this is the New York news and politics archived story and this was June 15 1998 and here it talks about this animal OVA let's blow this up it is not Russian to give up her title this is the Donald Trump animal ova Naomi Campbell connection remember animal ova and Naomi Campbell were on the same flight they probably knew each other it's nice to know yesterday's beauty queens aren't always written off as over the hill oddly animal oval was allowed to compete in this year's Miss Universe pageant even though she was Miss Russia in 1995 according to a beauty world sources it's not a coincidence that the stunning Slav who wound up a finalist in last month's event is a friend of Donald Trump now this doesn't necessarily implicate Trump with Epstein once you begin to put these pictures together you become you begin to understand the Donald Trump wasn't all that different then Epstein they all they both hung around models it was like the thing they both had modeling agencies they both had private jets they both had he had mar-a-lago Epstein had his Island in which there were massage therapists and there were all these connections between the Epstein's assistant who also worked at mar-a-lago all of this stuff crossed over there was in no way Donald Trump didn't know what Epstein was up to no possible way and I believe they were far more involved but to say that Donald Trump didn't know what was going on while he was calling Epstein his friend and that he was in the young girls is just disingenuous it's celebrity worship at that point to turn the other cheek now this goes on because there's more about Malone remember she was on F Singh's flight the Donald Trump pull of he strings on his old friend's behalf that's something that's never done a Miss Universe spokesperson said Russia has a pageant and she wanted fair and square it's impossible for Donald to select someone from another country another spokesperson agrees that's not the ethics of the pageant our company has a great degree of integrity and that's not the way we run our company that kind of stuff doesn't go on in modern area network TV while the Miss Universe camp insists my Lobo won the Russian event honestly the lovest agent says I don't think she was Miss Russia this year she was Miss Russia several years ago ask for documentation that Mille OVA who lives in Trump Towers not only she was she Trump's friend she lived in Trump Tower so now you have a person very close to Donald Trump obviously who was also involved on Epstein's flights with Naomi Campbell so there is the Amal OVA animal ova connection to Donald Trump now apparently Naomi Campbell had her run-ins with Trump as well here she is and she actually got Trump did donate money to her cause says here Nomi Campbell has her own art of veal supermodel spokes Monday now these articles I'm pulling up these are not hit pieces on Trump or simply this isn't the left this isn't like a barrage of fake news left stream media articles that I'm pulling up the discredit Trump because as you know Trump isn't being discredited in this way he's been discredited in other ways by the left they're trying to call him a racist we're simply digging into the research and connections between Trump and all these people okay which the media has completely dropped this against Trump and there's a reason for it because they're all implicated as well they're all on one team all these rich people so this goes on caramel says I asked him for money and he said how much do you want according to fortunes account of Campbell story I said this person gave that and he said okay I'll match it and that was it I know something about ego she said if someone gave more or less than someone else he'd want to match it so you got to ask yourself what was that all about why did he just give her all this money who knows maybe she had some blackmail on him save this let me go back in the chat make sure we're connected up this is when they like to derail stuff now let's see here so we have this connection between these two models that were on the same flight with Epstein this was back in let's see here looks like 2001 June of 2001 now we're gonna switch over switch gears here to a different flight flight 66 on page 8 of the manifest now as I told you guys many of the flights that are on this manifest this is the actual exhibit in the court and the prosecution of Epstein these do not appear in this text version but what does appear in this text version are two people named Geraldine Leigh boarding kid label warrant now I did a little research on this and it appears is that the only other place these this investigation that I'm about to go into about these two people appears on the Internet was in this guy's Twitter posts by Richard W painter and you can see it here he mentions GL and KITT Leigh born in the in the the flight but then when you go to the Twitter page that particular comment has been scrubbed and I went through this entire thing so this information that you're about to hear is new information so you have to ask yourself why was this information scrubbed well we're going to take a look at this this is unbelievable who are these people and we talked a little bit about this on the first show that we did regarding all the people that were on these flights this is Geraldine laybourn this is kit Leybourne and they're married now here is where things get troubling because according to these sources laybourne left nickelodeon in 1996 to become president of Disney ABC cable networks guiding the growth and overseeing the programming of the Disney Channel she was on F's teens flight so she was basically the person or the teacher he I get the names confused who responsible for the Disney Channel and this is all documented here with footnotes in their Wikipedia pages okay public information no need for Wikipedia a lie about something like this and it's all backed up with these footnotes that you can look for yourself I'm not going to go in each individual one you get stuck in the mud showing every single source when you can you guys can do it yourself thumbs up this video if you guys are watching let's keep going with this in 1998 laybourn left Disney and partnered with Oprah Winfrey and carci Warner productions to create oxygen media so they helped create oxygen media the labor boards again this label on connection is not found anywhere else on the internet it was on that guy's Twitter post but that was scrubbed so the Leigh barns were involved in Nickelodeon Disney and now Oprah Winfrey's