Demons Manifest Through the Eyes of Celebrities: The Spirit of Pan Exposed Repost/Re-edit

Demons Manifest Through the Eyes of Celebrities: The Spirit of Pan Exposed Repost/Re-edit

never been done before my little pony it's colorful and bright it's filled with comic book characters Muppets and cartoons there's lots of references to ice cream and candy it's Hollywood's latest explicit adult programming for kids chock-full of spell casting magic mothers and plenty of LGBT foods to have a trans superhero and Supergirl stepped up and I stepped in Supergirl the flash arrow and DC's legends of tomorrow lots of cross-species love affairs I've a headache and I got the aspirin like and sexual no suction no suction after years of indoctrination preparing the masses for this time the shadowy figures are showing their hand and making their presence known so we could put some bride and cotton and a whole menu our strategy is seduced a broken among us the young and confused he dressed like a clown to make children laugh you like kids don't you better the new villains and these stories are evil men with traditional families who quote Bible scriptures and go to church the new heroes are virtuous abortion doctors and cute and cuddly demon guides she acted as though she'd never seen a person's demon before come on Pam come on Pam come on Pam you're never alone you always have this companion for life who is every other facet of you everybody has this animal demon which represents their in a person who they are sushi people can talk with that demon yes hello everybody um I would like to show you this website and this thing called meet your demon on the golden come fast movie calm which of course was a big movie but the book were better many things miss out on movie but I've read all three books pretty good and so I found this website and I decided to do it on you know meet your demon cuz that all I was searching all over and I found this so I'm gonna enter my name started you didn't really gonna flow not really I'm I treated myself a lot and sometimes I can be a positive there's a lot of questions yeah sometimes a party you prefer not to talk people you don't know nobody else really UNITA says that and they understand each other completely as a child your demon is able to take whatever form it wants to so pan pendulum and whose Lyra's demon is able to change into all kinds of shapes many consider pan to be one of the oldest gods in Greek mythology his association with nature wooded areas and pasture lands is where his name is derived from pan was first worship and the rustic all areas far from the large populated cities later worship a pan took place in nature commonly in caves and grottoes it was pretty common place for shepherds and herdsmen to sacrifice a portion of their cattle in the name of pan with some accounts of him being the son of Hermes and others claiming he was the son of Zeus he was taken to Mount Olympus where he would become a favorite of the gods pan had a host of attributes that set him apart from human beings he was capable of running long distances in a short period of the time without suffering fatigue in a some accounts he would even teleport himself to Mount Olympus and back and was immortal pan is quite often depicted as having a playful and almost trickster like sense of humor and that coupled with his ability to transform two different forms meant that he would often entertain himself with mischievious schemes and plans pants spent his time chasing the nymphs through the forest and through this activity he created the multiple piped instrument he would blow to produce a melody that captivated all around him and thus the pan flute was created he was considered to have an affinity for music and was often shown alongside his instrument the word panic is believed to have derived from pan his menacing voice frightened anyone who was unfortunate enough to stumble upon him also the word pansexual is derived referring to the unquenchable lustful nature a pan and the multitudes of creatures and objects he would copulate with we've mentioned Jonathan Kasdan one of the screenwriters earlier he recently said that Lando is pansexual as you may have seen were you aware of this did you know sexual in space yeah he's like coming on everybody I mean yeah whatever it just didn't seem that weird to me because I feel like if you're in space the doors open anything thing is literally a blob pansexual pan is the demonic taking god of sexual perversion as a child your demon is able to take whatever form there's a scary new challenge targeting children tonight and this one could be deadly it's spreading like wildfire online Jessica Schmitz live to explain police are warning of a new viral challenge that may have caused at least one person to take their own life a 12 year old girl's death is being blamed for the so-called mo mo game according to the Buenos Aires Times in Argentina I believe that this needs to be brought to awareness so we can like talk about it and get other people knowing that what exactly they need to look out for Shane Andrews is a vlogger from Georgia he says he's tried Momo upon actually trying to communicate with the Momo whatsapp girl I was met with some very violent images and text messages that I cannot show but the messages were scary they said that they knew personal things about me which they could not possibly know the game social media users to add unknown contacts using whatsapp the person controlling those contacts then asks users to share photos and videos of them attempting to hurt themselves it's being compared to the blue wheel challenge they want you to do small tasks like wake up at odd hours overcome a fears but then escalates quickly by the last challenge doing things like jumping off of the house and ending your life Miami police warned of the blue whale challenge last year with this video unlike other social media challenges this challenge is a sinister one as for the Momo challenge whatsapp said in a statement whoa what's up cares deeply about the safety of our users it's easy to block any phone number and we encourage users to report problematic messages to us so we can take action Andrews plans to bring more attention to the dangers of this challenge on his youtube channel as well do not tell them anything about yourself now we don't know exactly who is on the other end of this it could be anyone but it doesn't seem like they have your best interests at heart Momo is a Japanese clown demon a mischievous trickster who targets the innocent another manifestation of pain okay so ariana is on the new issue of Complex magazine she looks great on the cover but in it she opens up that she was haunted by demons Wow ariana grande has got a real problem with demons she told Complex magazine apparently she went to a haunted cemetery called Stull Cemetery near Kansas City and it's actually supposedly one of the gateways to hell was it anyways to