Celebrity Drug Endorsements?!

Celebrity Drug Endorsements?!

according to the philadelphia daily news
um… tops busted and need your heroin dealer in upper darby area and they
found a hundred and forty packs of heroin titled lebron james with an image of a
dumping baffle player on it box fiberglass the new weeds will you sign my heroine and does it mean to eugene c i think what ron james yes he’s a great
athlete but he’s got a crappy attitude and only three persons often third in
center city for her to stop them uh… the on on on on at the characters
more than just because of preferred and subhuman people into her referred was of
the third person country manager headlines narrowing a temporary because
i like people for the purpose of it deanna lee’s needs to sell tickets for
the last thing you know man almost a dozen years so why not use
of the silent keeping it actually increased the sales of this particular
drug dealers heroin think it’s more risky for him to play an
athlete on his drive because if that happened messes up well your whole campaign spots you know
when forests when judge disrupt the patients dot sales dot but michael
michael vick and then the person i had my hand happens in the news all down a lot our
no lights anyways and i don’t have a anyone would like to go out and will
that be might be looking look further might be a
whole different would you into your immunity writings you dejected democracy won one
really fast and we had to be a problem not all of the content of all the
history of willie and a half of the gentle lady literally don’t know if
there are a lot of israeli resident would be grateful sixty are no offense i
don’t like that but they may actually takes talent looked like they do you
know it’s not there are women as larry a quick it’s a heroine had only makes you the opposite of an
athlete but i think he likes it throughout the world really on the floor
of your part upon an actress that has your pianist how you really kind of like the whole
themselves with bribes games image by somebody putting his the thing on heroin
and i i think i’ve got my first thought was like you do you think is gonna get
sued by like you know the project is that if you have
a dealer your number one priority is not copy
writer they might lose like sponsorship things i can see that people being liked
all if it’s really that widespread i’m sure they thought the whole abroad james
is going around stamping these exceptional pick something up for the
president has handed yet but going on to celebrities are not doing doris uh…
alcoholic p diddy at and uh… i think died do you think that if marijuana became
legal or a harddrive our hard drive it became legal at answer is one reason interest people in this alleged that they might
call the klezmer once night but everyone’s supporting may rely only on
like if you have thoughtful acting illegally diet cocaine attack against
and you know here’s terrible activist pat near you are going to get something done
indicates someone read that that anything you think would interest it should be some when you least expect like you know ben stein be like you should do program do not know i think like it recently
humanize chicken to lick multiple drugs detailing character she is it that’s
randomly advertise like entrepreneur would make it an amalgam from that what do you think they started
julia stiles undistinguished resource the positive
advertisers to impose economic she might be great now too is that the haa builders dot dot this is the refund candidates treats the
hyundai and i mean i’m sorry that story dot
light at the concert shorts and twitter campgrounds instead of

63 thoughts on “Celebrity Drug Endorsements?!

  1. Its not about LeBron's image helps to sell it. It is about a memorable mark that than differentiate the dealer's brand in the market. Also, there is the clear double meaning with getting high and a large vertical leap.

  2. Also @ Nikki Limo, just FYI — your assertion that it's "Risky" to label your heroin after an athlete because said athlete might fuck up leading to fewer sales, is just about 100% off base. You could label your heroin "Hitler" or "Stalin" or "Osama" or "Saddam" or "Death" or literally anything.

    No matter how offensive or connected with failure the name might be a dope sick junkie trying to score will care about as little as the color of the bag it comes in. If it's heroin, it will sell.

  3. Wow, sticking up for a person who mutilated, hung, and tortured dogs, for financial gain and fun…you're a fantastic human being-you know that. F**k YOU!

  4. Im not saying what he did was right but I am saying that he did his time and its over, if you choose to continue to antagonize someone that has attempted to change their life around and has suffered consequences by our system of law than that speaks about yourcharacter Shayna. I dont know if your really an honest person or the type to judge on race but your absolutely fantastic as well, FUCK YOU BITCH !!!

  5. "What is its effects?
    You can go paranoid, which means it makes you think people or things are coming at you, it makes your heart raise… and your blood pressure could go low. So you can feel a bit woosie sometimes. And it has a lot medical effects on the body.
    And is there any negative effects?" — Ali G

  6. This got me to thinking….if Republican's really really wanted to win the war on drugs (or at least make some headway), they'd get Sarah Palin, George Bush, Michelle Bachman (etc. etc) to both endorse them & admit to regular use.

    How many liberals would immediately quit?

  7. i dunno how you define "soon" but this videos is a few days old now and still no video about jack white. i'm sure you already filmed it, so just post it.

  8. It's just like on The Wire, the drug touts on the corner were selling heroin as "W.M.D" or "Big Yellow Bird", it's just a name to give some popularity to the drug, like any other product on the market. Lebron wasnt personally involved in the drug trade or anything. I doubt the people that use heroin would give a fuck about the name, only the quality of the drug. If Lebron was a more pure batch of heroin than Macaulay Culkin was, they'd get Lebron every time. Fuck the name.

  9. What the fuck are these fools talking about? Lebron doesn't talk in the 3rd person. When you compare him to basketball stars like Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo, or even Chris Paul sometimes, Lebron is wayyyy less douchey. He used to be, I can admit that, but that was when he was criticized to death. Now hes much more humble is a better person and a role model.

  10. I'm a bit offended that Samantha uses Lebron talking in the third person as douchy. I sometimes do it unconsciously and I like to think I'm not douchy.

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  12. Branding and artwork on heroin glassine bags, is a mostly a New York thing. The Vice did a great interview with bloggess, Dequincey Jynxie, who runs a blog archiving the different stamps, and rates the quality of the drugs. Le Bron has NOTHING to do his name appearing on the package. Jynxie has shared pics of bags with Guicci, Prada, LV, stamped on them. Anyone interested, can check out the article by googling Vice and Dequincy Jynxie

  13. The point of this is not to sell more of it, or to advertise, etc.  The point is that when the user calls his dealer on the phone and says "yo lemme get some of that LeBron" then the police (ideally) if they were tapping the phones, wouldn't know what LeBron refers to.  Police know what it means if you say "lemme get some of that dope" but when they do this kind of branding, the idea is to have a code word for the drug so that eavesdroppers don't know what the person means when they mention it.

    I'm not saying it's an effective or an ineffective strategy, I'm just saying that's the motivation behind it.

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