Are You Anointed or Just a Good Entertainer?

Are You Anointed or Just a Good Entertainer?

are you anointed with the Holy Spirit
when you minister to children or are you just entertaining them because you’re
really talented is there a difference between anointing and entertaining and
is it possible that most children’s ministers never even think about the
anointing never look for the anointing or even expect the anointing when they
minister to kids and does matter? well hi I’m Becky Fischer and I’m passionate
about bringing the presence of God into my children’s services because it is
only the anointing that breaks the yoke and every child has yokes that need to
be broken so if you’re interested in these types of topics on children’s
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what is the anointing well it’s a big subject and we’ve only got so much time
so I linked a couple of really great articles below in the description if you
want to search it out further also before we discuss the anointing in our
kids services let’s get some background on it let’s look into the Bible quickly
look at examples of King Saul and King David in the Old Testament because they
are the ones were most familiar with the term being anointed now Samuel the
Prophet anointed each one of them at different times to be the king of Israel
but to do this he poured oil on their heads which we know represents the Holy
Spirit now in the case of saw Samuel prophesied to him that when he did it
that the Spirit of the Lord was going to come powerfully upon you and you will
prophesy and be changed into a different person and it came to pass just like he
said something was gonna change in Saul and he would begin to operate
supernaturally in a power beyond his natural ability to function now saw was later rejected as king and as such he lost the
anointing and Samuel then turned around and 19 a young man named David to be
king now once again he poured oil on his head once again the symbol of the Holy
Spirit and the Bible says immediately the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully
upon David from that day on now do you ever wonder if you’d have been standing
there what would that have looked like did David’s countenance change did David
himself sense anything different was there change in the atmosphere
around them did the people standing around sense a change or was it just one
of those things the Bible says it was imperceptible just something that God
knew but the human standing around had no idea what was going on well
personally I believe people around them could sense something whether they could
see anything or not is another issue but there was a change in and on both men I
believe the anointing still impacts people in similar ways today today we
don’t have to have oil poured on our heads because as Christians the Holy
Spirit now resides on the inside of us if you’re a believer in Christ the Holy
Spirit dwells in you therefore the Holy Spirit or the anointing is in you all
the time sometimes we’re just more aware of it than others
now be sure and stick with me all the way to the end of this video because I’m
going to share five ways to help you increase the anointing in your services
so let’s ask ourselves the question what is the anointing anointing is a burden
removing and yoke breaking power of God that empowers a man or a woman to
function supernaturally to do things for him that they normally could not do on
their own so let’s break it down even further for the sake of this
conversation I’m gonna say when I sense the anointing
of the Holy Spirit in my life whether I’m teaching adults or kids I literally
feel his presence with me sometimes it’s strong sometimes I’m just aware he’s
there but as I get deeper into my sermons many times I feel his presence
getting stronger and more evident and more intense it reminds me of a time
when I was a children’s pastor and I was leading my kids in worship now we didn’t
have a live band in those days we just depended on CDs so we were playing this
one particular worship song in our service and the kids were entering in
real well when the music suddenly modulated up to another key do you know
what I mean by that musicians do this all the time in church and even in
secular music but this day when it happened I instantly felt an increase of
the presence of the Holy Spirit in the room and I never wanted to take his
presence for granted and I never wanted my kids to miss it because many times
they don’t know what they’re feeling or sensing around them and research says
most kids in our churches will tell you to their knowledge they’ve never felt
the presence of God so I wanted to make sure they were very aware of what had
just happened so I stopped the music and of course instantly all eyes were open
and on me and I said did you guys feel that and they just stared at me because
they had no idea what I was talking about I said did you notice that when
the music went up to a higher key that the presence of God just got stronger in
this room you could kind of see the wheels turning in their heads their eyes
got a little bit bigger and slowly a few of the kids began to nod their heads so
we played the song again so they could pay attention and it was a powerful
little instruction time on the presence of God a week later one of the moms came
in in to talk to me and she was smiling she says Becky Courtney and I were
driving in the car this week listening to some Christian music and one of the
songs went up to another key when all of a sudden Courtney hollered mom did you
feel that the presence of God just got stronger in this car or we both had a
good laugh but that the whole point we need our kids to
recognize the presence of God now if you are confused when I say is there an
anointing in your kids services and you have no idea what I’m talking about just
think of the worship music in your adult services what do you feel most of you
would say a strong presence of the Holy Spirit that’s the anointing it’s all
about his presence no matter how gifted and talented we as children’s ministers
are there’s nothing as entertaining as the presence of the Holy Spirit you can
be crazy gifted but only the anointing of the Holy Spirit can change children
into something new only the Holy Spirit can break the bondages of sin depression
fear abuse a suicide even and more in the life of a child one of my good
friends and mentors in children’s ministry is John Tasch
– many you probably know him I got connected with John years ago because he
was one of the only kids ministers at the time that I knew of that taught his
kids to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit so I invited him to my church one
year to hold a Vacation Bible School he it was top-notch he had a team with him
they played games every night for up to two hours and it just went on and on and
of course the kids absolutely loved that they were as professional as anything I
had ever seen they could easily have competed with the world in their genre
but because of his reputation I kept wanting to see the move of God in his
services he was a master at what he did and I can honestly say during those
games I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit then on a dime he stopped playing
the games and masterfully he began a powerful ten minute sermon maybe it was
