Discussing Legalizing Marijuana & Being Addicted to Love on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

Discussing Legalizing Marijuana & Being Addicted to Love on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

Hollywood unlocked uncensored what's up everybody this is Hollywood unlocked uncensored and I am Melyssa Ford aka the curve Queen as right as DJ damage and it's time to get this show started that's right and we have Cleo Thomas yeah let's get it because Jason's away I think next week what we're gonna do if Jason's still not here is we're gonna have a cardboard cutout it's gonna be hilarious oh the things we're gonna do to it that sounded very glorious a humor I'm more above board than he is gotcha however you know I've got I've got plans I'm bringing in some strippers for it so you can find us on all platforms Google Play Spotify YouTube and I heart I'm really excited about that I feel like when I left and weren't on I heart just yet exactly so it's a new thing for me oh yeah new studio look at this beautiful new co-host Hey oh by the way I saw this movie randomly cuz I didn't want to see Avengers cuz I have to see 26 movies before I see this fuckin movie Avengers end game okay listen just give me the list of the things I have to see in order to make this make sense you see none of the Marvel movies I've never seen an Iron Man no I've never seen Avengers anything Wow name something else I have never seen Doctor Strange did you see black mother I saw that okay guardians galaxy no I look stupid or ah Captain Marvel that's the one in superhero I never saw and I really like her brie Larson yeah not didn't see it in support listen I was kind of going through something you know like recovery from some things is also true for the past ten years okay it's not really my thing I'm an x-men kind of girl like that alright that's that's a little bit my Jam's you can see Dark Phoenix I mean oh I can't wait yes look Julia first of all I love the fact that sophie Turner is playing Jean Grey yes and oh my god Game of Thrones kind of disappointed with the eighth season you don't like it I feel like they saving a bang for the pad at last – I feel like the last two is gonna be like a real long-ass movie like they're really setting everything up for these last two episodes it was just politic dialogue I'm not I'm not mad at the dialogue I'm not mad at I'm just I'm you let me just fucking say what I'm pissed off about this this is what made me really really angry talk about um Brienne of Tarth okay she has been you know a moral compass on the show she has been like the you know a symbol of Honor you know and just think so it throughout the entire show Wow yeah she is an honorable woman I mean Jamie knighted her and it was like you know it was like a very self actualized moment and then he beds her and turns her into a crying hysterical woman after he basically does his you know it turns into a fuck-boy and pieces out after he like dicks are down twice I mean it's the medieval times no that was that's where chivalry was born maybe he could have been a little bit nicer damn it's me why would they do that to her character like they she I just I just they reduced her character to such a pathetic female stereotypes I'm not gonna lie she always seemed pathetic to me oh yeah this is why I look at her as somebody success in society that does the right thing but they need recognition any title and any purpose like if if nothing was around she doesn't know what to do she's oh I will serve you and I will serve you I kneel to you I will kill for you it's like she is just really just a big pawn and whoever like she has nothing going for herself she has no aspirations for herself she wanted to be a knight but that was really it like if you really look at her it really just seems sad and pathetic it's like I will kneel to you and I will do all my all and kill whoever for you and then she goes over here like you know what I feel like I'm gonna give all my loyalty to you too so she kind of been bouncing around the whole show for me honestly I think she is a good person but she reminds me of people out here that just really needs a title and needs a purpose not a lot of people are born leaders a lot of people need to be led they need a sense of purpose and that's her to me and to me the way she does it it's a little pathetic though because she's just bouncing around giving the meals everybody can you imagine what it's like to be a woman who doesn't know how to be anything other than what comes naturally to she's not a lady she's a lady she makes it clear I am NOT a lady stop don't call me because like Arya they are they were not born to be ladies in the traditional sense under the time they are warriors at heart but they're and they're not accepted to be that because that is a man's position but that means you just bounce around bending the knee and she comes she's she is like a queen she comes he's the Lady of tarts you know what are you so what are you supposed to do when the person is royalty in her but I got it what are you supposed to do when you bend the knee to somebody like Renly Baratheon and then he dies you got to find another fuckin Queen oh you fucking chuck it up okay hold on I'll give you another example of somebody who is you know born into being a lord into a family with