Comedy Short: Leading Lady Parts - BBC

Comedy Short: Leading Lady Parts – BBC

DOOR OPENS FOOTSTEPS APPROACH Hi! You must be… Emilia. Stacy. Felicity, for the lady part. I'm Florence. Reading for… The leading lady part. I'm Gemma. And what did you think of it,
the part? Well, I loved it. It's just a great part.
I think she's… Great. How do you see her?
She was feisty. Feisty? She's bold. Huh! Mm… Oh, jeez… She's the one calling the shots,
THEY GROAN I think she's pretty… Thank God!
..clever, she's… She's pretty…
CASTING AGENT SPLUTTERING ..clever. That's not what you're
going for? Well… No. I mean, we hadn't really… No. Clever's not really something we… Want or care about,
at all, actually. You do realise this is
the leading lady part? Sh… Shall we have a read? CINEMATIC MUSIC It's what I've always wanted. The chance to speak…
All right, thank you. I'm not sure that's quite
what we're after, really. Do it again but just this time try
it a bit more… ..smiley. You want me to s-smile? Yeah. Just, you know, more…leading lady. The scene gets quite tragic. So? I…sort of thought she'd be crying.
Crying?! She could cry. Mm. But not, like, ugly cry. More like sensual, sexy crying,
like, wet… In a shower. Shower of crying. And smiling. Think of the poster. It's what I've always wanted. The chance to…
And let's stop you there. Do it again, only this time could
you try it with a bit more… ..make-up. I'm sorry? She's our leading lady, she's got to
be…peachy. If you could just… CINEMATIC MUSIC It's all I ever… Maybe lose
the jumper. Sorry? The jumper. And the shirt. The-The shirt, why?
And the rest of it. Is that really necessary? It's the
character. But she's a doctor. Yes, and it's very hot –
in the hospital. In south London? Exactly. It says here that it's November.
The heating's broken. WHISPERING: NHS cuts.
And she's trying to operate but all this stuff keeps
getting in the way. Her clothes? Yes, her clothes! Could we just… CLOTHES CRINKLING UNZIPPING It's what… I'd always wanted. The chance… Oh, no. That was fine. I mean…fine. But could you just be a bit… ..thinner? Thinner? Yeah, we really saw her
as… Thin. Like a twiglet.
Like a twiglet. Yeah. You know, feminine,
vulnerable, delicate and…thin. But with a great rack. What? Stick thin – with boobs. And hips. Oh, but not big hips.
No. Not, you know… WHISPERING:…
HA! Can you imagine?! Sorry, I don't really get it.
I… What are you asking me to do? It's not rocket science, darling,
we're just asking you to be thin AND curvy, sexy AND innocent. So, which? Both. You know, sexy virgin. Thin, sexy hooker virgin with
boobs and hips but not big ones. She's never had sex
but she's all about sex. She definitely wants it.
Oh, she wants it. But not too much! Not too much but a bit.
Yeah, like, a lot. But a bit. Just, you know… ..leading lady. SHE EXHALES CINEMATIC MUSIC It's… OK, stop there. THEY WHISPER I just… I don't think… WHISPERING INAUDIBLY Is everything all right? WHISPERING Yeah, could you just be a bit
more… ..white? Hi, I'm Lena, it's really nice to
meet you. No. Sorry? We're after leading ladies,
not leading lady's mum. Ha! Yeah, I am a leading lady.
No, you're not. I AM a leading lady. No, you're not. Yes, I am.
Nope! Mum. Have you seen my IMDb? Yeah, you're a mum.
Yeah, I've played some mums. Mum. I played a kick-arse mum. Kick-arse
mum's still a mum. But you're hot. Yeah, hot mum! Hot mum, I could get
on board with that. I can hear you. Next! NE-E-EXT! Wow, what's wrong with her?! WHISPERING: Menopause. Mm. Oh, thank God. Oh! I'm gagging for a coffee. Three skinny cappuccinos.
Do you want yours extra hot? Oh, I'm…
I'm actually here to read. What? I'm here to audition. For…the leading lady? Don't get it. WHISPERING: She seems to think
she's here for leading lady. Yeah, but she's… This is awkward. Look, it's not
that kind of film, darling. Uh, and what kind of film is that?
I know what's happened. You've been sent to the wrong room. They're auditioning for that
other film, um… What is it? Black Panther Returns. That's it.
That's in the next suite. No, I'm not here to addition
for Black Panther Returns, I'm here to audition for your film. THEY WHISPER, GIGGLE Are you…really not going
to let me read? SHE SCOFFS WHISPERING Wait. If you're passing Starbucks on the
way out… DOOR SLAMS What are we going to do? Mm. That first one's big on Instagram. Yeah, but she's…meh. I don't think we've… No, I just
don't think we've found THE ONE. Nope. Hey! Yep? Is that it? Is that everyone? I'm afraid so. Do you think… What? Actually, I'd quite like to read.
I'm just starting out. Look at my face. Sorry. I think someone else just turned up,
let me check. THEY LAUGH, WHISPERING Who is that?! That's ridiculous! GASPING Oh! He-llo! Hi. I'm Tom, and I'm here to read for
the leading lady. I'm just going to stop you there. You've got the part. Great. Hi. Yeah, yeah, it was… It's always hard to tell, isn't it?
But…I think I did all right. Yeah, I'm… I think I'm in with a shot. Me too. Me…too.