15 minutes but it wasn’t long and he gave an altar call and the kids flooded
the altar the anointing was so strong in that place and for the next hour and a
half a hundred and 75 kids stayed at the altar in the presence of the Holy Spirit
crying and weeping and seeking God many got saved and
filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues it was a mind-blower I’d never
seen anything like it at that time when the conference was over I asked him John
why do you play so many games he paused he just looked me deep into the eyes and
said because I’m anointed to play games and he was now there’s nothing wrong
with entertainment when the Holy Spirit’s anointing is upon you and you
recognize that he’s the star of the show and your goal is to draw your kids into
the presence of God and children’s minister do not confuse the anointing
with an adrenaline rush they are completely different Strong’s
Concordance says that the anointing is a special endowment of the Holy Spirit to
endow means to equip rather prepare supply or provide someone with a special
ability to minister to others there can be as many special abilities to minister
as there are people especially in kids ministry in John’s case it was playing
games but we live in such an entertainment saturated Society my fear
is that we have honed our skills whatever they may be because they’re fun
and we love doing it and they’re exciting and we forget that it’s the
anointing or God’s supernatural presence that’s needed in our services we have to
often become entertainers instead of ministers and there is a difference I
was out of town one time over the weekend and I decided to visit a
children’s ministry service by a man who I was told as one of the best so I was
so excited because I always want to learn everything I can to become better
at what I do his room was excellently decorated with awesome staging in the
front it included an area for puppetry it was just really very well done so you
got excited just walking into the room and as he began his service you could
see he was really a creative and talented guy he acted out a comedy skit
he did a puppet skin he was a good actor a good puppeteer he did a fun activity
for scripture memorization and that’s good kids need to memorize Scripture and
I don’t remember what else that service but the service just went
on forever and I kept wondering when’s he going to get to the meet when is he
gonna get to the good stuff the Word of God my expectations have been set high
but I have to tell you as talented as this guy was I never one time felt an
ounce of the anointing of the Holy Spirit or his presence in that service
the kids were bored they were not engaged in what he was doing and he was
talented acts 10:38 said that God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy
Spirit and power and he went around doing good and healing all that were
under the power of the devil because God was with him the anointing will bring in
signs and wonders and miracles into your services kids will go home healed inside
and out they will be changed in his presence I would rather have the
presence of the Holy Spirit and a sense of his power any day than the best
entertainment we can muster and I love to entertain like everyone else signs
and wonders and changed lives will be some of the evidences of the anointing
in your services jesus said for the Spirit of the Lord is
upon me for he has anointed me to proclaim the good news to the poor
he sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight to the
blind to set the oppressed free he was anointed for that and so are we because
the Anointed One lives on the inside of us that’s what the anointing is for
there’s nothing wrong with good wholesome entertainment hone your skills
be the best you can be in whatever talent God has given you but never
sacrifice the anointing for entertainment in your children’s
services because it’s the anointing that’s going to change lives make having
his presence in your room your highest priority so I said I was going to give
you five tips on how to increase the anointing in your services so here we go
write them down number one fellowship with the Holy Spirit every day in your
Bible reading and in prayer you can’t give out what you don’t have
you can’t water others from a dry well if you want the anointing and his
presence you have to seek his presence number 2 – pray over your sermons and
services as intensely as you practice your skills and skits and magic tricks
ask God what he wants you to teach on and be quick to follow his leading don’t
just depend on oh well this is a really good object lesson I really want to do
this this week so I’m gonna do that no ask God what he wants you to do he will
give you some of the most anointed object lessons that you could have never
come up on your own he knows better than anyone what your kids need to hear each
week and what their hearts are hungry for number three invite the Holy Spirit
into your services then watch for his presence stay alert
pay attention and if you weren’t able to feel his presence in a service be
honest about it and when you get alone with God afterwards ask him to show you
what happened and what you need to change next time number four value and
cherish the anointing don’t grieve the Holy Spirit pushing him aside because
you want to showcase your skills and your gifts you’re not to be the focus in
your services he is teach your kids to watch for the anointing teach them what
the anointing is teach them what God’s presence feels like and what it looks
like and teach them to value the presence of the Holy Spirit then number
five then glorified Jesus take time to share testimonies about answered prayers
and miracles that you’ve heard about because this makes your kids hungry to
know more about Jesus and the Holy Spirit now I hope you learned something
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  1. I love it! I agree! Thanks Pastor Becky. You don't know how much you have helped me. This year marks 10 years that my Pastors asked me to be the director of our KidZ ministry. I read your book and saw your video and then started with your curriculum "hearing God's voice" and the KidZ enjoyed it and so did the teachers. Since then, our ministry has grown spiritually. We are seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance always. In fact, I tell my Pastors that the Holy Spirit is the Director and I just follow Him. I thought I'd share this little testimony with you. God bless you and your ministry.

  2. I love this!!! I agree and have always felt that childrens ministry needed to be viewed differently. Such an amazing time, to be with these little pure hearts💕
    Is your ministry school have you doing the teaching? You're AMAZING! I am looking forward to getting the courses. Holy Spirit inside is bringing such confirmation💗 I have," Hearing the Voice of God" I love it! It's so well done! If I could get every one, I would!!! I plan on it. Do you have an order that you recommend? The preschool one is gonna be the next. Thank You for all you're doing for the Kingdom of God!💗

  3. I agree, agree, agree!!! I wrote down almost all you said! Thank you Pastor Becky!!!! Looking forward to have sooo much more next week!

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