oxygen network these people are at the top and I'm going to show you a billionaires dinner that they attended and all the people that were on there are in Epstein's flight logs this is unbelievable what else did the labor boards do served on the boards of JCPenney electronic art move comm defy media and most importantly kinder care so you notice a pattern here working with kids and women pretending to care about these people but then flying with a known pedophile you see now what these people do the more philanthropy they can do the more takes the heat off of him but in behind closed doors they're doing something completely different in 1996 laybourne was ranked number one among the 50 most influential women in the entertainment industry by The Hollywood Reporter and named one of the 25 most influential people in America by Time magazine I'm reading off of some notes but all of this is included in these Wikipedia pages for KITT and Geraldine laybourne anything that I just referenced in the last five minutes you can read right in their articles here this goes too long now we're gonna do another live show you guys later on in the day probably so this one's going to be kind of short I'm just laying the groundwork for all this information of how these top people who were associated with Epstein are flying with him and involved with our children ME laybourn is offering author of a series of young adult novels young adult novels called monument 14 and an actress appearing in super star and other films so the laybourn are all over our kids media and they also appear on Epstein's flight log so people may ask well what does all this mean you have to be the judge of that you see the scene you've been given the evidence of how all these New York people hang out together they're all involved with Murdoch basically who runs the media here's Geraldine Leigh born here KITT Leigh born there no mistaking this they were with Nina in Tim Zagat who do like restaurant stuff this is flight 66 in the flight log they flew from JFK to Monterey Regional Airport so I looked at what was going on in Monterey and I found where they were flying to this is gonna blow your mind I don't know if anyone's found this part yet but this I think this is the same guy he put some of the puzzle pieces together mr. Mogollon Twitter and actually pulled a picture from this event from this site but he failed to mention delay borns which is the bigger connection these people involved within all of our children's media so here is the event remember this flight happened on February 20th you scroll to the side here show you the date there's the 20th of February 2002 and this lines up perfectly with the event in Monterey the edge billionaire's dinner so I tell you guys we're not one of them they don't give a crap about us we're peons they use us they pretend to give to causes but really what these places are our breeding grounds for them to pick and choose who they want here's the dinner with Rupert Murdoch here's the date here's a location Monterey California February 21st 2002 one day after the flight on Epstein's flight in which all these people attended there was some kind of TED talk and then they show here's February 28th they named all the names in case you weren't sure there were a lot of people there Rupert Murdoch Jeffrey Katzenberg Richard Dawkins Neil Simon Art Buchwald Frank didn't know all these people did not fly on the flight it's just people I showed you the Leybourne z' in a few others but basically they show all these pictures steven pinker this he was seen on Epstein's flights on other dates outside of this date among typing Pinker see if he shows up in here here he is okay so he was there on the same date okay so these all these people attended to this event the edge billionaires so there Steven Pinker he was on the flight no I me Judd was there and look at this what were they talking about I mean this is creepy Naomi Judd about the role of the amygdala the part of the brain that colors memory with emotion something he aptly noted that would not happen at the meeting of cognitive neuroscience it happened here one night last week over chicken and polenta at the annual private dinner given by the New York literary agent Jon Brockman now Jon Brockman also appears in Epstein's logs see if he shows up in the text search there he is so if like he was also probably on this flight 66 all these people were on flight 66 going to Monterey so here are the pictures you could see what these people look like there's Jon Brockman steven pinker all on the flight the think of Matson was on the flight and you'll Bennet see see them all listed here these all these people were on this flight let's keep going with this flying to the TED conference in Monterey California with science philanthropist Jeffrey Epstein all right so they named him ear there's Rupert Murdoch so what were these people talking about there's the Zagat's Jeff Bezos some of these people were on the flight some people or not Michael Wolff it's a nice diverse Steve Patrick Naomi Judd of course there's the label and here's here's this guy Kent laybourn that's the guy and Geraldine is the wife there's Susan Dawson Tenenbaums brand this is the guy from Google Sergey Brin I don't know if you guys know who he is but he was there all these people work together to plan what they're going to deal with all of us Carolyn Miller Megan all these people were at this party billionaires dinner there's David but now all these people mentioned now we get down here we see this picture that this Twitter account tweeted out and so he identified these two women ID he did some additional research mister Magga and he said that Sarah Kellen one of these girls was reportedly recruiting young girls for Epstein according to legal documents Eric Allen managed a harem of underage sex slaves Jefferson's Palm Beach medicine floor so I'll let you check that out but apparently he's saying according to legal documents this guy seems to have it together so I have no reason to not believe him but if you want to follow up on that you can so all these people were at this conference what were they talking about now the odds are they may have been talking about just media but they maybe weren't what else do we have here let me go in back in here make sure we're still connected now what kind of stuff for these people into well check this out this was one of their projects kitten Geraldine lay born I want you to listen carefully now this episode of Gullah Gullah island this is