Celebrities Surprising Fans ❤️

Celebrities Surprising Fans ❤️

all right so my biggest celebrity crush is this girl named Oscar Lawrence she's a model she big bro if I ever met her bra I would just ask her to kiss her on the lips you know she might be married but like okay that's probably not the right thing – I honestly wouldn't ask that but like that's something I'd want to ask okay never mind anyways today guys we're gonna be looking at this compilation called celebrity surprising fans it might make you tear up because you know I don't know it might be a little emotional kind of motivational and also inspirational also Mitchell look oh there we go Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama Michelle Obama who else misses who else misses the Obamas bro I mean I'm not American but even Canada could be doing a little better I don't know yeah Michael Jordan the Jordan goes to a boxing gym bro Daniel bro you imagine bro if I was a boxer I could be Jordan showed up I would ask him to punch me in the face like that ass [Applause] yeah bro you see the way she went out there Dwayne there she probably married and everything bro snap dude yo yo Amy you need to stay away from my relationship how can you not tell that that's Demi bro I'm sorry then Demi lavato shows up takes me for a ride I'm gonna ask her if she wants me to take her for I'm joking but by the way yes cuz I was a legit joke I know there's some sensitive people there who will like be like like it's a joke I mean unless she's down ok nevermind I'm Joe I can't express how much it means to me in the community and my family I would lose my mind like straight up bro damn dude that's so nice damn bro DJ Khaled I don't even know what I would think about hopped in that car I would just want to take a picture of his mind or something you know like I'm just like yo DJ speak what you want to speak bro in the end like honestly I feel like I was on a different planet I love DJ Khaled though who is that I don't even know who that is bro I Dennis have no idea that was how to get back up into every little dude don't do that don't do that dude I'll cry bro driver I love how BTS probably literally has no idea what they're saying jump on the floor elevator clothes again be Diaz has no idea always that though yo that's amazing though that's so cool [Applause] Paul McCartney [Applause] whoa those pull the cart do now I'm starting to fanboy and every legitimate boys it goes it's gonna rap movie video right there by the way fun fact about me is unlike a lot of old artists so like I'm a big fan of like Motley Crue Pink Floyd ac/dc now a lot of people like you guys probably don't know that about me so yeah I don't know why dude I really like older music I mean I do like a lot of the hip hop music nowadays but it's just not the same and I like rock and roll I like older stuff bro like Paul McCartney mother crazy do you see Pink Floyd I like a lot of Michael Jackson stuff Tupac Shakur it like dude there's just more of like an old leaf and I don't know why do you just the music nowadays is good it's just I'm not gonna get into it cuz I'm getting a lot of hate but yeah I don't know anyway guys I hope you guys all have a great day this was this was fun to react to you know it wasn't super entertaining or anything but it put a smile on my face and I hope it put a smile on your you guys days to peace by the way if you guys ever meet me in real life you better have that same energy I'm joking I'm so irrelevant it would be like meeting your grandpa see ya

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  1. I Love When Celebrities Meet Their Fans (Is Just A Beautiful Sight Too See) Although Sometimes Can Be Dangerous Because You Never Know (Sometimes Theirs Crazy Fans The Go Over The Limit When It Comes To Meeting A Famous Celebrity).

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