DIMASH & Li Yugang – Drunken Concubine + Diva Dance | Singer Songwriter Reaction

DIMASH & Li Yugang – Drunken Concubine + Diva Dance | Singer Songwriter Reaction

Hi everyone its Caleb here, today I’m
going to be reacting to Dimash and Li Yugang singing drunken concubine and the
Diva Dance. A bunch of people have recommended it since I put out that
other video a few days ago so I thought I’d just jump in and do it.
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Anyway let’s get into this, let’s just get straight into let’s do it. Just how cool is that background, just
before we begin? Very kind of traditional Chinese feel to it so far. Yeah that was really cool. I like how
Dimash has that more kind of broad warm lyrical tone, a little bit more legato;
which means more smooth and the phrases kind of blend together better.
Where the other singer, Li, he’s got more of a dainty short very punchy and tight
sound. I can’t even describe it but lots of little mouth resonances which seems
to be a very common thing with Chinese singing and it’s just really cool. I
loved both of them but they’re just both very different so great kind of dynamic
there. here we go, Diva Dance. Okay I’ve gotta go
back to it, how cool is that deep low growl voice that he does? He also did
that in Ascolta La Voce, I might have said that wrong; where he does a similar thing.
That kind of similar technique used in death metal and those kind of genres so
yeah really cool. Wow so he hit a pretty crazy whistle voice
note. Yeah it’s an f-sharp I think. I think it was that note I might need to listen
to it again. Wow so that is really really high pitch.
Wait let me do that right now I don’t want to get that wrong let’s listen to
that. Yeah so I guess that’s in the seventh octave is it? F- sharp? Or
is that in the sixth? That’s so high I don’t even know. Yeah (seventh octave). Crazy high. Far out
I didn’t expect him to do that. And Li has a much less operatic kind of thick
sounding high flageolet but it’s still very accurate. It almost sounds like he’s
pitch corrected a bit. Like, I’m not saying he is but it sounds
so straight tone it almost sounds like that; but I’m not sure about that. But
yeah where Dimash sounds much more operatic in his kind of delivery. Let’s
keep watching. that was so cool. It’s so cool to hear
an extended version of the Diva Dance with, you know, a different song at
the beginning and then that whole coda section. That whole ending was just
really epic and to hear him hit that that high F-sharp in whistle was
just crazy. So yeah I wasn’t expecting it to go in that direction, and I almost
thought; that I didn’t know who Li was gonna be; and he was a really quirky
interesting guy. So in the comments let me know who he was, what this event was.
It seemed to be something in China but other than that I don’t really know. And
yeah. I’m just kind of sitting with it because it was a lot more than I thought
it would be in a really good way. And Li’s singing was so interesting and
unusual but it worked really well. I liked that kind of quirky stuff so yeah.
Anyway I hope you enjoyed this reaction Sorry I was just a bit at loss for words, I don’t
know how to kind of yeah even react to it. It was really impressive so in the
comments let me know about Li and Dimash and just that whole thing, what
what it was; and I look forward to seeing you on the next video. Thanks guys.

94 thoughts on “DIMASH & Li Yugang – Drunken Concubine + Diva Dance | Singer Songwriter Reaction

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  2. It was for the Chinese Spring Festival a few weeks ago. Thanls fir your reaction. Li is very famous in China and he is fascinating with his operatic woman voice- I checked our some of his performances and he is really good, the way he sings, he moves, his make up.

  3. Call it what you like, that guy sounds like a eunuch. I liked him up to where Diva Dance started, but after that I just want a sound engineer to filter him out, especially where he starts making the cat sounds.