prestige and doesn't want it Samwell Samwell Tarly Samwell Tarly exactly because of the way he looks he doesn't look like his brother dick on who which is the most hilarious name to come he does not look like his brother his brother was like you know like that's like the white Stefan but he doesn't look like him what he is is he knows that he is meant to be a maester you know he is interested in books and in knowledge and in learning and helping people in that way but he's not a swordsman you know I'm saying and his father's always looked at him like he was like he was trashed like he wish he could give him back because he was not living up to the thought his father's expectation of who's going to carry on the name of the house you know so they're in the exact same position not really because Sam well you know what he didn't do he didn't bend the knee to every fucking body he went with Jon Snow because he couldn't because he was forced to go to Castle black by his father his father ostracized him and cast him out of the house so he had no choice Brienne she wanted to be a knight she did what she could Breana stallion I still don't like what they did with her character I'm confused as to what's going on with Dany Masson Dee oh my god Danny's becoming a Mad King yeah she kind of is if you don't watch Game of Thrones you probably what the fuck yeah sorry people okay well we just had to get that kind we just had to get that out so let's talk about some fuck shit D'Angelo Russell for one thing okay he was cited for smuggling weed and a fake ice-t can I think that's gangster it's really okay I had my own methods and it definitely wasn't a nicety can it was smarter just a little bit um I would what's it like I would have liked a you know like a kid like a jar uh-huh fill it up with like lotion but the lead would be packed up in like plastic wrap okay and inside the lotion seal the jar and then you're covering the scent with all these body mineral that would be like deep in the in in in the checked bag there we go this is the thing they're looking for liquids right yeah hide bottle the ballers luggage searched prior to his flight to Louisville apparently suspicious tea the suspicious tea set off the system I guess I don't know the cam was discovered to be more than meets the eye as it was contained as it contained a secret compartment for Russell's marijuana and grinder they're looking only for liquids do you know that and they're not looking for we if they find we decide oh shit you're stupid yeah they're looking for liquids dude how the fuck do you think it's smart to hide weed in a liquid bottle yeah police state that at first the NBA star Russell attempted to blame his brother for the weed however he was traveling alone and seemed to be the only one in position on the bank was high high for possession of marijuana and was a that was under 50 grams fortunately he was let go and will most likely have to pay a fine for the crime the Brooklyn Nets also released a statement calling innocence saying we have been made aware of the situation involved with involving D'Angelo Russell and are in the process of gathering more information at this time they don't give a fuck for me like D'Angelo Russell had one of his best years like he's the most improved player he didn't get that award this year it's only because to me it's only because he was flying out of Jersey or New York whatever happened he was going to Kentucky to go into the Derby yeah probably yeah so if you have that issue but like don't did Nick Young stop you like was that a whole revenge thing that you were like you know what you snitched on me so I'm gonna make sure to bust you here in New York we're drawing weed inside of an Arizona can yeah are you dumb yes are you dumb yes he is an idiot answer it I'm has we've been legalized like everywhere New York though really I don't think so I don't think you just out there and smoke some weed on the street in the corner but like I said you're hiding we and paraphernalia and something that's paraphernalia yeah I'm saying is I'm trying to hide a gun in the gun yeah come on and like dose the thing he has is for like if you get pulled over by the cops and you want to travel like what's your weave when it wasn't legal you could be like kind of sitting in plain sight hmm who told him my oh yeah take that shit on the plane to me must pack it up god bless him he'll be all right he's balling we're not they're gonna know it sounds if they've been early 2009 he's I think he'd have been judged a lot more but everyone's around here smoking weed now so okay anyway he balling smoke more weed I can't I still don't understand the whole you know the fact that weed is illegal you know I'm Ashley it's my god they are the biggest talkers yeah I'm saying and I don't see a problem with it you know I mean it's it just chills you out Dane taxi yet once they start acting is gonna be fine so common was recently he's on a book tour mm-hmm and he revealed in the book that he was molested as a child and he opened up to our friends over at The Breakfast Club that he was addicted to love you know thank you for saying that you know I am giving the explanation behind it he goes on to say that he has been going to therapy it's been it's an ongoing thing for him and in therapy he discovered that he was addicted to love