Actress Sunaina – Why is it important for a mother to voice out before she ends up into FRUSTRATION

Actress Sunaina – Why is it important for a mother to voice out before she ends up into FRUSTRATION

music of million moms introducing Sunaina Thank you, Thank you so much for your beautiful introduction. It’s not like praising back, but, I have learnt a lot about you. If I were in your position I would have not gone to the extent that you did for Million Moms Movements. So Hats off to you. Finally, we could here a voice of the women and most of the women are getting connected to it. when someone has bottled up their emotions they feel guilty even to express their anger. you have inspired so many people out here and I am so happy for that but, i wanna ask you what was your journey how did get that idea? i never expected it would become this big moment. There is lot of dearth in YouTube about women centric concept we need to fill up those blanks When I was working my boss asked us to just write few lines about Catering woman As i was not conceived so I was still working that point of time. people came up with few ideas like cooking, beauty tips, makeover your cupboard and all these stuff which I will never enjoy I get irritated when someone is there in the kitchen and imagine a camera beside me I would definitely spoil the show I Feel Women is more than a beauty A nail polish, Dosakaya pachadi and a home décor I am actually impatient, short tempered. I know am short tempered and I immediately calm down But something looks fishy and unnatural I can’t tolerate/entertain and keep my mouth shut that is how i got this idea. i just wrote down few points prepared a rough sketch and developed my first episode and took it to my manager with few suggestions he asked me to redo it again i didn’t even imagine that i would do all these episodes. Casually i just wrote and gave that’s it how would a women feel in this frustation After 2-3 episodes i realized neither a doctor nor a teacher or anyone can do this. I got to know that I had all these suppressed emotions and feelings after developing those two or three episodes. Its not my own feelings that I showing there Though we are held up with all the other activities in the world, running a home and juggling around is still a women’s job even today we don’t have “Working out mothers and working at home fathers” Why is that gender bias Why can’t women and men be treated as two separate individuals. Actually, A lot of maturity has been developed in me after the “Frustrated women” series I dont want to stop it not only fro mothers who are working from home, Though a woman is working somewhere, home responsibility is still on the mother No one is observing/ bothered about how much it’s harming the lady there Previously, people are called old once they cross 50-60 years. But now it’s come down to 35-40 years How can they even treat women as a small entity that has to keep all the house and makeover she every time People are taking women for granted where someone who is running the whole family, who is literally making lives of everyone around her, someone who is making sure their lives are going smoothly and not respecting them make me feel low. Once you have become a mother and you have two kids a girl and a boy. People certainly would give higher priority to the boys compared to girls How much do accept that all the dharma’s are written only for girls, like wearing a sari, put bindi, wearing bangles and looking traditional always. Why is nothing written for boys anywhere? But if we actually see, along with time there is a lot of change in everything starting from a grinder to guys dressing. But for a women everything is the same. nothing has changed Elderly people tell us not to wear jeans, western dresses and all I accept that we should wear socially acceptable dresses which are for our safety. That doesn’t mean that we always have to console our soul and suppress our feelings and why is it not applicable for boys. People who are doing correct and who are doing something different are facing the problem. No one is being left. What can be done and what should a mother do to overcome the bias? We talk about change, we also listen about change. But we don’t accept to be the change. When we see something different happening in the society we appreciate others doing it but we never change ourselves. We should stop suppressing ourselves first. We should reduce self pity and self sympathy I want to share my life story with you. Though its useful for one person, my life is successful Before I became mom I never knew the importance and I thought it would be a cakewalk But from the first day I conceived till now every day is a new experience to grow a child Unfortunately I had no one to support because my in-laws have their own business and my parents are old Instead of depending on somebody, I thought I alone will take care of my kid in this process, I have learnt a lot from it we will get obessed this was not the situation before my mother in law used to tell me… they dont even know how they grew up in joint families but in our generation, we the parents of single child or max of two kids and too much of knowledge about parents and certain conditions to grow your child.. i feel our own thought process will make us feel low. we don’t have “Let it go” attitude. A particular quantity, certain amount of calories, certain time for sleep if he/she wakes up half an hour early also some parents wont accept that and will keep trying to put them back to sleep… but that’s OK… if we don’t change our attitude we are not only spoiling their lives but also ours. we are not considering ourselves important at any point… especially women.. we have to getup early in the morning… pack husband’s and kids box.. feed the kids… get them ready for the school … in the whole process where is the time for your breakfast.. we skip… I actually did this for few days… then i got