  4. Li Yugang is a famous Chinese traditional singer. He sings the female roles in these unique performances. He has a wonderful Wiki page. I love that Dimash who celebrates cultural music brings attention to another genre that many in the western world have never heard. Terrific! Good luck with your record. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  5. Hi Caleb
    I like your genuine reaction and analyzes 👏👍Dimash and Li Yugang matched together and it was indeed epic. Every artists has their own skills and music culture who will be repected to their listeners. So respect to Dimash and Li Yugang👍👏they sang it for the Chinese audience for their new year (lunar). Dimash always tries new things with other amazing singers😘because he always want to learn more 💕⭐️

  6. Incomplete analysis this time Caleb… for example, what was that final high note? Sounded like it was also in the whistle register? For how talented, accomplished & amazing Dimash is, i feel the analysis needs to be much more thorough & detailed (like you usually are). Thanks anyway!

  7. 🌷🌷🌷🌷❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏 This was the Chinese New Year gala in Eastern (Shanghai) TV. Li Yu Gang is a star in classical Beijing opera where he performs female lead roles ( women were not allowed on stage in ancient China so all performers were male). He is a bit of a crossover into pop as well. We heard here his singing as well as his recitative voice from Beijing opera. This song is the New (modern rewrite) of The Noble Consort Drinks Wine, à classical opera. You can read the English lyrics on the Dimash USA Fan Club channel’s video of The Noble Consort Drinks Wine. You can find also the full historical episode of this tragic love story here: https://www.facebook.com/TheMayFairy/

  8. Калеб үлкен рақмет реакцияңыз үшін… Өте керемет орындалған, екеуі де өте әдемі орындап шықты!!!! 👌💝

  9. BRAZIL – Hello dear Caleb, another great reaction and professional and personal comments on your part. I liked the duet, Dimash respects the art of any country and people, Li Yugang is very respected in Chinese Opera, is 41 years old and does not seem. She plays female roles and I love that traditional Chinese song, I think it's sad and beautiful. I saw a video of Li at a concert in Australia years ago. Dimash always rocking in the performances, either alone or in partnership, much respect for the colleague who sings with him, on the vocal limit. This spring festival in China seems to be beautiful, in colors, everything.

  10. Dimash e Li Yugang fizeram uma apresentação espetacular!!
    Dimash é Fenomenal e apaixonante!

  11. I think the interesting thing about this is hearing the difference between western and eastern opera….both are stunning in their own right.

  12. Who is Li? Think of Marcelito Pomoy, the Chinese version kind of person, but Li actually does Chinese Opera as well and is famous for that.

  13. Thank you!❤ This was a really unusual meeting of East versus Western operatic styles, that I'm still not quite sure what to make of tbh, as my ears are so unused to the high nasal tones common to traditional Chinese "nan dan" opera – but what I do know, is that King Dimash absolutely smashed it from beginning to end, vocal fry F#1 to whistle tone F#7, and everything in between – a full six octaves of multi-tonal, multi-styled, powerful and pristine amazingness! 😮👌🤗

  14. Thank you for reviewing this song. Both Dimash and Li Yugang are excellent singers. I am learning so much about Chinese culture and opera! I think it is amazing how they integrated Diva Dance into this song. And that E7 by Dimash! Wow! Haven’t heard that since his Shenzhen concert. 👏👏😀😀🔥🔥🔥

  15. hola como cambiaste a tu primera reacción a DIMASH !! me encanta que valores y admires a Dimash .Por favor si podes reacciona a GUERRA Y PAZ que la canto en un recital .La escribio cuando tenia 17 años es hermosa Muchas gracias ARGENTINA

  16. Is it just me…or did the other male singer..(not Dimash)…sound like crap…Sounded like an ally cat having his butt desecrated..

  17. Dimash's deep voice is probably supposed to be of the Emperor's voice. 😂 Li is doing the concubine's voice. At the end it sounded like they are crying…🌹 Thanks Caleb! 🥰

  18. Thanks for this reaction. This duet requires a few viewings to really appreciate the unique style of Li if you are not used to hearing this style of singing. The blend with Dimash is quite stunning.

