40 thoughts on “28 ACTRESSES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF HOLLYWOOD, #12 Is Disarmingly Beautiful

  1. None of them hold a candle to Susan Hayward. You forgot ( I'm sure) Vivien Leigh and Greer Garson, femenine elegance personified, the both of them.

  2. look at that picture of Lucille Ball…how gorgeous she really was when you stop and look at her close up.. whew!!!!!😘😘😘

  3. Beautiful pictures, Garbo for me is the most striking. I also liked the ethereal soundtrack, who is it?

  4. Hedi Lamar, she was not only beautiful but she was very smart as well. She invented a device that makes cell phones and WI-FI possible. She made more money from that than she ever did making movies. Just a little trivia for you.

  5. Looks like I can think Joan Crawford vs Frances Farmer fighting and threatening each other in a wrestling match.

  6. I disagree with most of the actresses on this list, with the exception of: Bette Davis (pretty, but not beautiful), Barbara stanwyck, Lucille Ball, Hedy Lamar, Rita Hayworth, and Ginger Rogers! And little Shirley Temple?? She was when she grew up; she was a knockout, but a cute little girl.

  7. I know everyone says this, but you really were missing the most beautiful actress of this era. Marsha Hunt. She absolutely makes my heart flutter. I was born in the wrong era and the wrong social structure.

  8. One would think that the First Lady of Hollywood could make this list. Unbelievable Irene Dunne was left out.

  9. This vid of women from the 'golden age', is just a reminder or how far today's woman has fallen. But these standards, no woman is worth risky, health, wealth nor mind for, these days. Okay, maybe Debra Messing gets a temporary pass…, and maybe Penelope Cruz….

  10. Nice photos…list is way better then most…give your list an "A"… did not see any skanks like most lists include.

  11. What ! No Ava Gardner ? You have to include Ava , one of the most beautiful women , ever . I love classic Hollywood , my favourite actress from the Golden age of Hollywood may not be the most beautiful but I love Katharine Hepburn ( and don't forget Virginia Mayo , also from the 40s )

  12. why anyone thinks ingrid bergman was A)beautiful and B) a great actress is beyond me.i always thought of her as a dumpy broad with a real bad accent.give me hedy lamarr anytime.

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