DCEU – Cheetah WW1984, Zoe Kravitz Catwoman, Hawkgirl

the one area where DC has always been
able to be ahead of the competition is female characters think of the animated
episodes Girls Night Out and grudge match both so good you should watch them
right now or the current Harley Quinn animated series which does a wonderful
job showcasing the Harlequin poison ivy friendship it’s only a friendship there
but of course that started in the Batman animated series with a little bit more
of a blurred line as to what the relationship is and then of course
there’s like so many comics that you can check out including the Gotham City
sirens comic that’s gonna be a whole separate video don’t worry we will be
talking about that this week for sure but so far on the big screen Warner
Brothers has had tremendous success with Wonder Woman Harley Quinn and Mira Loma
with that last one they might have had a bit of a snag with the recent release of
new information in the Amber Heard Johnny Depp domestic abuse situation
which seems to be being tried in the court of opinion but this is definitely
a very bad development for Amber Heard and I know about recasting but going
forward for Aquaman 2 we might get a new love interest or you
know what you’re simply a new female co-star right that doesn’t always have
to be a romantic situation for the second Aquaman and don’t why because DC
including an Aquaman’s lineup has a ton of great female characters it’s a deep
bench boy and many of them many of them are about to jump to the silver screen
side note most of Marvel’s best female characters are x-men oh boy are they
sullen which of course has been tied up over at Fox as has the Invisible Woman
so fine he could be making up for lost time very soon he’s also fast tracking
of course lady Thor that’s not her name but that’s how we have to differentiate
between the two of them she’s just supposed to be Thor don’t worry we’ll
talk about that a whole lot when the movie comes closer to release but anyway
as Harley Quinn returns to the silver screen and introduces moviegoers because
the rest of us know who they are thank you very much to Black Canary
Huntress Renee Montoya and Cassandra Cain in name only on that last
one kind of annoying about it but anyway here’s a lineup of who’s next usually I
make and I will make what’s next videos for movies but this time I’m also doing
a who’s next alright so you won’t have to wait very
long because this very summer the DCE you will be getting its first female
villain like major female villain we’ve had Faora she’s so cool what a fight
sequence I wish she’d had more than one would I mean there was some good stuff
there I would say it’s interesting I think birds of prey is this big a mixed
bag its Man of Steel and some people really like Man of Steel just gonna
think some people are really gonna like birds of prey alright sort of like there
is also doctor poison as you might recall kind of right but they weren’t
main villains they were sidekick villains but Kristen Wiggs cheetah she’s
a main villain I’m excited I am getting excited because in the comics doctor
barber and Minerva starch is a tragic origin story because she started out as
Diana’s friend we’ve already seen shades of that in the trailer before becoming
her foe feeling that Wonder Woman betrayed her there’s that layer to their
adversarial situations which i think is really good so we’ll see how patty
Jenkins brings this to life on the big screen but the biggest question
obviously is will she go full cheetah she better go full cheetah I can
understand how after especially after cats they would be nervous about that
but ya gotta do it I mean otherwise she’s not really cursed is she and it’s
supposed to be a curse okay so uh except maybe she’s cursed with poor fashion
sense you can’t let her so many animal prints Barbara alright so and yeah in
June 2021 so we have to wait the toad would take a little bit of each so it’s
a year later right that’s a long time all right so anyway June 20 21 Catwoman
once more returns to the silver screen and a lot of actresses have done a great
job with this character I even ended up liking Anne Hathaway in the role
although my favorite is still Michelle Pfeiffer oh god um I could I’ve actually
gone back and just rewatched the Catwoman sequences in that movie because
they’re amazing um she never got to continue with the character it was too
early who are ahead of your time Michelle so this time in a nod to Eartha
Kitt’s famous and fan favorite portrayal of the carrot
although Eartha Kitt’s best role is obviously yzma so good but zoe kravitz
is taking on the role and at first I was I didn’t think she was an exciting
choice because she’s really failed to make an impression with audiences so
