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  1. that cult scare was some CIA/FBI societal manipulation bullshit. they were involved in seeding some of the worst cults themselves (like colonia dignidad, which has CIA written all over it).

  2. get rid of youtube and social media stop the programming ! then you won't have this issue or at least not this many cases.

  3. I feel deprogramming is very important if the person you care about is behaving in an extreme way, believing or doing things they'd never have done before associating with cults. It can be very destructive to themselves and others but it's also very important to understand and judge if they actually have a good, rational motivation for their new behaviour like a suffering person joining a suicide pact or someone who can't deal with life joining a hippy commune.
    Forcible deprogramming will be necessary sometimes I think, you get people that are so deep in that they can't accept even the slightest proof they're being lied to. I've got a feminist friend that is absolutely convinced she and all women are being oppressed by some imaginary male secret society and it hurts to watch her put herself through anguish for a lie.

  4. this was great this is the kind of stuff we need to discuss and think about because the reality is people fall for things like this cause we don't really teach people how to think in this society we teach them what to think and when you do that really anyone can fall for anything

  5. Oh wow. I was in a cult and have been reprogramming myself since 2012. Thank you for doing this video and covering this topic.

  6. Ted patrick is a man who took justice into his own hands and i cannot fault him for that, noone is perfect. If the government had done anything against the formation of these fucking cults he wouldn't have had to go this far

  7. I think all religious groups are cults. Christianity is just as bad as any of the smaller movements; it fits into the category described by Rachel Bernstein.

  8. I think deprogramming is dangerous. And must be handled with care. The idea that just because an ideology is unpopular it can be programed out of a person isnt good. Lets see how long it takes for the progressive left to start talking about deprogramming conservatives and classical liberals.

  9. Word to the wise: any community can have cult-like negative effects if you allow it to make the decisions for you. Just do your best to really get to know your community's intentions. Learn the difference between someone offering you advice to help you and someone manipulating you for their own benefit. We all make our own decisions at the end of the day and have to live with the consequences of those choices. But it is also never too late to make a different choice and change your life. Good luck and DFTBA

  10. I really enjoyed the topic of this buuuut my only Criticism would be that this video somehow felt incomplete. Like it was cut short. I don’t know why though lol

  11. hey LA, Scientology has been chillen in your backyard for over 50 years, using child labor, coerced abortions and entrapping foreigners into servitude with the promise of religious visas… clean that shit up

  12. This has nothing to do with the video really but I like Maria’s videos better just because she’s in front of the camera. It makes it feel more like a conversation.

  13. The description of a cult can be applied to any religious movement or political view that's one you disagree with or think should be questioned. I was born into a Christian fundamentalist/evangelical household and the description fits. In the 70s my parents were lauding the 'deprogrammers' for getting people out of cults (legally or otherwise) because those "cults" didn't follow beliefs or practices they thought were right. I started to see the hypocrisy of it in the 80s. Before I turned 18 and left home, I was actually punished on multiple occasions (grounded or even physically punished) when I didn't agree with the 'party line' of Christian fundamentalism and/or Republican conservativism or I saw truth and even beauty in any other religious practice or political ideology. Yup, cult. I am still the black sheep of my family because I don't follow their cult. Even my brother, though, got flack because he 'converted' to a different synod of the same sect of Christianity when he got married (my parents were ALC that became ELCA and my brother joined Missouri Synod, all Lutherans, all mainstream Christians just different flavours). I am not Christian, my father was a minister.

  14. When you fear cults so much that you become a cult (you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian)

  15. I am so deeply interested in cults and how someone becomes involved in one. The idea that someone could talk me into something so nuts seems alien to me, so I have always been drawn to trying to understand the people who do get sucked in.

  16. In my opinion. If an organization is literally taking advantage of you for money or to hurt you physically or mentally. The whole "religious rights" thing can go jump of a cliff. These are people that need help and are being taking advantage of.

  17. Funny enough my therapist was talking about how he was part of the guys who would actually run in and grab the people

