ENG BTS V 방탄소년단 뷔의 한마디가 전 세계 10대들의 유행어가 됐다?? BTS V slang 방탄소년단 뷔 직캠,방탄소년단 뷔 해외반응,방탄소년단 뷔 보라해,돌곰별곰TV

ENG BTS V 방탄소년단 뷔의 한마디가 전 세계 10대들의 유행어가 됐다?? BTS V slang 방탄소년단 뷔 직캠,방탄소년단 뷔 해외반응,방탄소년단 뷔 보라해,돌곰별곰TV

Thanks for watching. The entertainment news DolGom ByulGom TV Hello, we are Dol-Gom Byul-GomTv on And I am Byul-Gom. This time, I’m going to share with you the news from BTS V. Before I tell you, it’s really cold these days. Please dress
warmly and take good care of yourself. Good, good. V-created ‘I PURPLE YOU’ called ‘K-pop Culture Icon’ It became the talk of the town
by making a mark on K-pop culture. ARMY is famous for being the biggest fan club in the history
of pop, but it has the strongest connection. Not only in the pop music world,
but also in the social, cultural, and economic fields. It’s not too much to say that the links that
connect them are purple and I PURPLE YOU. 아On the 13th, the ARMYs celebrated the third
anniversary of I PURPLE YOU. They celebrated it with a congratulatory message and
recounted the meaning of the ‘I PURPLE YOU’ ‘I PURPLE YOU’ The 3rd anniversary starts with a congratulatory video at TNTLA.Thank you for the
birth of “I PURPLE YOU” with V’s warmth and love. On SNS, we have a line of poems about fan art and V, which depict memories of the past three years. Not only this, but #IPurpleYouDay is the number
one real-time trend at Worldwide. It has become the number one real-time trend in Korea,
and it has become a real-time trend worldwide. Also, Twitter’s official account posted a
congratulatory message. I like your subscription and Don’t forget. V’s first fan meeting on Nov. 13, 2016
“I Purple You” is a symbol meaning BTS. It’s a global influence. At that time, they didn’t
think it would be a symbol of BTS that would be imprinted on fans and the world. Newsweek says the “I Purple You”, which has become the symbol of
BTS, has expanded its meaning. Fans show affection and respect to BTS in purple waves. He said they’re rooting for him. All-K-pop then went on to say, “This symbolic phrase
created by V is from the world class BTS. It will always be remembered by fans.
I Purple You is a work of great talent and creativity. As a symbol of love and support to
continue the monumental success of BTS, I’m sure it will be recorded in history forever.” “I Purple You,” created by France’s Most Holy V,
has become a new expression of love. Teenagers around the world are using it a lot,
and it also details the origin of ‘I Purple You.’ And “I Purple You” means love and trust, you know, real life He said he plays a good role on the Internet and SNS. Cheat Sheet celebrates the third anniversary of
‘I Purple You’ and reports the fans’ thanks on SNS. The article said, “Taehyung has given a whole
new meaning to purple. He gave special words to BTS and ARMY.” Today is the third anniversary of the beautiful phrase
“I Purple You” by Kim Tae-hyung. This phrase is a precious word for
BTS and ARMY’s love, unity and bond. They introduced the fans’ reactions. The Nassionlex celebrated the day when Taehyung
established the special meaning of purple. How important BTS is to you, and how life has changed.
They analyzed the meaning of the word ‘I Purple You’ given us the opportunity to remember. They analyzed the meaning of the word
‘I Purple You’ given us the opportunity to remember. I hope many more meaningful words will be born in the future. Taehyung,
I Purple You^^ And congratulations on the 3rd anniversary of I Purple You!! Recently, an episode of V’s family love made headlines on SNS. In that article, a fan gathered money from a
BTS official cafe a few years ago. “I want to go see V,” he said. The mention of the fan for v left is a lovely answer. V advised parents to do filial duty instead of coming to see them. He told me a story about his childhood. He added, “Always give love and love to my parents and family.
“It’s my motto to be a filial son.” V’s emphasis on family love has a cute reply, “Bakkas for you.” V collects 3,000 won a month as a child.
he bought it from his grandmother. With the kind information that Bakkas cost 3,000 won, He showed his good-natured grandson
thinking about his grandmother. “I’ve never seen such a good son or grandson before,”
fans told V’s devoted episode. “It’s so lovely to collect 3,000 won a month and
give your grandmother right away.” “Tae-hyung, you are the idol of an idol and the son of
Wannabe of all parents.” We was touched. He bought his grandmother a Bakkas.
V’s every move is so cute~!!! In past interviews, V asked what he wanted as a child for his “Father, mother and family were my biggest wishes. My parents are still healthy because
I’ve been begging them for 20 years.” It’s known as a well-known filial piety to answer. Seilmi V with complete visual contrast to the warm character. I’ve caught the hearts of my fans and made
headlines to tell them the news. We’re going to feature all the experiments and requests you’re
asking for in the comments. I ask you to participate. I will give gifts
to those who are selected. Thank you. If you enjoyed the video, I’d like to subscribe to it.
Please tap it. I’ve been a ByulGom on the DolGom ByulGom TV
until now. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you taehyung for creating a meaningful phrase. I purple you will be always be remember. I stan the correct man, he is really such a family oriented. He once said his dad is his role model. I purple you taehyung. You are the best.

