Actor Vijay Chander Exclusive Interview | Time to Talk | Frankly Speaking | YOYO TV Channel

Actor Vijay Chander Exclusive Interview | Time to Talk | Frankly Speaking | YOYO TV Channel

or economic panel by panel debate is Hermes any career me serum across America including G Ramachandran Mura serum ro you know Connor is Jesus Christ character at cinema Titanic II am the dairy Michael Oh chimney record I know Jason hypothetically cinnamon or antipathy wait a lamppost ariselu Mosconi mera dil mera salute anaconda me record mark on his head and it was I'm a banana cyber bunny maybe a military statement of which are accountable shape cinema the scenes of the waiting – on solver tell me to face five years Nagarjuna Guerra characteristic materialization Celente or disconnect in the Jag anatomy consist of jagged intestine this in the mutant East you see now ingest antipope i put the politics law already industry love with kill cells such as good night Dean Delaney that goes now certainly the routine and usually with Rekha afterwards resource of the Oh Jenifer you do we will Kiev a couple table – they're like a bound Kalavati meal until parties you like their beer mirin distilled away era industry Commons the oranges in that at maybe daily market Needham yeah they would on a chair and Jaden welcome to okay okay you can't nobody do another the dominant element very now with a CMOS he was nervous and I was in the occasion yeah yeah actually to tell you the truth certainly in one gallon vegan octoroon awaited Bucharest yes that's right either sawa-chan as dear Motty a tankini you know nobody go Vegas okay market they're completely black a portal Jesus Christmas and yeah you're so terrible don't press me to meet Lord Charlie okay we're under here okay no no no no bu nothing was really necessary okay such military power is mean as you know Russian is the autonomy and not like it money you need to store together no no madam you like it we deal with pockets and super contagious to be chilly grocery store together place now you see mother now me the combination a nap together metonymy Kissin a Topsail oh okay esta I wanted okay but limitations addiction no knock on door oh no just go no no no okay okay I'm ready mom a grandma yeah yes okay but it is the universal universal remaining okay huh and there and I have seen afterwards down Gretchen is picture Celia the beer that commandments look what a rule nine parameter which are enough which are there in Virginia the year was a Hollywood star director good the herring that chiseler go to when you pay here yeah no kakera no my learning Metheny revolution start nd a spiritual revolution dependable it should start a international it is number one first – yes in the resident yes Oh No American ago even today after that P actually which is DC 1970 a releasing a 74 you should watch Ana Paula was a cantankerous concealer nirisha Matney for sure ii sure said the motor will go to Coney only Bo pappu put his Cooney at Lundy's Connolly and Adam on the couch honey you're proven tell us honey Mon introduce a kilometer an illegality see here is to in the Queen in the end of the Opera kitchen our subject to every listen one hour later Kalamata Locati tenor do Sarah Selma we indicate the Boche up tonight and day and Powerex Murray of family and a good telescope on a cinema dr. to occur every no one listens be reachable character man became unified Janie in 1609 Francisco they are they still open peacefully v8 of the gradual Nakuru Rankin 616 mes amis du dun notation that my energy and the cool candy 200 this acid but only this about the strong man feeling will never know here I will become something yes this a legit 911 and doubting Thomas and when you say that no whoever it will be hundred fifty diesel unit yesterday morning all I really do not looking anything is a plugin yeah pretty much he okay Hammond's no noise yes yes dr. Gulati think yes sandy Cranwell Muhammad Allah get no signal juices in my gated a wounded animal [Laughter] silmaril to lack space T Square Arena uses religious said liability said 21st wheel is a career woman hello capacity we sure put your tool accent a Java course you put a putter to like sandpaper have a quote Lew Marie oh my god ah very ma cherie prestigious in the motto sort of a relation no this is my Kirito Jerusalem record style and you wanna put on oh no number one decimal as last image they put it together yes cinema on tape at the VTL Abu Saracino Mosconi Mira Tim Nara salute anaconda me record Marconi's health and it goes on and the somebody's cannot marry a simple metal is turned every now life was forced to steal Medusa they we see I hope and I know you'll never lose you would enjoy vertical 7:00 tomorrow show Esther got miramar whatever cheese similarly because Sonny wanted yes sir yes sir on you penny a lot of a lot of – that good – one going to pull apart-er guru and actually she received Shira log shows Usama laconic Mallika ago the general that intra-family – where – panel show those Katayama abre los ojos curry cheer on children no no I D Silva said a local park along Mackey particular making a statement or Barger to me would want the bother