Celebrities in College: Narendra Moddy | TVF

Celebrities in College: Narendra Moddy | TVF

Wow, Mr. Moddy! Wow! Thank you. Madam Sir, sorry!
Sorry! Sorry! Teacher Madam. I mean,
Teacher uncle… These people cheated in the game
of musical chairs took my family's chair
and are not returning it now. – They cheated?
– Yes! I was playing PubG
and got knocked out. I kept asking everyone to revive me,
but no one came. Neither did anyone came from Amethi
nor from Rae Bareili. I went to mom to complain. I asked Mr. Moddy if he would guard
my chair. But what did he do?
What did he do? He sat on that very chair
and he's not giving it back now. But I promise you all that I will take
back this chair from him before 2019. If not, my mother will yell at me. I also think she may thrash me this time. She'll bash me up
and even slap me across my face.. Shut up!
Sit down! Mr. Teacher. In the past 60 yers,
his habit of stealing still remains. On the pretext of hugging me yesterday,
this little one stole my wallet. I would like to ask… Is it neccessary to act like a juvenile? This student union president's chair does it belong to someone's father? He keeps playing PUBG all day. Brothers and sisters, when I have
won the chair in musical chair, doesn't the chair belong to me? Does it… Or doesn't it? Moddy! Moddy!
Moddy! Moddy! Mr. Moddy, I heard your wallet
was stolen. If you permit,
shall I…? – Change his name?
– No, no. Let him go.
He's a child. My wallet just had my metro pass
anyway. He can use it. And as far as for me,
I'm a nomad. I can just take a bag
and wander away. Will catch outer mudrika 603 Mr. Moddy!
Camera! Friends, there are just 20 days left
for the exams. However, I know no one has studied yet. So I've arranged for a new arrangement. Within which, everyone will have
an equal chance at studying. The path I've chosen is,
is our shared heritage So from today I'm going to impose the GST bill. Group Study Tax. Friends, we'll party in Goa after our exam
with the tax money. Applause! So I told him What about 1984? And sir 2002? – What did you say?
– I asked if you could give me 2000 bucks. Mr. Sambit bought everyone biscuits Bloody Sambit! Friends., taking credit in the canteen is
not allowed henceforth. I won't eat using credit,
neither will I let anyone. Big brother, pay the bill. It was such sweet tea. Baba is getting a bong to the party. Mamta, agreed? No, no. In the party… we have bongs. Send everyone an invite. Please remember me as well. Y'all missed to give me the invite
last time. Please don't do this.
Be a little understanding. I'm the most experience party animal. I should actually be the chief guest. You've been partying since 1992 Now let us children party
in our style. Amit! Don't teach me how to party. Don't you remember how I got the entire
game room empty to play Temple Run? You're still stuck with Temple Run? It's the PUBG era now! – Okay, is there a temple there?
– No, there isn't. Then that's where I'll build a temple. I'll build a temple there. I'll build a temple there. In which hostel is
the fight going on? Mr. Moddy, the M.com guys
are refusing to come to the party. Why so, Yogi? They say our party only has veg food,
we're always fighting and that he eats all the appetisers. Enough! Our party had so many people
even last time. It was a wave. Sir, I insulted Rahul at his party and ruined the entire party. And after that,
no one partied in the campus. Do something new even this time. Is this why I made you the chairman
of the debate club? But on the panel tonight, no one wants
to listen to me, Mr. Moddy. The nation doesn't want to know anymore.
Do something. Go, fetch, go! – Amit?
– I'll let you know. Tell me? Let the majority students know that UNESCO has announced that our party will be the best party ever. – Listen?
– Yes, sir? Tell the IT department to spread the news through Whatsapp,
Facebook and the college papers. The best happy new year party of 2019 will happent at Mr. Moddy's hostel room. But sir, since it's the month end,
no one has their data pack. And as always, all the systems
on campus are down. Mr. Moddy? Big brother give them your hotspot. Long live big brother There are 3 important principles
of my party. First is – nuclear energy. Second- solar energy. And the third- weed energy.
What say Sambit brother? It's good quality, right? Our dear friend Barack has sent it from Hawaii. Brothers and sisters, I've got the exam papers changed. After 12 tonight, All the notes of studious
students will be invalid. They are just worthless
piece of paper. Moddy! Moddy!
Moddy! But for prosperity, and for us, you'll have to be troubled a little. So, I announce Project Notebandi No, no. We have to print colored copies
of notes and send it to our chics. But, Mr. Moddy, you called us here
to party. This is an out of syllabus party. Go and get in line. I'm going on a tour of international
college festival. I'll send you letters. May the force be with you.

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  1. Arnub Goshwami is the true journalist chahe jitna bhi troll ki kaushish karo sabse best journalist wohi hai

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  4. modi winning 2019 lok sabha elections is the most unlikely thing to happen even he knows waqt mushkil hai

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