ENFJ Famous People and Celebrities – ENFJ Personality Type

ENFJ Famous People and Celebrities – ENFJ Personality Type

Famous People ENFJ Personality “Barack Obama
44th U.S. President
Civil Rights Lawyer” “Nelson Mandela
President of South Africa 94-99
Lawyer, Revolutionary” “Ralph Nadar
Political Activist
Lawyer, Author, Lecturer” “Martin Luther King Jr
Civil Rights Leader” “Pope John Paul II
Pope 1974 – 2005” “Abraham Maslow
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” “Margaret Mead
Cultural Anthropologist
Author, Speaker” “DR PHIL
Author, Psychologist
“”Dr Phil”” Foundation” “Oprah
Media proprietor, Talk show host
Actress, Producer, Philanthropist” “Micheal Jordan
Professional Basketball Player” “Bono
Singer-Songwriter, Musician
Venture Capitalist, Philanthropist” Michael Moore
Documentary Filmmaker, Author “Morgan Freeman
Actor, Producer & Narrator
CoFounder PLANIT NOW” Reese Witherspoon
Actress and Producer
Children’s and women’s advocacy Kate Winslet
Actress , Singer
Cofounder Golden Hat Foundation “Denzil washington
Actor, Filmmaker, Director, Producer” Emma Stone
Actress “Jennifer Lawrence
Actress, Jennifer Lawrence Foundation” “Ben affleck
Actor, Filmmaker
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