Actors on Actors presented by Autograph Collection: Michael Sheen & Bob Odenkirk - Full Version

Actors on Actors presented by Autograph Collection: Michael Sheen & Bob Odenkirk – Full Version

okay so let's talk about acting were you the first choice to play soil it's odd to sort of think of anyone else playing that part no but way back at the beginning of Breaking Bad how did that ties that hold that Sharon bialy had me at the top of the list and that Peter Gould who wrote the episode called medical saw said wow that's like that's who I was imagining so before they plant or discussed it two different people had thought of before which is weird to me because I never understood why they gave me the role but Vince told me no mr. show really it was mr. show that did it what what piece from mr. show I don't know I mean we did we were being very broad and silly and I was just doing sketch acting the other day with David Cross were doing four half hours and it is very different I've sort of been going around saying there's similarities and it's all about commitment and oh my god it's so dad it's so different yeah because you can just be a big idiot in sketch comedy all right let me ask you this after all your features the Queen damned United frost/nixon and there's 20 more that I haven't seen I thought your favorite Twilight Twilight come on come on I wasn't gonna say it saving it for the end I know you got a little emotion you know here I don't know my life and now you are doing a role that is a very a character who's very contained well yeah that was one of the things that that made me want to play the coda because you're so different to anyone I'd ever played before I never thought I was interesting enough to play a character where there's not more going on on the outside to just play a character where it's all going on underneath and you don't really show it so much that was quite scary but also quite attractive to begin with and as the show progresses we see these sides of film well that was the challenge and that's why I would really only have played this character in this medium because I think over a 90 minute or you know ten minute yeah you can't reveal stuff you have to do like shortcut ways of showing and what I got interested in was the idea of someone who to begin with was so cold and difficult to read and kind of alienating but by the end of his life people were saying that he was this very warm man that everyone really liked very much and that so they'd been this complete changeover is it's almost the reverse of Breaking Bad in a way where you go from being this very difficult person yeah becoming someone who was much more likeable and I like that idea and I thought well I'd really liked it because of the way episodic TV is going certainly on cable where you can really get into the complexity of people more I thought that would be an interesting chance to take someone who's so difficult to like to begin with and can you really uncover all the complexity over a long period of time so as our view firm then moving from none of what I asked you is applicable to me nothing I got a phone call you want to play this character he's a sleazy lawyer I can do that I think huh and then I sort of find out that it's really an intense drama if everybody's playing it super intensely and kind of quiet and deeply you know and I show up and I'm having a good time doing it and trying to modulate myself to the room I'm in with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul and a gun and people like you know people like Saul you know okay the only seem like a real person I mean from from the beginning you always totally believed that this was a real man with a real life and that the I mean I think one of the things that I always thought about the original series of Breaking Bad was for all its drama and it's and it's kind of scariness and the kind of high stakes where it always had a kind of Ryne us about there was always a real strong reign of comedy not cool out an outcome no I know exactly Saul see I kind of embody that yeah there and there's episodes of Breaking Bad that harrowing and let's get frightening and then you watch them with in a different mood and they're hilarious yeah so it's like it depends what how you're watching it I guess this this show it's lighter in general and he's a much more likable character mm-hmm and I didn't know any of that stuff I didn't know what they were going to do I just trusted Vince Gilligan and you didn't have any no with the no no I didn't help I woke up one of the things that was great about Breaking Bad was really being an actor with a lot of work to do with a group of very serious performers and writers and I'm not a producer I'm not the writer I'm not the director I have to just be this guy and immerse myself in his moment and I don't have to worry about any of the other stuff and I do have to put a lot of energy and focus into this one you know side of making a movie or a television show or a story which I am I haven't had a lot of in my career I've had a lot where I'm the writer and an actor director maybe an actor writer producer you know and so it was just really a relief to just be able to play a part and commit myself to it and I enjoyed immersing myself in and challenging myself to do the lines exactly as written my advise career yeah I usually wrote most the stuff that I did yeah and in comedy you're much more apt to go can I just say this yeah different I just want to say it differently in people like I don't care as long as the intentions there with Breaking Bad and certainly with saw with