31 thoughts on “Alessandro Moreschi sings Ave Maria (no scratch)

  1. It's more beautiful because the voice is coming from a man, imagine listening to this back in the eighteen hundreds live, it would left you in tears.

  2. Absolutely wonderful. It's not quite a lost art form. For any Doctor Who fans out there, believe it or not 'Vale Decem' was performed by a man.

  3. * "Head voice" is often confused with falsetto. Head, chest and throat voice were the original vocal register classifications, although today the term mostly describes high notes that are not strained (so not falsetto).

    Head/Chest/Throat voices are deprecated terms.


  4. Ave Maria!
    gratia plena
    Dominus tecum
    benedicta tua
    in mulieribus
    et benedictus
    fructus ventris tuus
    sancta Maria!
    sancta Maria!
    ora pro nobis
    nobis pecatorimus
    nunc et in hora
    in hora
    mortis nostrae

  5. Que criminales!!!! Castrar un niño para que se le quede la voz blanca, y poder sustituir las voces de mujeres en los coros católicos. Que verguenza!!!! Todavía cuando Verdi estrenó su Requiem en el coro no podía haber mujeres,
    como tiene notas tan agudas, Verdi escondió debajo del Coro las sopranos y mezzosopranos vestidas de hombre.

  6. Considering that this was 100 years or more ago that families paid other men to whip the balls off prepubescent boys no wonder it died out.
    I saw the movie based on the life of one extremely aka rock star castrati and I remember the scene where just before a newly docked boy kills himself by jumping off the balcony warns the others waiting don't listen to them.
    Getting boys to sing like girls. Does that scream pedophile to you? Imagine what the men were doing to them after hours ?

  7. Blessed Mother probably cried tears of sadness…… ( However, heard he was castrated w hernia operation???)

  8. Sad but so interesting and I am hooked I suppose his suffering and story can live on forever now at least he has legacy. Alessandro 🙏🏻

  9. I’m a girl and I just can’t imagine a guy without a dick

    Ok what I mean to say is I feel bad for the guy

  10. People who have gone to Music School – or people who have taken the time to research the subject – can understand it. That's the primary difference between Moreschi and James Bowman, who has cojones and sings from his head.

  11. I wonder how that would feel having no way of having a family of any kind probably terrible and would it hurt for ever when you touched the empty spot where it should be

  12. All castrato on google images look identical. I wonder if it stems from the hormonal issues they have during development.

  13. when I listen to this I get to very unsettling, creepy, eerie, and haunting feeling. It just creeps me out

  14. He is the last Castrato tenor to ever live. Of course, like his balls, he's long gone. But… he has left a legacy.

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