Celebrities Reveal Real Names You Never Knew

Celebrities Reveal Real Names You Never Knew

we know our favorite celebs by their stage name like Whoopi Goldberg but whose real name is Karen Johnson but where did their stage names come from and why do they even have them was it their choice or did Hollywood execs make them flip and come up with a name with a little bit more room we think some of these celebs real names are even better than their stage names make sure you watch this video until the end to get the true story behind these celebrities real names that are beyond weird Billy Eilish Billy Eilish pirate Bert O'Connell the American indie pop singer is taking the music industry by storm with her haunting and often controversial lyrics but we absolutely adore the 17 year old prodigy and her 16 point six million Instagram followers seemed to agree the only thing is they may not know everything there is to know about Billy her name is actually O'Connell and Eilish is her middle name but the name of her birth certificate is Billy Eilish pirate Baird O'Connell believe it or not pirate was going to be her middle name but her uncle didn't like it because he felt that Pirates were evil so for the stage Billy stuck with her first and middle name as her stage name and well it absolutely rocks Bruno Mars Peter Jean Hernandez you may have all come to know the badass R&B singer as Bruno Mars but he was actually born Peter Jean Hernandez he wasn't the one who decided to change his name though it was his dear old dad who noticed that his two-year-old looked an awful lot like a famous wrestler named Bruno so the nickname eventually turned into a stage name and if you're wondering where Mars came from that's easy Bruno added Mars to his stage name because girls often told him he was out of this world if we're being honest we would take Bruno Mars over Peter Hernandez any day gigi hadid Yelena Hadid the gorgeous fashion model told style.com that her loving grandma used to call her mom Gigi when she was a child so her mom would sometimes call her Gigi as well as a term of endearment then at school yell and his teacher ran into a bit of a pickle because there was another student in class named Helena so her teacher asked her mom if there was a nickname she could use to refer to Yelena and she suggested using Gigi and from that moment on Jelena Hadid was known as GG so it wasn't much of a stretch when she turned into her stage name Katy Perry Katherine Hudson the singer who brought us the hit single swish swish was born Katherine Elizabeth Hudson if she had kept that name she might have been called Kate Hudson but there can only be one Kate Hudson in Hollywood and that honor belongs to goldie Hawn's daughter fortunately the I kissed a girl singer shortened her name to Katie and then added Perry when she was a teen well where did Perry come from it turns out it was her mother's maiden name and now the stage name Katy Perry is synonymous with album hits like witness and one of the boys Prince Harry Henry Charles Albert David you'll find that Prince Harry's official wedding announcement reads Prince Henry of Wales and Megan Markel are engaged to be married but if you're wondering who Henry is here's the four one one it turns out that Harry isn't really his name at all his full name is Henry Charles Albert David but while his official title is Prince Henry of Wales everyone including his family calls him by his informal nickname Harry but we're pretty sure that his wife Megan Markel has nicknames of her own for her royal hubby such as honey sweetheart or my prince which would be pretty literal dove Cameron Chloe Celeste host ermine dove Cameron is known for her role in the Disney Channel sitcom Liv and Maddie but if cops asked her for her license and registration they'd be very confused you see her real name is Chloe Celeste host Herman dove is just a stage name but when a fan on Twitter asked her why she didn't use Chloe she gave a heartbreaking response it turns out that her dad used to call her dove but sadly he passed away when she was 15 and never got the chance to say goodbye so to honor his memory she changed her first name to Dove does anyone need a tissue cuz we kind of do John Legend John Roger Stevens the get lifted singer is pretty swoon worthy and his voice is legendary he would have struck a lot of chords in the music industry with the name like John Rogers Steven it's a pretty classy name but it just doesn't have a ring to it still John Legend wasn't the name the singer picked for himself it was given to him by poet Jay IV who claimed he had an old-school sound once it grew on him he decided to live up to it and become a total music legend and an icon and when someone asked his model white chrissy teigen why she didn't take her husband's last name she responded by saying that her husband didn't even take his own last name Kit Harington Christopher Catesby Harrington The Game of Thrones star had a bit of an identity crisis growing up he told glamour he was born Christopher Catesby Harrington but kit is actually a rarely used nickname for people named Christopher so everyone called him kid and he believed that was his name until he was 11 kit like the nickname so much that he kept using it but at least they didn't create a nickname from kits middle name which is Catesby can you imagine calling this Hollywood heartthrob Kate Lord Ella Maria Lanny Alec O'Connor the New Zealand singer will have you sang O Lord when you hear what her birth name is Lord was actually born Ella Maria Lanny Yelich O'Connor but the Royals performer thought it was kind of boring she needed something a bit catchy er first stage name it also sounds strong and tough so she added the e at the end to feminize name