28 thoughts on “50 Celebrity Fails – Before and After Plastic Surgery

  1. There are some lies here of celebrities that have not had surgery. You should watch what you put on here. And another example of a lousy video that has a thumbnail NOT in the video. Also a couple of them look better afterwards. I think Rene Zellweger looks beautiful. This video isn't worth watching. Can I have my time back??

  2. I am laughing my ass out of absolutely all of these people. Plastic surgery is a corrective procedure, not a beauty product. Now…, their entire face is fucked! I mean… fucked to the maximum level. LMAO! How they call it "plastic anal faceotomy", or "plastic anal relocation", or "plastic anal to facial enhancement", or just "insecuretomy".

  3. What have these ladies done to them selves , their mouths look terrible , really bad , they have spoilt their looks , they were beautiful women before all that rubbish was injected into them . Such a shame to really spoil their faces so badly , they didnt need to do that .

  4. Some of these celebrities, between their cheek and lip fillers, look like their faces were inflated like a car's tires. Monstrous, fake breasts look ridiculous and everyone knows that they are fake. Good God, age withe some dignity.

  5. I'm only talking about the females ok, well some look very beautiful before putting all that rubber on there face and some went from ugly to uglyer and others looks ok.

  6. I don't know who told women ( and men) that fish lips looked good on them, but you would think they could look at others and know it was a lie.

  7. My God. WTF!!…Did Rene Zellweger do to herself? It's the first time I've seen surgery take someone from beautiful to below average looking. She looks like some 8 year olds hillbilly mother. I know why she did it tho. She used to get alot of flack about her squinty eyes and chipmunk cheeks that she became extremely insecure about it and wanted to get rid of it,,,so she did. Stupidly not realizing that those two things were PART of her beauty. I'd say shes pretty much done. Same with Uma Thurman. She went and had eye surgery and narrowed her big open puppy dog eyes. Look at her in pulp fiction and look at her now. She looks great but NOT like Uma. Has she worked? Nope

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