for Danny McDonald Annika government permission is stay mainly training syllabus current an animistic eight-pointed share power is very cherub which you say money minded okay yes money I also don't know you need to prepare about out of like a boom Oh Jason are you you know what a 30-second hmm Jon Benedict I know okay I use it from America because I'm a turtle butterfish the religion that made a movie and life of Jesus Christ in that because really doing wonderful things on it no I heard about you yeah under my pretty yeah pretty much wouldn't be okay Oh father skin okay mmm never they know after questioning me ninja lately what caste motto the motto no vegetable well good so easy day he is not your mother spoke a little bit of mother what any sorry in an hour of this little mom only no no baba Baba was sleeping on Quintero Connie Avram do either cultura yo I know Cheney or Muslim family lychee Bellini a federal ID a muslima in a questionnaire what song sub Kemal K here underworld don oh please see the Christ 100 today Medicaid okay Carol a robbery yes I live about Christ Rick is wrongfully the little Osama register yes Connie and Magnon appropriately the patient's yeah solid pretty cannot get pretty well forgive said midget bridge which in April 11 oh god it's in my function really matter the matter Tony Buzan take Molly might matter you witness in two positions in the fastest ah no no they really matter I'm gonna duplicate Oh when you think that obviously they know so I may not hear but me I'm good now here but with me to come a Christian sir yeah my god Christian sermon hello MA – ma education and Miquelon available to me dishes and any gosh in the pop of mileage in the power and the pallucci he said about my dad Makka pakka I know you don't like it money no honey you Molly Christ about holidays Justin I'm not gonna be matter within the bigger gravels whom cool now the violets need the decreased a little get a nice to LuAnn Delaney Obama typically a clarity of thought II disagree and these know the Belizean matter okay yes monotone much amongst Capri means paying a modem yes Munchie Munchie mm-hmm yes Maria Marta little sympathy a character Ramon is it just you happy Kalyani a bartender Markus Aaron yeah I Rosa Christ cockroach in the hangar yeah plenty of hot acid mana but economy Lumira an tepid the salut body will disallow no more school – no more column is about lady Welch and acrylic or senpai what kind of all has done in Iran they only reduced them day Oh melara not gonna quit me go so I mean was so narrow minded and they rapin shallow cardigan a terroristic a nursery near a rock but this organic gardening I'm okay how do what's cooler than me I don't are more city motto Countach era in the most purported me the body put high littered I feel because pain woulda vanilla berry Kerrigan SLE xanga God's grace singly that no one comes into this world body apparently so accelerate you baka regret good one be perfect oh no – Prakash sugar poverty who are the people of whom was here Prakash in there and that but then there are serenity xanga in dragon bigger to compare years to Gandhi keratosis in welcome barriers to monitor position the regard and go to the Prakasham on circus and cinema radio car boot americolor condo and to Maserati and a bracero resident old article is lasagna dinner to Sunday maliaka sorry Mira good through chicer and missing her in a cinema Hollywood land celebrity wrote am that taken [Laughter] we happy I need a minute road is too steep no no mother timid think yeah okay well parallel market ainda never win the ability in magic approve Andy what are you gonna get them in the mood serenity is directional the position vector party bitter and you'll forget countless other cases you know how to do this no Anthony the consumer on negative in them is cinema what a corner a good answer a mirror in the chipper o Allah kundo chin the water I'm gonna prana lucky in that in fear me the chironomid report unity in Ciudad to tell you honestly truthfully I guess another tip selecting generic well okay Mikey lagoon the game Chi no not like they gladly given that we will tell you that about I'll get phony mystique a girl realistic you later – so you although no new moon a this isn't a mmm our garage is rocky a collaboration in mud ok knock in Edina Morgan never – nothing – Pookie and I'm still gay but they can gain in the world who just really I think self-abusive it I know that will stick – okay deeper 30 indigent legal nothing much a ferret okay only that Monticello I mean Elbert little sick too soon and I'm not it okay okay you know that I won't die confirm the you know module Johnson they said that I have to take a bow around working in unity consciousness almost to the completely pinned under cases to new models okay apart releasing face not only maybe about reckoning of the Nina our cinema treated Karen ain't ain't a absolutely that wasn't amber I didn't take you see in the Tigers we see the mothers forward in a printer that in marijuana patient until Monday and the 83 know are most of all to Butchie Yost Indian gr away in the funniest yet every day put on this something in it what could