the feeling of love the honeymoon stage yeah but then when things would you know kind of get a little hairy in a relationship or whatever he would start to disengage himself from said relationship because it was too difficult to deal with the mechanics of what comes along when you know when you you encounter your you know some difficult you know the difficulties everybody's gonna face in a relationship and I've always thought to myself nobody ever won endures why doesn't why can't calm and hold on to our relationship I can't tell you how many times I see people saying under a picture of Halle Berry oh but the bitch can't hold on to a relationship or Amber Rose oh but the bitch can't hold on to her elation it's always but it's always an attack on women oh well that chick can't hold on to a relationship I'm like I never see the same thing said underneath a guy's picture who is a serial dater or somebody who is a seat gets into relationship after relationship after relationship and they don't last he dated Serena Williams he dated Angela Rai he dated who else'd a date I mean he smooth the og smooth because you really don't let me know is over of really of high profile incredible women but I'm like nobody ever I thought this is myself nobody's ever asked common why don't your relationships work out because these women are solid women yeah to me in my opinion attractive gainfully employed see they're not headcases but you can never seem to make it work but no one ever asked him why I'm so glad that he came on the show and actually revealed that he's gone to therapy and discovered that it was his dysfunction as to why the relationships didn't didn't last I love accountability I love when people take accountability because it it always seems to be an attack on the female why couldn't you hold on to the man went home excuse the fuck out of me yeah maybe she has she has a concept of self-worth and I'm not gonna stand here and take this shit he's in what would you call like he's immature you know emotionally immature I can't I can't deal with this you know so I can relate to comment in a way I feel like looking back in my life I had intimacy issues and I had probably parental issues that caused me to be a fucking thot right and right you know it is is a point where you a thought and you know you being at that and then there's a point where you just fucking a bunch of people and you really don't get why and as you get older you really start examining and dissected things and I think that's what common has been at for a while I don't feel like he's just figuring this out I feel like this is something he's just finally feeling comfortable to review yeah so I remember when I was in my and I was taking a lot down I was doing it not to fuck but to have somebody to sleep with right and not sleep with as insects like I wanted somebody tonight right but I knew if I keep laying with the same person consistently yeah they're gonna catch too many feelings yeah so now I had a crazy rotation of people I was dealing with and the problem was nobody but me yeah so I didn't even care if we didn't have sex a lot of times the girls didn't have sex but it was like I just need somebody here cuz I don't feel comfortable being alone at night I had to get to a point in myself like bruh you're a grown-ass fucking man what you're doing ain't right because when you young and you just don't shit you're not really seeing the repercussions yeah until you start hurting people until people start saying things until you are lashing out are you doing crazy things and then you go in like man you know oh they're crazy they're crazy I don't even do that I didn't leave this person on but you kind of did the emotions that I want I was lettin off to them and I'm not getting how that's affecting them right so I feel like he's coming to that point in his life where he's realizing like Yoda said I'm doing it's fucked up because a lot of people that do you know have these what he says a love addiction or intimacy issues we blame everybody else yeah I don't know why she's acting like that I didn't she knew what it was but it's like bro do you know what it is yeah so I'm just proud of coming from really and I hope a lot of dudes really step up and realize if they're going through that what's going on because it took a while for me to really realize what the hell I was going through in my life yeah to step out of that yeah you're in damages story lady just kind of it kind of shined a light on where I am currently in life so like hearing him break that down I'm like mm okay well then I might have to do some soul-searching man like really high goes down knowing that you know your thing wasn't wanting to sleep with the person but the fact that you just didn't you wanted someone there you wanted a body there and in fact you had us crazy rotation going awesome so you know what the board is cool right so before I went to boarding school I had a real tight relationship with my mom and for whatever reason you know we kind of talked with my mom but for whatever reason that kind of went like that yeah so I was still always looking for that kind of love you know I'm saying for you to have such a tight bond and then it's not so tight anymore for whatever reason that was what I was looking for like I'm looking for that comfort in that coddling