to know and now i take care how much time will it take or two idlis, how much time will it take to drink a Jawa 10 minutes for your tea and biscuits… if your kids are bothering you I started giving my son also a cup if your kids are bothering you I started giving my son also a cup of tea they will also drink and i am enjoying that moment right? small small things actually makes a lot of difference. As you were just telling if we dont eat properly energy levels lower down and we get frustrated easily to be more calm and composed the basic thing is… people at home should at least see weather she had her food or not.. i watched an episode of yours.. A mother-in-law calls you to check her son food or not and what did you cook for him? you easily get irritated…. you were absolutely correct at that point.. because… every house is facing the same situation… after a hectic day… no one will ask how you are and how did your day go? she enquirers about my husband(Pradeep) and how are they doing? I tell them… you call me and instead of asking about me … they enquire about the husband what is that logic? Are we responsible for your kid? did you marry me to an incapable person? that is the doubt I get? whom did u call? you should ask me first right? but, they never ask like that.. mothers only propagate this.. so, what do you want to say about that? women have become like a vacuum cleaner ok… from ages.. i grew up watching my mom like that.. intially i thought even i should behave like that… because that is what i have learnt but lately i learnt that’s not me and could make them understand very easily.. It doesn’t matter if you don’t make others understand It would be enough if we understand ourselves and work in a correct way… other person would definitely understand.. it’s not necessary that everyone should understand us.. exactly.. The only solution i would suggest is self pity self sympathy… few people will be state toppers everyone will have some or other arts… I am talking about acting… like this there is lot of people who can talk much better than me… few people sing beautifully why will all these talents become suppressed after marriage? most people think, who will take care of my husband and kids if I go? I feel … correct motherhood means to make the kid and husband stand on their legs and become responsible for their own. then your job is done.. Today you will do… but when you are sick or if you have to go somewhere or when you become old or in any situation which you cannot do then who will help your kid and husband? I want to clap actually (Laughs)… because everyone should understand this… means, that’s not at all great if everyone in your family is depending on you… that is your incapability.. to make people that what is your persona.. please, lets come out of that instinct…..lets respect our dharmas… But to an extent which has a correct meaning and has suitable for your lifestyle… instead, if you think out of the box and try to follow everything…. it would screw-up your life.. and later when you realize nothing will be in your hands and only thing which would be left is… you just have to pray for re-birth . what ever learnt would any way forgotten and repeat the same again… In “Enlightenment” the first thing they tell is… nobody has told to depend on all the Dharma.. they only tell…learn about yourself first… it’s no where told you have to work for other person for your lifetime and people who tell those words would have actually given enough knowledge and just to tell something extra then will add all those stuff in every religion… either in Buddhism or in Hinduism.. or any others… you have to self realize who are you… ? through your relationships… you will discover yourselfs.. like you told after developing these episodes i have learnt what is actually inside me that is called as true self realization.. that is what all the religions teach… it’s completely not about how much time you are spending in prayers… what dress you are wearing… its not about that No dharma is teaching us that Through your vocation… whatever you are good at you may be a good doctor, actor and whatever you are…. you can discover yourself even in the smallest work we do… so, i think especially mother should discover their talents… what they are good at… if they like doing something.. they should pursue it irrespective of whatever is the outscome… so, can you add a few points on that? Definitely… the first thing is reduce your self pity.. is your baby your choice… your husband choice or the societies? because, from here the actual problem starts… first we have know weather marriage was our choice or not? but Ok, marriage is done.. Fine … lets correct it… now.. whose choice is your baby? until and unless we want a child… we should not go ahead.. is my opinion Most of them will not agree for this point… but, its practical… and true… once the baby is in your hands you yourself should handle them…. don’t expect someone will help you this is the basic point… i am talking about constant monitoring… you may be having maids… but the responsibility is on mother…you may have one, two or none… but the burden is still on the mother… so, when can this be shared? right from Day 1 or when the baby is still in the womb in development stage educate… instruct.. everyone tells the same… people don’t take good (Sarcastically) first we have to educate the kid… the proper way to… behave instructing them constantly forget about what others are thinking… Today i am done for this… and i could do only this… or else today i don’t feel like doing anything may be i am not in that mood of doing that work… i will do that later.. all these things should be voiced out first… Next, you want to pursue your passion… start an inch… for example… lets talk about my story… not that I am doing very extraordinary I get frustrated too…. but the thing is… the only thing i continued Frustrated women series in single shot is that first thing… it