neither it a longer at this our own cousin pillows anthem much way that comfortable she does apricot some progressive present under 20 categories in theaters in much nobody like I put on their name engine it is they chase each I remember you know Mortimer sorry maybe it might irritable child happy gonna printed bounded Riley on the relevant part Vitaly pure body communist like well Dakota well under Cortez your own deli roast the turkey you don't want that if the predator course or not some personal needs to know and then what you pretend because the continent Oh Corey can okay croissants already see Chester day here Mortimer Sania Rahman Pentagon at you so they are vented Arlen in our inducement yes Elena ready Chilton pasilla takuna or a the macrophages connect and the gesture much they are give they didn't mean Cortana possible to Nina who you just heard a I'm gonna see even between minute I mean celebrate the motto interpolation of that yeah d-dang about Indian Reservation over Cooper you never Indira me Gucci bag bear here's a tale about 1/3 of carat bigger mine means you don't know so Yacouba cheaper and they're in a magazine you and I were together he casually our separate easy Naga information we carousel who has a pedometer Pookie never I did you know in the telepathically remove the Anaconda growls casa de la moneda path I'm sure that women avatar of the meatiness of the to be nervous when they basically I'm an animal okay another – no no no see the Aashiqui no choose mark return a pre-party una pluma no I would be if they say I do people don't change Reagan II yeah I know knocker now my main tip in 270 no no no no David Rosen artisanal 150 if I'm sure the key Oh climb into your lips okay ah I never really a pretty cannot give the day right okay now I made up 115 key function just now said me how valiant it that would understand I know magic pretty not good thing my friend me they would bartholow mum I'm not gonna make an appetizer I would appreciate a man I'm I'm not even water to my movie blue girl now my do Wow can I do too but let me pitch avatar I remember look the metal shop and you see achieve a nicer girl than the path yeah I kept watching us some more Naruto Nevada much tighter than G and okay but intercooler halogen mom will get Curtis I'm about name is Sai Baba ABAP me Richard a statement of which are a counter what shape area based on the size of a character chronological Saibaba many ways in the cyber cafe I mean we've kept our ID almir chip better than an opera until you gave me master of much Abaza be more loss for the very lazy original factory earlier there are the alibi'd coaching the herbs teacher the language is American dilemma Monty well to center at the Barbican about a bitch leave mm-hmm such uses a mother to a church it's a bother oh okay I'm glad you say that mmm okay to say that mmm serum Roger low functioning at the Asaro lambodri mudra no I think mother listen no no that is a back to truth to the past Naga of the fal'cie garden yes okay dear Emily intended basic air foolishness and mercifully in Aragon IBAMA DVD summary now that you get a characteristic me grimace ation Celente or with you schooner sergeants beginning to do you cool right here together mentioned in other just couldn't see you mama yang get to be resolute bar amongst ilithyia launches Baba no Haku narrow Allah character apart elevate Callaghan romantic hero get that nice or look at him it's curly I'm traumatic hero and that is cool it's the daily JC then I imagine Penang ability set up it's a decent you brilliant it see it is a clear you could certainly nice rounded you produ Boudinot oh they would not a guru get nearly a career decision either you program oh they were possible shine on is it okay okay okay later later I didn't approve not on this one I'm wondering at least occasionally that is an e-book them directly but corrective are you pondering Omaha dan wale they pay another good loan to promote a nice ibaba path throw shade and go cuckoo not a fighter not a guy I doubt it they lasted me though I know my leave image gallery milk and each other sir Prince Kenny Mohammed no the candy you could all look at the girlfriends can be a look at see you no cells would she leave another known photo our level we go syndicate of Jesus Tony Cruz not a cheap opportunity would so much money they need it for him 31 the instrument that's the value Laden a bomb against another protocol a cinema opening hi team two girls a linter owatta when I did what interleukin later father other power but it 30 years apron daughter you know may last amazing shift Oh Jimmy you know Meleager baba ganoush and friendly try ah – meow so they'll be no I'm really gonna did not also not mucho he also tilt window but now somebody like I also much in great business dilemma Sian available in this is what used to no sorry sorry Neil ela leu siwash I know you Nina Duty aren t he D now see later than the first time in a penalty last September we go again mmm near bundles not able to in order easy to act like it's in 100 unity W key in do you put over the yes you know Mallory I just another Kerala might already the case of no liquidity said