42 thoughts on “All Of The Stars – Ed Sheeran Lyrics

  1. When your heart aches for someone you never even dated but said they didn't like you. Or you are in love with a girl you know you don't deserve. It HURTS BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I always shed a tear whenever i listen to this song, reminds me so much of him…sleeping next to him & playing chasing cars & i knew i really loved him…i wish he was here with me😭.
    rest in peace my love.

  3. Imagine this: It's after Gus' death, and Hazel is in her room, and this song is about her reminiscing her times with Augustus. It's night, and she takes her daily dose of Phalanxifor, but it failed. The heart-rate monitor flatlines, and Mrs Lancaster notices it, and tells Hazel she'll see her in the morning, and all Hazel says is "okay", knowing that all the stars in the sky will guide her home.

  4. This song made me realize how madly I'm in love with my best friend, but she has a girlfriend now. I lost my chance to be with her, but I love her. She is the highlight of my day, I just love her too much. I know she's in a happy, loving relationship, and that I can't ruin her happiness. I love you, Isabel. I'm sorry I rejected you before I found out just how much I need you.

  5. If you have not found the one for you. Or no one seems to take interest in you, do not be discouraged. There is somebody out there in the stars for you. You just have to wait, God has great plans for you!

  6. Have a feeling I have heard this before (beautiful song 😭☺️) I feel like it's from the fault in our stars as it seems very fitting (stars, Amsterdam ect) but idk

  7. My boyfriend is at college in Idaho. And I’m in Florida. And he sent me the link and told me to go outside and lay on the beach where we’d lay and watch the stars. And said “each star that shines so bright is a new reason for us to keep this relationship strong, and the brightest one is your beauty.” ☹️❤️

  8. I don't trust this kind of relationship. Past is the past, don't try to consolidate and build up a new one from your broken heart. Another advice: stop dreaming and become a mature man or you will live in sorrow and torment until getting 70.

  9. This is to the man that introduced me to this wonderful voice, if you see this please know that I am thinking of you and what might have been , and for some reason I am posting in my sisters name, not sure how or why that happened.

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