just a little bit Lord said she came up with the name quite spontaneously actually she said she just had an obsession with royalty and aristocracy after hearing the song Royals we can see what she means and the name Lord makes a lot more sense Natalie Portman Natalie Hirsch leg Star Wars actress Natalie Portman was born with a traditional Jewish name and Natalie Hirsch leg but unlike other israeli actresses like gal gadot she decided to change her name the name change happened when her family moved to the United States in 1984 she was only three at the time and her folks decided to change their last name to Portman and Natalie became Natalie which sounds about the same and it's certainly better than the name of her Star Wars character Padme Amidala now we personally don't mind her original Israeli name but Natalie Portman really does have a certain ring to it SIA SIA Kate Isabelle furler the Australian singer is known for hiding her face with a wig she's a freaking master of disguise so when we see her real face no one really knows who she is but SIA also uses fake names – she wants to maintain her anonym but that's not the only thing she's hiding she likes to shun away the recognition she's earned through her music by hiding her full name this allows her to lead a sort of secret identity and live among regular people without being bombarded by photographers or fans SIA is also super easy to spell and remember good choice SIA jay-z Shawn Cory Carter we all know who jay-z is he's not only a successful rapper but he's also Beyonce's BAE but as cool as the stage name jay-z sounds most parents wouldn't pick this as an actual name well as it turns out his parents didn't either jay-z's real name is Shawn Cory Carter but with his neighborhood friends he was known as jazzy and so when his music career took off he changed it to jay-z thanks to some inspiration from his mentor jazz oh now his stage name has been making headlines in the music industry for years it totally makes sense that this lyrical genius got his name from a musical nickname like jazzy Iggy Azalea amethyst Amelia Kelly Australian rapper Iggy Azalea moved to the United States when she was 16 to pursue a music career he told VEVO that she had a dog whom she adored unfortunately the pooch passed away the loss was heartbreaking but to honor him she got a nameplate necklace with his name on it eventually everyone assumed that her name was actually Iggy she took the nickname and made it her stage name as for Azalea that was the name of the street she lived on as a child wait isn't that a game take the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on and that makes your rap name looks like it worked out for Iggy Azalea blac Chyna Angela Renee white blac Chyna has had a number of careers she's been a model a reality star and an entrepreneur but in all that time most people never questioned her stage names it should be obvious that her real name couldn't have so much pizzazz she came up with blac Chyna after she had met a customer at the club she once worked in it turns out he used it as a nickname and she really liked it so she asked if she could borrow it and he said yes the irony here is that her real name is Angela Renee white but her stage name starts with black she's also used other names while working at the club like Dora Renee and cream which are pretty extra to say the least tige Michael Rea knowing Stevenson the rapper who won and lost Kylie Jenner's heart became famous with hits like 2014 s hookah but there's a lot that people don't know about him like the fact that he's a Vietnamese and Jamaican descent or that his real name is Michael rate no Ian Stevenson so how did he come up with such an impressively short stage name it turns out that Tyga is an acronym for thank you God always he also chose that stage name because his mom would call him Tiger Woods but he's probably too busy rapping and winning fans over with his voice to step foot in a golf course Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Lynn anaesthetise did you know that Jennifer Aniston's Godfather was Kojak star Telly Savalas it's a good thing he was as he was able to give her some great advice you see Jen's birth name was actually jennifer lynn anna stockist but that was really tough to pronounce so he suggested she had it changed and she did too Aniston before she knew it she had landed a role on friends which opened the door to other opportunities if she hadn't listened to him Jen might not have the illustrious career she has now but there's an interesting tidbit around her name on the friends episode where Monica and Chandler get married the sitcom used her last name to announce the Annis to Sakas Papa sifakas wedding now which of these celebs do you think had the craziest names let us know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to the taco

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  1. Playwright Christopher Marlowe (author of plays like Doctor Faustus, and Tamerlane—see the film of Faustus starring Sir Richard Burton—the Welsh actor not the Explorer and Translator of The Arabian Nights and the Perfumed Garden of Sheikh Nefzawi among others) and his then wife Elizabeth Taylor as well as Ian Marter who played Harry Sullivan on Doctor Who during Tom Baker's era) was also called Kit.

  2. The craziest name is Belcales Alamanzar aka Cardi b (She chose that name bcuz either her parents or her friends idk Bacardi like the drink so she ditched the a and put the b at the end)

  3. You forgot a lot of people like Halsey, Lady Gaga, Eminem, Logic, Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus, Drake and Emma Stone. I bet there are more of them though…

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