that I wish I used to have when I was a kid because once I start going to all these schools it's like yeah it's strict like I said it's like real it's like Cheryl it's real sterols real strict there's not really a lot of motion I'm in there sleeping in a bunch of boxes nine guys in one room like this in bunk beds those really like aggressive there's not a lot of that like it's not a lot of that love you would really want from a parent so when you started getting older and you're on your own and I'm in college and I got my own place yeah it's like oh I need that love back and I'm not even recognizing what I'm doing the worst part is just being a woman knowing how we process that kind of thing so if you let's just say let's just say me and you for example we're on a college campus you know and you're dealing with issues that you don't even know you have and you come in you come into a situation with me and you're like you know you want me to come over and you know to sleep over and you're cuddly and stuff like do you know what that does to a woman do what that does to us like the whole oh yeah I know yeah like the whole like I can I already know what it sounds like when we go home to the girlfriends we start talking about well he cuddles me and you should see what he does he just loves up on me with a story that that tell that we create inside of our heads what this means to us it doesn't mean the same thing to you guys this creates massive problem this is why like I'll talk to some bubble drivers shit a chick crazy I would talk to people why do you're cool why do you have so many crazy stories about girls I'm little monster good for me so Chris look for me looking at it's a quick fix for me right but for them is like it's so many things yeah yeah why are y'all reacting this way and blah blah blah and it's like dude you're the problem I don't really recognize like yeah I'm the fucking problem but the fact that I you just broke it down like we're telling them everything we let them know what it is what is the front we're not like we don't want this we want this he said he was because your actions did not get Kate there we go it's like it's it's contradictory and we're like men don't get that yeah it's like look this is what it is we can fuck have fun go out you know go to a party but I told you what it was when was like what he said that but he's telling me all this shit yeah you know he's doing this and like I don't believe and here's the thing is women operate a lot off of nonverbal communication you guys this is crazy yeah we we operate off of a lot of nonverbal so you could be saying something but then we're gonna put a whole story inside of our heads of well he said this but his actions dictated this so it just might be him operating out of fear and saying this but he doesn't really mean it like I'm telling you like the depths of how far like we go like it's just you know when it comes to emotions listen women we're like a six-lane highway you guys are a single lane dirt road with a motherfucking horse a car so I wanna round this up by saying I give you the most amount of kudos common and here's the thing I hear rumor is that him and Angela Wray are trying again because they were dating before and then they broke up and no one really knew what the hell was going on they were a couple goals and everyone's like oh we got another one and then they were just like nothing and we were like what happened so it makes sense that if he's had this realization that he probably was like girlfriend you got to give me another chance I'm sorry it was my fucking fault you know I'm just I'm speculating here this is what you know but you know what I probably hurt one didn't want to hurt ya and I say he didn't he wanted to hurt the other ones but there was one way it really bothered him cuz that's what happened with me it was individuals that I really respect it and I really fucked with even though we weren't on something serious yeah and the way they kind of despised me yeah made me look at myself like well damn yeah what did I do I can say for you to speak out for me to speak out it like this you have to already went through it and be on the other side yeah cuz we're unit you don't understand it yeah and and you know looking at a common Angela they made a really really really cute couple like they were definitely hash tag couple goals you know she's a she's a brilliant woman she's gorgeous and they just you know everybody was looking forward to like them having babies together it's just like oh okay is another one and then nothing what happened what the hell no one said anything we're we're left in a lurch okay my name is congratulations to comment and probably work out alright y'all stop for another Hollywood hookup now it's exciting but also scary I am turning 30 years old this year oh my God look but check this this is why I tell you why it's scary did you know 66% of men start to lose their hair by age of 35 right yes I do know that the guys I'm dating yes I see a lot of my friends are 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look y'all order now my listeners can get started with hims complete haircare for just $5 today while supplies last and subject to doctor's approval see website for full details and safety information this could cost hundreds if you went to the doctors