Elegance Expert Reacts To Oscar’s 2020 Outfits

My dear elegant ladies,
welcome back to another video. I am literally here falling asleep.
Yes, I need one of those. What do you call it when
you keep your eyes open? I am so tired because it’s in the
middle of the night here in Europe, but I am staying awake so that I can watch
the Oscars here with you and actually, give you my commentary on
the best and worst outfit. We are going to review celebrities
and their outfits based on the following criteria. Will their outfits fit their body shape,
their color complexion, their style personality, and of course,
most importantly, elegance. How elegant are they for the red carpet? All of these things we’re going
to go through in this video. Let’s start with the first
outfit. Now this outfit, look at this color. This is
a beautiful, beautiful dress, perfect for her body shape because her
complexion is very light and you can see that the baby blue just works so lovely
on her. And if you know me by now, you know that baby blue is
one of my favorite colors. I could literally take that dress, rip it off her body and
just put it on myself. I love it. Okay, so moving on to
the next, we have Billie Eilish. Okay. Let’s just say that we keep on
moving to the next. Red carpet, Oscar’s, really? No. I’m not going to waste time on this
stupidity because looking at this, I feel like somebody is either
not taking this really seriously. It’s a red carpet event. The dress code
is clearly gala. With all due respect, I’m sure this lovely green-haired lady
with very long nails is incredibly artsy and has a very creative style personality, but I still don’t understand why
somebody would arrive to a gala event, where clearly the dress
code does not say pajama, even though, the pajama has
the Chanel label on it. Why on earth would you
wear something like that? You know what the first thing I see
when I see a Laura Dern in this dress? Laura, do this. This dress is a little bit weird. Those little tassels does
not make sense at all. I do like the soft pink
and with the black detail, that color combination
is nice. And of course, this soft pink with Laura’s color complexion
really works and the dress is perfectly fine for her body shape.
But the tassels… I’m not going to be negative Nancy
as I move on to the next outfit. And we have Mindy Kaling here, looking absolutely
gorgeous in this yellow, a bit mustardy gown. First of all, you have to understand that Mindy
is a very typical deep warm tone, meaning that yellow, mustard colors
really does go well with this type of complexion. She just looks flawless, so incredibly elegant,
so sophisticated. For me, this is pure elegance. And I also like the fact that this dress
somehow reminds me a little bit of her own heritage. She has Indian ethnicity, which I think that dress really gives
away that little detail because it does somehow give you this a little mixture
of gown and a little touch of sari. And I do like that because I think,
enhancing your heritage is always a nice feature to do. So up next,
we have Regina King. I mean, first impression is what
a lovely color of a dress. I think the dress is extremely
glamorous and very spectacular. The only thing is the top part reminds me a
little bit of, you know, this ice skaters costumes when they add
a little bit of bling bling to kind of make some form of embroidery with
Swarovski crystals to make it shine during their ice skating performance?
I don’t like it. I must say ladies, it would have been so much better if it
wasn’t there because the gown itself and the construction is incredibly
sophisticated and chic, and elegant and truly a wonderful dress. I also think that it
looks fantastic on her. It also balances out this big skirt
with her quite prominent shoulders. She is an inverted triangle
as I can see there. And this large skirt really balances
that out so it doesn’t look strange. So the dress itself is
perfect for her body shape. But if I have to be very critical, it would only be these embellishments
because overall, the gown is gorgeous. Let’s move on to
Rebel Wilson and you know, she was recently wearing
not a very flattering gown, so I’m really happy to see her today
wearing something that is much more suitable for her body shape. Here, we have created a bit of more of
an optical illusion when it comes to waist. She is a plus-size lady and
sometimes, it is very easy to emphasize, perhaps not on the most flattering
aspects. But in this case, emphasizing on creating a beautiful
silhouette for her and also with her hair, with the kind of glittery gown,
it creates this Hollywood glamour, which I personally find very elegant. The only thing I would object is that
I think the coloring is not really ideal. Her hair and lipstick, and the dress, it just makes her look
a little bit more pale. She could have done a different color
for her, but overall it’s not too bad. I think she looks quite
nice in this outfit. I don’t know how to pronounce this one, but Caitriona Balfe. She’s wearing a Valentino gown and I’m not
really big fan of this because I think, the top part is truly ruining
this whole ensemble. I do like the bottom part. I think
this is a beautiful couture gown. But with the top part,
it creates this bulkiness, which I think is a really good example
of what I’ve spoken about in my video, How to dress for your body shape.
