Don’t Worship Idols | The Second Commandment For Kids

You shall not make for yourself an image
in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters
below. You shall not bow down to worship them. Hey guys, it’s me again,
Douglas. And today we’re on our second video of 10 videos on the Ten
Commandments. And the 2nd commandment is about not worshiping idols. Yeah. And
so an idol was like if somebody would make a thing, maybe he’d make something
out of wood or out of gold or something, and then you’d bow down and worship it
like it was your god. And this isn’t really a big deal in in America,
but actually it is kind of sometimes. You might not even really notice it all the
times. But sometimes as Christians we don’t really think about bowing down to
something that we made, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But people do it all
the time. And actually too, if the Bible is not just talking about a thing that you
make with your hands when it says not to bow down to idols … anything, anything that
comes between us and God can count as an idol. And I’ll bet there’s
lots of things in your life, I know there are in my life that can sometimes,
sometimes take the place of God. You know, for me the thing that really made me
realize this about about how sometimes I can let things get in between me and God
was, well there’s this new video game that I got and it’s really fun. Okay? It’s
like, it’s kind of like paintball, okay? But it’s like you shoot these giant
paintballs at each other, and it’s a video game it’s not real, and you shoot these
giant paintballs and it makes this huge mess all over the stage, and there’s
different colors and all this stuff, and you had can have like different
abilities and stuff with the paint, and it’s super, super fun. I love playing this
game! I, pretty much all my free time I spend playing this game. It is super
crazy fun! And well, you know, I play it a lot and I play it a lot and I play it a
lot and it’s it’s really fun I can play with my friends online even. And this
year I decided that I wanted to read my Bible and I wanted to pray every
single day. I wanted to spend some time with God. And well, I started noticing that this game sometimes I’d wake up in the
morning and I just go play the game for a few minutes before school, instead
of reading my Bible, yeah. And then sometimes when I get back from school I
would still forget to read my Bible but I’d play this game, and I just keep
playing and playing and playing. And it got really, really bad one day. The day
that I realized that this was a big problem was, well it was a Sunday morning
and I woke up and I did not feel like going to church, okay? I know I’ve had
days like that, I think we’ve all had days like that, where we just don’t feel
like getting up and going to church. But I wanted to play this game so I, well, I
did something bad. I mean it is it was very bad. What I did was I told my dad
that I was sick and I kind of did the, you know, the fake coughing or whatever,
and I said that I felt like I needed to stay home from church. And my parents
trust me and so they said, “Yeah, okay Douglas. You can stay home. We’ll see you
after church.” And so they left. And as soon as they left, I got out of bed and I
started playing this game, and I got through like one level and I realized,
what am i doing? I thought about it, and I was like, “What am I doing here? What’s, what
has happened? I’ve let this game come between me and God.” And there’s nothing particularly wrong with this game, right? But I let it come between me and
God. This game really became my god. Which is NOT good. That’s a bad, bad thing.
‘Cause this is just a game, you know somebody made that thing. It’s just a
thing somebody made. But I was giving all my devotion, all my
time, all my attention to this game. And so what I did actually was you know I
told my parents, I had to confess to them what I did. And so I got in some trouble
for lying to them. But even beyond the punishment that I got from them what
I decided for myself was that I wasn’t going to play this game for a whole
month. Yeah. And again, it’s not a bad game. It’s okay, it’s fine. But I let it
get between me and God, so I decided to take some time away from it. And so
whether it’s a game or whether it’s a person or whether it’s a group of people
or you know an activity … anything. Anything in our lives that comes between
us and God is an idol. And we are not to bow down to these idols. We are not to
put anything in the place of God. God is God. And we should not let anything come
between us and Him. And you know another part of this commandment, is we
really need to be careful about idols, actual idols, you know things that people
made and then they worship as a god. Sometimes we don’t even realize we see
them. You know, there’s like these things, probably the idol that I see the most is
the Buddha. You know what I’m talking about? It’s this little fat guy and
he’s got a big smile and he, they just make him out of stone or clay or
something. And he sits in the corner he’s got the big dumb smile, he’s like, “hmmmmm” and
he’s all tubby on his tummy. That’s an idol, yeah, that’s a false God
that people are worshiping. And there are other false gods too, other idols out
there, and we need to be really careful about them, you know, not to have
them in our homes and not to, certainly not to pray to them! You know that can
seem kind of crazy, but even having them in your house can be pretty bad. And so
my challenge to you guys today is that we would not worship idols, whether it’s
a real kind of Idol where it’s like made out of stone or clay or a wood, or
whether it is something else in our lives that is just anything coming
between us and God. Let’s not let anything come between us and the God who
loves us. Hey, so I hope you like this video! I worked really hard on
it. And, you know, my whole goal, the whole reason why I make these videos is because I want to
tell as many people as possible about the truth of God in his Word in the
Bible. I want to help other people learn what I’m learning. So if you like these
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