or the pharmacy somewhere else go to for hems comm slash unlocked that's four fo our hims dot-com slash a lot for hems comm slash unlocked for hims calm slash unlocked and that is another Hollywood hookup so I was on Twitter recently because I was doing my you know dumpster-diving of comments section that's what I should call my segment dumpster-diving so much a trash you like that one don't stir diving okay so today's dumpster dice aside on a seaside on Hollywood and lots so once I saw this it was somebody who'd like issued a tweet and he's basically mentioned that Kim Kardashian has done more for black people than Colin Kaepernick has oh god I know that said you okay I was furious and I wasn't furious for the reason that people probably think I was furious at the fact that he created a state he just made a statement that was just divisive in nature mmm-hmm why do we have to take the accomplishments of two different people who had two wildly different approaches and compare them to one another as to who's done more for whom it's bullshit I mean and it's rooted in so much ignorance this is obviously somebody that doesn't understand what Colin Kaepernick put on the line he put his life on the line he put his livelihood on the line he put his career on the line to stand up for something that he believed in to stand up for people and defend people who didn't even understand that they needed to be defended he's been jobless ever since and still has continued to donate money to causes that are related to his the whole message that he's trying to tell the world Kim Kardashian god bless her but I think that she's getting the majority I'm not taking away from her achievements yeah but what's being ignored is the people who are doing the actual work she's funding these lawyers and their efforts to to get people to get prisoners out of jail who have been convicted given life long sentences for you know low-level nonviolent crimes I think that because the media is giving her so much attention the attention is not being given to you know it's not being distributed fairly to the people who are actually doing the work and we're doing it prior to her act her coming in and I think for the first time people are really gonna be able to sympathize what Kim Kardashian has always dealt with what immediate put certain things that she didn't necessarily put herself in right she's funding these lawyers she's not jumping out saying this is what I'm doing yeah the people that are researching and knowing what she's doing that she's funding these two lawyers they are making a decision to go oh no this is what Kim did they are making a decision to keep those two people out of it yeah so a lot of people are given all this angry energy – Kim yeah and she has nothing to do it but I'm just trying to help do the right thing yeah I got this money I got this opportunity I want to do the right thing the media is jumping in because they need to create a story and any keep creating whatever the fuck to make money they're putting her in this I like to believe that Kim's motive for investing in prison reform and getting people out you know getting sentences reduced or just completely like eradicated is altruistic you know so I just wanted to read something that one of the lawyers who she is who's who she's funding said the first this is the first and last time that I will speak on it seriously because the negativity from today is misdemeanor shit and we still have lives to save Mangel is that how you pronounce her name it's it's a strange name me angel Cody forgive me if I mispronounced that and I have been doing this work for free ask any of our any of the dozens of clients we work for who are now free living their best lives both of us left six-figure salary jobs and wiped out our own savings accounts to fund our work we attempted to get grants from these large foundations shelling out millions of dollars to other organizations who but who would not look our way because of because they so-called don't fund direct services our hands were full picking locks to human cages we didn't have time to participate in glorified begging from the nonprofit industrial complex only to be turned down Kim linked arms with us to support us when foundations turned us down we and our clients and their families have a lot of love for her and are deeply grateful for her regardless of who helped fund us for the past three months in 90 days two black women lawyers freed 17 people from life without parole the second most severe penalty permitted by law in America only two of us prosecutors oppose nearly every single case we had we litigated our asses off in federal courts across the country we won downward departures in most of our cases due to good lawyering people set to die as set to die in prison are now free our clients weren't even on the selective list the Sentencing Commission sent out or on federal defenders radars in fact we have copies of letters federal defenders sent some of our clients telling them they weren't even eligible for relief under first step act but we got them free our work in 90 days is historic we picked some up from prison we gave re-entry stipends we continued to support them upon release educate yourself on the real before coming to me with the bullshit I may seem quiet but I promise I'm not the one this