many times she’s had a lot of chances but when she recently debuted her Selina
Kyle haircut I was like oh my god you’re you’ve left right off of the comic book
page maybe this is the role that Kravitz has been waiting for will she get the
goggles right oh by the way side note I have to say it
she is Jason Momoa stepdaughter who of course is Aquaman so I think that had a
wee bit to do with their casting but I don’t care cuz she now should now now I
don’t care well I’m feeling more excited about it and let’s see how the actual
performance is but she looks so much like Selina Kyle how bad can it be and
then also how will Kravitz I differentiate her own version of the
character from there’s so many other versions at this point that audiences
are familiar with Catwoman is a tough role but an iconic one and she’s the
only female character major female character in a very crowded movie so
she’s got a lot of representing to do I think my hair cut so great I think she
can do anything with it okay that’s that’s the kind of great hair styling
that we can do 90% of the work for you and if the costume looks good I don’t
think she could mess it up alright man just a few months later in the same
summer DC hopes that James Gunn can throw them a successful curveball just
like he did for Marvel and to be fair even though I think James Gunn has had
not such great situations as the female characters everywhere else Gamora nebula
and mantis I like mantis turned out pretty darn good nebula is actually my
favorite but that’s thanks to other people’s work and Avengers end game but
Donna still put her on the board and did cast karen gillan margot robbie will not
only be back as Harley Quinn what will she wear who will she be besties with
those might seem like shallow questions but they aren’t with Marvel with a you
know Harley Quinn and I do like Marvel I mean I I know it’s not my favorite but I
do appreciate Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character
Viola Davis also returns is Amanda Waller hopefully with more screen time
and a plan it’s not stupid I love Davis as waller I
think she’s really well cast so here’s hoping the gun finally makes the role
worthy of her you have a freaking Oscar winner playing Amanda Waller use her
then Daniela Meltzer a newcomer both as an actress and as a character because
this is a character I guarantee you probably have not heard of well gender
Bend ratcatcher and if anyone gets upset about that gender bending their
ridiculous ratcatcher can control rats and has carried a cyanide gun gas gun in
the comics which to be fair apparently that gas can be used to help
ratcatcher control other like people it seems not to work they were there alike
there’s only so much we can do with rats what can James Gunn do with rats I mean
what’s bigger the group of people who like rats I’m thinking it’s not that big
or the group of people that have a hard time looking at rats for a long period
of time and say a movie hopefully moviegoers are somewhere in
between James Gunn has cast a few other women including his girlfriend but this
is the Suicide Squad so don’t get too attached finally as for guaranteed
upcoming we’re gonna talk about some that are that should be used but it’s
for guaranteed upcoming DC female characters on the silver screen well
they haven’t been cast yet we do know who’s coming in 20 to the end of 2021
for the Black Adam movie a hot girl will finally be hitting the silver screen a
fan favorite from the animated series but she’s shown up in a couple of likes
like on the CW not so successfully that’s because everybody wants to see
the animated version damn it but this reincarnated super superhero has had
many incarnations so it’ll be interesting to see which one Dwayne
Johnson who’s also a producer chooses but Hawkgirl
it’s said isn’t a isn’t a lead character she’s a supporting role in the movie the
female lead will actually black Adams love interest in fellow antihero in the
comics Isis but I think it’s safe to say they’ll be changing her name some of you
might be purists but there’s just no getting around that you
have her be called Isis she gets her powers from an ancient Egyptian goddess
and is not only super enhanced so you know super stamina flight strength I
mean strength but she loves flight but then she could also control nature
sometimes unintentionally you know her emotions get the best of her when she’s
angry at reigns when she’s having good mood the flowers bloomed
it sounds pretty awesome storm girl is also supposed to show up as a member of
the JSA she was on the casting list but with the character you’re already
getting a show on the CW and Dwayne Johnson understandably not wanting that
TV version in his movie there have been recent rumors that she might be replaced
