Actress Emma Stone ‘For The First Time In History We Have A Pres

Actress Emma Stone: �For The First Time
In History We Have A President That�� Hollywood star Emma Stone shared her opinion
recently about the political situation in the US and commented President Trump�s controversial
actions. Emma Stone stated that she is usually not
�involved in politics�, but current political events do have an effect on her which is why
she felt the need to say her opinion about them. She stated: �I simply want what�s best
for our nation. I admit that at first I wanted Hillary to
win, but with time I understood that America made a great choice with Donald Trump.�
�I understand that people don�t like him � I really do. At first I didn�t either, but he became
our President so what we need to do is stand behind him in times like this.� �Hatred is the last thing we need nowadays,
we must unite. I feel that Donald Trump is doing everything
he can to improve our nation, you might just want to respect him and stay patient.� Emma Stone also stated that there is nothing
wrong if you give someone a chance.�I don�t know. I think that people need to stay patient for
a while and see what happens. People are too nervous these days. There is no need for that.�
�Let�s give him a chance. So far he�s doing ok and I really believe
that for the first time in history we have a President that can change this country for
the better.� What do you think about this? Share this story and leave a comment below.

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