criminal justice reform space is the messiest pettiest most divisive and cliquish shit i've ever seen in my life I really like this woman with human lives at stake the drama is mind-blowing I've never seen anything like what goes on in this space and I want no parts of the drama this is why my sis and I stay in our corner and do the work and why will we continue to do so both of us have had a parent in prison this work is real to us I mean the fact that there you go exactly the fact that Kim is getting all of the media attention negative or positive just completely ignores the work and the sacrifice that these two women have made and that's what really bothers me it's not the Kim's situation that bothers me it's the focus is is just it's I just hate when people who do good work go unrecognized I can't stand it I just I feeI feel like in that way in that sense it's an injustice and that's why I said dad's like for the first time you know especially with a Kim case situation you're seeing that no one is creating this narrative but the people that you rely on for your news right this is their fault right Kim's not parading on her Instagram like look I'm freeing people every week yeah she's never done that yeah all she's doing is funding to hard-working motherfuckers that want to help people yeah and look what the media is doing yeah outlets were using the the headlines as straight clickbait like this is news to me I have been under the impression like you know I did seek input like she's trying to be a lawyer she's trying to get her take the bar exam she wants go pass the baby bar yeah she's trying to do things like that and on my own she's gonna free people she's doing it no but now knowing the real story like well it's great to know that this is two black women who put in the work and yeah there definitely have a movie about this and the next three years that can probably gonna fun so yeah yeah yeah I mean you can't fault the woman for putting you know putting her money where her mouth is you know I'm saying if she tell and she's helping people she's helping to free people you know whether however she's doing it she's she's basically the bank and fucking I can I can pulse I can name 17 people right now that don't give a shit what her involvement was they're just happy that she felt the need to be involved and I don't care what Kim brand is either like people are still stuck on this bullshit about look she's putting her money where it counts to help people change live save families I don't care if she was a streetwalking prostitute if she had money to help these two girls or at least people from jail that's what she did with our money and that's what we need to be focused on well talking people are very selective they're very selective as to who they want they feel like they is is entitled to their admiration and you know who they who create who's created into an idol you know what it's really interesting people act like they can grow but no one else can grow being here in Hollywood and knowing certain people up close and personal and when I see like the you know the the reaction that you know fans have for certain people there's certain people that I know fans have already you know people have the general public has like a negative opinion of and they've got a heart of gold yeah and like Anna nor and then there's other people that I know are just fuckin trash bags but literally the narrative created around them has made them like America's Sweetheart and it's like oh girl bye if everyone was judged off what they were doing back in you know 5 10 15 years ago or what they do behind closed doors that you don't actually know about as of today Oh different world right everyone's got skeletons most people have graveyards in the closet exactly speaking of graveyards so did you guys know that it's possible to get the bubonic plague yeah the bubonic plague is basically killed like I don't know like a hundred million people like it back in the Middle Ages heard of that since the social studies books with the blue covers what is the bubonic plague basically if you ingest rodent me you're gonna get it okay you eat I would if I had to survive I'm frying that Red Sea Oh school say you ever you ever watch Walking Dead okay hold on yeah well I was born Muslim born Islamic are you practicing I'm still Muslim born Islamic it's two different things okay okay I just got schooled um Ramadan no cuz I don't practice Islam anymore okay so do you have like bacon but like pork bacon I'll never you pour it those turkey bacon for him that's Turkey turkey bacon nope okay anyways moving right along there's a couple that died from the bubonic plague after eating raw Marmont meats Zoli and yeah I know more money okay so it looks like a cross between a rat and a squirrel so it's a possum ish tastes like awesome ish it's like a raccoon it's long a more month long and thin telling you it looks like a mixture of a rat and a squirrel with a little bit of dachshund mixin like it's long Wow a Datsun mixer I don't know breeding rats out here yeah I'm a mongolian couple who ate raw Marmont meat passed away from the bubonic plague that's just fucking nasty man I'm sorry according to USA Today the couple died in an isolated area of Mongolia's I'm not even gonna try to pronounce that it's a province in Mongolia it's