1. It's rather too funny what a culture allows and when. During earlier ages, say the 16th century, men wore codpieces — whose only function was to make their package look bigger. And many had their portraits painted wearing the codpiece in their portraits. And many of the codpieces in those portraits were so large they couldn't be missed. So now we live in an age where we like to pretend there's nothing down there at all.

  2. What's the problem?  It can be a fashion statement.  Also, 60 years ago when my dad went in a men's clothing store to buy a suit or pair of pants, the male clerk asked him which side he dressed on.  he dressed on the left.  The clerk would select a pair of pants when the left leg was wider for the very purpose of not bulging.  Of course, most of us have to select off the rack…and usually low-rise in stead of high-waist pants.  I, like my father, prefer long-waist so a man does not have the problem of bulging.  Of course, rarely do the have the opportunity of buying American made…and I haven't seen a tailor who makes pants or suits in years.  So, let men bulge.

  3. I have very often said that if my penis were amazingly large and oversized, I would definitely flaunt it.  I would go commando as often as possible and leave worry about how I show or don't show to the wind.  It's my dick, for gosh sakes.  My arm shows, my big friggin nose shows, my ears, warts, moles, nose hairs, dry elbows, knobby knees, bunions, balls and dick.  Get over it already.  WALK THOSE BOYS!!  Who needs to have their balls stuck to their leg and the head of their cock all pinched in case somebody cops a look.  Good heavens.  It's America.  Land of the free.  Let em flop.

  4. Sorry guys. But I am a man crotch watcher. Love a big bulging crotch. Jon Hamm is gorgeous. He is #1. Don't intend to affend but man if you show it. I'm sure gonna look at it. Love you men. Keep them crotches big.

  5. What is the big deal with Jon penis there are other well endow men Jon is not the only one out there.

  6. HaHa! It IS distracting, and a great way to test the "curiosity" level of other guys…The reaction to look is hard to hide, the mouth can say no but the eyes never lie! 🙂

  7. The pool side pic in his shorts showed nothing comparable to the clothed wearing shots obviously shoves a sock down his kex.

  8. Wow….description begging for drama much?  One woman was sobbing because of the situation?  Seriously.  Why not claim that she was suicidal over it?

  9. I have no idea who Jon Hamm is but hiding a man's package isn't new in Hollywood.  If I recall many years ago Evander Holyfield did some underwear commercials and had to stand with one leg up because his package was enormous.  And in Superman, Brandon Routh had to have his bulge CGI'd out. Most of the time though if a man is showing they just won't film him below the chest. Its not considered as "appropriate" as huge tits.

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