Emilia Clarke auditions for Daenerys Targaryen in Game Of Thrones

Emilia Clarke auditions for Daenerys Targaryen in Game Of Thrones

Oh what if I should never find someone so incomparably suitable and wealthy what if his suitable but you don't feel yourself don't know though he understood me and whenever whenever he looked at me I somehow felt right in this world I am certain those affections were going for me and I am certain of my own love I'll bet stop it it is not love do you stop it wrote to you you know no more of love and I myself do you do you know what right do you have to lean what I'm feeling than me I've heard nothing from him since the world ugly I was certain an announcement you made any day to meant at this time I've been he is not a man his work I will help you find the kindest most wonderful of husbands and I shall ask the part to use a portion of my inheritance for your dowry you too that Philippe bet anything for Union tighter I I have been of the mind state these last few days that is my little means that is delayed James in making his approach think you may be like well then I cannot thank you enough I will tell the party right immediately to lady Ashford no no James Ashford is not kind he's not a man to give your life with then your gift comes with conditions what day but I'm trying I'm trying to make you see he is not appropriate appropriate the brother of the man you are tamale is not appropriate for me he doesn't desire you bad at least even if he does he you would regret such a mistake he he laid his hands on me better than the most ungentlemanly why should you say such a thing there's something you are a liar why why would I lie to you I don't know can't you see you would never touch you but you are beneath him I don't beneath him yes you are you what what tell me what I like that you are illegitimate have you never wondered why you are not permitted to eat with our guests

45 thoughts on “Emilia Clarke auditions for Daenerys Targaryen in Game Of Thrones

  1. I can see after GOT, she will have a long and outstanding career as an actress. She is gifted.😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. her facial expressions convey she can't act lol seriously nothing about this audition is good, garbage tier actress

  3. You can tell those (in the comments) who started watching after 2015 lol. Her acting was laughed at in the first 3-4 seasons. She eventually got better, thankfully.

  4. Her expressions are such a huge part of what gives her characters life when she acts. They are so honest in conveying the characters emotions that you get caught up in just watching her, in the depth they bring to her portrayals. So many actors look stiff when they are emoting or only really emote with the big shows of emotion. But Emilia emotes so effortlessly and with all the small feelings that real person would go through. She's just so lovely and expressive and it's hard not feel the heart of her characters when she's acting.

  5. This is a misleading title. This isn't what got her the Daenerys role, this was when she auditioned for Elizabeth Murray in Belle from 2013.

  6. Hey Actor Ranking! Why are you liking hate comments,??? Doesn’t matter if you agree, those are terrible dangerous and should not be praised!

  7. People calling her overrated, underwhelming actress etc., well, call her anything. To me, she's a ray of sunshine.

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