a beaver it's a looks like a beef I would eat this shit too I wouldn't just bite into the famine up that beaver marinade they were apt to eat it raw they had to eat it I get that it's so it's cute but beavers have really really flat tails it's a chipmunk yeah oh they ate a chipmunk skin that thing right up as I go when there's nothing else to do like oh you got to figure out how to survive fucking that more mamita they got to be around so check it they believed that it had health benefits oh so they did this thinking it was like some medicinal yeah no yeah they did and well they got a rude awakening of a motherfucker their death led to a six day quarantine of a 118 people who were in contact with the couple which included locals and a group of tourists they were given antibiotics to prevent further contraction of the plague bacteria American Peace Corps volunteer Sebastian Peake said that people were scared to leave their homes after the quarantine was lifted I mean I would be too Manik plague Jesus after the quarantine was announced not many people even locals were in the streets for fear of catching the disease the World Health Organization official reported to the BBC that the couple ate raw warm up kidney meat meat and a kidney the dish is considered to be consumed for good health the rodent is also illegal to hunt in the area and it is known to be a carrier of the plague bacteria I mean for crying out loud I mean so y'all never ate any exotic meat like alligator shark well I've had alligator down south okay i won't i won't i won't eat dolphin moose i have a I'm Canadian and I have a problem with that you like moose meat she liked him shooting the movie I'm gonna eat venison because I like deers I think it's wrong I can't eat like you hated Bambi growing up no I will not watch Bambi because of the sake I'm sorry and I can't believe that that's a children's movies very kind of sad you know I won't eat a veal because this baby sheep yeah and what about well absolutely not I'm literally moving in the direction all these other plant-based you're gonna go vegan I I don't even want to be gotcha for the for the fat you know cuz vegans can come off as you know very holier-than-thou an arrogant but I'm just I just love like I want to post kittens and puppies on my page all the time but I know that people will be like bitch it's fucking everything you just named have you eaten I would oh you would you rise up man don't let the world come to an end around me yeah even you gonna want to be around me cuz we're gonna survive because we eat and whatever yeah are you gonna be really disgusted because I think the fucking me I feel afraid because you might start you know but I would not eat very meaty pigs are weird they don't sweat they eat their own like afterbirth like they do a lot of weird shit I was gonna bring I was gonna bring that up my next thing was asking you guys that how do you feel about that way more eating their placenta placenta yeah well no I've heard some men seems to buy a little bit of them Billick a cord or something like that put it in these let's put it like in a blender it'll be a little short for fuck's sake you are it supposed to be good for your stem cells in there well no the crazy though the craziest that I get would be I've tried Blowfish but you eat a Blowfish those are poisonous well it's like one out of ten bites gotcha so also you were just risking the poison it's like a shishito pepper no I'm also to check that like you know a bungee jump you know prior to my accident but yeah like I'm I'm a risk-taker when it comes to my life not when it comes to my money I will I hate gambling but you just will not eat a mormont rat after hearing this story not a motherfucking chance just got it you can't eat the kidney because that makes sense the kidney clean okay can you imagine if the bubonic plague hit Los Angeles what does it do yeah you just imagine all of LA you're in play house and you're just shitting yourself that everyone just wow that's hilarious [Laughter] really fucking painful I want I like I want no parts of that but you know I forgot to mention I'd gone to see a movie recently because I started talking about Avengers so they're probably like okay what was the movie you saw bitch anyway or that I saw this movie called long shot have you seen the ads fir with Seth Rogen and it's hysterical go see it it was so surprised because usually comedies like that you know they're paper-thin and they fall off at the end ah this shit was funny up until the very end is it a Seth Rogen film yeah man yeah it's and you know what here's the thing I don't think people really understand how funny Charlize Theron is she's fun me yeah funny oh my god I cannot stress this enough if you have movie night and you don't want to see Avengers go see long shot they did not pay me to see this I just really liked it a lot and I'm probably gonna see it again and when it comes on you know iTunes I'm gonna buy it cuz it was just that funny y'all want to know something that may rust on my being left out I want those guys that never can remember two actors or actresses names uh-huh so I don't know who Charlize Theron you really you have to give me like her my Mad Max okay the road yeah I'm back boom you don't remember the people who remember their names from the movie got it yeah Whoopi