  2. 보라해 3년 기념일 오늘이  보래해 뷔~   매일 가족 건강을 위해서 기도를…  정말  완벽한 인간이다

  3. 태형이 미담은 끝이없어요.모든 부모들의 워너비아들 맞아요.어떻게하면 태형이같은 아들을 얻을수있을까요.진짜 태형이 부모님 존경합니다?‍♀️?‍♀️???

  4. 보라색을 좋아하는데 이젠 보라색 보면 보라해가 떠올라요
    ??태형아!!! 보라해??
    ?좋은 소식 감사합니다??

  5. Please ARMYs vote on AMAs and AAA right now ?❗ BTS need more votes ?❗ The boys Is in second place Please vote ❗

  6. Thanks, Byul-Gom. The reason why V is so popular around the world is that he has the best of western and eastern characters. For his eastern character, honoring filial piety and brotherhood shows how much he loves the people around him.

  7. 애정과 존경! 캬~ 암요 우리 탄이들은 애정과 존경의 대상이죠. 그리고 별곰님 최애가 태형이죠? 다 티나요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  8. Kim Taehyung maked " I PURPLE you" " Borahe"
    All in the World → all PURPLE
    BTS′s Color PURPLE?
    Kim Taehyung has Just true multi-talented
    I was think 『 genius 』
    Kim Taehyung's " I PURPLE you "
    This mean has Kim Taehyung's mind/heart ????
    Kim Taehyungs is Just true Very nice person.
    Kim Taehyung make " Word " 〓
    BTS Color → win popularity ??????
    『 Across the border 』
    Kim Taehyung ?
    Thank you very much ?

    Always Dear Byul-Gom TV Korean
    Thank you very much ??

  9. Kim Taehyung's mind/heart 〓
    Full of love
    We can see/feel ☝️?????
    『True Just 』Kim Taehyung is
    Very nice person and Charming
    Person ??
    " a little bit " Kim Taehyung doesn't Know how to get on in the World But It's Kim Taehyung " don't Forget Pure "

    I love Kim Taehyung's mind ( full of love )

  10. Dear Byul-Gom TV Korea Entertainer
    If you get information
    Kim Taehyung's horseback riding
    Skill information please ?
    Korean girl/boy said Kim Taehyung's horseback riding
    〓 Enter a Contest ( Twitter)
    Has true Just Skill
    My Comment in here
    I'm sorry ?

  11. Just watch how this guy created a phrase and now it's all over the world.
    This proves how talented he is in the kpop industry ???????????.
    Taehyung I purple you ??
    Taehyung/ V/ Taetae ✌✌✌

  12. 알엠형이랑 슈가형이 인터뷰에서 방탄소년단 뷔의 발상이 참 신선하고 가끔 천재가 아닐까 싶다는 생각이 든다고 한적이 있죠~~ 똑같은 상황에서 같은 장면을 보고 보라색의 의미를 더해 보라해라는 말을 전세계적으로 유행하게 한 방탄소년단 뷔~ 이런점에서 뷔의 독특함이 특별함으로 다가와요~

  13. 어느 한 사람이 세일미인데 섹시하고 순둥하고 귀엽고 착하고 많은 분야에 뛰어나고 가족과 주변 지인들등 많은 사람을 사랑으로 대할 줄 안다면 이제 그를 태형하다 라고 하는 게 어떨까요? 더이상의 표현법은 없을 듯 해서요^^

  14. ''보라해'' 정말 아름다운 말이에요. 태형님 예쁜말 만들어주고 의미 부여해줘서 너무 감사해요♡
    I Purple You. KimTaehyung♡

  15. 방탄이생긴이래
    상징적인 의미가 가장큰 보라해.
    보라해 삼주년을 진심으로 축하하고
    방탄의 뷔로 있어줘서 너무고마워.
    태형이 보라해~.??????

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