Cedric the Entertainer on the Gateway Arch Park Foundation

The Gateway Arch is the symbol of st. Louis when you know you’re in my hometown when I see the heart you know it makes me
feel pride I used to come up from a little small town when I was a young kid
from Caruthersville, so when we would come in from the south side of the city
you see the arch of course you knew you were in the big city you would go down
and you sit on the arch steps just kind of hang out make friends make friends
for people all around st. Louis even now when I come home and fly home and see
the arch I know I’m in the big town of st. Louis it’s a great place to go and
hang out whenever you’re in the city Laclede it’s landing right there so many
cool restaurants just a really historic place to see you learn about st. Louis
and the arts is just a great place to you know to do it all and go up in it if
you get a chance

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