Baba can it wasn't in equal cinema cavinti yet like I even a put the school on this particle a our internal bomb again Ricardo middle names eaten supper yes I do mean it okay listen why did you put it up is you tomorrow sir politics Kellogg Indiana to me consists of Jacqueline tasted this Cindy not youth enticed you stay around everything you see what happened to this who knows then I become another given out there you know one person too eh-eh Trump temperature Obama Obama is top click sounds like Trump the club I British sue Cameron Cameron I mean I need your car during anger he's a perpetual tail vertically untain generations angles to see the a cure for the week that changed started IQ alone on a baby not super noggin and open Mahanama do all da ussen to eat this embargo but it ain't a logical I know chronic uber principle of toga do you wanna hide about Jason and I would appreciate organic much like heh he later I told you Muharram a no-bullshit teacher you need is advocating the generation of gap under 7 yeah that's a I'm against every 100% crazy other cut Arizona and their channel ok leverage is in the alternative allocated any think of Allah will achieve our that promotes you've got a boo-boo well I wanted to tell me is not she'll be I don't know today crusher no I don't mean a little not know I'm that it see a person who is done you know academia play no no okay let me go get that I'll read you body wouldn't see morning it will fit that woody understand them no no much they hear it but just above is Union in the when departed i jizz in their languages I didn't want to matter golden one day a double market appraisal and yeah Peggy on Jeopardy nil Nami we have a beautiful dinner I know when were together goody and I have to stood there oh okay Bobby the Congress powers Allah made a banner of course not a moody Gargery she see whenever up whenever total NZ today in dari these are the key Rivera Monte Murray gell-mann America that will to me I read party governor he's about returning we have to the status well – Joe get up honey I don't I like I can I can feel it builds to the wizard named I was pioneering Rahul Gandhi currently any such as if they're nosy little bit of such a cheap place such a just another Yahoo oh well location location matters to plane you another you go the Buddhism couldn t my other one who is gonna take and such a gift don't tell em who you party baby nothing self coleus gonna grab oh gentle a nothing you're playing yeah that Martin Luther NZ are feeling muscle language and about happened in the pillar Bacchus is telling the truth Mohammed I mean I haven't checked me another and another another way I've got a nice balcony channel see this is a this to me long as in just such a yahoo but I see any generation low order man totally Internet my blue come on you go to the public and Gandhiji Parramatta you look different I must go and see our visual country what is happened I mean I I will fade away there from the ruins now I'm gonna be Nana I'd like a public look Louis public lucky I like of it you know they'll actually people start nagging our TC you see Muhammad Ali's to your camera well power until I get stopped in came to power at is not a waiver cinema is there any Felicity people then you know students so to participate there a part of it is a bit area name is Judas new students to me that so I like you I like you you never in here I like the easy Martha hero London I really know Chris like any party you know one thing couldn't open opening like they're not stopping cameras like a last one a lot doesn't it how is the beautiful artist and and here is an external artists my to see perform and sales man you couldna to the young generation you know something Shabbos put first baby every money in yesterday for example with then the guy who won watching the Indy a ready sooner definitely number one enter we see I don't want any departments are miniature turbulent because they get cheated on is the game she will need and ya know but in the wild even wanna through hundred much with me our kasi young generation to go out together that's like sorry sir mm-hmm every day to register no I like to get here it's aa less than that it's not because he's doing something KTM get here yes yes after what can I do but you still personally booth isn't it she wouldn't approve this what a great thing since you wanna do the monkey no cash game you know just to go to this gonna quit turn leper couple of bridges control any a syllabus to McGee is doing and I'm I talked about in addition in water do you know they are doing naturally one on the producers uprooted yeah happening I got them you have that delegate I can put the teletype he's Raja Kingdom you stated income okay you wanna do the solid stuff just and supple jump over they didn't get the Pawan just sent the Pope I put a politics Laura holiday only know I know actually no I put here together baby Marvin too late Oh mah ha-ah 97 no I don't mean the zipper undone reason the other Gani yeah telling you me negative machine recommend that you only maybe sound okay okay Nevada 97 ah silenzio Pritchett the burners and Tarara of rally in the challenge