Aaron Carter Comes Clean about His Addiction to Huffing

Aaron Carter Comes Clean about His Addiction to Huffing

– We’re talking with Aaron
Carter about his recent struggles including the current
state of his mental health. – So Aaron, I know that you mentioned that this is what mental
health looks like. And I would disagree. I looked at your medical
list from before and now. I mean, these things
have contra indications. – Of course. – And they cause possibly
things like serotonin syndrome. And difficulties with
concentration and memory. And so there’s all of these
things that could be happening. And I know that you’re saying
that you’re clean and sober. But marijuana being part of your regimen doesn’t really strike people as sobriety. True sobriety means that you’re really not on any substances. When somebody has an addictive process already in their history, marijuana affects your brain
in a very different way than somebody who
actually has no problems. So somebody wants to use it medicinally, if they’ve never had addiction issues, that’s not a problem. When somebody has had
an addiction history, you can’t use marijuana because it has totally
different affects on your brain. – So, guess what’s happening? – [Dr. Judy] What? – I’m quitting smoking weed. Do you know why? – You’re gonna quit today? – [Aaron] Yeah. – And why? – Because it affects my medications. – [Dr. Judy] Yes, they do. – So it doesn’t allow my
medications to work properly. – You haven’t really
talked about the huffing. And that’s something that– – It’s something that I’ve kept secret from the whole world until now. I lied to you. I just told you the truth. Huffing was what I was doing. That’s why I have gabapentin
and I have to take fish oil. – Okay. – Because I have to repair the serotonin, the receptors, in my brain. – I want to ask you, the
huffing, when it started, how often you were doing
it, what you were huffing? – It started when I was about 16. My sister, Leslie, who
passed away from a overdose, got me into it. I didn’t really touch
it until I was about 23. Right after I did Dancing With The Stars. Then I started going to
Staples, and Office Depot, and different places buying it with cash so it wouldn’t be reported on receipts or anything like that. So no one could trace me or anything. I was huffing because I
was really (bleep) stupid, and sad, but there’s
really no excuse really. I was huffing because I’m a drug addict. I’m a drug addict. So, I’m a drug addict in recovery. You might not look at me
smoking weed as being sober but I do. – When was the last time you huffed? – When was the last? Right before you guys put me in rehab. – So you’re– – Is there any other test
we can do to prove that? – Well, that’s why huffing
is such a complex problem. You can’t do a test. – I’m aware of that. – And what it does to
your body physiologically can be just as bad as drugs and so it’s, you know how much it can mess you up. – When I went to the rehab,
I went there for 28 days, and I left, went back to
Florida, relapsed immediately, realized I need help again. So I got in my car and I
drove across the country, 38 hours straight, back to rehab. – What was the relapse on? Was it huffing or was it something else? – Huffing, yeah, absolutely. That’s my truth. The truth shall set you free. – [Dr. Travis] How are you doing now? – I’m doing amazing. I’m taking on a lot of the brunt of what’s going on with the family. But I’m strong enough,
I’m fierce, I’ve learned, and the regimen that I’m
on, so since I’m back on it, I got myself back on it about
two weeks ago, all right? And in two weeks, I’ve
managed to make myself, and managed over $100,000 of deals, because I wake up at 6:00 in the morning and go to bed at 9:00 at night. I cook my own steak on my grill outside. By myself in my house. I set up that house to have a family and I’m just waiting for the
love of my life to show up. So, that I can, I can be strong, I can say I’ve been through
hell and back, and I’m back, and I’m here to stay.

100 thoughts on “Aaron Carter Comes Clean about His Addiction to Huffing

  1. That’s part of the therapy, they don’t clap for him because those therapists/doctors know he’s being manipulative.

  2. He needs a boot camp to get rid of the toxicity from the drug use.
    Sadly he is sick, lies, cheats, hallucinates. With a good looking face and talent, ability he could have done so many things for his life and others.
    Sometimes I wonder where is God that let people suffer from such the demonic sins. If I had a magic wand I would help people like him to turn things around for them in an instant cure.

  3. To the ones writing hateful comments about Aaron Depression is the leading cause of why people turn to drugs.
    Hateful, rude & overly critical comments about this person that none of us actually knows, isn’t going to help him, it could infact actually lead him to take his own life.
    We’ve all gone through rough times, and we all handle our own life struggles differently. If Aaron was truly happy and proud of his drug addiction and making poor life decisions, he wouldn’t be accepting any and every invitation offered to tell his story and eagerly accepting help from anyone who is willing to give him even a half of a chance.