a whole series was called a barrel of laughs and the gang tries to meet you make each other laugh on tickle might tickle bone this was a series put together by the laybourn x' it was all about the islands and some kind of weird island where all the kids went to just starting to creep you guys out Gullah Gullah island now this came under some fire cuz some people said it's kind of racist because they call it Gullah go island so be more triggered by this you know because these people are like the the stereotypical Island people and apparently this takes place in and I the islands outside of like South Carolina but we really know what they're probably talking about I mean sorry I'm scrolling around here you guys but Gullah culture of ROM dayss home at st. Helena Island South Carolina part of the sea islands so they're saying it's about the South Carolina islands but if you look at the intro to this this is unbelievable come and let's play together and basically what you have is what could amount you're not saying it is for sure Epstein's freaking island remember these people flew with him to this event with Rupert Murdoch was in this part really so this this episode is about this tickle bone and they can't say the word tickle bone they're not allowed to and so we're trying to skip to you sorry for the skipping no we all know what the tickle bone is let's keep going with this this is unbelievable okay so what this amounts to we think we've seen enough in my eyes is child grooming this is from 1994-95 what happens with these people as they put this stuff out there and then one everyone's asleep life goes on and everyone starts to wake up to tickling is the precursor to sexual abuse right and then what ends up happening is people they can't erase the past but they count on the fact that they're putting out so much new media the people aren't gonna bother to look they've got you busy going to work and focused on family and paying all your bills and your taxes and every every year they've got a new thing that you've got to be responsible for a new bill you got to sit in and remember nobody's looking in the past you might have vague memories of this stuff but at the end of the day you're gonna forget that all this stuff happened so what this amounts to is programming that is grooming children for being tickled which is the precursor to abuse someone said where are the mods is going here let's take care of this you're gonna we have to take time out of our show to handle all the trolls now it's good to see that the thumbs-down will I don't know what happened there show started out with 30 thumbs down I was weird alright where are the trolls out you guys you guys gotta help me out then we'll continue on with this I have a little bit more information on this Adam says Jeff ever seen works for Mossad easily des in the island for blackmail material and all american rulers okay that I you know I thought about that scenario that doesn't absolve those people from what they did but that's possible that he was collecting which is why his rayul may be so powerful because they've got dirt on all these people so they basically just hold them like puppets that's possible I got all agree with that but in the end the day something still happens okay cool Marc's here so Marc and Maude up so I have to scroll through the comments thanks Marc and Marc and I are gonna go live probably later today later this morning actually on other topics the yellow vests movement and what's been going on there Marc found some interesting stuff as well as we're gonna cover the funk aspect of the 1970s and how they were already talking about adrenochrome back then so we'll get into that on the next slide show it's cuz good so it's gonna be a full day but let's keep going with this because there's a little bit more to this so that's the goal achill island we just covered how that appears to have some episodes of mild grooming which was of course programmed in written by the these people but the Leybourne you can see them listed here created by kit Leybourne okay so this seems to allude to a possibility that these people were involved in some type of grooming there they are all together all these people to get playboy Christy Hefner after his daughter probably attended this event is well what's she doing there with these people that are programming kids stuff the labours why is why is she there this is diametrically opposed to what the laybourn say they represent children and women's rights and women's women not being used as sex objects but then yet here's Christy Hefner at the billionaire's Club okay Jeffrey Katzenberg most we have here here's the the hair Sydney and Sarah again they apparently they were possibly according to that one source helping to groom these kids to bring them onto the island I'll let you check that out and all these people look a they're just right out in the open there's Rupert Murdoch himself the devil himself with Jon Brockman okay Kelly Bovina I don't know she is Richard Wurman where she's gonna get this documented and out of the way so we can move on to other stuff you guys can see these names Jeff Bezos amazon.com all these billionaires hanging out in Monterey California okay okay so that's pretty much it for that alright what else do we have here so this is the edge foundation this was the billionaire's Club okay here's a Wikipedia page on it quickly association of Science and Technology intellectuals created in 88 as an outgrowth of the reality club and it okay so there's draw Brock needs a name again so this is this is the scene so you can get a feel for all these people's name steven pinker there he is I mentioned all the people that we just talked about okay literary agents let's see lucid exposition of challenge Canales science talking about behavioral psychology here's the third culture growing movement towards integration of literary and scientific thinking and as a nod toward British scientist CP snows concept with the two cultures of science and humanities this all sounds very Marxist scientists and others are invited to contribute their thoughts in a matter Italy accessible to non-specialist readers so they're basically this is all about mind control right genetics physics mathematics psychology they're trying to quantify you know these these visual triggers that is being spread throughout the media that they control they can process us in tonight nice little packages all right most we have here close-ups of these windows all right now there's probably