better call Saul that I mean everything is written if you ask about a line if you ask you know why do I say good to see you instead of help just hello they'll say oh well because they fought through every word so that's kind of great and it's kind of what it what's been great is to take these monologues and and the lines which aren't spoken not the way I speak and figure out how to do them and try to make them natural it's called acting upon me it's new to me one of the dangers I found with playing a character for a long period of time is that at a certain point you start to feel like well I'm the expert on this character now yeah I mean when I first started I didn't really know this card was and now now I'm the expert and if anything comes along in the script that doesn't quite chain with what I think it should be like my instinct is to go no that's not right that doesn't work and I real and I was thinking about this in the last season was the the danger is you don't allow yourself to be surprised by your character any more that I can I can start to and people will kind of go oh well he knows Michael will know Yeah right he's the one and you've got to allow yourself over a long period of time I think to be surprised but well that's word if the shows were doing and it's a new era of TV I'm sure that Matlock if Andy Griffith said Matt like wouldn't say that mmm he was probably right yeah because the character was not changing exactly yeah it's not the point man we're not change that for long-running series the point was the character should stay the same Yeah right tune in every week and they all grow back yeah yeah yeah I would not like that but I I don't feel like I know this guy I don't know where it's going and I still think that people are like well he's gonna be Saul Goodman you know I mean he's gonna end up being that guy and I'm like well not really he saw Goodman was a front and even told Walter White when he met him it's not my name and you know you look at his office it's it's a it's a set and he built inside of a mini-mall so we don't really know who he was during Breaking Bad so I don't feel like I know him I hope I never feel like I completely know him and that he's always discovering new things about himself and changing and that's how I'll get through doing hopefully years of the character it's interesting because it's that's similar in a way to even though you're playing a fictional character and I'm playing someone who's based on a real person having what actually happened in the real bill masters life there you people tend to think that that kind of limits what you can do you got it but actually it helps because it makes me then go right well how can you surprise even though we know the facts of what happened what is surprising about that how can you totally wrong for an audience right into they they think they know what's going on but actually they don't know and I guess that's similar if you already have hoops all in quotation marks is in Breaking Bad looming ahead you'd think that it's limiting but actually it's not what you saying is it's liberating you it's you never know who he is he's constantly shifting thing and there's what he appears to be and what yeah she is underneath and I think that's sort of similar to my experience with Bill as well well people have asked me what role changed my career and what role changed your career but the one I'm doing yeah it's obvious right back at you what role changed your career well that would probably be when I played Tony Blair in the queer that was the film that made people kind of certainly over here but I feel like you did a lot before the Lord and I've done I've got I feel like I've got lots of different careers in a way right understood I was sort of I guess seen because of the theater thing I was seen as being you know a theatre actor a respectable serious actor how about American audiences and your career what do they know well like Liz I've seen a lot of your work because I just read a lot of movie reviews and you know many your films have been very well received and well thank you very much yeah reviewed and yeah thank you um well I feel like there's there's a little many you yeah my dad did that wants to a car sale I'll never forget it was so weird it's a nice car thank you I'm not complimenting you like what would be so bad say that right to someone's face your dad yeah

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  1. Amazing actors, both of them. And I honestly think they're both very attractive men as well; so much charisma and magnetism. <3 Masters of Sex and Better Call Saul are some of my all-time favourite shows.

  2. I absolutely adore Michael Sheen.Ā Ā I haven't seen everything that he has done, but my favorite film is "Unthinkable."Ā Ā It's one of those rareĀ times when I felt sympathetic for a characterĀ that has done terrible things.

  3. The brilliant thing about the character of Saul is that you got a real sense that the stuff going on in Breaking Bad was just PART of the madness in his life – that he'd had a lot going on before, during, and afterward that we didn't even know about.

  4. I just recently got the hots for Micheal Sheen ,probably becuz he plays such studly rolls in the Underworld movies?! I don't care what anyone says, I thought all of them were good except The Awakening, But, hes such a good actor, I think anyways.

  5. …..ThisĀ  isĀ  DeliciousĀ  andĀ  aĀ  valuableĀ  source of infoĀ  forĀ  all: Actors Writers, DirectorsĀ  andĀ  anyone.Ā Ā  Very Cool….ThanksĀ  Variety.

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