takes very less time for editing… it hardly takes 10 minutes for an episode I need not search for any location in these concepts of mother and frustrated topics even if my kids interrupts also it will add with the flow… I thought all these and have done the series.. even I do have pressures For example… to make episodes and whatever but, I made it clear my personal feeling is how much ever I can I will manage my child God forbidden if something happens then i will take somebody’s help he is not that demanding baby… till now i never needed others help.. so, so, I made to my management very clear that… this is all i can do… and will do… if you are ok with it well and fine otherwise… lets see other alternatives… this is what I thought… without trying… until and unless I step out of the house I cant work and if i go out for work everything at home will become fishy is not at all correct…. Wonderful point… That was a very good point… by just assuming that something will happen and people are not trying to take the first step One more thing… Husband and wife are two different individuals…. we first used to say one heart and one soul one has to listen to others without their of thoughts and life All these stuff would be good to listen in a poetry… even I got inspired and choose my life partner after reading all these… but the thing is both are two different individuals… with two different mindset and thoughts… though they don’t have even a single thing in common they both can live happily the other thing… will my husband like if i do this and vice-versa what if i grow up my kid this way what to cook… do we seriously need all these complications don’t we( women) have life from the point of sacrificing for all the women everything stops there you should make it clear about your thoughts and likes that’s ok… both of them can discussion have our own opinions and then go ahead Sometimes even our opinions doesn’t match… but that’s completely fine and, why should our opinions match? we both didn’t come from one womb as we all know …identical twins who come from the womb have two different thoughts and feelings.. and it’s very important to have a voice… talk about your issue and don’t be afraid about others opinions for every good or bad people will have their own opinions but, its absolutely fine… for example i will take sarees only we all know how much craving and passion all the women have for clothing.. if your husband didn’t like a saree which you are about to buy we will explain and convince him in all possible ways and will definitely buy that saree when you are very particular about a single saree why don’t women have that courage when it comes to career or life? (laughs and claps) either we are lazy to go out and looking for reasons or we have stopped loving ourselves.. how many people love themselves first? how many of us do self grooming after we become a mother? how many of us do nails filing? i like something I like wearing rings western clothes… i like to hangout and have an ice-cream everyone have some or the other like this…. but how many of them are fulfilling that actually? why do we restrict? please don’t blame for this… kids will never behave arrogantly and naughty they just seek your attention just because we like a movie or a show… though we are not supposed to watch in front of elders but still we watch it in front of them how come you will not let go such things? I first stopped those when I was conceived… yes, i don’t switch on TV much I switch it on for 10 minutes which he is having his food because even my purpose should also be solved few times he even will have food without watching TV he watches his favorite spiritual, devotional stories sometimes he will also watch my episodes. other than that… i will don’t keep watching continuously movie/TV , talking on phones, or chat …. I check my mobiles only when he is asleep i am not on social media because, to run/ promote frustrated women page Television is already there… so which ever is unnecessary we have to avoid them… sacrificing your life completely is good, after 40,when we sit with a group of women and regret about things which we have scarified for our husbands our kids that self pity and that false life should stop… what are you? A women can be bold… there is nothing wrong in that… unless and until we don’t do anything which is socially not acceptable… you can be what you are… that’s ok… especially when a mother is expecting..everybody even an unknown person will stop by and will start giving advises…. I mean literally everyone…. that means…. she has the capacity to give birth to a child…. cant she manage herself the advises which society is giving how do you tackle it? see I will tell you my story… my first baby couldn’t survive because he had some health issues but that soo difficult…. i didn’t have enough knowledge… ok… that’s over… lets leave it… after that i had my own issues before getting pregnant but, i always wanted a baby because I like children a lot and all i wanted to give life to a soul… i wanted a life long companion… a friend… so that’s the reason for my pregnancy… few things like… don’t sit down… do get up fast… eat for two… why do i have to eat for two… Doctors keep telling right… kids if they are hungry they eat from our blood also….so they should actually tell eat sufficiently… instead we here people telling eat for two, three… drink one liter milk(sarcastically)… then every part of our body will be filled with fat and we will definitely feel lazy we should actually be active at this point correct… no other country treats a pregnant women this way… even in pregnancy most of them maintain their fitness…. but with us.. people become overwhelmed and once they are conceived people start treating them as a patient…. population has increased (laughs and smiles) too much of minds have increased people are most bothered about others… they find it interesting. that is the reason for TV-shows