Hello AE Family and welcome to Ayo and Ebun Entertainment. I am reporting live from the United States of America. And it is going to be an interesting topic. I would be asking Americans to name three African Countries. Just 3 African countries. Let’s see if they’ll get it right. Come along guys. Let’s do this. Hello. How are you doing today? We are good today. So, I’ll be asking you a quick question. Are you ready? Yes sure. Can you name 3 African countries? Hmmm…, I don’t know. We are too young. You are too young? I am in the sixth grade. No, you are not too young for that. I am too young. How about you? What grade are you in? I am in seventh grade but I still do not know the answer. You don’t know any African country? Even one? No. — Mexico? — Mexico is not in Africa. — Australia?? — No! — Alright. Thank you so much. — Thank you. Hmm….African countries? Is Turkey one of them? What? Turkish? Did you just say Turkish? I don’t know. Maybe naming 3 was too much. Ok, name one African country. I should name a country? You don’t know any African country? No Have you ever heard of Africa? Yes I have. So you’ve never thought about it’s countries? I can’t think because of the camera. — I can’t think of one. — Try. I don’t know. Oh My God!! Ok guys. Thank you so much. I hope you’ll go and make some research today when you get home. Go on the internet and type ” African Countries.” Okay. — So, when someone else ask you, you’ll know what to say. Are we cool? — Ok. Nice to meet you. Cameroon Ivory Coast. And Tanzania. Oh wow! How come you have so much knowledge of Africa? There are all types of Africans in Houston. To the west side of Houston, there are all kinds of Nigerians. Wow. Interesting. They use uber alot. They always have a story to tell. There are either a full-time student, own a business or have a job. And they are always a combination of those three things. Some of them have a business and do two jobs. Or some of them are full-time students and have two businesses. It is always a combination of those three things : student, job and business. And none of those things are just ordinary things that you just think about. These are not normal jobs like working in an Engineering firm etc. It is nothing like that. One of the guys I met, he has a license that allows him to buy cars. Either crashed or uncrashed cars. I am not sure. And because he has American citizenship, he was able to buy the cars and ship it directly to another country. These are businesses ordinary people can’t do without having the citizenship. And he does very well with this business. Wow. That’s great. Thank you so much. You were really explicit. Have a great day. I will. — It is cold out here. — Yes, it is. How come you don’t have a jacket though? Because I am an idiot. I just get ready for what the average day is. When I start the day, the weather is a bit muggy. It is about 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. So, that’s why I just put on light clothes. Sometimes, it was 76 degrees Fahrenheit at 10 a.m. Then by 2 p.m, it is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. I am from Southern California and for us, we just don’t think about the weather that deeply. We just go out like that. Nigeria South Africa And Turkey? Turkey? Sorry. I am wrong. But why did you say Turkey? Because I just ate some Turkey legs. Hmm…. African countries? I really don’t know. — I’ll say Nigeria. Is that correct? — Yes. This question really stunned me. I really don’t know. That’s all I know. Nigeria. I should know a few but I am just learning about European countries. So, I don’t know alot. How come you know Nigeria? I usually hear Nigeria very often. I once heard it in a World history lesson. I can’t remember what we were talking about in class. I hope you’ll go home and do some research about it on google. You might never know. Maybe some day you might win a 100,000 dollars for that question. — Who know? — Hmm… Ethiopia Kenya And Nigeria Oh Wow! You have a vast knowledge about Africa. Well, I am 62 years old. We were taught about American History and World History in school. They taught us about all the countries. That’s amazing. — Thank you so much. — You’re welcome. — Have a wonderful evening. — You too. Alright. Bye. Hello guys. And welcome back to Ayo and Ebun Entertainment. We hope you guys had so much fun. We had so much fun here on the streets of Houston. It’s been amazing but also very cold. So, I can’t stay out too late because I don’t want to catch a flu. Guys, let us know in the comment section below. Tell us 3 African countries that you know. You have heard their answers. Now, let’s hear yours. Also, Kindly hit the like button, subscribe and share this video. GuYs, we have so much more in store for you. We love you. Have a great week friends and Peace Out!


  1. Check out the European Version.
    "Can Europeans name an African Country? ??"

  2. Retards, they all laugh and smile because they are stupid, Im white russisn and I know more than those retards.

  3. I think america is going down cuz of the yoth …the old americans are kinda smart nd thats what made america great in the past

  4. really???? and you find some Africans obsessed with Americans like hell???when i grow up i wanna visit Americans

  5. I feel bad for the black ppl who couldn't name them. I call these ppl lost ppl. Africa is their root. This is where they all come from

  6. Wow y'all are dumb a.f. …. Egypt Ghana Congo Morocco Camaroon Tunisia Libya Kenya The one who said Turkish is double dumb .Black people wake t.f. up!!!!

  7. Tanzania — Algeria — Ghana — Sudan — Chad — Kenya — Ethiopia — Egypt — Angola — Nigeria Botswana — Eritrea (can't spell that one) — Somalia — That's all I think of right now)

  8. we waste time studying european, american, asian history but some of them they do not know even one african country, that is very bad.

  9. America is in their place and in their home. If you not happy go home instead of laughing at americans twho gave you better life!

  10. Half of africa can not read or write, dont have shoes and do you, who came here for better life a tleast say thank you america and europa???

  11. Some people don't realize that Africa is a large continent with over 50 countries. I tell African folktales and I always bring my map of Africa and show exactly where the stories come from.

  12. Lol Turkey! No but Libia and Egypt are there. Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia Eitrae, Nigeria, Madagascar. I love culture, food, and people and Africa has a wonderful variety of them.

  13. Here we busy learning about american cities but they cant even name one african country ..our education system is fucked up

  14. Kenya
    South africa
    I know more but cant be bothered to write any more lol?

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  16. Im Kenyan currently in Dubai…someone will tell u i have a friend from Nigeria or Uganda (name any)and proceed to ask you Do you know him????I mean how im i supposed to know everyone in Africa ?

  17. White Americans know Africa better than black americans and they claim they r African like us ancestors stories and a lot of stories seriously I don't like black Americans they r very rude people behaves like don't have education.

  18. I'm from somalia
    I like these countries?

  19. I can see that old persons have good idea on the topic, but american youth, nothing, I can understand now that the problem of education exists everywhere

  20. Have been reading the comments someone asked were is Uganda,museveni buried uganda people don't know that country,Brendah USA

  21. i know this is an old video, but I'm glad I found it today. I've been concerned about this for a long time. We know nothing of Africa. I'm from Savannah, USA, Georgia and only a few know Africa. I will beat you to defend my Uganda, I will love you if you love Sierra Leone. I have personal diamonds in Namibia. But Mali is mysterious to me. Thank you for your video.

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