38 thoughts on “Actor Charles Levin apparently found dead in Oregon

  1. So who's running the editing room because this man deserves a little more respect then the little to no respect y'all gave him in this news about his death.. HIS DEATH!

  2. To all you idiots criticizing CBS for writing "apparantly", the body was decomposing and hadn't been identified as Levin yet MORONS!

  3. Was he a part of Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile ring maybe his name was listed on the Jeffrey Epstein list of pedophiles that went to Lolita Island

  4. luckily hes not here anymore to watch this, i on the other hand am lol at the comments XD, i hope cbs never reports my death

  5. “Apparently” found dead. Now that’s the professionalism I’ve come to expect from the MSM. Keep it up ya clowns.

  6. Guy found dead were all on vicious rummor watch
    Looking for our stolen murdered children were hopeful
    Heard about epstein rite.
    Top comment you didnt edit your video according to the arch of climatic dissent and i didnt really like that
    Ohh how horrible yo tech edditing is i cant beleive you would try to make a video and share info if yo aint gonna play by the mother may i rules
    You people just sukk..lame its lame your
    Reflection in the mirroe take thats you selfie and your a lop👁👃💥👋👋😕😬💥👀🕵💌🗻🌅🗻🗻♣❓🕵❓🕵💥💥❗💻💻💻↩but nobody worry that anthony weiner laptop still has an evedence tag and chain of custody log and all that disapears what that will prove is any uniform can be made to protect child stealing murdering oedephiles just think o those little pleading.. .
    And you let him get away..noone is safe..
    Their us no law or justice and im telling mom❓is that you2 precious❗💥💥🕵👀😬😬♣👋👋💌👌💌👌↩💻💻🏤🗻🏤🗻🌅🌅🌅🏤🗻🏤🗻🗽whi holds the cards the good or evil
    In the land of rape and honey you must put them on the table.
    See ya all outside weathers not good get yo syorm cloths on selfie…👁👃👁💥💥🕵💥♣

  7. The most heartless piece of reporting I have ever listened to… unbelievable… you should be ashamed of yourselves…
    my condolences to his family and friends, may he Rest In Peace.

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