You want to enhance your silhouette. You don’t want to box yourself up and
make yourself look bigger, fatter, wider, and I think, this is a prime example of how it looks
when somebody makes themselves look bigger. This does not
enhance your silhouette. This does not make you
look more feminine. I personally don’t think
it’s a very good outfit. Now let’s talk about Sigourney Weaver
and she has a very nice green dress that really goes well with the
warm tone that she has. One thing that you need to know ladies
is that Sigourney has a rectangular body shape and this is such a good example
of how the stylist has done it well for her shape, which does
not have a lot of waist. But they have created a bit of optical
illusion going on there because as you can see, there is a belt and belt is absolutely
fine if done in a right way on the rectangular body shape. We also have the draping part that creates
that optical illusion of a shape and the boat neck is very suitable
for rectangle body shape, because it just balances out the shoulders
and makes it look more proportional. When it comes to Chrissy Metz,
my dear plus-size elegant ladies, take a little note from this because
this is very common mistake that happens when you’re dressing yourself and you
create a vertical line when you are already a plus-size. This is not really good because you are
actually widening yourself even more. And as you can see in this case,
this does not really work, even though she’s gorgeous. The dress could have been so much more
flattering on her if it just didn’t have this kind of boat neck here,
this kind of line here, and just making her look this wide.
We want to elongate her. And in this case, it would have been much
more flattering if she had something, maybe with a bit more v-neck,
making her look longer. I think that would have been a better
choice of a neckline of a dress because this doesn’t really work. Scarlett Johansson looks
fantastic, and you ladies, you know how much
I love silk as a fabric. I think this detail of hers on the
dress looks incredibly interesting. Scarlett Johansson has a beautiful
hourglass shape and this dress is just perfectly made for one. For me, this is definitely one of my
favorite looks of the entire Oscars. I just think that it’s
interesting, it’s creative, but it’s still very elegant and I like
it when you can combinate those two. My dear elegant ladies, I have probably become allergic to black
and seeing a blonde woman wear black, it’s not the ideal color. Now I also do wear black sometimes
and I probably will never stop. But I just think that
for an Oscar event, Charlize Theron could
have done so much better, even though this
Dior dress kind of like, it’s not too bad, but there’s a lot of things that is
not a hundred percent ideal either. And the thing that just bothers me the
most is the color. It washes her out. I don’t like the neckline.
I don’t think it’s flattering. What she has done well though, because
Charlize Theron is an inverted triangle. The pea plum effect of
the dress is balancing her proportions out so that she is more aligned, which actually
looks quite good on her. But there’s still a lot of issues with
this outfit. Same goes for Margot Robbie, what is up with the black?
It washes her out. It does not look nice on this dress. It feels like she’s going to cosplay. I feel like she’s going to be this
little airy fairy little lady with the… Can somebody explain?
Please do in the comments. Renée Zellweger actually wear really
nice dress recently in the Baftas Awards. But here, she looks like an ice skater. Why am I having so many
ice skaters on my mind today? This is some sequenced dress. The neckline is not flattering for her
because she is an inverted triangle and neckline that goes up like that
actually makes her shoulders look wider. The dress itself feels
a bit basic. I think, she could have done so much better and
this just feels very plain Jane for me. Now let’s go a little speedy
towards going to the end. I do want to talk about
Florence Pugh and her beautiful, gorgeous teal dress. This is
such a nice Louis Vuitton gown. I think that it brings out her creative
personality so that perfectly suits her style personality very well.
It is also a very flattering shape. It creates this beautiful hourglass.
I don’t really know what body shape she is, but it doesn’t really matter at
this stage because ultimately, this dress really does her a favor
and the coloring is just spot on. Good thing with teal by the way, ladies,
is that it’s quite a universal color. Majority of skin tones, color
complexions work with teal, so it really works on her as well.
And we have now come towards the end. I will announce to you which dress,
I personally prefer and it’s actually not only one. Do you remember, I said
I was baby blue biased? Well, of course, Kristin Cavallari has probably one of
the most beautiful dresses in the entire Oscars. But that’s just my personal taste. But I do also want to give a big shout
out to this just mind-blowing dress one by Janelle Monae. It’s an incredible Ralph Lauren dress
with about 170,000 jewels on it. Truly, ladies, it looks like a piece of art.
I do think, a creation like this, really is a piece of art. And it really suits the
person’s style personality, which is very much being of the creative
side, as she is a singer. Now, ladies, I want to know, which has been
your most favorite outfits? Please leave a comment below. If you haven’t downloaded my free cheat
sheet on how to look expensive on a budget. www.ClassyCheatsheet.com And if you want to learn
more about body shapes, go now and watch my video where I will
guide you through all the body shapes out there and what to avoid and what to wear. So I will see you in that video.

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