with cyclone also created by Geoff Johns its shadow still looms but cyclone
controls the wind I mean come on unless they cast a really likeable actress I
think DC can do better than just give us her screen time to someone else you know
we don’t want too crowded casts right but in terms of doing better there are
actually some really great DC female characters still available once it could
be just as popular as Wonder Woman Harley Quinn and Mara and it’s kind of
weird that they’re still available so here’s who’s who’s who’s here she’s left
and we hope he’s here still in the DC grab bag we hope that some Hollywood
talent takes advantage of so JJ Abrams is bad robot it said is working to
develop movies and TV shows based on Justice League dark and I think
Shirley’s etana has to be at the top of everyone’s
wishlist right she is a very cool magician who casts her spells by
speaking backwards sometimes she’s like a classic old-school magician but
sometimes she also goes a little goth I think either way would be highly
acceptable to fans ava duvernay along with mr. miracle writer Tom King he
wasn’t so good on Batman because if you’re a DC fan that’s how you know him
and you’re like that guy Knight he was very good on vision and mr. miracle so
he can do a good job so they’re supposed to be bringing big Barda to the big
screen but we’ll see if Marvel’s the turtles which is extremely similar
getting the theaters first creates an issue there for Warner Brothers big
Barda and mr. miracle are a fantastic couple but I do suspect they I do
suspect Ava Duvernay who loves boo Barda would Ray spend the character but I
would be okay with I think it always comes down to just
getting the right actor I think with the right actor you can make those kinds of
changes I was very happy with jurnee smollett balance Black Canary
alright then of course DC fans would love so those are at least maybe in the
works now DC fans would love to see vixen in the movies speaking of DC
female characters of color no one’s talking about this though which is too
bad I mean no one’s like thinking of developing vixen she’s gotten some
attention in animation of course but the character who can sell it’s hard to
describe her powers which is maybe why she’s still on the bench but basically
she has this totem that she can you know so sad that she was just like the other
girlfriend and the animated series I mean the character deserved better than
that but at least she was on the screen and she got to be part of some cool
episodes she was in grudge match but she can summon the strength and skills of
any animal and she still doesn’t realize your full potential yet they might feel
there’s a similar similarity there to Black Panther but I mean DC is just
gonna have to push back because Marvel’s just taking everything at this point
many of us were also hoping to see killer frost as a member of The Suicide
Squad in some upcoming movie her powers are self-explanatory she’s basically
evil Elsa both Supergirl and Batgirl have been discussed by the studio suits
over orner brothers interestingly I Supergirl is an interesting character
cuz sometimes she’s made to be evil which is kind of cool but that’s really
actually the most rhetoric ters been developed as of late but when it comes
to bad girl of course Jeffrey Wright is a new Commissioner Gordon incredibly
well cast see that’s a great example of well done ray spending it’s not it’s
like you look at Jeffrey right you go buddy it’s Commissioner Gordon but of
course if he’s if he’s Commissioner Gordon that means they would also have
to Ray spend Barbara Gordon so they would have to look for the right actress
to pull that off because Barbara Gordon is beloved by many fans as she is but I
think it can be done then of course Wonder Woman can continue to do some
heavy lifting in this department as she should with some of her other famous
villains right serious searcy the ancient Greek sorceress that’s right
from the Odyssey but also Greg Ruffin did a great job reimagining her recently
and I think she’d be really cool and then of course there’s also Giganta
whose powers are also self-explanatory remember
cool China Merkel was in monsters versus monsters aliens monsters vs. aliens it
would be the same thing I think would be excellent finally of course the biggest
most obvious omission is where the heck is poison ivy
don’t worry that Gotham City sirens video is coming later this week so which
are your favorite DC female characters and any medium you know comic books
animation and the big screen and who are you who are you the most excited to see
come to the movies next share your thoughts down below subscribe today and
of course as always you can check out some more videos right now

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