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Hi, It’s Valy Elle and you’re watching Valy TV, the best place to find inspiration and practical tips on singing to better express yourselves with your own voice, you guys already know it by now and today we’re going to do another Vocal Coach Reaction, again about Dimash, let’s go back to this incredible voice because there are a lot of songs we still have to listen to together, a lot of considerations to make and then I see in the comments that there are some songs, some performances in particular you frequently ask me for so, today we’re going to listen to “Ogni Pietra” together. It’s a live performance from the Arnau concert so let’s listen to it together! Awesome! let’s stop it for a minute It’s a pity, It’s quite a pity I have to stop it but there are always a lot of things to say therefore he started out with this part sung in a low register and the sound is really great. Whenever he sings low he manages to give the sound the right depth, the right strength. Here the voice technique is more classic of course, a quite classic technique and, most of all, it gives him authority, you know, so what he does in this first part is talking as if a General was “talking” (in quotes) I mean he gives, through his voice, through these low tones, through the way he sings, very peremptory, this sense of authority and it sounds great also for the rhythmic division of the song and so it’s a very driving rhythm . Then he goes to this part where everything gets more melodic, instead,he goes up and he goes in this head voice which is very beautiful but which remains with a quite dark sound so, it bonds it bonds well with the previous part. There’s continuity, although these two ways of singing are so different, he manages to give it a continuity, in a certain way a sense of continuity Then, well…of course, given that I’m italian let’s talk about the fact that he’s singing in italian. So, Italian, to sing certain things, maybe a little more classic, so to say, a more classic technique, is the perfect language, this you know, anyway…and not for nothing, we’re famous in the whole world for our history of the Opera etc… and singing in italian with this technique, I think it’s really the perfect formula just like,I have to say, in parenthesis, that for us italians it’s not always easy to use our language and getting the same effect we get singing in english things like R&B or more Blues which are genres that developed there actually So, I’d say that every language has it’s music genre the perfect one which is better than the others and here it wasn’t a bad choice to use the italian lyrics. His pronunciation is really good as I’d already noticed in the “Confessa and Diva Dance” performance, which is a video I made a Vocal Coach Reaction about that you can find in the description box down below. His pronunciation is really good; Obviously there are some things that an italian trainer, an italian Vocal Coach could be able to point out to him, some little things that, of course, are really things we can forget about compared to the rest and these are really little things but, anyway, there are some little imperfections in the pronunciation that I heard ; but it’s the same thing that happens when many foreign singers approach classical music and so they try to sing the Opera in italian, which is not an easy language it has its peculiarities and there are a lot of little shades that can only be heard by an Italian who basically was born in Italy So, I’d say his pronunciation is really good. Let’s go on! Beautiful! Very beautiful! We can stop, can we? there are some things to say So,I’ll leave the last note, the last part, for last. So When he opens his mouth vertically, so when he sings these notes opening the mouth vertically, in this direction, these are the parts where, with this kind of technique, he sings in a more classic way. Instead, when you see there’s not a vertical opening but a more horizontal opening so, the mouth is opened as if he was smiling, this is where he sings in a more modern way, even though this song is more of a classic genre, in general but you can notice,both in low and high notes, very high notes,that his mouth is always opened vertically. As I was listening to it I was also paying attention to the lyrics which is not at all easy, anyway It’s a very, very authoritative lyrics. There are some lines such as : “you can do anything if you want to” or “you’re bigger than your problems” anyway, very encouraging lines and I like these things so I have to say that when someone associates such a powerful and important way of singing with such positive, strong and powerful messages and encouragements it’s something that I really like, I do like it and I like putting things together and give them even more strength. Message and voice together that amplify each other. And then, okay this final note, this really high part, we’ll go back to it later We’ll see just the last part together. Let’s go on! You see he’s opening his mouth vertically so, a very classical technique he’s just gone up to the other register vertical opening, can you see it? Amazing, guys! Beautiful! How satisfying ! Let’s stop it. Amazing! How satisfying, guys! and then, songs like this, so triumphal, so magnificent, almost sound like hymns Hearing someone singing like this is really the top, it’s the best. Good as always It must’ve been an extraordianary experience for the people who were there, also because the recording, given that it’s a live, is not that clear. But, anyway, we can hear it quite well to get to get emotional, to understand that we’re facing a great talent. Did you see the vertical opening I told you about before? and also on the higher notes, because I’d say that here there’s a continuity, in this classical technique where he goes through registers with sounds that are always really beautiful, never shrill, never flat and so…anyway Fantastic! Let’s go back to these two parts where he sings these high notes he sustains for a bit of time Really extraordinary! Amazing! Super precise, he handles well his breath you saw a big opening because the mouth must give space to this sound to let it out and he was really good also in the use of the microphone because here there’s a change in volume between one part and the other, really remarkable. Let’s go back to the final part where he sings againg really high notes and he overwhelms us, I’d say This is a whistle register,I’d say we’re past the head voice. Then the final part, with this glissato, is amazing you heard he didn’t cut it off but like he does this thing with the high note which gives this sense of closure. It’s something that can be done also with breaths in certain parts and I have to say He’s using his voice as an instrument again and that’s the thing we like the most but we also like the lyrics of this song so “you are bigger than your problems”, “you can do anything if you want to” and “this world is waiting for you” So, I’ll leave you with his words, apart from his extraordinary voice and we really got emotional together What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments down below what you think and give me suggestions on the next videos about Dimash or another extraordinary singer we want to discover together and you want me to do a Vocal Coach Reaction about I remind you that for a personalized vocal analysis from me you can click the link you can find down in the description box sending you a big kiss, full of excitement for this new listening we did together and see you at the next video!

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