CBS Responds To Gayle King’s Outrage Over Viral Kobe Clip

CBS Responds To Gayle King’s Outrage Over Viral Kobe Clip

Shortly after the news broke that Kobe Bryant
and eight others had been killed in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, fans and celebrities
alike took to social media to mourn the death of the NBA legend. However, while many were posting touching
tributes to Bryant in the hours following his untimely death, one reporter took the
opportunity to remind followers of dark circumstances surrounding the life of the L.A. Lakers star. Minutes after it was confirmed that Bryant
had passed away, Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez took to Twitter to share a
2016 article titled, “Kobe Bryant’s Disturbing Rape Case: The DNA Evidence, the Accuser’s
Story, and the Half-Confession.” The since-deleted tweet immediately sparked
outrage. Sonmez responded by tweeting, quote, “Well,
THAT was eye-opening.” She also took a moment to justify her decision
to repost the news, stating, “Any public figure is worth remembering in
their totality even if that public figure is beloved and that totality unsettling.” The same day as the incident, The Washington
Post suspended Sonmez — and then two days later, it reinstated her. After that, mainstream media and media personalities
seemed to steer clear of that controversial piece of Bryant’s past — until February
4th. CBS anchor Gayle King revisited the subject
in an interview with Bryant’s longtime friend, WNBA star Lisa Leslie. The resulting war of words has been loud and
dramatic. “It’s been said that his legacy is complicated
because of [a] sexual assault charge which was dismissed in 2003, 2004.” Gayle King took to Instagram to defend herself
against a tidal wave of backlash directed at her Kobe Bryant segment. In a video captioned “My perspective,” the
CBS anchor criticized the network for choosing the clip that it did to promote her interview
with Lisa Leslie. In a widely-seen clip from CBS released on
Twitter to promote the interview, which has since gone viral, King asks Leslie about Bryant’s
2003 sexual assault case. “That’s just not the person that I know.” “But Lisa you wouldn’t see it, though. As his friend, you wouldn’t see it.” In response to that clip’s circulation, and
the massive backlash, King said she is, quote, “mortified,” “embarrassed,” and “very angry.” She said in the video, “Unbeknownst to me, my network put up a clip
from a very wide-ranging interview — totally taken out of context — and when you see
it that way, it’s very jarring. It’s jarring to me. I didn’t even know anything about it. […] For the network to take the most salacious
part, when taken out of context and put it up online for people who didn’t see the whole
interview is very upsetting to me and that’s something I’m going to have to deal with,
with them.” King said that she thought Leslie’s statement
to her about how the media should leave the topic alone and not use it against Kobe’s
legacy was a powerful statement, and that she insisted that part of the interview be
aired to make the point. When the clip was taken out of context, she
contends, that point was largely lost. “It was very powerful when she looked me
in the eye as a member of the media to say ‘It’s time for the media to leave it alone
and to back off.'” Seemingly in response to King’s Instagram
post, CBS released a statement that seemed to confirm King’s stance. According to the network, “Gayle conducted a thoughtful, wide-ranging
interview with Lisa Leslie about the legacy of Kobe Bryant. An excerpt was posted that did not reflect
the nature and tone of the full interview. We are addressing the internal process that
led to this and changes have already been made.” Regardless of the changes that have allegedly
been made, the damage is done. In her video message, Gayle King said that
she didn’t know anything about her controversial interview clip until she started receiving
calls about it and reading the backlash directed at her online. Celebrities are among those who’ve bashed
the esteemed journalist. Snoop Dogg, who was one of many celebs to
post a touching tribute to Bryant after his death, took to Instagram to post a video of
his own in response to King’s clip. “Gayle King, out of pocket for that s—,
way out of pocket. What do you gain from that?” The rapper also insinuated that she was asking
questions about the wrong people, scrutinizing celebrities in selective and unfair ways. “You ain’t coming after f—— Harvey Weinstein
asking him dumb– questions. I get sick of y’all.” The rapper captioned the post: “P.S.A. Let the family mourn in peace.” Despite all the backlash, one of King’s longtime
friends is standing by her side. During an appearance on Hoda & Jenna & Friends
on February 7, Oprah Winfrey opened up to co-anchor Hoda Kotb about how Gayle King is
doing. “She is not doing well. May I say she is not? She is not doing well. She has now death threats and has to now travel
with security.” Winfrey added that her friend, quote, “feels
that she was put in a really terrible position.” Despite the controversy, Winfrey is confident
that things will get better — it’s just going to take some time. “Obviously all things pass, she will be okay,
but she hasn’t slept in two days.” It’s clear that Winfrey is trying to be as
supportive as she can, helping her longtime friend navigate the backlash. “I think everybody has the right to have
their opinion, but to do it with such vitriol is… hate. And meanness.” While it seems like King has no choice but
to weather the storm, at least she doesn’t have to do it alone. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about celebrity
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100 thoughts on “CBS Responds To Gayle King’s Outrage Over Viral Kobe Clip