coming so flourished… being an actor I shouldn’t talk this way…but the thing is we are interested in other lives. Till delivery i did my own things… i never followed any rules… as discussed earlier… even my doctor didn’t suggest me anything… mine was normal delivery… even i had a history i should be afraid right? I carried him till 10th month suddenly during delivery… his heart beat came down to 32 because… he had a chord around his neck… then immediately they have done an emergency C- Section I was waiting to see my baby… literally they didn’t even show his face.. they took him to the hospital… once week he was there…i had my C-section… I didnt even take rest today if i was discharged….. immediate day i was with him in the other hospital to feed milk to the baby. because, baby has to have the milk and also I am able to give whats wrong…. people tell C-section means you should take rest at least for the first 3-4 months… But, i was just sitting didn’t even lay down… but later i had to face few complications….but i took care of my baby… everyone has to face the problems… you will not have everyday blossoming…. every morning with bright light, colorful and extraordinary… (laughs and smiles) before getting your periods especially when people have certain issues and feel dull and depressing.. suddenly we start crying some times we get irritated even for the smallest things on our kids.. my husband is a victim I literally shout… first, we need to accept ourselves and those thought and the people around you would keep giving something or the other advise. for the fist six months they asked me not to feed anything to the baby other than mother’s milk I followed that after that they said No Banana no curd asked me feed rice very softly( almost in liquid state) will we even feel like eating that? then how will they eat without salt… not even little spice and later you blame them that he is not eating any vegetables… how fair is that? you have actually told a very correct point.. because they tell mothers intially for the first 6 months so that they would get used it … people continue it for 2 years and the kid will not be used to the food as it would have been habituated they have to understand there is a limit for that that too till they get their teeth on they get their teeth… they should chew on if not later when they have to eat some fiber food they would definitely reject that… i made sure and followed that for six months I used to get enough milk few times because, i conceived after 30 my husband gave me an idea… from 4th month he asked me give formula milk in little quantity and try feeding the kid and everything was fine… from 4th month i started giving one meal wit formula milk how much milk can i drink to feed him… 2 liters or 3 liters? (laughs ) we just kept that for ourselves and with my husbands encouragement even i was happy doing that after six months i started giving him soft rice first with all handful of dal handful of rice cooked softly… i never grinded food for him… but i used to cook very softly and make it even soft either with clean hands or spoon… for month.. every four days i used feed him with a vegetable.. once with carrot once beans… palak i used to add tomatoes for taste that’s my recepie any dal handful.. handful rice… half tomato… small beans…little Ajawon and salt to taste … little jeera.. only a pinch not more than that… and cook properly once cooked remove the top layer of the tomato make everything soft… if he is not able to chew i used to seive that and feed him.. slowly i started thickening the consistency and feed him.. by one year two months… he was almost having like the way we usually have he used to have beetroot, bitter guard, we will have mix of white and brown rice… i give him that only nothing extraordinary.. He will have Dal, fried rice, alubath, Rajma, initially he used to eat rajma little slowly normal food he used to have within 10 -15 min… but for rajma he took 45 min… but that’s OK, I fed him with all the teeth he have he should be able to chew. Teeth are given to chew only…. and i surely believe… when we relish our taste then only the kids brain starts developing after that only he would be able to talk properly and start understanding things and can increase our communication medium from the very small age we should make them eat all kinds of food.. we should stop listening and believing the wrong myths… and another thing.. watching TV as you said, you stopped watching once you had the kid,because we cant expect them not to see when we are watching.. do you want to talk more about it? yea definitely…. See, i personally follow this and it worked for me… we keep listening to complaints like, my kid is very naughty… he talks beyond his age… even a 5 year kid understands the relationship of marriage, those cunning looks, talking beyond his age and all these stuff…. From where is he learning ? ok, lets guess he is learning from the school, he is not going to school immediately after birth right? for the first three years he stays at home only right? Ok, lets cut it down to two and half years only…. from where is he learning? either you would be talking at home about your husband or in-laws with your parents while feeding the kid… criticizing your husband… either you are doing that or you would be watching all these rubbish in the Television… i will ask openly what is that language and comedy are they using in the latest movies or shows ? and people are advising me to watch those… I will watch them definetly only when i make sure that he is asleep… and I play with him when he is awake he doesn’t trouble me much… he will sit with me, talk to me, even i will keep telling something or the other… few times I also sing for him… even he tries singing along with me… now he can sing all the “Sarali Swaras”… he was born with tongue tie.. doctors suggested a surgery and told if not it would be difficult for him to talk… i couldn’t trust and I