arrogant you like with this agreement will cure that Ernie will be joining another dip accuracy a man earned everything appreciate necessarily started shoveling our little a perky how does you see Wilson's do you can how would it work on dannion jordan jordan people okay reason what is the opposition intended the material remember 7gv even yourself great person sir yes somebody we have to the ass up to him oh no industry how you in dusted only industry element oh Allah Allah by hernán darío Ptolemy's me the family members learning a musical never see the fans cannot look any able to see their first annual let me kill Semak ourselves Thank You P Nayyar everywhere I mean you see working on the protein Colonel Mariga no cyber began and choose a docent of Solomon me but they will get used to never get that Mighty Mouse or show up whenever later not to Okanagan if Sridhar tofutti said okay annum bucket a mera naam Gallipoli as impetus already available except chaser plus me years your character Leidner still applicant Catholic heiliger own a Carnivale meal until birth easy like PR beer mere industry the Riviera in dusting them all the oranges in that door ingest kunda Yandy Uranian Tina Vizsla mano y mano fin de semana Jason I don't agree with it Manning is an ingenue Queen no no nobody believes in Allah Alison stone Lucilla Buddhism Monica Monica Frankie video begins with Pyrrhus is Danielle apparently my little little able to like I'm there on the phone yes SOP lobotomy Teresa you see character Mitchell and day in Iran and then immediately they take until my detain HSN that well then mama listen – syllable mundo Morales enjoyed so only a 20-man three will be never with the culture don't – marker so he either get that unique genus young generation know then into some of it and I am very a to moment now the allowing me to enter ala have international allies we said yeah mahi thereafter my agency Amal can only get it Meenakshi yes Adama they do not under grammar rule in accessing okay Tartini I've seen her father character reading it was said that ontological my industry epremier just an industry allowing any money you probably remember we have fighting when they order the two Saturdays remark I want to be lonely you say excuse in a positional a Jag and abolished about that huh then about the novelization with a different location every day I'll give that me father of two company ah da boom pedantic as who yourself painter nice abandon the government dude she was rather lonely and I need to get a couple DPC you know general emotion cheesy a cell on the feeling will do actually making a difference I not presently more Sanchez a rule I never can walk tunnel tasty entity mati a locum of Martin and was that what was she like icing it all together Hannah to check your Chi intelligent you make winter Mindy's I put a little orientate we meet each other and everything he said in get covered with Monica sanction or isn't it sanctioning tribal adjustable to mundo which Reina Marty GEVO so much John no no J Madison give up raucous led memory promotes wellness a serpent was a Luigi SS Winchester psoriasis wind is not the Eternity my communication sir how hard is it even if particular mundo wall ray Hassan of our research where no such where well I think a new but you know know all the other stuff mundo wanted further than my guessing it I am a late love assume that the electricity take o'clock at Uganda Uranus nao the Chief Minister candidate ago Andrew McCarthy Cheston on it Chester and chip you know you already know ah I kinda to sleep mist I take Jake be in the action believable achieve both a master guard a that's what doubt a lay them in the great day you are the chief minister is just a no chaser are now a la carte little ided better glue to chip in a brilliant business believer means Esther so change Rana okay commitment women children and indeed I did sir it's also make just don't have any compromise by again nice Nadia unit eight catches Inca he like happened and a five-year spoken to five years so color again general would have known myosin okay but a giant abolished Robertson our middle but you're gonna be the case aluminum and the election low Jagan were an apologia no Road name is deliberately Calcifer day early what is the early gentleman I did everything I on away sue universal and the Terra only a la Martha Tabram you do mr. Bharat era only Jackie means ship is not the answer Molina I wish to yield base I arranged to I resonate a and it's a do provide sue universal voice to and comedy among cetera I'm not sure I'm a corner in the pine curricular under that icky I mean my turkey anything fast this lunatic couldn't avoid ensue I could I could me say they're pretty keen stage the captain just gonna need a wrong answer so to me like I could entertain I like on the Fugees they said over this is a serene atmosphere Vasiliy the rich people demanded nicely Ilana Tom one lemon yellow – ain't a gigantic II am gay person would I property back Schuyler to me I'm diggin Priscilla Buddha after guy except you later good unto my new friend idea pending yes sir CP a culturally elitist coach ele ele under D and Tory Cusimano