more in here about Geraldine and Kidd Leybourne they were in there at the top of everything okay and here's the Nickelodeon this is we just all talked about this the being any of this show Disney oxygen media and one of the most important things that I thought stood out was that he was on the board of KinderCare I looked up KinderCare I just simply typed in KinderCare sex abuse look at all these stories that pop up register as a sex offender and going to connect here as a sex offender were dropped and over KinderCare cited after DHS investigation determines Julia woman remains jailed after for alleged sex offender violations the staff at kinder care so kinder care apparently asked some issues and this laybourn guys on the board and if you really cared about the kids there would be an overhaul but instead this stuff seems to proliferate you could do your own research on kinder care and sex abuse if you care no pun intended oxygen TV of course Oprah Winfrey's linked into this the privately held company oxygen media was founded in 98 by former Nickelodeon except Geraldine lay born talk show host Oprah Winfrey they co-founded this see all these people hang out together New York it's all seen you're the KinderCare Learning Centres Wikipedia article on that educational programs is like a national company two hundred thousand children are enrolled in more than 1,600 early childhood education community centers what kind of mind control are they putting on your kids when they go to kindergarten is club and then flying on Epstein's flights in controlling the media in Gullah Gullah what kind of mind control are they putting onto your kids and you say them to KinderCare 600 before and after school programs these people like to double dip they like to get cash-in on our kids while hurting our kids at the same time they employ 30,000 people in the united states its headquarters in Portland Oregon which we knows a lot of trafficking going on up there are you starting to understand what's going on these people are ground center in the middle of all this stuff it has been going on for a very long time what is this [Applause] this shows a connection between somebody and let's see here was is what says hold on a second guys sorry I look at so much stuff I are fair oh here's Nina Zagat and Geraldine laybourne together in the same article where I mean the breakfast DD's football hangout together they were on the flight together as well Gerald even Mina Zagat they must be friends when's breakfast Daniel Dennett appeared on the flight logs as well and we saw him in the pictures at that billionaires dinner he's a philosopher writer cognitive scientist should freak you out well it shouldn't because God's in control but this gives you an idea as to why you shouldn't sit your kid in front down in front of a TV all these media moguls were at this billionaires dinner planning on how to brainwash all of our kids basically is what happened and this guy's probably at right at the top daniel dennett what's up with daniel dennett why is he so evil well first of all he's an atheist so if you believe in God and you sit your kids down in front of this new atheism analytic philosophy it's all brainwashing basically just code for Marxist brainwashing and he's a cognitive scientist whose research centers on philosophy of mind philosophy of science philosophy of biology particularly those fields relate to evolutionary biology now then it was here on the on the plane there he is there then it you flew into that Monterey thing on Epstein's flight Daniel Dennett there he is cognitive scientists evolutionary biology so they're doing evolution atheism these are the this is he's an atheist and a secularist remember a secular Coalition for America advisory board well the brights movement is look at this dennis was first to has one of the Four Horsemen of New Atheism so he's bringing in the apocalypse or with Richard Dawkins what the heck I'm not gonna get into his whole thing you've probably seen enough of what this guy's all about so what I have Steve's friends Garmin playing with all these people was with the Leybourne s' on the plane let me be specific here this all these people are on the same flight these people are programming your kids television géraldine in kit and didn't Daniel Dennett is helping them with his philosophies Nickelodeon Gullah Gullah Disney make sure it still connected up here I know this is heavy information for Sunday morning but it is some day which isn't the real day we're supposed to worship many people associated with that day and it's good to get down to some of the bottom of helping to protect our children you guys many people are unaware of this they don't know what's going on this information is valuable believe it or not a lot of people so now you can get it through your head that it's Disney is not okay that they are subliminally programming their kids Daniel Dennett David Rockwell this may or may not be the same David Rockwell I couldn't confirm this this guy's an architect he was on the flight logs as well all right a couple more tabs here we'll be done Carolyn Miller was on the flight logs this may or may not be the same Carolyn Miller some kind of an author of one sit see what book she's authoring here all right now I know some people have covered a lot of these people on the flight logs hopefully this we've gone a new level with this and uncovered some new stuff I don't know what this is about pull it up for a reason I don't know Michael Wolfe was in the flight line there's a lot of people named Michael Wolfe but this Michael Wolfe German artist and photographer who lives and works in Hong Kong in Paris remember Epps he didn't hang around poor people so there's only 1% of the people that it could be named Michael Wolfe the one percenters this guy was a photographer so if he's in the flight logs and he was in Paris where a lot of these other people were that could be the same guy Jon Brockman we talked about him literary agent Harry he's named in the edge foundation working at the edge of broad range of scientific and technical fields Wow was this two cultures thing scientists and other thinkers in an empirical world who through their work in expository writing are taking the place of traditional intellectual in rendering visible the deeper meanings of our lives redefining who and what we are brainwashing our children this is the two cultures intellectual life of the whole of Western society was split into titular two cultures sciences and humanities by sea