was strong that he would definitely get if I try i take him to Bhagavath Geetha classes and the worst part is people criticize me for taking him to the classes like what will the kid understand…. Why cant you watch in TV… what will he understnad in Bhagavath Geetha you talk to him, but will he even understand? basically that’s nothing…. people will always want to taunt you either you do good or bad… they tell in such a way that… other than what we are doing everything in the world is correct… when we want something we try our best and get that done… then in the same way why cant we focus with the same amount of energy on our own health… True..!! for example some gold ornament is similarly designed in Diamonds with all color stones in it… and you also have enough money to buy you already have 3 or 4 sets already at home… but, will you stop buying this ornament… we will create ocassions and buy that if you don’t want your health, your life your mental peace, your attitude, your recognition , in yourself to go down… then you should have more passion for health than ornaments and dresses… people will not understand eventually, you will get it even from my your mother…. even my mother taunts me sometimes…. I am not telling in a negative way… that’s the truth actually… we always keep talking about our in-laws only… what we have to realize is … for today’s generation… the problem will be from our mothers also Exactly…!! My mother was the person who encouraged me till i grew up… once i got married and gave birth to a kid I worked on a movie the first call i got was from my mother, and she was asking how will you leave the kid and go? My reply was “His father(Vinay) will take care of him” she replied” vinay doesn’t know much” then i told her because of him only I could give birth to my child… Now cant he manage the kid? my mother told he may not understand his hunger and feeds him lately… I told her “that’s OK , at least he will feed”. the kid will also understand the value other than that nothing will happen… Once, when my kid was not feeling well, I met a doctor literally he went out of food and was having nothing There the doctor told… even for a week if the kid is not having anything, they will have the capacity to survive the only thing is we don’t accept that. first point what are our problems? 80% of them will be created us… only 20% will be realistic… by living in such fashioned apartments and able to wear decent dresses and eat properly, why should we talk badly about our in-laws, husbands and parents… There is an ampere among blood relations… then how will you not expect it with your In-laws Definitely… There will be up’s and Down’s with every human relationships… it would be the same with even a husband and wife Definitely.. just when we gain maturity and stop bothering about small things and move on…then we will have mental peace.. yea, thats true… but, ideally when we watch movies and what we think is…. everything they show in movies is before marriage life none of them will will show you the reality of after marriage… and we imagine our lives in the same cinematic form and when its not that way we feel bad and get depressed… either in arrange marriage or love marriage we think it’s our fault and we have done some mistake… instead of worrying of all those small issues… and try to focus on our health first. we always give a routine answer… that we don’t have time… and we spend hours and hours together to worry about things…instead if you think, can i just get out can i go out and do exercise… with exercise we can control our anger, frustration, for every emotion exercise is such a beautiful tool…This is tool which we can get without spending even a penny… which we don’t use and keep blaming someone or the other. I follow this i usually wake up little early @ 7:00 am… not before that because at present i need not wake up early and will leave it about the future. by 8: 30 i will complete all the household work, have my breakfast , relax for sometime, feed my baby, pack box for my husband, though its necessary or not I make sure I do those… I will become lazy if i dont do even such small work… after my husband leaves for office..i find time for myself and will do 15 Surya Namaskara’s… even my kid does along with me… now there is no point that my kid is disturbing me.. we should communicate correctly with them… for sometime i listen to songs… will take a nap along with him in the afternoon, then evening i will have something and will feed him something, and go out meet and talk to people around and play with small kids or talk to elderly people… I mingle very rarely with my age people.. when we were a kid we didn’t enjoy much as we grew up age became a factor for us. I will wear all the clothes which i am comfortable in, and will eat properly.. if i feel like, i would go out and come… whenever I feel low…. I accept that …. yes… Sometimes I dont even know the reason… but that’s OK… I even tell sai about this… I tell him not to irritate me more as I am in a bad mood…. I dont bother about others feelings and take lot of stress untill I feel that I am doing something wrong… That’s it… we unnecessarily complicate such a simple life … we here people telling we stay back at home for kids….. I want to give a free advise to all the mothers… your child’s psychological, physical environmental, spiritual and social… we should check… weather we are able to meet these five elements in our kids or not… unnecessarily dont force your child… it may be with food ,studies or whatever… there is nothing wrong in showing a mobile phone to your kid… why do you give it to him and send him to play… Actuallly the mobile manufactures itself warn people not to use mobile phones for more than 2 hours in a day… people keep using it continuously from morning to evening… we can’t use it for so many hours… Just for you or your kid to be held up with phones, you need not stay at home that is not considered