song gonna make a putt Roger Mahony to guard matter to Nelly ramp Iguodala maracanã toboggan deity are the miss fairy in the man whatever a hammer remove the money and he said we done is any more cool isn't talked about Regan in this nd orangutan if you focus to suit the matter dragon a big crowd of Calicut I can mount any injury in the manual Cote i couldíve one dignity okay look if I mix it you violet mana motivation at Hebrews retard come on enough yes well obviously bigger booty Ida cut a partygoer tilt a beautiful done Draco disaster gigantic dream is to know just know having multiple early not seen this coming no the kuma could not touch apparently sharing a bit later yeah tarragon salted will turn up blue than the other huh Marlon Ahmad build a mega Yammer other double D's which other like silk or to copy this which personal value animal trainer K me to tear in marker with Roma me check in a party that will be puzzled about you know about computer equally party no or no news on the world of business making money her abilities Costner in mutant rebooted a blue jacket partying severe chest on the boom artists colony in Du Monde cardinal Amanda brigade is Ronnie are you really did apparently are amar cheated me by the Van Patten publicist now mala give me a thesis 1 and GP you all day my laminate is condom you needed a party key 20,000 would leave in three days no the only me do you prettier cleaner today okay well do you know do you know what the molecule arsonist a to say that no allowed the standard one who you still indicate a party key Preeti Malladi power Luna party valve on the tank platoon just our granny and lemon they could be little Castile could just go like a mute mute Jayden media chorus pyramid nursery you know why I scoot on bond Akane well yes gigantic any particular my charisma no mokou hard to curl up affection grammar tonta live immortal or Canon Miko Serena's somewhat Islamic caliphate chileo Jaden me face and I cherish more than a 1d aperture a budget aluminum and me making the Roku party Logano Comanche positioning a valley overlay do an ad or cut I wanna be a yam thoracostomy I'm do I look you wanna later Miku we have a green we can give me you have the bottoms place you were late on you hadn't seen this inequity welcome Andy Dick Cheney otaku okay now you put that across the sea vicinity Margie gonna be importunity but mr. Haley channel diplomatic a diplomat's to memorabilia tareka sorry okay Rapinoe knowledge agency Mota until you get too late it was yeah whatever sex with Jason and Cortney knowledgeable customer that couldn't be Wow yes a shaker do that this room so suddenly yeah when Alec a mother came up to thing that but how mother can have did she do the question can he's like I could not he either really to endure King he's reimbursement American go faster on me Alec he stayed last ran over you to me or in the election among the doctor de America I didn't wanna be slipper do i imitated Big Shot you go doctor here in the some pious tuna honey I'm Nick after all dependent my dream absolutely you I want to bother you but a dream nasal carolien tell another camel important not only mean your solution of a miracle ago you know what theyíre and I said I mean one has any governs in the Disney booty well koala killing anyone almost in the carries that get you know Malia but like a booty oh yeah what the airplane in your average each other hi what the dance that way one no he puts only in that stuff – no now caracal get that the personal in the candy William psyche it immediately change like only and Thurman the students yes truth even in you know you will need Annika I got to be your budget the arm easily you know I have the proven Johnny I know but in Tandy you okay you wanna you know we raised you to Sigma given to stone the day you may be about 34,000 honey I oughta be the biggest arnica C Hindi eldest not I need you to Gia why are you butting matter on me you even meet Jagan eternal pond on the law cm coochie Luke Hochevar technical era yes entropy anti-government you see pocket rocket nine I'm a computed ammo contained a yeah the people that father to this are the first thing coral Hakeem Metallica at eating up a lot in children a little stones and verse 20 he knew this sandy Yeager amo la semana other teen city map in uncertainty mop is an abortion thinking I did Daniel Allen J rows of stones you like me to smarten up okay I should different angle a different not go sink Adam me cuz of me Palala personal error in any you tell me yeah I'm gonna go what do you see while you get means gotten Galarraga Jesus in the meat pillar what tell others to me yeah but matzah girl who never change never do that Jack gonna take it Danny hmm means I'm gonna be any data me well on our to the locations is attested to me they do have a scalable Stern stuff Monica don't tell me tell me when I don't tell how my chain the chain was telling me cool Emily reaching Brandon oh I'll put up with you is important can do nearly organic a little mini K 1 meter Newton Ocala authenticity ready for primary upon phone call and topical Ching gravity pawan kalyan Janice an opportunity Brazil on a report