Hello! Hey I’m Trooper Rummer with the state police
I got a little microphone… Nice to meet you! Gonna record our conversation ok Yes sir Reason I’m stopping you is cause you don’t
have any license plates on this car Ok… Any reason for that? I’m from Dubai, it’s my license plate right
there. Ok but you’re not in Dubai, you’re… I’m visiting as a tourist Well no you’re not visiting as a tourist if
you brought a car with you! Well… Do you have your drivers license with you? Yeah yeah of course How it works is we ship the cars we get a
permit and… You don’t have a permit! What you need is a Carnet… What’s that? A Carnet It’s a very rare thing I know you’re confused
but… NO I’M NOT CONFUSED! If you wanna drive this car.. you have to have
a license plate from somewhere in the United States or a trip permit, which you don’t have,
do you have your drivers license with you? Yes sir Yeah, the way it works is… We get a EPA exemption PARDON ME? A EPA exemption and then a Carnet De Passage DO YOU HAVE ANY OF THAT? Of course, yeah, yeah, I’m gonna provide everything… Do you have something that says you can drive
this car on the road? Yes sir Let’s take a look at that Of course So, it’s gonna be a lot of documents, I will
give you one by one… Cause I think what you’re talking about is
the ability to import this and what I’m talking about is registering it No no, well… Do you have your drivers license with you? Yeah, yeah, I’m just trying to answer your
questions Well, it’s a temporary thing, I’m visiting
as a tourist and.. I CAN’T HEAR YOU! It’s a temporary import… IT’S A WHAT? It’s a TEMPORARY import It’s not a permanent thing, we fly our cars
here, we do our trips and we fly them back that’s how it works I know it’s confusing but… NO IT’S NOT CONFUSING IT’S VERY SIMPLE ALRIGHT! No, no sir… If you have some sort of import, that that’s
to get it into the country, OK? I will… Let me see what you have that says you can
drive it in Oregon You will understand in a second… PARDON ME? You’re gonna understand in a second, I’m gonna
provide… I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about
right now So, this is my permit, it’s a international
federal agreement Ok And, I’m gonna provide you with drivers license
in a second DO YOU HAVE YOUR INSURANCE WITH YOU? Yes sir! So, this would be the international drivers
license which they come as a package there you go, the other part is inside it as well This would be the registration of the vehicle What is this? The registration of the vehicle OK What I need is, proof of insurance Sure This is So the… this is, this is CANADA? Ok, there you go! No, no sir, this is UAE I NEED YOUR INSURANCE Alright, why are you so defensive? I’m trying to… PARDON ME? Why are you so defensive? I’m trying to provide… NO, I’m just asking for these documents and
you won’t quit talking about other stuff No sir, I’ve provided you everything you’ve
asked for I WANT YOUR INSURANCE! OK? I’ve provided you… I DON’T NEED ANYTHING ELSE RIGHT NOW! Sure, sure, you just asked me for the documents
and… PARDON ME? You just asked for a document and I provided
you and I’m gonna provide you the insurance in a second sir Just give me a second… Why don’t you keep working on that and I’ll
be back with you in a minute Sure, sure WOW What’s wrong with this guy? He hasn’t even realized the steering wheel
yet… This is gonna be interesting… Did you find your insurance? Yes sir! There you go THIS IS NOT INSURANCE! Sir, in the bottom you can read it, it’s insurance,
the policy number is there as well… WHERE ARE YOU TAKING THIS CAR? I’m going to Canada Going where? I’m going to Canada, Vancouver Where did you import the car into? From Canada, I drove it in here I do a road trip every 2 years You do a WHAT trip? Sigh Imagine you want to drive your car in Europe,
what do you do? You ship your car there, you drive it for
a month and you ship it back… NO that’s not that’s not what I’d do ok look… You… What is your question officer, I can answer
your question… Look… Yes sir Here, here’s your stuff here… You gotta get a temporary permit, OK? I have another call I have to go to SIR… Be safe pulling out into the traffic It’s a federal law, you don’t know the law? What the… What just… I have another call that was priceless! Hahaha There he goes… He just gave up on life! You have to have a permit blaah blah here’s
your stuff! What did he even talk about! What was wrong with that guy!


  1. For everyone asking, the car DID have plates, Dubai plates, this is where I reside! Please read the description. I’m not sure why Trooper Rummer considered Dubai plates as no plates but I clearly mentioned this to him in the video as well. I hope this clears any confusion for some people that keep saying I did not have plates.

