(ENG/JAP) (Weekly Idol EP.275) REDVELVET 2X faster version RUSSIAN ROULETT!!

(ENG/JAP) (Weekly Idol EP.275) REDVELVET 2X faster version RUSSIAN ROULETT!!

– Are you ready?
– Yes~ Red Velvet’s Russian Roulette
x2 fast forwarded Music start! (!!!) (it’s not buffering
high speed dance warm up in different level) (what is it, did I hear it wrong) (calmly trying domino dance first) (dancing-bear as expected,
she’s completely relaxed) (although it’s an excessive dance move
without a moment to rest) (they’re still feeling happiness) You’re doing really well~ (steadily speeding UP) (she takes care of her
flower-look without forgetting) (busily fluttering fluttering) (load the strict choreography
and shoot it) Ah~ Seulgi looks cool! (highly addictive killing part
‘heart bbi bbi bbi’) (they don’t miss the dance move details
even in x2 fast forwarded play) Irene is dancing well~ (she’s cute twice as much, right) Ah really, they’re making me tearful (second killing part section shows up) Here, here, here! Here, here! (the eldest sis is slowly feeling
her stamina getting exhausted) Here, here! (the sound of the fans’ mind right now
‘we would bet our remaining life in Red Velvet’) (gather up with speed of x2
around Yebugi Yeri) They’re fast Uh! Yeri looks cool! (pretty one→pretty one→pretty one→pretty
one→another pretty one shows up) That’s good! Ah, they’re doing well! (they’re showing every look from
cute to charming looks) (fruity charm bursting) (the ‘heart bbi bbi bbi’ dance move
keeps getting faster now) (these guys are still calm) (their stamina is getting slowly exhausted) (her face pretends that it’s all okay) (stability out of this world) (trying hard, trying hard) (takes some rest shortly
for watching their good look TIME) (SM flower bed is showing
a full bloom once again) (fastly once more ‘heart bbi bbi bbi’) (hek hek) (the ending is right ahead finally) (!!!!) (maknae-line’s
dual collision accident occurs) (she does not care about it,
keeps working on the power dance) (perfect) (Full power loaded) (it feels like x4 fast forwarded)
They’re Red Velvet as expected~ (this seems more amazing,
her beauty is still perfect even in x2 fast forwarded move) (the ‘heart bbi bbi bbi’
can’t become faster anymore) (this is god-Red Velvet) You’ve done hard work~ (that’s why everyone shouts
‘Red Velvet, Red Velvet’) (they’re pros indeed
showing their exhausted look after it’s finished) Wait a second! (save us Red Velvet) Are you okay? Are you okay, instructor? (someone, please call 119 here) (finished perfect x2 fast forwarded dance
which proved the dignity of god-Red Velvet)

100 thoughts on “(ENG/JAP) (Weekly Idol EP.275) REDVELVET 2X faster version RUSSIAN ROULETT!!

  1. I’ve heard that some groups practice in 1.5 or 2x to make it way easier to actually perform faster songs. If you’ve ever tried a 2x dance challenge and then done a 1x version then you know that it’s suddenly the slowest thing in the world! 😂

  2. Everybody talking about how Seulgi did completely awesome dancing (what is true) but, I didn't see no one talking abt how Irene looked like a total snack looking tired at 2:51

    wow that woman makes me more gay than I'm already am

  3. Wow amazing! If you turn speed into 0.75x it will be like normal…

    if you tried it-like
    if you already know it-comment

  4. 앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 데프콘님 아이린만 아냐구…..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ계속 아이린 잘한다ㅏㅏㅏ 하고 다른 멤버들 언급이 없엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그거 찾는 재미가 쏠쏠

  5. 레드벨벳은 진짜 코디가 안티인게 다 별로인데 그중 조이 코디를 제일 안어울리게 했음…..다들 더 예쁠 수 있는데 나만볼거라고 못생기게 꾸미는거야? 미저리냐고…

  6. 하니가 계속 누구누구씨 멋있어요 해주는 거 왜케 좋지… 본인이 선밴데 ~~씨라고 불러주는 것도 먼가 멋있다

  7. 개인적으로 이런건 좀 안했으면 해요..너무 힘들어보여서요ㅠ촬영 끝나면 완전 쓰러질 것 같네요ᆢ

  8. 뭐지…나는 왜 레드벨벳 2배속이 제일 어려워보이지..?? 손동작 넘 많엉..ㅠㅠ
    Ps..언니들 아프지말구 건강한 상태로 다시 만나요!!!!!

  9. 나만 이때 이 컨셉이 좋나? 지금 섹시컨셉보다 이런 오묘한 상큼발랄톡톡컨셉이 좋은데

  10. 코디님 너무하셨다…조이언니진짜 옷불편해함..아니 저렇게 짧은걸입고 춤을 추라고???와…

  11. 승완아 맨마지막에 숨고른다고 한쪽 눈 감고 찡그리는 거 왜이렇게 예뻐ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ나 변탠가 쒸이펄…몰라 개쥬아ㅠ

  12. 이때부터였지 .. 아이린이 얼굴천재로 난리나기 시작한게 …. ( 물론 전부터 이뻤지만 )

  13. 조이 코디 누굼 ;; 코디가 안티냐 ㅋ 진짜 대충 입혀놨네 지도 돈 받으면서 할 거 아니냐 근데 저게 뭐야 솔직히 이건 좀 너무 하지 않냐 ? ㅋㅎ

  14. No one asked but I just watched rookie dance practice and got tired just by watching it. And now i feel like i cant breath bye

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