Goldberg it always plays like a Whoopi Goldberg or I would have never remembered her name okay I think we got to put him to a test you got to make a game like damn yeah I mean is this actress who lay you'll be sitting there getting a brush knee like blah blah blah blah blah I'm like blank slate like it's just weird I gotta know these people like I could see somebody like walking by and oh my god this one time I wanted to fucking kill Jason so we're at a party at Avalon I think uh-huh and Jason calls me over he was like Melissa Melissa Melissa and I come over I'm like what the fuck and he was like look and he's pointing right in this guy's face and the guy is standing there like and I'm like what he was like him he's even he's even closer than you are to me and I was like what the fuck are you doing who is this person he was like you don't know who this is and I'm like I know whoever this is it's fucking humiliated in your zoo it was Christopher Meloni oh yeah do you know who that is Stabler Elliot Stabler from line or yeah who I'm obsessed with that show and I loved him however he what first of all he's shorter than I thought yeah secondly he was really really scruffy he had a hat on and three I wasn't expecting him Jason gave me no context other than the point like I was furious furious with oh my god I didn't talk to him for like a week after that damage you got to give me like some of your favorite actors right that you don't know their names just remember the guy from Scarface yeah law and order Creasy guy Montana Creasy gang I don't know who that is the skinny guy that's skinny guy that was skinny guy yeah he's the real New York guy I know exactly you're talking about um I know I finally found out Chadwick Boseman is Chadwick Boseman I know his name now yeah that was good okay I mean now I'm starting to know the ones I like names so I'm like if I have a conversation I could bring them up and feel cool but if y'all say anybody else around them to acting in the same film my favorite actor uma Thurman Wow that's not my favorite actor but she's cool I am I love Tom Hanks I have been a Tom Hanks fan ever since bosom buddies a TV show yeah back in like way back yeah at least late late 70s early 80s yeah yeah and then big was like his first major movie yeah I like the ozark guy what's his name Jason Bateman love love here you go baby some people ask me for my movie suggestions watch bad words with Jason Bateman fucking hilarious he's my favorite super super funny and if you haven't watch Ozark you have to get into it it's on Netflix oh my god so amazing and then you also have to watch the change up with him and Ryan Reynolds oh my god that shit is so funny Ryan I could talk about this shit all day long but we're gonna wrap this this up on something thats related to shit there was a man arrested for refusing to remove his I eat ass bumper sticker you're my hero that's my that's my spirit as a Florida man was arrested on Sunday after he refused to remove a bumper sticker from his vehicle that read I eat ass I'm trying to find out what's the problem the big promotion behind that like a mix tape wrap SUV what's the difference I'm saying the officers well the officer told Webb to pull over and informed him that the bumper sticker violated the state's obscenity law listen Florida okay are you Florida Florida all places is whenever you see some fuck shit going on on YouTube you can guarantee Florida man not 90% chance it happened in Florida yep this is this is hilarious okay well you know what Dylan web of Florida you're my hero we support ya we support you in your eating asshole situation there's a pink vans in Los Angeles that's a naked maid service around ya so they would have got they would have got had to deal with that too I think he would have been fine in LA real talk yeah but he refused to remove it so he yeah they they they got a red they arrested it damage of you does I want the bumper sticker that's all I'm I said where can I get the bumper service for it absent mother fucking lutely not you do not even know okay no no I'm not even a fan of my own ass being eaten you don't want the bumper sticker no cuz I don't eat ass I don't want my ass really know about the bumper sticker on that note I want to thank our third chair Thomas thank you so much for coming in week we like to have third chair you know we like the banter to be like you know even evened out around here you had a you had a lot of really great opinions that we thank you so much for coming in tell everybody where they can find you at Clio Thomas on all the social medias make sure to be looking out for the next slick live and release the next goddess living amongst men release and a brand new network show coming in advance okay and on that note we're out

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  1. Hmmmmmm i'm not going to lie, but when Damage started explaining his situation, i was like Cleo…. oh iiiiish, maybe i need to take a step back and get myself together!

  2. Great job to all three of you! It's been a great week with great conversation. I love Jason but is nice for him to be away once in awhile to give DJ Damage an opportunity to speak. Jason talks over him too much.

  3. Damage is Smalls from Sandlot!!
    Khleo: The Sultan of Slash
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