under taking care of a child…. we should take care in such a way that your child is growing, is he able to manage things without troubling others, I am not against anything but not considering all the luxuries but, we should check weather he behaving the same with both who are socially down and in need of someones help and the same with HI-level people… are you able to teach him correctly…. if possible try teaching these things to them… not that he will learn 100%… but we should try our best to teach him the good… instead…simply wasting the time is of no use… The moment you became a mother… immediately did you back to work or was there any lag? how did you handle that time… because most of the mothers… sacrificing their career for 2 to 3 years is fine instead but even after sending them to school and sacrifice their whole life to get back they will lose their self confidence and will not be able to continue but the same women would have been toppers at school, would have been good at something… though they were in some high position and worry about their pay, or about what others think… I am not good enough… if i join back I will become a junior for all those I worked with… all these thoughts will stop them from going out and working… So, what do you wanna say for those kind of people… first thing is… If you are working that doesn’t mean everyone should earn one lakh… even today I dont earn that much… most of them think because of the videos i am earning in lakhs… but NO we wont even get… people who are earning are lucky, but if you are working for a company you will definitely not get that much… one more thing is, there would be lot of considerations… once i became a mother… i felt that i should take care of him based on his conditions… I didn’t find any logic, but after so much struggle … leaving him for 9 -10 hours and coming back… i was not comfortable and didn’t find it worthy… so, I wanted to balance life along with taking care of him… when
I started Frustrated women series… even i didn’t expect such a huge response… and wantedly after marriage I didn’t even take a break… I just got into radio and after that I gave a break for couple of years as I was vexed doing all the make up and stuff as I was doing from my very early age… after I had few issues like pregnancy and all..and I didn’t have proper guidance to plan my career I have done many art jobs.. like giving my voice for others in movies and series… but i didn’t know how to get settled in one company…I should thank Swapna garu for that…. she was the person who recognized and encouraged me I have joined as a voice over artist… But except that I used to do the remaining….(Laughs) but the thing is after this series started.. i never expected it to be a success… I was never career oriented.. nobody will believe this…but this is the reality… for me I used to like my art and eventually I started respecting my interest But now, any chance I get related to my art… I would definitely not leave it and I am independent.. Suppose I wanted to buy a dress worth 5000rs ring costing 40,000 I feel more proud If i buy them with my own money instead of borrowing from my husband… this is one of the reason… after my delivery I took a break for 3 months Obviously…!! after that I went back. Not because what will they think but I wanted to tell them “Sir, this is my situation, all you need is a quality output weather my presence is there in the office or not, How much are you willing to pay ?”. This is my limitation as of now . I will surely come to work… once my kid has grown up to at least 2 class and he is able to express his feelings, then I can. There are lot of sexual abuses happening these days.. not only on girls… but also on boys… there will be a lot of negative impact on them… when a second and third class child is getting to know everything… and how cruel and criminal will those thoughts be…. good and bad touch is not only with big people… actually I am very sorry to say this…. literally I saw two children doing with their fellow girl child…. how will this happen and who are blamed for this? Instead of blaming somebody… as a mother I was not correct and couldn’t handle him properly… so, I didn’t want all these to happen with my kid… All this knowledge old people cant give them and so I decided to stay back and teach him personally… and I also took help of my husband if I had any shoots in the weekend or any works or any other movies will you support me? He was very encouraging and just said “Yea please go ahead, I will do that” Recently I have acted in a movie also an important role in Nandhini Reddy’s direction, with Samantha and the movie named “Oh! baby” Tag line was ” entha sakkaga unnave” She herself called me personally and gave me that chance… he took a leave for 6 days… how much ever I could do for him… I used to and leave for the shoots he took care and slowly everything fell in place.. I…. totally believe in “law of attraction”… see everything was interlinked… I wanted it and everything on its own fell in place.. Everyone understanding… my husband’s support… the kid being calm and matured… even me getting an opportunities which suited my life… and I dont Bombard… dont stretch… my sister taught me a lot… whatever I am today is because of her… she is a practical person… she keeps telling me.. she stays in Australia and she is 16 years elder to me…. she doesn’t tell softly but those words always reached my heart she says “don’t stretch” That’s OK, even if you have a small limitation… that’s ok though your house is messy for a day…. that’s fine even you are not able to feed him on time… That’s OK if you dont pack box for your husband… that’s fine if didn’t wanted to do any work but just wanted to sit and relax… that’s ok to pamper your self… But, you should love yourself… Never stop loving yourself.. so, i just continued with it. I did had my guilt’s as a mother..

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