hell this is what she said happened so this is what she says that she says that she and her friends went and visited Stoll Cemetery in Kansas and apparently according to her it's quote known as one of the seven gates to hell on earth now she told her whole demons story to the magazine I'm gonna read you some of her story so when she was outside of this really scary Cemetery she says quote I felt this sick overwhelming feeling of Nevitt of negativity over the whole car and we smelled sulfur which is the sign of a demon and then there is a fly in the car randomly which is another sign of a demon and then I was like this is scary let's leave I rolled down the window before we left and said we apologize we didn't mean to disrupt your peace now she adds that at that moment she took a picture and of course she didn't see anything when she took the picture but then when she looked back at the picture there was three demon vases okay now apparently since this has happened she's been continually haunted by the scene and she here was whispers when she closed her to her eyes she sees red objects and then one night the demon revealed itself to her by appearing next to her in big black matter like a big black cloud Ana also said that she felt like the demons followed her back home and she had an encounter where she was sleeping where she saw this black figure over her bed she do and now ariana is obviously very passionate about this demon encounter she actually had a whole folder on her phone entitled demons but when the interviewer asked to see it she said she had actually deleted it because so many crazy occurrences were happening and then she kind of just alluded to the fact that she went to bed and she hasn't really seen it since so that's interesting what makes me nervous according to like all the different demon movies that I've seen when the demon immediately leaves that means that you're possessed just saying easy to communicate with the spirits you hold one and you don't put your thumbs on these so you let them move freely shohreh yes come on story yes yeah I'm so strong at the Manchester Arena they're what I largest around here that have a piece of video I want to show you at home where you can faintly hear the explosion at that concert that is the audio right there it's believed the explosion occurred at the end of the ariana grande concert the video coming in from the scene tonight you can see concert goers racing out of the arena in horror we are told the artist herself is OK they have confirmed multiple fatalities multiple fatalities and a number of injured right there at the scene but again as I mentioned the artist herself was rushed it would appear to a safe place now supposedly 19 people have passed away because of this attack and as far as I have seen so far at least a dozen of these are supposedly young ladies or kids under 16 years old the youngest being an 8 year old so if all of this pans out to be accurate and to be true that is very very sad but there are many things that are very clear about ariana grande since several years ago in her career where she has become this very unwholesome person for anyone to look at her videos and listen to her music especially youngsters and I just want to show this as an example that this is one of these young ladies who are entertainers that they are teaching our children she's an idol to many young ladies teenage girls and older and this is the stuff that she is showing them I noticed a beautiful but all waving a flag [Applause] I am young I never got the best ABS but I can see this 20 implants today [Applause] my game and I love you so much to my fans who are never the closet yet to my babes who are shy about it I love you and you do not have to rush you can take your time and when you do come up no matter how people react or how people receive it I love you you're beautiful it is there to love remembering this and if anybody ever gave no shit about being who you are oh a G's half-brother Frankie is openly gay and when he came out it made Ariana question her faith in an interview with The Independent ariana opened up about the whole situation and was very candid telling the outlet when my brother was told that God didn't love him I was like okay that's not cool however ariana is a spiritual person so they decided to try their hand with another religion Kabbalah and discussed how they came to that decision and they were building a Kabbalah Centre in Florida so we both checked it out and really had a connection with it she also mentioned that she believes the tools she learned through her new faith have led her down the path she's currently taking aka being one of the biggest pop stars on the planet right now prising cameo from madonna whose voice is heard in the middle of the music video when she recites the bible verse Ezekiel 25:17 there's something very strange about ariana grande express your feminine side or any other side of yourself that you'd like to explore yeah you could be a drag queen superhero yeah you believe that there is one but good even the demons believe that and shudder James 2:19 finally be strong in the Lord in his mighty power put on the full armor of God so that you could take your stand against the devil's schemes for our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against our wars against the authorities against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms 10 through 12 you're the lads and girls all must as chimney sweepers come to dust he dressed like a clown to make children ham is quite often depicted as having a playful trickster like sense of humor and that coupled with his ability to transform himself and objects into different forms meant that he would often entertain himself with mischievious schemes and plans it seems that Takashi has relinquished his will to this mischievous and depraved trickster he has taken on the persona of the demon clown pan fresh off the success of Takashi six knives Hot 100 hit Fifi featuring Nicki Minaj the controversial rapper is filling the heat from the New York District Attorney the DA is recommending he serviced in a 1 to 3 years in state prison and register as a sex offender for violating his plea agreements a letter from Manhattan's DEA office outlines the reasoning behind their decision defendant has had over two years to demonstrate to this court that the role he played in the sexual exploitation of a thirteen year old child was an aberration in his otherwise law-abiding life the letter reads he has failed to do so the rainbow color haired artist previously played guilty to the use of a child in a sexual performance in 2015 I should call it no blood just as pan belonged to a pantheon of deities Takashi six knives trickster like antics are supported and made possible by unseen forces oh and as long as he's moving like he's a military he got him he gotta move like the military he got to a way is betrayed way man Israeli massage that's