  19. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  20. Вы такой приятный человек..Веселый, внимательный реакционер.. Очень талантливый ,, Я из Казакстана.. Город Семей ….

  21. Lo llaman la mejor voz del mundo !!! Ahí lo tienen la perfección , gran de DIMASH te saludo desde CHILE el fin del mundo

  22. Hi Caleb, this vocal duet was more of a duel, with Dimash The emperor, winning the voice off. But Li was amazing in the female part. Really interesting contrast between East and West opera techniques

  23. Wow I loved this performance!!!!! Thank you for your reaction and best wishes on your EP success!! God Bless from a Dimash Dear in Lakewood, Washington USA


  25. Great job Caleb, as usual. No matter who and how good a singer you are, Dimash's powerful voice hard to keep up with.

  26. Li Yugang sounds more traditional Chinese style, that’s why the pitch is super straight and sounds a bit strange compared to Dimash’s

  27. The whole point of this performance was to contrast Chinese traditional singing with Western style singing. Especially the piece after the Diva Dance, Li Yugang is singing straight Chinese opera style (sounding like the female role of course).

  28. Like a Sir , Dimash let the other singer to sing and then he has pointed WHO is the BEST with couple of things (the whistle and vocal fry in this case ) the other can't do ,The low voice you meant is called "vocal Fry" where you use false vocal folds . Nice reaction , go ahead !..

  29. Not everyone will like Li Yugang's singing style, because our ears are not used to hearing classical Chinese opera; and above all he plays the role of a woman. Hence the (light) makeup and feminine gestures with that very nasal voice. I love the duo where the West and the East meet; Dimash does wonders every time he performs with another artist. This allows us to discover and hear musical styles that we ultimately hear little on television or on the radio. (Thank you Internet haha.) Fun fact while searching informations on Li Yugang, he was also on the same show as Dimash in the Global Variety Show in China, on the 2019 November 3rd with Vitas. Found a link. To hear them sing together and with Vitas's daughter too just skip until 13:55 min.

  30. Thank you so much for your great reaction 💖, I was waiting for this video, but I recommend you to react to this version of ( SOS ) by (Piet Arion ). He amazed me by his whistle notes https://youtu.be/MBHB3j4MqAw

  31. I simply have loved this duet!! I thought It was fantástic!! Dimash is always fhenomenal!!!♥️♥️😍😍🎶🎶💎💎💎💎🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  32. I think the singer in green is giving his character the traits of a female singer in that culture. His short clipped notes give his character the submissive feel that women in that culture historically inhabited. Where Dimash is very much representing the male character, even when he takes his voice into traditional women's tones he is able to be very manly about it. That high whistle that Dimash hit reminded me of Keifer of the TNT Boys when they did "And I Am Telling You" for The World's Best competition. It was really thin, I think it is like trying to get that sound from letting air out of a balloon. You have to really constrict the opening to get that high. Thanks for your method of reacting. You would be surprised how many reactors fall in love with their own voice and antics as they try to convince you how shocked and impressed they with what they are hearing. Your method of listening, then stopping the video to give us your thoughts is much better format. That way we all can hear the video. So thank you for that. Until the next time.

  33. BRAZIL – Hello dear Caleb, another great reaction and professional and personal comments on your part. I liked the duet, Dimash respects the art of any country and people, Li Yugang is very respected in Chinese Opera, is 41 years old and does not seem. She plays female roles and I love that traditional Chinese song, I think it's sad and beautiful. I saw a video of Li at a concert in Australia years ago. Dimash always rocking in the performances, either alone or in partnership, much respect for the colleague who sings with him, on the vocal limit. This spring festival in China seems to be beautiful, in colors, everything.