  18. I hear a lot of people saying that not every religion is a cult, but that’s not true. Christianity is the biggest religion and it was based of a guy who said he was the son of god and had a cult of “disciples” who pledged their lives to them and proceeded to evangelized their cause. Evangelism, aka getting people to join the church, primarily focuses on the good part of their denominations and completely ignores how Christianity came to be. They recommend that you read the Bible but it is not required for indoctrination aka “baptism”. Baptism is the act of giving yourself to Jesus. Every branch of Christianity claims to have the “right way to heaven”, stating that their denominations subtle differences set them apart drastically. Which is totally not true, the majority of branches follow the exact same bible (NKJ) meaning that if each person read the Bible and followed it to a T everyone would act the same?! Wrong. The Bible constantly contradicts itself on basic things; eating bottom feeders vs all the animals are on earth for humans to consume, slavery vs no slavery, even the hard parts like revelation are so cryptic and go against other parts of the Bible! No one can even prove they the Bible was written by more than two people, (remember it has parts of the Torah in it because Christianity is a subset of Judaism). The Roman Catholic Church required people to pay money for their sins, and that practice is continued today through tithe (being expected to give a percentage of your earnings to the church) and offering. And “silently” encouraging people to pay tithe or offering because it will “help them get in gods graces” is totally not okay. Let alone the fact that barely any churches allow people to vote on positions of authority and REFUSE to present the stats of the election. But it’s all about “ faith”, not about facts. If you have to cherry pick your religion to fit your life, then guess what bro, your not really following the religion, your feeding your ego. Like the Bible legit says it’s not okay to be gay but people ignore it because they know it’s a shitty ideology and FUCKING GUESS WHAT? That’s cherry-picking, meaning you’re not actually following the religion! Even though you know it makes you a better person to not be homophobic, it’s technically sinning to be okay with it!
    “But the Bible is meant to be interpreted and not followed to a T”
    But if gods real and the Bible is the word of god don’t you have to follow it to a T to be a good person?
    “It’s based off the customs of society back then, and there’s nothing for current times”
    Why has nothing been added to it since then? Does god not speak to people still?
    “Well I don’t want to talk about this anymore”

  19. Very interesting and under viewed channel. I don't have any experience in anything even remotely similar to this but it's cool to hear about. Makes me think of the scientology cult and/or mormons..

  20. There's no such thing as "legally kidnapped." These "deprogrammers" illegally kidnap people from one cult so they can be reprogrammed into another cult. They never teach them to think for themselves. They basically say, "That imaginary god isn't real! Our imaginary god is real!" Imagine if a group of atheists kidnapped the Pope to deprogram him that there is no magic fairy that lives in the sky. Would you be OK with that?

  21. Rachel Bernstein definition of brainwashing is so broad this definition describes normal things like work or college

  22. I didn't know deprogramming was a thing. It sounds really good, especially consensually, but the non-consensual deprogramming kind of scares me. I wonder how that could be used against people, particularly in the BDSM community which I am a part of. I can easily imagine some conservative parents pushing their children into deprogramming if they knew, and with how BDSM is still negatively-viewed and misunderstood by many, I wouldn't be surprised if they could pass it off as a cult. Even I have worried about people in the community being controlled by a person or cult-like groups, as mind control, whether hypnotism, subspace, etc. is very, very common. It certainly happens as well to an extent and we can only hope that community classes and friends will be enough to help people realize their situations.

  23. I’m sad that Steven Hassan’s BITE model was never brought up it is a very useful tool to help identify a cult by the groups actions

  24. If people want to be deporgrammed, do they need to be deprogrammed? I feel like the people who needs deporgramming are the people who are in to deep, and doesn't want to leave the cult.

  25. Do a deep dive on betterhelp dot com. I know it's old, but you left us hanging, and I feel you owe it to your viewers.

  26. Sounds like a great practice to me! imagine losing your kid to some asshole's cult, do whatever it takes to save them! the fact some who have now left the cult are angry at de-programmers is shocking to me, shame on them. Have some respect for your own family ffs.

  27. I can understand why in the 70s some though it was necessary to legally or otherwise ignore civil liberties. Jim Jones, Heaven's gate all examples of how dangerous cults or how someone i know put it "organized group think" (like organized crime) can be. If I was afraid enough and convinced that my loved one was a danger to themselves or others or in similar danger, It would be my responsibility to save them.

    They will always look for those who have been failed by their societal assigned guardians and/or society itself. Feeling good about yourself after getting it in your head that you are a genetically preordained fuck-up tastes better than anything this world can make. Self esteem, community, acknowledgment, "magic" Better than anything you can shoot snort or smoke. Letting go of that might require muscle.

  28. That cult explination can be applied to…. anything.
    I didn't choose school, or religion or democracy, church meetups and school daily.
    All of this is cult activity?

  29. Perhaps not a full on cult but after I graduated high school, my family moved states with my older brother choosing to remain behind for independence. Fine and dandy, but I would not see him again for a decade. My younger brother is closer to him and I began to listen in on some of their discussions on the phone, as now me and my younger sibling are roommates. Turns out, big bro became a genuine Flat Earther. I laughed it off at first because it seemed so ridiculous but he visited last Christmas and made me watch this unbearably long YouTube video that outlined his new beliefs. I believed very little of it. Some I might not have had counter answers to but I'm not a scientist, but neither is he and nor are these conspiracy theorists. What I do know is that this Earth is round, you can't just walk to the "edge", and no, glaciers do not surround the "edge" of the Earth, like the walls of a bowl. We're losing our glaciers thanks to the global warming he also denies.

