100 thoughts on “Billy Idol – Mony Mony (Live) (Official Music Video)

  1. This man has got it fuckingbriillant listen this is brilliant on yersel bllly boy dicky fae Dundee HULLTOON Huns rool

  2. My granddaughters love current songs. Music was a big part of our lives. They didn't have a choice. They have been to more concerts than I have and I've been to a lot. That's what they want me to get them for their birthday's and holidays and that's just what I do.

  3. Here she comes now sayin' Mony Mony…
    Heyyyyyyy..Get laid,get Fuckeddddd!!
    Shoot'em down turn around come on Mony..
    Heyyyyyyy..Get LAID , GET FUCKED!!!

    You are a true BFI lover/fan If you remember that! 😉 THUMBS UP!

  4. The hot chick in red outfit ( keyboard player ) sure likes Billy rubbing up against her nice ass! Great song AWESOME! She has a very big smile as he rubs her ass! Fantastic song GREAT ROCK performer, still as good or better than he ever was!
    And after reading so many women commenting 'Billy is sexy' etc etc, well let me tell you the hot chick in red outfit that he is rubbing up against is pretty Damn tasty! She is hot hot HOT!! If she was any hotter she would spontaneously combust in to flames. Hmmm i wonder if Billy was doing the hot keyboard player red outfit she sure likes his attention!!!!

  5. I see him perform every year; Vegas,
    L. A. I just saw him in Illinois this past summer. He still brings it!!!! Read his book. Amazing!!

  6. I would really love to know, what todays teen generation really think first, if they hear and see these songs for the first time! And what they think about the Clothes…
    Come on, if you are around 20 years, tell me.. 🙂

  7. looked AHS, I think let’s see who they didn’t kill there …. fucked because of two arctic foxes you shouldn’t kill him? He has lyrics mostly shit, two normal songs only. For this you can kill and not such a legend

  8. Billy was never "idle"…..as can be seen in this vid……MTV days of actually playing……well….music videos!!!!!

  9. Great version released at the right time I wish in some way you could have capitalized on this even further. They always say go back to that RAW live sound and that's what he needs he is a great live singing entertainer

  10. My nickname is monie this song came out in 1968 i was born in 1966 i always felt this song was my personal anthem! Lol

  11. How many of you guys realize that most of his music was 50's riffs synthesized and this was a cover over a very progressive way ahead of its time song from the fifties. I was a big Idol fan for his stylistic ways and voice. SO not hating just stating the facts. He was cool as the other side of the pillow. But seen a guy earlier talking what a great musician he was.


  12. Por que esta version suena mejor que la version del disco? La otra parece cancion de panderetas respecto a esta hja hja ha ha esta tiene como mas ritmo, mas aceleracion.

  13. I wish cocaine was as acceptable today as it was back in the 80s 😄🤘 Rock drumming sure wears me the fuck out some nights

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