  34. Li Yugang sings in the ancient traditional style whereas back in the day they sang that way to portrait women since women were forbidden to perform on stage; ie Madamn Butterfly. They wore Camodos and were makeup to resemble females. 👏👏👏

  35. Li is very old opra where they actually study and learn to sing wth their Adam's apple. I believe this goes back to the ming dynasty. Good work by the way. You explain the v oice

  36. Вы могли бы даже ничего не говорить, по вашей улыбке и глазам все понятно, спасибо 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤗🤗🤗🥰💖🥰🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏👏👏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  37. Dimash performed on stage already in 2 years old. He studied and studied persistently and here is the result!!!!

  38. Dimash was Dimash. Love the different tones he produces in every song.
    Li , well, I liked his chinese opera singing except one part , the end of diva dance. Not my favourite sound in the entire performance,it kind of spoiled it for me.
    No offense to him, its just not my taste.

  39. Li was definitely singing the woman’s part in Chinese Opera (like Hua did in Nunchucks and I like his tone better) and it seems that Li like Zhou Zhen could possibly be male Sopranos. In the Courts, not sure about China, there are the castrati and they were always soprano after that. ( some news fan for Dimash who thinks she is a delicate Genius said Dimash was a Castrati!!!! This chick says all kinds of weird stuff)
    Also Li,like Hua is wearing the Satin Bathrobe and slippers that Lesley Cheung wore in his concerts and inChina you cannot be Gay. He took his life, Hua knew him and sang many of his songs)
    Dimash has a fuller voice but because the way the Chinese speak and the tonal infections in their language they get this unusual sound, I doubt Dimash could sound like that.
    Thank you again for your reaction.

  40. You seem to appreciate ethno music, I would love to see you react to some Bulgarian folk music especially if you haven't heard anything at all. 🙂

  41. I enjoyed the contrast between Dimash and Li's voice in this, however, Li's tone sounds like he's manipulated his voice in some way to sound more feminine where Dimash's is natural. Don't know enough about the physiological aspects of the voice to determine exactly what it is… forced adjustment of the larynx? Thoughts?

  42. Of the all artists and humans that I have followed in so many kinds of reaction videos I prefer yours. So human, so positive, so skilled and always leaves a positive and a happy vibe. It is a rare ability in the world today.

  43. Here’s another song of Li Yugang :
    He sang the beginning in male pop voice and the chorus in female Chinese opera voice (but the melody is still pop though), 92M views can’t be wrong!


  45. I like it but, how does that sound good honestly 5:10, I guess it's a traditional thing maybe but it just doesn't fit with the melody of diva dance imo

  46. Димаш как всегда на высоте! Красавчик!!! Классно спел! Привет из Семея!

  47. Full story is very sad. Dimash sings the role of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang, who sentenced his beloved Concubine Yang Guifei to death for treason. That's why Dimash growls so hard in the first part. Then she reminds how she was besotted with him and asks why there's only one step between love and hate. Insanely romantic lyrics. Li Yugang (born 1976) is an outstanding Chinese singer, composer and producer in the Peking Opera. Here he sings in the traditional Huadan style when a male singers play a female roles in Chinese opera. That's an allusion to The Drunken Concubine in Peking Opera. Brilliant Dimash! Awesome Li Yugang! Great work! Thanks a lot for your sincere reaction to the new vocal masterpiece!

  48. I love that you enjoy this so much! Great reaction. TY! Will you be reacting to Marcelito Pomoy The Prayer on the Wish 107.5 Bus?

  49. Li Yugang is straight up taking the female's role in Chinese Opera and nailing it.
    Which is pretty hard, and that's just awesome.

  50. Both artists are great singers. Since people outside China are not familiar with Liyugang as much as Dimash, may I recommend some of Li’s videos here?
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBQXjQ05cFs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nx75-PVbCw this is about 10 yrs ago

  51. Dimash es incomparable e iniguable su voz hermosa y el hermoso todas sus dears siempre estaremos con el en este camino a su sueño

  52. Hi Caleb,
    I always love your reaction to Dimash &( Now duet with Li Yugang). Fantastic duet !!! Ssstt…., i like Dimash Jacket …(bit shy)

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