on their Western a power Kalyan CMO Tara see power we can you last time you know like a social media notable Monica CMO yeah you good night so that autumn the prototype resistors we never didn't come Mortimer to ninja in the eighties I got it nice to see him a theater another they be allowed unintended pootie allowed another at the bag I'm the audience were never not to karana Kathy think a quorum inside is an acronym America Roberto you don't see them go kitty young generation 8 asleep well he last of the kind of ready to catch Ethan get repayment you don't already luckily would people not to say that under get that's like when Imam I should eat the net top that if you will both another couple knocking the ability to stand on either was to Narada yeah Murali maybe party Lord I'm begging you know double suggest know what qualities and I pound colonic CMO in descending Haleh can you think are you well Google Network the roguish Pavan jaga no he goodness to score American direction you know what you with that yeah we'll make a move you know what is the or can make me to me marked birthday I'm not porn Oh Nabu the media to get mm Apprendi hmm wahoo Pavarotti cachinga while the Kiwi little just under to get good mmm honey you catch you think I don't know no / – no no no party party can invent an oh honey I can't win that I know yes I was standing paavana kini Rama can look Parvati Jerri the continent okay be a gopher Oh like the fun jacket it's a faster method abortion development chief say toastin you pro the power e there are cherry candy addressable location okay if these are again history Kennedy we have Ryan but I gather you muguruza Ricky you go through different a power reproductive you that wouldn't be either will show sunny any this they would me a nice turn on our location I do you play the Lynchburg I'm very very good news stories about Montana custom panel is going to power know maybe even jaded they were supports a verdict upon one another again no no no no Holly and they were support like okay okay vt you need not just a nice but rave nineteen mother Jagan catching up as a result contain an actual term apologies Tara but then a little bit are they okay its lucky you don't that money park is Casa Monica independent course so many words a balloon outer or strong and Cunha your thirst I'm gonna goodnight is that happening at the suppose man we can see what is happening in the America yes yes thank you is not occurring Saudi a greater when team or didn't tell it went a and return to mana yeah your tea is gonna discussion law Karuna monitor start jc+ me logical immunity me stand amia watch a little Mohammed anger Charla artificial what's gonna be in Chapel on scanner at the biology appear many smell from the Hotei me tomorrow Sunday close to jealousy or on the Mac in the contoso intact Tunis they would've later you Sai Baba that know what an incompletion regard corner of a Celtic Ichi Malibu are anonymous not Salman is she and Swami and twenty twenty years second animal to store a Mukunda mom ever but a – oh I won't be they have oh wait so she never got in yep any you are always twenty years female me neither with any large first time him to stranded me like a lemon don't in demonic una pollo makin question sweat down Okuma that meet chip interrupt invited Rajesh Khanna I mean well not even gonna bother by tension unlike our get money you get inta whooping Nagar mediator Lamar turreted inch or late in the road shall Frank I open a mere enter again encyclopedia but the loop like el coche something started our part and parcel of Nazi cinema also not a the unequal now monthly amount oh yeah muttered my in Tennessee we have to know that certain anime it's also it is it selectively oh no no yeah nobody put me get it sorry agent young he can coca oh yeah baby I'll read with me kumi-sama the intended undeclared uh Bailey I can be do not shot – okay I read about super funny really what should I get much soup I don't know Monsuno much they don't like a poncho a poncho under to chase : / fire ever known in Japan Akane Akane mean others in today so my scene is pretend Oh mafioso Montag retriever go and get that fat man oh man accordingly with me I'll quote in the volume using a PC is money cuz nobody see cap on that yeah yeah you wanna yeah what are you kidding with data pretty what critic in months we put Nevada gay : cashing out Zingo potentially sturla pancha back chaparral my depression epic channel me robbery cinema Gouda maloca put away my car lock her Nanga hmm maloca sorry odd job Nick amount of Toluca cylinder but a pendulum I'm a partial eval a buncha wanta asked father in Charlie Manasseh watch a carbonic welcome to hello this guy

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  1. బాబూ.. యాంకర్ బాబూ.. బండ బాబు.. గుండు బాబు.. నీ హావభావాలతో ఎందుకయ్యా షోని పాడుచేస్తావ్.. వేరే ఛానెల్ లో ఇచ్చిన ఇంటర్వ్యూ లు చూసేసి అవే ప్రశ్నలు మీరేదో రీసెర్చ్ చేసినట్టు అడుగుతున్నారు.. ఆయన్ని మాట్లాడించండి పూర్తిగా.. నీ నసే ఎక్కువైపోయింది.. నీ నవ్వు.. నీ అతి వికారాలు.. నీ అతితెలివితనం.. బాబోయ్.. భరించలేక పోతున్నాం.

  2. విజయచందర్ గారు…
    గొప్ప యదార్థవాది…?

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