43 thoughts on “Ben Johnson Wins Supporting Actor: 1972 Oscars

  1. ben acted for so long with the likes of mclaglan and wayne and other tall guys that it comes as a shock to see how really tall he is .same height as harris.

  2. So many great, quiet, understated Ben Johnson performances that led up to his flawless work in 'Last Picture Show.' I would also submit that several future performances of Johnson (as FBI G-Man Melvin Purvis in 'Dillinger,' a hard-bitten cowboy in 'Bite the Bullet,' the manipulative prison warden in 'The Getaway') were all also Oscar quality.
    My only beef here would be that Fernando Rey should have been on the list of nominees for 'The French Connection.' Also, people always forget how really good Paul Michael Glaser (yes, from TV's 'Starsky & Hutch') was in 'Fiddler on the Roof.' Director Norman Jewison cut Glaser's showstopper song at the end of the first half of the film (right before the intermission) due to the film's lengthy running time. I have always maintained that if that song were left in Glaser would've been an Oscar-nominee and his career would've been quite different. Check out the extras on the 'Fiddler' DVD.

  3. ben is quite tall richard harris who is 6 3 is the same height trouble with ben was he could steal a picture any time he wanted but wa always in scenes with even taller men like sellack and duke so i only noticed this now.brilliant screen actor any movie or tv show is enhanced by his brilliance

  4. Sally Kellerman seems to be saying "let me get my teeth into that Lost Horizon role and next year it's MY turn for the Oscar!!! Or, my career wiil take a meteoric crash to oblivion."

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