  2. If you can afford the car and to fly it to the US why wouldn't you just fly here and rent an exotic? Seems like it would be easier. Honest question from a guy that couldn't afford the spark plugs on your car. 😁

  3. You answer all the question he ask you about and he just keep on attacking you. This Cop was only after taking down and tried to make like more problems.

    What a hero to the people

  4. You're so confused in this video and I get why since you're so rich. I don't know what kind of money Dubai has, but 99% of people in the US cannot even dream of having the money to ship their car to another country for the fun of it, much less a road trip in the US every 2 years; most families here work for years just to take their shitty clunker to the beach for a weekend.

  5. This entire comment section is comprised of people calling the cop poor, yet most of them definitely make less than him. Most of them are probably too young to even have their own money.

  6. What a DDDUUUMMM COP I ENJOYED IT, . I WORKED FOR DOHMS 11.5 YEARS IN Dubai hospital. you handled that ingnoraaaaant coooooop well

  7. He was just being a jerk as always you run into cops that are just on power trips, freaking stupid fool he knew you were legitimate on everything you handed to him all the documentation showed exact proof that's why he went to the squad car to check and came back trying to be slick and use that excuse not to apologize for his ignorant attitude.

  8. Dude a lot of Americans are ignorants hope you are not expecting to meet smart people there. Many of them are not. They just think that they are the top of the world. A reason why they have so many haters around the globe.

  9. Toda su molestia es que nunca en lo que resta de su miserable vida tendrá un carro de esos,y todo lo que quería era ver el carro por dentro.😊😄🤣😂😂😂😂😂😁

  10. Lmfaooooooo..the cop got owneeeed lmfaaoo..had he been humble in the beginning nobody would've made fun of him but he wanted to be arrogant

  11. this cop must have never travelled outside of america cause you can drive all over europe from one country to the next

  12. Typical Oregon cop, don't want anyone from out of state or country in Oregon, aren't well educated, and won't admit their wrong. It's not possible for them to use reason for interactions. Honestly he's lucky to be able to drive away and the cop didn't make something up to arrest him or impound the car. Oregon is the most racist state and it comes out all the time. Don't go to oregon.

  13. This cop was just jealous and was wanting to Nick this guy on absolutely anything possible because he was driving an awesome car at half of the cops age 😂 good on u mate

  14. This cops a dumbass, why are cops in the United States such asssholes, even when someone’s being calm they just feel like they can intimidate anyone, I’d be laughing the whole time because cops ain’t shit there just another person like me that’s it . There Nobodies …

  15. Is this a parody of a cop that let his badge go to his head or is this for real?? The cop is such an over the top asshole it is hard to believe he is real. Maybe he is a parody of himself?

  16. It's absolutely hilarious that the cop says he's not confused when he clearly was confused! 😂 Then the fake call is just perfect when it comes to this cop!

  17. And these are the people who we trust and bestow limitless power and authority. We are doomed as a country. These dumb pigs are an embarrassment. And worse than that they are dangerous. Because they have the power to lie, cheat, steal, and ruin your life. Even take your life. Tread carefully my brothers and sisters. Stick together and watch each other's backs. Film these idiots every chance you get.

  18. It's their ego. They don't believe others live differently than them. They interpret the law to fit them. Thank God he got called away or he knew he embarrassed himself!!!!

  19. when you are an arrogant narcisistic asshole and someone comes and showes you with a smile on his face that in reality you´re a poor, powerless looser.

  20. What's wrong with that guy. Well, some people can't handle jealousy that well.
    Too bad he abused his power because of that.
    I don't see a bad person . Just a weak one .

  21. Cop was an asshole. Couldn't admit that he did not know this particular procedure. He was not used to dealing with someone who has he cash to travel lavishly – by flying a car over to the US. Cop was just being an asshole. Enjoy your vacation.

  22. 2:56 This is classic psychological projection. The tourist is feeling insecure. His way of countering that insecurity at first was by trying to show cooperation and showing the cop that he's informed.

    The cop however doesn't care and doesn't need to care about his feelings. He just wants to see the paperwork.

    When the cop isn't responding the way the lambo guy expected, he grows frustrated and accuses the cop of getting defensive. He is making the cop out to be the bad guy so as to soothe his own nervous feelings.

  23. "Imagine you wanted to drive your car in Europe, what do you do?? you ship it over there drive it for a month then you ship it back____"


    Key word : Imagine….🤔

  24. The stupid cop didn't even realise there was no steering wheel on the cat.

    He would have asked? How the heck do you drive it?

    Push it, Sir!

  25. Cop is asking the wrong question. He should be asking what he does for a living so he can look for another job and get a lambo too

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