  1. Lol who is snoop to talk? Re Gayle King…. she has to ask questions whilst remaining impartial! Kobe: he did what he did when he paid out and apologised! 😳

  2. Wow! It be our own people too damn shame!…Oprah and Gayle are slowly getting exposed And I'm just sitting back enjoying every minute of it!

  3. What do mean you didn’t know what was going on with the interview. Now you’re playing victim with this tacky low key passive aggressive shady line of questioning! 🤦‍♀️ You suck👎🏾😾

  4. Where are Gayle Kings comments on about her co-workers and friends like Charlie Rose, Les Moonves, and Harvey Weinstein?

  5. Even if CBS posted segments of the interview they can only post segments of the interview that you did! No matter how you post these segments The interview will never change!

  6. Oprah and gayle are both low down bitches. Just like Oprah interviewing Whitney Houston ‘s daughter so so soon after Whitney’s death . When the poor child was struggling. I can’t &&&@ing stand Oprah or gayle’s phony a&&es. Fake fake. They both think they are great. Gayle meant to say what she said! Gayle didn’t give a crap how her words would affect Kobe’s family. There was no need for her question, it had nothing to do with the tragic story. My heart goes out to Kobe’s family and the families of the other victims.

  7. Gayle King is done. Her network is putting here on blast to. Who is Gayle King to speak on someone when here big head and big JAW BONE that can’t keep her men at home. GTFOH

  8. Down to the gold dress ( looking similar to the Lakers warmups ) how telegraphing can you be but with that said my Lisa Leslie crush has resurfaced Big Time what a rider .

  9. no one ever talks about the ladies who lie, to get money, to get even for being rejected, lying for sympathy. why didn't the person being interviewed just say that he was acquitted so it's a non issue.

  10. Gayle King is no journalist–she's a partisan hack. She laid down for Jussie Smollet's whoppers, but she wants to crucify Kobe for something that he lived to refute by his actions–every day of his subsequent life. And now Gayle can claim victimhood because brothers like Snoop are outraged by her actions.

  11. Oprah and gail shot themselves in the foot. Gail chose to ask those questions and when lisa leslie said "kobe is not like that" gail replied immediately and said "AS HIS FRIEND YOU WOULDNT SEE IT"

  12. Nothing but BS there was no compassion for Vanessa and the girls.
    A snake won't bite itself and words can't be taken back,but I do know you reap what you sow

  13. People speak about Gayle’s journalistic integrity. Just curious to know when did she pursue similar questioning of people who know or knew Weinstein, Epstein, Rose, Spacey, Lauer, Ailles, Trump, O’Reilly, and Presley for their respective complicated pasts or legacies?

  14. She was out of pocket and it was disrespectful of Gayle HOWEVER, grown men like Snoop shouldn’t be calling her a Bitch and threatening her life! Kobe had a wife and 4 daughters! He would not want people disrespecting a woman in his name!

