where's Gary Viceroy durante my girl is in the kitchen right now and he pranking her to them trust you I can get some geeks I'm John see if I can you know I mean try to bust some geeks in this video if this prank y'all know how I know I usually stop my pranks once they start to get a little freaky and all that I try to stop it today I'm not going to stop it I'm a child let it happen how much I give me some geeks I'm gonna be don't know I want a baby right now and pranks over I want a baby right now that may be we got it we got it we got it we got it in right now so really you saw the kitchen you come in here I said can you come in here goodbye what I had to deal the ever she's sending merch out to riddim people merch send your address name insides up she better send it to me the oakarina thoughts you consume me sit with me I'm say where daddy oh man I'm so my guy actually something yeah talk to you about something it's at the very important just added the Emmitt yeah they're just gonna choose random people and I sent it alright so basically you look in real life today when I woke up I saw you right and I'm like Dan you're looking real nice to them but you wouldn't really anything for me coming today thirteen people three hours ago screwed on your face I see how you feel oh that's how I feel no no what you're looking at my side this one for Sonny if something right now fool you mess to me a banana banana banana banana sushi so right you know how we hold you you know working real hard so I think it's time that we can actually pray have a baby who me and I think like not just take service I'm not saying start we're gonna do don't say it but baby right now like I'm trying getting some peace right now that is big our position no parents living room theater yeah so let me just as a baby the door there and over there a back door are you crazy listen we ain't gotta really do nothing crazy for me if you need quick me it doesn't matter you know insert you can just bend over rule put it like a man just you ain't gotta be no no lovemaking on it like we just had a baby quick I don't wanna be like that having a baby you two people are supposed to make love to each other I made love okay yeah Merrill no no when you're creating something all right let's make it love Eve you know that's me glove right here on this thing right here on this I grabbed it was my husband will do me yeah cuz he's posing my wife here 20 to lose their room 20 don't bet if you ever say some stuff like that again we're done you just say you can we'll find somebody else to do it guys I'm sorry in this leg right here oh come on stop these thighs yeah yeah yeah you know baby right now baby yes sir yes sir you're lucky I can't fire you don't crap my shit watch it uh we can't start like this no we can't go crap much better differently come on ready dad let's get it let's have his baby let's get this baby going baby J buddy be in this world come here let's get it take everything off you gotta take my boat we've gotta take my boat you got take the BB the BB Simon are designing that's the wrong way by the braking I think you did okay oh my god you got lucky does really happen what you serious about this huh you're the little this is not like you right now why would you be asking if you didn't want anything whoa come on move come on I just piss down as olive how am I supposed to put it in tell me I think at the whole what kind of boxer David can you move your hand you're making this a lot more difficult than there's these huge windows around here you're the one who yell get up stand up you talking leaning me over sit there lonely that homie give me ready give me give me give me ready get ready on you give me all right I can't believe is happening right now nothing's happening right now because you're not doing anything yes is that a cheek he has a cheek so why play games get to it huh you saw that look there's no book you're hurting me second corner on my cheek you wanna do this can you cover yourselves you come here here's my baby eat come to me geeks I can't if you wanna talk the Rhine I'm cold and somebody okay you gonna take my blood oh I can't you're gonna break your own home you're trying to pull them off spin Oh the vine your zipper is just ripped up the zippers leading the by my bleeding into the hole pants on breath what so Ananas with elongated you see it's fine not baby baby me enough upstairs in a room upstairs yes weird take it out Mary go you can do it alright sir I'm just chillin let you do it was that you do that do what is your problem look out stop moving I'm ready come on ready I'm ready huzzah huzzah huzzah oh here she comes here she comes Johnny here comes Johnny Oh Johnny oh let Johnny loose let Johnny who see what he do what you wanna do hmm what you want to do it you sew clothes for it to get ready you making this uh nearly they cool to be off in three seconds and now today you want it cuz I don't know you actually want it to right here like this is unusual alright come let's go upstairs great no stairs meet you hurry up my brain you better be on the bail ready for me coming up right now close jars just closing coming up here for the eat don't turn around don't turn around nothing what are you doing is ready for the banana hey you dying you have jeans on in a sweatshirt hi-yah hi-yah hi-yah I'm gonna go crazy in these you ready you're really ready for this baby ready for a baby now I'm gonna ask you want to make a boy or a girl are we making a boy or girl on an extra day yet all right let's get it mini Jay the mini Devon coming up no all right I gotta take something I'm sorry look um so the reason I'm installing is because hmm well if you um turn around you'll see something but don't get mad at me don't get mad at me cuz I'm a 1d zieks once this camera gets off oh you'll be recording this trying to make a fricking tape for people no really they'll want to do with you gonna put a tape out I'm not convert are your legs the arch is a pray oh right mmm

45 thoughts on “BRI IS ACTING WILD.. SAID SHE WAS READY RIGHT NOW! *Gone crazy*

  1. All you want is sex from her like those are the only pranks you do like that disrespectful like frfr treat her right like she doesn't want sex all the time

  2. Next time let it all happen not too far tho but just blur things out cuz it’s getting old of u just stoping her from doing her thing 😂

  3. Next time let it all happen not too far tho but just blur things out cuz it’s getting old of u just stoping her from doing her thing 😂

  4. For some reason ian never liked bri. Idc what anybody gotta say that's just me but to me she got issues and ion like her . Like her attitude is just a problem .

  5. Y’all are beautiful together , ii wish y’all the best of luck with each other .. ❤️ seen that you were a subscriber or at least ii think that’s what ii saw& ii was wondering if you could help us out & shout our channel out . we been together for almost 2 years and were both happy together .

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