    He knows I don't believe in what he does and for the time being, has stopped trying to talk to me on the phone to discuss his new "knowledge". He happily wants me to move to his city though as I could make more money doing my same job type but I don't want to tell him he is my biggest reason for wanting to remain states apart. I don't want to get any closer to him if he's like this. I don't have the power to change him if he doesn't want to see reason. I know it all stems from a mistrust of government and such and while it's good to be skeptical, there comes a point where you cross the line from cautious into delusional and he's fallen headlong into the latter. I love my current job, even if I make less and would rather stay here than be closer to him and his Flat Earth ramblings. I love him, but for my sanity and to not become stressed out, I need to stay away from him.

  30. I was amused to find out (after listening to this and not watching the video) that Rick Ross was not the boss 😂

  31. "If the policies of an organization deceive you into accepting a belief system that you didn't have a choice in, then something is wrong."

    …isn't that exactly what happens when people are born into religions? I know she didn't literally say that she was religious herself, but the way she worded that sentence, and just the general odds for people being Christians in the US, makes me pretty sure that she is. I just think it's ironic that she would ostensibly be deprogramming people but would actually just be 'deceiving' them (her words) into another belief system.

    All I'm saying is that I agree with her that something is definitely wrong there.

  32. I was born into a cult. I loved it for most of my childhood. Then as I got older I started to question it more & more…

    At 15 years old I got the courage to tell my parents I was leaving it, didn’t go down well, I left home shortly after.
    I didn’t fully disassociate myself until I was 18 (I’m now 25).

    I spent years deprogramming myself.

    Now I help others who come to me and want to leave that cult. It’s super triggering for me but if I can help others get out I’ll do whatever I can.

    Speaking from experience, with all my friends and family (also in the cult) I tried to help some of them see what the cult was doing and had done. I wanted to help them get out too. Long story short, it didn’t work. People only see what they want to see & unfortunately that was the cult.

    I think the best way to get people out is to lead by example. I’ve helped a lot people this way.

  33. These videos should switch back to the main channel. They would get an average of about 500,000 views in comparison to about 80,000 here. These videos are too good and deserve to be watched by more.

  34. I agree that we're all influenced by someone or something and free will is an illusion. So to me, it isn't about programming or de-programming someone else, it is about making sure I'm in the biggest cult there is. Bigger than yours at least. So that way I get to decide what is right and what is wrong, and most importantly, I get to determine what constitute a 'cult' and use that to further my agenda.

    It sucks being a small tiny insignificant cult with 10 members. It's nicer being say… a republican or a democrat. Much bigger cults.

  35. "You fear that if you stop praying or don't donate enough to their church, you'll be going to hell"… so that's pretty much like normal Church (they are basically a cult too…).

  36. Lots of cults are somewhat harmless. Like those hare krishna's. What were they harming. THey just chose to live life differently. Obviously nxium or whatever is a CRIMINAL cult. Same with like manson and all that. But not all cults are criminal.

  37. I was raised in a doomsday cult(Jehovah’s Witnesses). It has affected me in so many ways and I struggle every day because of it. How they treat you and control your life is horrible. And it wasn’t too long ago that it came out that they are PROTECTING child molesters and they have been for decades! Please look into The Australian Royal Commission. The youtuber TellTale has a lot of good information about it and other things about JWs. I think this should be more talked about.

  38. If this interests you I highly recommend watching this indie film called Faults. It’s an absolute BANGER and I have no idea was it’s not more well known, another similar one would be Marcy Martha May Marlene (or something like that?) if any of you want more I have a list! I LOVE movies about cults

  39. Amazing….all these religious cults people need to be rescued from. Not like real religions where we wait peacefully for god to walk earth again. While bringing the destruction of mankind and sending his chosen to heaven. Heaven being a mystical ethereal place that's not in the sky exactly… but is definitley…you know…not scientifically provably real, but its real..

  40. I think one of the most interesting deprogramming, if you could consider it that, cases of recent years is of Megan Phelps-Roper. She actually ended up leaving the Westboro Baptist Church thanks to conversations she had on Twitter. It’s arguably one of the best things to happen on Twitter if you ask me. It’s a really interesting and heartwarming story how she got out, and Rogan had a good podcast with her a couple years ago if anyone is interested. Basically she started having debates or discussions on twitter with people who challenged her on the views and beliefs of the church, which eventually saw her leaving the church with her sister, and the rest of her family who is still in the church cut ties with her completely.

  41. I think adults should be able to take conservatorship over other adults for mental health reasons too, if a person definitely can't function on their own and the case can be made that they would greatly benefit from being supervised by another adult then they should be

  42. This reprogramming shit is crazy. Who is to say that someone belonging to any socially accepted group isn’t a cult member. If a parent kidnapped their child and said they were unfit to care for themselves bc they belonged to a Christian organization or a republican organization there is no way people would even consider this a legal practice. Every religion, political party, and other organization people identify with is a cult, the only difference is social and cultural norms

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