Eng  Sub 王一博自稱王鴨脖,一字千金“藍忘機”說相聲,孟鶴堂幾句評估太上道!【Wang Yibo calls himself duck neck】

Eng Sub 王一博自稱王鴨脖,一字千金“藍忘機”說相聲,孟鶴堂幾句評估太上道!【Wang Yibo calls himself duck neck】

Hello everyone, this is A Jun Watching Entertainment On the stage of “Everyday Up”, Wang Yibo really grew fast With the care of four brothers, Tianma is very fond of Wang Yibo Wang Yibo unlocked a lot of skills on the stage of “Everyday Up” Whether it ’s your own dance Or ice sculptures, excavators, planes, basketballs, or fencing, drums, etc. Now I have learned the cross talk again In the latest program, Wang Yibo is also a famous person in the comic dialogue partner Zhou Jiuliang I said a cross talk, and I called myself “Wang Duck Neck” Wang Yibo said for the first time that cross talk, the scene shakes the burden and does not frighten the scene, but can also improvise “now hanging” Although I am not anxious to speak slowly, I am always in the rhythm of my cross talk Wang Yibo’s cross talk debut was also highly praised by two cross talk teachers Meng Hetang said that although Wang Yibo was learning for the first time, And just rehearsed for just 20 minutes It ’s not bad to be able to have such a performance. If Wang Yibo also talked about cross talk, they must have no food. This kind of evaluation is really high, many fans have commented that Meng Hetang is really good. On the stage of “Everyday Up” In fact, everyone can see that Wang Yibo is really hard No fear or resistance to learning new things Learn everything fast This kind of Wang Yibo is really worth everyone’s love What do you want to say about this? Welcome to comment below If you remember to click on the subscription, what?

10 thoughts on “Eng Sub 王一博自稱王鴨脖,一字千金“藍忘機”說相聲,孟鶴堂幾句評估太上道!【Wang Yibo calls himself duck neck】

  1. It’s true that YiBo is game enough to try out anything thrown at him by the TTXS brothers.

    Although he may not have the required hosting cert, he’s definitely integral to TTXS show. He adds much flavor to the entertainment show.

  2. Yubo like try everything he never experienceed yet…he like a challenge..he can do anything.n never give up till sucsess

  3. Good job Actor no.1 Wang Yibo ☺👍❤💜 Wang Yibo learned very fast and he has a very great talent on everything whenever he can do ☺👍 and he is honest person and very sincere person no matter what everyone admires him, love him and praised him so much 😊💜👍 That's why we all love you Wang Yibo ☺😊💜👍👍❤❤
    Love from India🇮🇳

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