44 thoughts on “Comedy Short: Leading Lady Parts – BBC

  1. Frankly…satire aside, this looks like the exact opposite of what cinema is after now. Just a look at the movies and series around us prove it. If it was placed years ago, before the strong female lead character, inclusion and diversity become actually a big trend, it would be indeed a reason to be upset about. if there is even one single studio that casts actresses with that logic, this would be as insane as rare.
    The fact the actresses/actors pass though a hell in many auditions, is a different story. And I know that because I work in theatre and I have been behind the desk and listening to what my partner asked the actress to do in the audition for an actually second part. And yes the director's demands can be high and their requests odd. But we never had issues like that in the video.

  2. What I think is great here is that women are shown as sexist as well. We imagine very well sexism as men discriminating women but women do it as well, if not more.

  3. Seen this a couple of times, but 1st time I noticed Tom Hiddleston in all the female parts in the movie posters at the end. 😁

  4. "It's all I've ever…"
    "Maybe lose the jumper"
    "And the shirt"
    "The shirt? Why?"
    "And the rest of it"
    "Is that really necessary?"
    "It's the character"
    "But she's a doctor"
    "Yes and it's very hot in the hospital"
    "In South London?"
    "It says here that it's November"
    "The heating's broken… NHS cuts… she's trying to operate but all these stuff keep getting in her way"
    "Her clothes?"
    "Yes, her clothes"


  5. This is so sad and deep and true and great short piece, but look at Florence, she just look like Ben Hardy.

  6. It's also important to note that people who are doing this are women and a poc in this case. Not saying that white men don't discriminate, just saying that sexism or racism is not only something white men are capable of.

  7. I find this hilarious, mainly because I'm a thicker girl with short hair and a masculine voice playing the most feminine character in the story.

  8. I do believe the sexist things exists. But the racist things, not so much. But i understand when you are rejected because of your race, its hard to reason cuz its something so personal. But hollywood is in america, it’s a majority white country. Of course most movies are gonna cast whites. I think representation amongst minorities is pretty great there considering the population percentage. It doesn’t mean america is racist. In my country, whites are minorities and are always made fun of and turned into the butt of jokes, especially when we’re speaking in our local language they don’t understand. They have no representation in our media. You might not even be aware they exist here. Im sure white people aren’t allowed in a casting for black movies and black parts. Its not racism, its just the director had his/her image of the character relating to the plot. Maybe it requires the character to be a certain race. There’s just more to it than “ooo racism”.

  9. "Thin sexy hooker virgin with boobs and hips" easily describes a significant number of women leads in big Hollywood blockbusters…

  10. I don't know much about casting roles, but surely you're looking for certain features to fill a part. So by default of course people will be discriminated against based on their appearance and mannerisms. Same would happen if a man was casting for a role and wasn't of that image the film is trying to portray, regardless of talent.

    I think its wrong however people being drawn out by race, that's just disgusting, and I'm pretty sure the BBC being the hypocrites they are – are an example of that kind of blatant racism.

  11. This doesn’t count as comedy, it’s political commentary based on a stereotype that has been hideously exaggerated by the media to portray women as victims to validate feminists sore egos. That isn’t comedy.

  12. Great short! So nice to see Katie Leung still acting. It's been so long since I've seen something with her!

  13. I didn't see a 1986 in giant letters… Ooh, never mind, it actually starts at 2:48… maybe even 1:40, come to think of that

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