peace knows this is their mantra they all probably know who this guy is yeah sure sure if we dug deeper than that we'd find other stuff this one was listed Katinka Matson on the flight logs now we're gonna get to the bottom of what all this means literary agent as well president of brockman Inc she was on the flight logs and she's an artist and co-founder of the edge foundation we saw her in the pictures at the ability Nair event what does all this boil down to well we all heard about Robert Kraft and that he apparently was caught at a getting a sensual massage right in Jupiter Florida he's the owner of the New England Patriots it caught in his dingy grotesque strip mall and basically was caught with a hidden camera so now all of a sudden they're framing this as a debate over sex trafficking this is exactly what I was telling you is gonna happen they throw you a bone something where this guy really won't do any jail time you might get a slap on the hand by the NFL but the end of the day he's already made his billions he's the owner of the New England Patriots for pete's sake they're not going to take all his money from him he's ready to retire anyway takes one for the team and now all of a sudden this sex trafficking thing is up for debate according to Yahoo News and some people are okay with this and some people are diseased exactly what we were talking about they're trying to basically dumb us all down to where what's so wrong with this guy going in and getting a massage everybody's getting paid the workers are getting paid as long as they're not doing something that they're being forced into now 4:7 them in a society where prostitution is basically legalized so now all of a sudden this is a debate wasn't a debate last week last week he was deposed and caught red-handed and this and that and I already knew just by the way this guy reacted to it patently didn't hide it I already knew that this was going to turn into a debate about sex traffic that's exactly what it turned into you so I think is everybody for showing up I guess we'll pop in here for a little bit see if you guys want to have any specific questions mark if there's any questions that you saw pop up while I was away just pop them in here into the chat and I can we can talk about it with this load up all right Oh or she reading the chat here sorry guys for the pause after I'm sure with Satanism probably I didn't really watch the Superbowl they coded a couple of the commercials for you guys after the fact but alright the end of the game was bad I heard it was a low-scoring game those games are always boring RPGs can you caught one by one exactly drum makes it wants to make a statement about child trafficking the first place he should look is at the top which is his old buddy Epstein and on none of the people on those flight logs got indicted everybody slipped through the cracks nobody went to jail so what's really being done about trafficking if you really want to be honest with yourself bunch of low-level criminals which is good that they're getting off the street but basically the big pink elephant in the room is that there's much more to this that this whole thing is driven the market is driven at the top levels by the people like FC and all the other firemen's flights I'm not saying every single person that was on those flights going to different places apparently this guy was a billionaire pilot now what billionaire do you know wants to run a pilot service unless he's doing it for another reason there's a million other things he could be doing than flying the elite all around the country there's another component to this if you're honest with yourself if you had a billion dollars would you risk your life by getting into a jet and flying a bunch of people around the country not all those flights were to the island in fact none of the flights we covered today were to the island his Island but they were with Epstein so if you're really honest into yourself and you're not celebrity brainwashed you'll understand that these that there's a much bigger component to this this is a club of people and there were up to other activities other than just flying in a jet all right back in the chat here so the bots have retreated it's just the weirdest thing ever open up the freaking watch patience 30 thumbs down like where did this come from no comments in the chat at all so just goes to show you there's some weird stuff going on on YouTube how do we take down the self-appointed chosen pedo criminals says well here's the problem it starts with and I hate to say this but it's the truth you guys until this videos like this become mainstream or are shared throughout the truth community at least and then they can go what I have the chance of going viral these things can be exposed nothing's gonna change because not enough people know about what's going on we have an information problem and yeah there's censorship but all of that can be overridden with activism and there's just not enough activism anymore everybody's so busy watching I was shocked at how many people wanted to watch Joe Rogan and Alex Jones you guys that's a WWE wrestling event nothing more it's all full of disinformation deflection and if people are still enamored with that kind of scene that's the problem with the truth community the one real information like this comes out like people actually shaping and molding our meat our children's media and this gets buried at the bottom that's the problem here's what I'd like to see I'd like to see when this next election comes around every single person in the tree community right in to the write-in box no government or right into the right Inbox Jesus Christ or Yeshua but sadly we can't all get on the same page people don't even realize that the entire government's corrupt people are still choosing sides so all of this rests with you guys people like me are bringing the information forward and it all depends on how widely the information is distributed that's it I don't know if people are afraid I know many of you are doing your due diligence and trying and risk of being called crazy ostracized from your families at this point we don't have a choice I just showed you hard evidence these all all these people sat around in the room figuring out how they were gonna brainwash your kids through Nickelodeon and if that doesn't prompt you to action I don't know what will we'll be back later in the day you guys with Mark probably in about three or four hours take a break take care of be safe everybody

