Billie Eilish On Why She Treats Fans Like Friends & How Life Has Changed Since Her Hit 'Ocean Eyes'

Billie Eilish On Why She Treats Fans Like Friends & How Life Has Changed Since Her Hit 'Ocean Eyes'

what was weird to me especially about it was that it was this song that I had put out because I could you know it was like my brother wrote it I sang it we sat in his room and like worked on it forever and like just were like let's just put this out was like the middle of the night I'm like a Wednesday you know it was not like we're gonna do this we're gonna put it out we're gonna have this person like here like it was like it's done so why not until we put it out completely randomly with like the download link like the free download link right there you could download it you could do whatever you want and it just was like you know got all people were hearing it and it got all these plays and I remember like being so pumped when it hit a thousand place I was like yes that's it like me and my brother high-five like right when we got a thousand because we just thought we made it you know a thousand is it you don't even need anything else but um it was it was really surreal and it's the kind of thing that like I say this a lot but it's like this kind of thing is like really hard to sort of process it anyway because it's like you can't you can't hold it you can't like look at it and have it be right in front of you it's like in this weird like your phone what that gave me what the hell is the internet like I don't know and like I don't know it's just like freaking surreal I don't know there was like a specific moment which was I was doing a photo shoot for Teen Vogue which was like insane and such a huge deal for me and I was just like doing it in the middle of like downtown I think and I was just standing on the side of the road and this car pulled over and this girl got out and she like she like stood there like it was like what's up and then she was like can I get a picture and I was like cool I was like do you think I'm Scarlett Johansson or something like uh that was I think that was definitely the moment where I was like oh so I'm not nothing maybe I am but a little more than nothing you know what I mean it's crazy it's just insane to me it's so insane and now like going out at all and like having anybody be like you know just recognize you for your art not even the way you look just be like give you recognition is what I mean you know that you make art because you want to make art you know it's not like anything artificial about it it's just the fact that I make what I make because I want to make it and the fact that like other people love that it's like incredible to me so it's insane you know I don't really like saying fans cuz I think we're all equal but like when I do shows it's like the fans there it's like they're with me I'm with them it's like a whole it's like one big thing if it was just me and I didn't you know I just like stayed away from all of them and like didn't want anything it's like what is that like the only reason you're there is because of them and it's the same with like my real friends and family and people that actually care about me and you know are in my life because I need them to be I sort of just try to keep up with them as much as possible and like at my shows I try to like just talk to people and like ask how their day was and like how they're feeling and what's on their mind because like I care about that part of them I don't care about a picture and being in a picture and signing something I just want to like talk to you and be with you and know you know what's going on in your head and sort of like be be in it you know why it's actually in sixth oh my god I can't even explain it because I remember I think I was 13 which was almost two days ago basically and I was sitting with like I was looking like a meeting which at 13 I was just like what what I I didn't know a thing about anything and I still don't really but I really didn't then and I remember somebody talking about like you know shows and like doing shows and going on tour and like whatever and I remember them talking about like yeah well like if you ever gone toward no I just thought about I was like I go on tour like I'm not gonna go on tour I'm like not there yet I'm never gonna be at that level like nobody's gonna come to my shows and I remember I had this first show that was like this little venue and I just didn't think anyone was gonna come because why would they and like tons of people showed up and like then it kept happening and then I kept doing shows and people showed up and I was like why aren't people here it's like it was insane and I don't even know what the heck I was saying just now but that's that and it's it's great but it's also like there are always parts that is just like you know it's really draining it's it's also really hard like it's a heart it's a job and you actually have to to work you can't just like float around and make money you know like and it's hard but it's like it always gets to a point that makes it worth it if that makes sense like no matter how much you want to die you don't realistically you really don't because it's rewarding you get to do shows for people that are like your family realistically or at least that's how I feel it's like this this whole group of people who are just there and in the moment with me and like feel me and I feel them and they're like you know I just think that's so amazing and that's the only reason I still do it you

47 thoughts on “Billie Eilish On Why She Treats Fans Like Friends & How Life Has Changed Since Her Hit 'Ocean Eyes'

  1. ya know, billie is so different unlike any artist, she wants us a connection with her and easy to interact with. And she want us like, to, be able to reach her, and thats what i like 😘😘😘 about her.

  2. I wish more Celebrities would think like this. I know at times this all becomes overwhelming. Fans and admirers are the reason Celebs are famous.

  3. 2:09 "having some one come up to you no matter what you look like"

    I would go up to billie and say Billie it doesn't matter if you got ance or you got jacked up teeth with some ugly braces, I would still go up to you. You are the BEST

  4. Omg…here’s the thing, I thought and still think if I met Billie she wouldn’t like me all that much

  5. I would love to talk to billie. I didn’t even want to take a picture. Talking to her would be the best thing that could happen to me😍

  6. 2019: yea, this is a big star. She has it all: sings, good to great songs, attractive, humble, funny, very photo genic, down to earth, and….she's beautiful.

  7. Guys i love billie i dont love her like i marry her as a friend i like her that i said that when i grow up im moving to calafrnya

  8. She is talking so nice about her fans… Really.. That need to mean us so much. And the most important is that she is not doing this because of money. She wants to touch us with her lyrics. There are not many celebrities who thinks like this little angel …I love her so much. <3 She treats us like family, that´s beautiful <3 She feels with us <3

  9. She has a better personality compared to most mainstream music artists that brag only about their fame.

  10. So that just means that she was not famous before ocean eyes which kind of makes sense because I've never heard her before but after ocean eyes I've been listening to her a lot lately

  11. Oh my gosh… I love how down to Earth she is. She is a very genuine human being.
    When she was referring to her fans as being equal to her, I felt that. 💯 #HollywoodDontRuinBillie

  12. I keep coming back to these interviews I love her so much. I really want one interview question to be "What do you think about becoming close friends with a fan you meet" or something along those lines

  13. billie: I think when I was 13, witch was almost 2 days ago-


  14. I just love her so much… shes so humble and an amazing person i cant wait to meet her one day ♥️♥️😍😘

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