  15. Such disrespect for Kobe‘s family Oprah do you know who is not doing well Kobe‘s wife and kids and family who cares if Gayle is doing good she did this she didn’t stop she went for it she knows what she did stop trying to find someone else to blame I will never watch anything that she is on or you Oprah fake tears for for your ur love gayle this is about a tragic loss Kobe’s wife and kids

  16. Once again Everyone in America can be interviewed about every piece of their lives but not Kobe Bryant. Kobe would not be reacting in this way. He would be smiling, answer the questions, and moving on. That is what People do when they are wealthy, educated, and know that every question is not to be an easy question. Most People want to know how People get over the tough questions and are so poised. These People who are supposedly the hardest Thug lives in the World are always like babies when something that actually took place is asked. It is just a question. I forgot honestly, that it ever happened. That is why I did not understand the question. When I received clarity of the situation. I understood, of course that that question would circulate in the Media. O. J. Simpson. Tupac. Biggie. R. Kelly. Cosby. Trump. Obama. Clinton. Monica.

  17. Lets not forget Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Governor Newson. This is what happens every time People are wealthy and Someone finds out something they may not be confirmed. There is not any discrimination here.

  18. My God the family hasn't even buried Kobe and her daughter. There is a time and place for everything and this wasn't the time and place. Of course Oprah will stand by her but what about the family? They have a right to be able to mourn in as much peace as they can find. This was low down and uncalled for. I hope Gayle and all the others that used this horrible experience to bring out something that happened years ago and to which both the woman and Kobe had the issue will think twice before doing or saying the things they did should God forbid another situation arises. By the way Gayle, where are your Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein comments?

  19. She's not a reporter. She's a ratings hound looking for the ratings. She's just an example of what people think is news. She's a puppet.

  20. What's crazy is that no one watched the interview they only saw this clip and want to say something how many times are y'all going to allow the media to do this? Do your research first then attack. But at the same time. It NEVER should have been brought up again!

  21. Out of Context..If U watch the WHOLE interview it STILL RELAYS GUILT !! SHE WENT BEYOND the LINE..NO MATTER WHO HER BESTIE IS!! N now Sally RICE !!!

  22. Omg she is perfectly fine. Just another celebrity taking these threats wayyyy overboard. And then making it about herself.

  23. Do these reporters think that the world is ignorant of this piece of Kobe’s past. The reality is that Lisa Lesley feels like most do about that allegation.

  24. Oprah is such an actress: "She's not… doing well !" Both Gayle and you can go to hell. Who cares how well she's not doing? What did you ladies expect from the black community? We should let you drag another brown man into the slaughter: "No more verbal lynching!" Tell your masters, we are no longer falling for that sh…..ttttt. Y'all aren't our leaders, and can't tell us what to think anymore.

  25. For ever journalist that has a negative comment to say, y’all had darn near 17 years to ask the man before he passed. Stop playing! Talk about Kevin Spacey and Harvey. Oh nah y’all not gone do that huh? Let the man rest. Disrespectful as heck.

  26. Let the man and daughter RIP, whether he was guilty or not its irrelevant and doesn’t matter anymore. He lost his life and the family lost 2 loved ones.

  27. Kobe was not perfect, but he was an excellent basketball player and a great person. May his soul rest in peace. I don't think Gaye orchestrated that interview because she don't have that type of power. It was CBS that put her up to doing something so disturbing.

  28. Hmmmm….when Gayle, Oprah and CBS do not know what "taken out of context" means or think black folks are stupid…Karma is wonderful!

  29. I keep missing the question… or I’m not seeing the deal in the question? The other people that died are “just the other 7 or 8”… Non celebrities are just others 😂 🤦🏽‍♀️… the sad part is race is mentioned way too much when he didn’t even want a black woman!!! People know people are paid to talk about blacks. The real issue is why bring up the dead when the guilty ones are here and living a better life than Others. Oh well just another unpopular opinion. I guess we will here all about it and the new baby in the book.

