Ellen’s Naughtiest 5 Second Rule Moments

Ellen’s Naughtiest 5 Second Rule Moments

[music playing] Name three names
for your lady parts. Minnie Moo, Vajayjay,
and a pizza. [bell dings] [laughter] Sophia, give us three
nicknames for breasts. Boobs, boobies,
um, chimichangas. [laughter] Ellen, give us three ways to
make money really, really fast. Oh! You steal things and you sell
drugs and you are a hooker. [bell dings] [laughter] All right, Kanye. Give us three things
that are hairy. Balls, balls, balls. [laughter] All right, Kaley. Tell us three types of food you
can use while getting intimate. Ooh! Spaghetti, marshmallows,
and chocolate. Spaghetti’s hot. What happens with marshmallows? Kind of like smush it around. [laughter] Name three nicknames for
a woman’s private parts. Vajayjay, Down Under, and Suzie. [bell dings] [laughter] Suzie! I call mine Suzie. OK. Ricky, the Golden
Globe statue is round. Name three other
things that are around. The Earth, my balls. [bell dings] [laughter] [applause] [music playing]

51 thoughts on “Ellen’s Naughtiest 5 Second Rule Moments

  1. Names 3 other things that round.
    Ricky: the earth, my balls
    Me: what it's not even 3 things… oh yah balls. There are two… ?

  2. Really??? I'm soooo disappointed with you, Ellen. Hey at least you have 21,151,177 other people that like you, although strangely only 117,842 of them have seen this clip.

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