  4. He's not sober you can easily tell he popped a downer. I could easily hear it in his voice that he's on some downers. How do I know? Because i used to take hydrocodone and got really addicted. He's lying about being sober. And if he was high on something else than possibly he smoked some weed.

  5. I think i seen this guy on gas station encounters. The blue blanket bandit! lmao OK so Gabapentin is a nerve block, and has nothing to do with repairing seratonin receptors in your brain. Actually, from what i've heard, people like to take a shit ton of it and it acts like meth, which just by the way he looks, he DEFINITELY has tried! Not to mention the huffing addiction! This spoiled rich boy looks and acts like straight trailer trash!

  6. is there any other tests you can do? You cant do any other tests? Im aware of that im sure you are buddy thats why your so confident to pretend to be sober

  7. Aaron…….. sigh………Oh Aaron…….. What are you going to do??! you are making these empty promises that oh so big!! How do you think you gonna make them come true??

  8. I don't think he's going to be around much longer if he continues with this toxic lying drug-fueled path. Very sad

  9. I saw his live right b4 this show aired and he was high as a kite. Not weed I can tell you something a lot stronger. Smh. He’s lying to himself and to the world. He needs to man up for real!

  10. Jesus Christ. Have some sympathy for the guy. Hes a former child star with an addict mother and his father passed away a few years back. Combine that with mental health issues and his own drug addiction and its pretty clear why he's acting the way he is….its sad.

  11. This guy really thinks everyone believes what he says, and speaks dramatic and emotional because he thinks everyone is thinking "poor thing" or "what a strong and amazing guy" when really it just makes him look like an idiot. The most naive person can see past his bullshit.


  13. They are dumb saying that weed doesnt mean ur sober im a x heroin addict and i have no issue with weed smoke it once a week if that

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  15. He just seems like hes a compulsive liar I think everything that comes out of his mouth is a made-up story to try to make himself relevant or sound good or better like he's been through some shit now he's all better he's just a liar

  16. Poor dude, he may be lying his ass off..but you can see he is in a ton of pain and self doubt, with about 0% real confidence.

  17. He's definately not psychopath. I would definately say he's more a introdctionairy level sociopath not even a white belt sociopath more of he's just read about it online and is thinking about joining up level sociopath.maybe even just retarded

  18. "My last time huffing was before you guys threw me in rehab. I came back from rehab and relapsed. I huffed two weeks ago." God this loser has lost it.

  19. He’s till huffing he does his own “””” jumpers “””” where he uses spray cans so it’s all crap he’s an attention seeker that is so wanting to be a grown man but unfortunately he doesn’t know how to be one

  20. The thing is that if he believes the 12 step bs.about being an addict forever he is going to be an addict forever

  21. Aaron: "I've quit huffing is there any tests we can do to confirm that?"
    Dr: "no that's why huffing is such an issue"
    Also aaron: "I KNOW." (evil smirk)

  22. Addiction isn't just one plain thing. It is very multi-faceted. I would compare active addiction to something like mental illness/psychosis. It's completely a thinking disease. Addicts take obsession to a whole new level. Addicts will lie, cheat, and steal to get their next hit. They are quite literally sick- mind, body, spirit. So if his behavior seems off or unusual, well yah- that's normal when you're brand new clean.
    Recovery is a process and I would highly recommend having ongoing recovery support rather than abstaining only. It's not easy to do a 360 degree turn around of your life. It takes time and consistency. Addicts can and do recover every single day, so long as they are willing.
    I'm 3 years sober in Feb.

  23. Update- he is still smoking weed.

    AND I believe the huffing addiction, because it cause cognitive brain damage the longer you do it, and he did it for years so it was his normal. Now that he isn’t his mental filters are completely out of control.

    I truly want him to get better help than he says he has gotten. He has so many fans who really care about and are scared for him.

  24. This man reminds me so much of my drug addict, narcissistic ex-friend.
    Saying things very emphatically, but with no emotion behind it. It seems like he just wants eyes on him…

  25. he is lying about the "huffing" because it is a well known fact that Aaron Carter has used something and abused it to the point to where people obviously notice. However, he is probably too embarrassed still to admit whatever drug he is using, like meth or crack and so it is easier to just say he is huffing a non illegal substance than to admit the truth that he is a crack head or a meth head. he is just way too embarrassed to admit the truth. I did the exact same shit

  26. He still live to he’s old fame knowing he is done and nobody knows him anymore because he is a pist of shit who try to get a pay attention to other people hahahahaha

  27. I don't think a single thing this kid says is genuine or even half true. I swear he lies and makes up everything that comes out of his mouth. Half the shit doesn't even make any sense at all.. Get help or get lost.

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