the main focus here they got dealing with a whole different type of entity my team and we're not playing but behind the Facebook was a man tortured murdered he was John Wayne Gacy most horrible crimes perhaps all right hi god bless whoever is watching right now in Jesus name whatever led you to this video I pray that you are strengthened and courage and that you take away something from this that hopefully opens your eyes and ultimately the goal was to bring glory to God through sharing my experience so I've been saved filled with the Holy Spirit since I was a young child I was fortunate to be raised in a home with a mother that was full of faith and raised in church and most importantly raised to have a relationship and know what having relationship with God and Jesus Christ is so this particular experience I had it was about when I was let's say anywhere between 8 and 10 years old I want to say something like that when I was younger I was extremely afraid of the dark afraid of demons aliens anything like that and I would spend countless hours staying up all night just terrified of what I could possibly see and so one particular night I went to bed and I don't really remember being particularly afraid this night I think I actually fell asleep and I can't remember what ever made me wake up I can't remember if someone if I felt a presence just in the room or if I felt somebody tapped me on my shoulder but all I know is that sometime in the middle of the night I'm late hours of the night I awoke in my bed because I felt something wake me up or I felt the presence that just woke me up and there's no other way to say it but just tell the truth of what I saw but no joke when I open my eyes what I saw standing at the foot of my bed was a half-man half-animal creature standing at the foot of my bed the best thing the best way I could describe it it was fairly short from his head down to his waist was a human body he was really muscular had no shirt on his face was just vibrant covers colors that were just way more extreme even than this world that we live in and from his waist down you could see I could see his fur I could see his hose so it was like a half-man half-goat or a half man half horse something like that but all I know is imagine being you know nine years old eight years old and you're laying in your bed you're already afraid of the dark you're already terrified of the dark and then one night you open your eyes and you see the thing you fear most is standing at the foot of your bed I'll tell you what I literally was petrified I literally felt like I couldn't move I couldn't I couldn't move an inch I feel like every hair of my body was standing up I couldn't talk I mean I was just utterly frozen and I'm looking at this thing and the thing that struck me the most when I looked at this creature and I'll never forget it is just the the sinister grin the sinister look that was on his face and in his eyes he's just looking down on me you know looking down on me and with the sinister grin and it was almost even though there was nothing that was said at that first moment he was just huffing and puffing and smiling down on me like this and you know it was almost like he was breathing in my fear that's the best way I could describe it he was feeding off of it and he knew how terrified I was of him so you know I'm laying there and I'm looking at this half-man half-beast and what was crazy is is that around the same time that I was younger like I said my mom is a Christian a woman full of faith full of the Holy Spirit and whether she realized whether she said this seriously or not at the time that she said it she had told me and my elder brother at one time that if we ever saw her ghost or demon not to be afraid because all we have to do is say in the blood of Jesus is against you and it wouldn't literally go away because everything has to submit to the authority of Jesus so you know I'm laying there I'm petrified I couldn't say a word and at some point in my spirit all of a sudden I just had this knowing I had this knowing and this remembrance of exactly what my mom had told me and all I could the best way I describe it is just like the power of God just came over my entire being and this indescribable courage just rose up within me and all of a sudden I look at this this creature this demon dead in its eyes and I said the blood of Jesus is against you this thing went from being just powerful and sinister and looking down on me knowing how afraid I was of it so literally as soon as I said that as soon as I said the blood of Jesus against you even literally shuddered and trembled and he turned around I was in my bedroom I'm looking around but I'm telling you that demon ran out of my room I watched it gallop down the hallway it left into the air and advanced salvation and peace if God comes because you walk not after the flesh but after the spirit that by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus you will remember how a man once turned to Paul and said what must I do to be safe what must I do to be safe Paul said believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be you we hope you found this video informative and as always we look forward to hearing your feedback in a comment section below so we have to share some unfortunate news this channel has been completely demonetised which is going to make it very difficult to create content because it often takes us two or sometimes three weeks of intense researching a lot of editing writing and creating original music arrangements we really want to keep uploading content to this channel but in order to continue putting our full attention and to make sure we present the best quality content we can give you we're going to need as much help as possible one of the big ways you can help us is subscribing to our second channel Shepherd's watch and watching the videos that we upload to that channel Shepherd's watch is also demonetised so we deleted all the videos on that channel and we're going to start from scratch in hopes that when we do resubmit this channel for monetization the reviewers will approve it as of now we're depending on prayers we're depending on our faith in Christ and your support to help us so we can continue to spread the truth and expose the satanic agenda that threatens all of us our families our friends our loved ones we definitely want to continue to get the message out there and we're not going to let them silence us so as long as we have a platform we're going to continue to do the content that we've been doing we like to thank all our supporters who make it possible to do this work if you would like to support us please consider supporting us on patreon you could submit a one-time donation via PayPal or you could purchase a t-shirt from our shop at paradigm or on Amazon and Spreadshirt com please check out the links in the description box below thank you for your support god bless you