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  1. Trump knew Anna Malova who rode on Epsteins Lolita Express.
    She was in the top 10 in his 1998 beauty pageant and she lived in Trump Tower.
    He was friends with Anna Malova
    Malova, Trump and Clinton attend this 2003
    The Gotham and Los Angeles Confidential Magazine Anniversary Party https://www.patrickmcmullan.com/events/5b3ef4fb9f9290667644bfdc/
    The dragnet is tightening. The connections are too many and too strong.

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  9. Checkout Jamie dlux known as the stoned philosopher, he can help with all nickolodean pedo connections n more……this is eye opening knowing 2hat else I’ve learnt……it’s a big club n we ain’t in it……thankfully…but time to bring em down…

  10. The MOCA GALA WERE THEY FLYING OUT TO THE MOCA GALA 🤯 Oh okay they were going out to attend a "Ted Talks" seminar and all these people are pedophiles and pedovores 😖👀🤔 They ritually sacrifice the children and babies and drink their blood 😖👀🤔

  11. Did you know that trump banned Epstein many many years ago from mar largo because of his things he partook with young girls

  12. Hilary said it best if Trump wins we hang fucken fix it
    Trump is not perfect but hes clean the deep state found nothing to impeach him
    Now theyre in deep water cuz Trump. Gave the ok to catch a preadator lol

  13. Melania came into the U.S on an illegal and invalid visa as a “model” (we all know what that means). Now she and her whole family have full citizenship and cushy jobs…. Funny how laws dont apply to the elites and their concubines. Its just a case of the government not liking any competition.

  14. Hi Casey. Have you seen the Ed C. (Wellaware.com) connections with Desilu Productions? It seemed outlandish to me at first, but all these faces look so familiar. Also, he says Seam Astin was a big player in Columbine. I find it odd he’s on Stranger Things.

  15. the difference between trump and eppstein is the one that makes eppsteins behavior illegal, pedophilia. trump being involved in beauty pageants doesn't mean he was screwing kids. hell, knowing eppstein doesn't either. i have learned some pretty incredible things about people i've known pretty well myself. it's fine if you want to believe trump is connected but don't expect others to believe it if you can't prove it, and you haven't. i'll suspect trump when someone actually names him as their abuser. but no one has.

  16. This is horrible. I don't like the part of our president knowing anyone but trump knew everyone and he isn't in any pics. He was in a pic with Clintons but she was the senator of ny.

  17. It all makes sense. Wealthy men like beautiful women. Epstein is wealthy and likes beautiful women. Trump is wealthy and likes beautiful women. Therefore, Epstein and Trump are both pedophiles. On top of that, in her mid 20's a Russian beauty contestant lived at Trump tower and was once on one of Epstein's flight. Check mate – Trump is pedo.

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