  30. How about Oprah save those crocodile tears for the Bryant family who we are certain are not doing well either!!!! Really, the man was not yet even cold in his grave and Gail decides to smear Kobe Bryant's name, did she even take a minute to think about his grieving family, his young daughters. Unphucking believable!!!!!!!!

  31. Gayle, just an idiot…. This man and his daughter (Kobe and Gigi) plus all of the others on that helicopter died and all that candy ass fake journalist could do is be an idiot talking about a topic that she shouldn't Even be discussing PERIOD. That Dummy deserves whatever she gets for her Egregious insensitivity in such a horrible tragic time of deaths of ALL of those wonderful people onboard that helicopter…..

  32. You could spend hours in a zoo, but if you decide to jump into the lions enclosure, you are gonna get eaten. It doesn’t matter if that moment was only a few seconds of your overall time spent there. It’s gonna be the part that people remember and talk about.

  33. Wether the footage was cut and clipped to show certain parts of the interview or not she still sat there and pushed and pushed going as far as to say “you wouldn’t see it tho, you wouldn’t notice that tho” like stfu you stupid bitch

  34. Nothing you can say at this point because I'm sure you read the transcript before the interview. In addition, you know what type of people you work for.

  35. And they did show that….After Leslie said it should dismissed and she still tried to give a lil smart remark….I wonder how she thought Leslie felt

  36. I thought that it was a poor choice that Gayle & CBS chose to ask this question so soon after Kobe and his daughter’s demise. And I question if Gayle goes after others, like Weinstein, in the same way. But she shouldn’t be receiving death threats.

  37. Everybody must have worn especially the press that you cannot be Reckless with the words and then go back and say well it was taken out of context. Once you say it and it's been said it's out in the universe choose your words carefully. Weather was taken out of context or not that's what was said and that's what people are holding onto especially in this case so soon after his death. It's been taken out of context or it's a hoax or it's a Witch Hunt people are sick of these catch phrases or when people apologize for what was said no you can't do that once you say it it's been said and it said on the universe it's too late stand by what you say or don't say it.

  38. King all she does is put down black men us men are under attack her and Oprah needs to sit their asses down some where and eat plenty of salad .The same thing they did R. Kelly

  39. She is an interviewer, why does she give her judgement: 'you wouldn't see it as his friend'. Who are you to say this? Why ask the question in the first place? If she had said yes, would that be a credible answer then? Gayle King is not fit to be a journalist, she overstepped big time.

  40. She look like a dam hairy dog?😙 with that wig she is a bitch after so many yrs you want to tell me know one remember that trash?😙 what we remember is the poor man and the rest have thus untimely death and that money grabber?😙 gone to dig up dirt who. The hell cares you should tell her but again you oprah?😙 are the same dirt bag dig up dead black men to bring them down in the grave wicked?

  41. no wonder gayle and oprah are best friends! i'm sure gayle is doing much better than vanessa bryant and the other passengers loved ones

  42. Oprah: Vanessa Bryant is not doing well. Not well at all. We have to be mindful of what we say out of our mouths. I wish nothing bad or harmful to Gayle but the seeds you sow is the harvest you reap!
    I pray continually for the Bryant family.

  43. Snoop Dog said it best. Nasty Gayle King go wash the dirty mop head wig u have on ur head. Always looking for the worst in each other. Not covering for anyone but Bryant did not have the rap that Kelly and Tyson had. No disrespect to the case but we don't know what went on…what does that matter now. The man is DEAD. The interview was avoiding u and u kept pushing. R u looking for another Emmy

  44. Black people, let’s not let anyone disrespect our black men, by disrespecting our black women in retaliation.

    Gayle made a bad choice. She’s still our elder, have some respect.

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