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  1. Thank you for all who have supported us! We really appreciate it. This video was hit by Youtube a while back so we decide to re-edit and repost it. Please subscribe to our other channel Shepherds Watch

    We are working on new content for this channel and we hope to post it soon. The whole Christian Truther community is under heavy censorship so we must continue to try to get the truth out while we still have the chance. This is a spiritual war and our weapons are not carnal. We love you and God bless!

  2. I saw a gargoyle type beast at the end of the bed ! It was awful ! I prayed for a while! Jesus Saves! When I moved I saw that death demon in a cloke with the sycle! I prayed that in the blood of Jesus remove any evil from my house and it's gone!

  3. The pan spirit is why those on the left politically (which is typically against Christianity) dye there hair all different colors! Satan always leaves his mark.

  4. Where are you getting your ideas about Pan being a shapeshifter or a "demon clown?" I'm gonna wanna look those up.

    You could also do some good by citing references about other connections you're making in this video… I'm hearing symptoms of sleep-paralysis in some of the descriptions by those in the clips.

    I suppose you're expecting people to simply accept what you assert, but I'm a comparative mythologist, long-time neopagan, and psychology enthusiast, who doesn't just believe what I hear.

  5. I had a dream with Ariana grande in it a few months ago. My brother and I were in line at like a cafeteria, Ariana happened to be in line in front of us. She started to talk to me, like she wanted to get to know me. We then sat down and she sat next to me, my brother across from us. I forgot exactly what she said to me but she basically asked if I wanted to hang out. After I looked at my brother and asked him what he thought, if he wanted to join, he didn’t hesitate to say no. He was like “no I’m good”. Then I look back at Ariana next to me and her eyes were pure demonic. Then the dream changed or I woke up. I believe the Holy Spirit showed me this to not only make it clear that she is not in the right place and not spiritually Good, but to also pray for her and others who are in the Illuminati, satanist, those who just don’t know how although they’re life seems perfect on the outside, and to others/fans they see the perfectness on the outside, that in the inside they truly need Jesus and to seek Jesus, and prayers could potentially help make that happen.

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