Cha Eunwoo [Shoot-out: Mart War] -EP. 3-1 Idol band member bought oo at a mart (En/Es/Jp/Pr/Vi/Id/中)

[Shoot-out : Mart War] [The mart everyone left] [5 players have appeared there] [Another war at a mart] [This one shouts out
to scare others] [He also lies down and
act cute to win] [P.O] Come here! Ha ha ha! [I can kill everyone] [Lizzy] Can I really take this? [Taking everything]
We have a minor. [Cha Eunwoo] [So excited] [This is so much fun!] [Kim Doyeon] [And a new player joins] 100 won. 100 won. [Likely to be at the bottom of food chain]
They’re too strong. Too strong. [Meaning “Everyone be quiet”]
Hush! Oh, my. I cursed. Sorry. [I don’t like idol band members]
I can’t shoot a show with them. [New player Jang Doyeon] [In this game, five players]
This is so comfortable. [will find carts in the mart]
Is it okay if I do this so comfortably? [and put everything that they want
into the carts] Cart, cart! [However, a player will be out when
someone takes a pic of his or her death-tem] [Players need to stay alive,
no matter what it takes] Scared! [The last one who passes through
the final checkout counter] Scared! [can have all items in his or her cart]
What’s wrong with you! [Game start!] [Please choose a random bag] [Polaroid camera (Basic weapon),
random death-tem, mart map] [Relaxed attitude of
the first winner] I saw no.2 in my dream. [Those who want to win] [And…]
I’m the only one in her 30s. [Someone who complains
that she’s too old] [Let’s go] [Wear the death-tem
in 5 minutes. Otherwise, you’ll be dead] [Death-tem (in red color): If other players
take a picture of 1/4 of it, you’ll die] Why do you run? Let’s see. Okay, okay. [Death-tem: Scarf
Defense level: A] [It’s hard for others to take pictures of it
since she can tie it anywhere] Like this. [What’s my death-tem?] [Death-tem: Headphones]
[Defense level: C] [Still good looking
even at this angle] [Gasp] [It looks so big] [Death-tem: Baseball cap]
[Defense level: FF] [He decided to keep hiding]
I will hide for a long time. Oh, my. I got a cap. [P.O takes out his death-tem] [Death-tem: Shoes]
[Defense level: A] What? A flower? [Death-tem: Hair pin]
[Defense level: C] Should I wear this on my head? [Caution: You may look weird]
Eccentric ones wear this on the head. [All players wear their death-tems] [Players’ current locations:
Jang Doyeon, Cha Eunwoo, Kim Doyeon – 3rd floor
P.O – 2nd floor, Lizzy – 1st floor] [Newbie wandering for a cart]
[Clothing section on the 3rd floor]
Where’s my cart? [Okay, okay, hahaha] Nice ! Cart! [Nope]
[A bundle of 3 carts] Oh, they are tied. [Production staffs became mean]
So mean. [Home appliance section on the 3rd floor]
Cart, cart! [So excited] [He found a cart] [Putting things into his cart,
from a basketball to a TV] I see. [Last week]
I’ll focus on camouflaging. [Focusing on camouflaging too much] [Hiding and peeping out]
I’m not that brave. [Pacifist who avoided a battle
(a.k.a Hiding king)] [Now focusing on shopping
Eunwoo has changed] [Let’s bring some beer cans] [For members, excluding one for a minor]
We have a minor in our band. 5 cans. [Home appliance section
on the 3rd floor] Okay. Blender. Members asked me to bring a blender. [After choosing a blender…]
This is it. [Oh, no. I don’t have a cart] Girls, I’ll bring a blender! Now, a toaster! Where is a toaster? I want to win. [Doyeon aimed to get a toaster]
Because I want to have a toaster. [Found the target]
Okay. [Got a toaster] [Hang on]
If I wear the scarf on my ankle and run fast… [Death-tem: scarf
She starts using a trick to get a toaster] Okay. [So proud]
Okay, good. Sei, I’ll bring a blender! [Tired]
[Members will like you more!] What if someone takes a picture
behind me? I’ll do this. [Doyeon’s fast footsteps] [Hey! Shoot, if you can!] They can’t take a picture. [Self-praise]
I’m so smart. Okay. [Her self-esteem went up]
I think I can win today. [Sports item section on the 2nd floor] [I can’t pass this section] [Let’s ride a kickboard scooter.avi] [His agility went up by
using this device] Oh! [He easily got a cart thanks
to the kickboard scooter] [Home appliance section
on the 3rd floor] [He used the TV to cover him up]
[+SMART!] It’s a supply box. [Supply box: There is a random
item in the class from SS to C] A supply box. [Eunwoo was not lucky at all] [Last week]
What? [Item: Energy drink
Function: Helps to concentrate] What? [Item: Periscope
Function: ???] What’s this? [Item: 10kg Watermelon
Function: Sweet] [What’s this?] [Mysterious envelope] Voucher for 10 minute on V LIVE. [Eunwoo, please promote]
Promote this program for 10 minutes
on V LIVE. [V LIVE mission: For 10 minutes
while he’s on V LIVE, he’s invincible]
Player Cha Eunwoo starts V LIVE mission. [When he gets 30,000 hearts,
an item is given] He’s invincible for 10 minutes. [Invincible for 10 minutes]
V LIVE mission, go! [Hahaha]
I’m invincible for 10 minutes. [To fan club]
AROHA, hello? Why am I a bit distracted? I can put items that I want.
What should I put more? [He’s having a hard time choosing]
Everything looks… There are some cars. [Food section on the 1st floor] [Staying alert]
Well, today, [Last week’s winner]
I will hide my cart. I’m going to move around
to take pictures. [Annoying] [She’s been looking
for a cart for 9 minutes] Cart! 100 won.
I need 100 won. [Newbie hasn’t adjusted to the game]
I found one. You know, a cart
is the same as a basket. Can’t I use this? Oh, my. Crazy. [Thank god] [She found a cart
after 13 minutes] [I will keep hiding] [and attack someone from behind] [Shoot-out : Mart War]

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