who would have thought you could make a career out of being expendable when it comes to a-list celebrities starring in action movies sometimes that's exactly what directors need someone else willing to put their bodies on the line the use of a stunt double is common practice in Hollywood and it's not because the headlining actor or actress isn't capable or willing but it's because producers don't want to take the risk of an accident or injury sidelining the star in stopping production it would be a disaster this would break all the deadlines in the film company would face huge losses now as Marvel the biggest action movie franchise in history concludes one of its chapters let's take a look at the actors alongside their irreplaceable superhero stunt doubles let's get it on it takes a lot to be a successful stunt double you need to be well-trained willing to perform highly dangerous stunts risk injury and most importantly you need to look just like a celebrity so even if you can't act if you look like a superhero and can take a hit you've got a career in showbiz you probably won't recognize many of the names on today's list but you've undoubtedly seen them in action the thing is they do their job so well that you wouldn't even know it's them when you're watching them on the big screen Tony mcfar looking just like Chris Pratt is served Tony mcfar well over the past decade he's worked as Pratt's stunt double not only in guardians of the galaxy is Peter quill but also in passengers and the Jurassic world movies if you look at a photo of Tony and Chris standing side by side it's easy to see why he's an easy pick for casters when deciding on Pratt's double the two of them look like they're twins that were separated at Birth moreover Tony's worked in other movies as well when he's not ghosting Chris Pratt his resume includes Captain America Civil War ant-man in the wasp and even Jumanji most times when Chris Pratt looks really cool on screen it's usually just Tony working his magic Holland Diaz it's a well-known fact that Tom Holland performs a majority of his own stunts as spider-man greatly owing it to his background in gymnastics dance and fitness however his enthusiasm and exuberance didn't always pay off so eager to perform one of his stunts Tom broke his nose on set while filming spider-man homecoming after this the producers called for a professional to double Tom just for the especially dangerous stunts this is where Holland Diaz shows up that's right they're both Holland's but try not to get confused Diaz is a veteran of Marvel movies performing stunts and almost all of them he was even the stunt double for Tobey Maguire in the original spider-man movies while Tom Holland still performs the majority of his own stunts Diaz is the one they call in when they're concerned that Tom may just kill himself to get the perfect scene Bobby Holland Henton if you've seen any big-budget action movies then chances are you've seen Bobby Holland Hanten he's been a stunt double for Chris Pine Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Christian Bale and that's just the Chris's not mentioning Daniel Craig Ryan Reynolds Channing Tatum and Henry Cavill he's so well sought after because of his impressive physical abilities which he can attribute to his training in martial arts and as a gymnastics champion he's doubled as Captain America too but is best known for his stunt work for Chris Hemsworth as Thor you know Thor yeah tall guy not that good-looking needed saving looking at the actors side-by-side anton definitely looks similar to Thor but in order to match him Worth's physique he has to maintain a grueling workout regime I mean you've seen Chris without a shirt right Canton is quite open about how difficult it is to stay in shape for the movies it's a job in and of itself I need to train twice a day and eat a full meal every two and a half hours his work requires a lot of dedication but the end result is truly impressive it's also good to know Hemsworth appreciates the work Anton puts in and reportedly buys them a watch at the end of each movie they work together Sam Hargrave when Bobby Holland Hanten isn't working as Captain America's stunt double Sam Hargrave is wearing the star-spangled tights performing the dangerous stunts in Chris Evans plays he may not be the spitting image of Evans but that doesn't matter as much when everyone's in full costume in addition to his work as a double hard drive is one of Marvel's stunts and fight coordinators he also has appeared in small roles in other Marvel movies such as Deadpool 2 Thor Ragnarok and Avengers endgame Heidi moneymaker Heidi moneymaker a former UCLA gymnast has been tossed through windows and flipped in cars she also choreographed and conducted hundreds of fight scenes and generally she's been an overall Hollywood tough guy during her two decade-long career as a stunt double she's performed in Fast & Furious as well as The Hunger Games but is most well known for her work doubling Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanov or Black Widow in seven different Marvel movies she may not have the closest resemblance to Scarlett but after donning a red wig and implementing some skillful cinematography you'll be hard-pressed to notice any difference during the intense action scenes William Spencer working as Andrew Garfield stunt double in the amazing spider-man William Spencer never actually got to put on the Spidey suit another double got the job to do stunts as spider-man it was Spencer's job to make Peter Parker look good in ordinary life this was a job that he was particularly well-suited for since he was the first professional skateboarder to work as a stunt double and happens to have a striking resemblance to Andrew Garfield throughout the movie Spencer demonstrates seamless skateboard tricks that bring spider-man's powers and dexterity into his daily routine in a way that previous Marvel movies never dreamt up a superhero and comic book based movies and TV shows become more popular the pressure to push boundaries in regards to special effects and over-the-top fight scenes becomes more intense these impressive stunt doubles sometimes risk their lives to get the perfect shot in the Incredible Marvel movies and our cinema experience just wouldn't be the same without them


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