15 Strange Rules Disney Makes Marvel Actors Follow

15 Strange Rules Disney Makes Marvel Actors Follow

if you were forced to eat chicken and salad all day spend a few hours in the gym each day and occasionally be taken to the middle of nowhere in an unmarked van to appear in a movie what you doing would you even be able to do it probably not huh well how about we throw in a seven figure or eight figure salary just for following all of these rules and you know being a world-class actor oh now you're interested all you guys care about is the money these are just some of the absolutely ridiculous rules every MCU actor has to follow because Disney said so and there are so many to go through so let's get started we've recently learned about a new crime someone could commit from Chris Hemsworth during the 2017 supernova comic-con that took place in his native Australia there Hemsworth said that it's illegal for an MCU actor to appear in a DC film yes it is illegal and we checked the laws of every country in the entire world just to confirm this and it's definitely true in fact all around the world that'll land you 20 years in prison and you won't be able to get out early there's no bail nothing you'll have to live with the consequences yep that also means Ryan Reynolds won't be playing Deadpool in the MCU since he played the Green Lantern in 2011 well at least he'll end up being the most handsome man in prison sown there's that now Kevin Feige the big man at Marvel Studios said that there are no restrictions on what other superheroes MCU actors can play in fact we've seen Josh Brolin his bolt Thanos and cable sure those are both MCU characters but how about the auto wale Akeno yay ugh bhaji who played Killer Croc and Suicide Squad after appearing in Thor the dark world maybe this rule isn't set in stone after all we got to get better at researching because we were sure it was illegal if you know anything about Marvel Studios it's that they're incredibly tight-lipped and give the most vague answers to every question every once in a while they'll give more information than they need to but those happenings are few and far between instead we typically look to the actors for spoilers now most actors are just as quiet about plot details and the future of the MCU as Marvel Studios but sometimes they let some information slip which is a big no-no we're looking at you Tom Holland didn't Mark Ruffalo that being said Tom Holland is definitely worse with spoilers than Mark Ruffalo and it's no contest in fact he's made so much information slip that Marvel Studios is just going along with it at this point at the Avengers infinity war press engagements they made fun of Holland's inability to keep his mouth shut they even paired him with the best name in Hollywood Benedict Cumberbatch who's renowned for being good at avoiding spoilers just to make sure Holland didn't spill the beans Tom Holland clear he loves playing spider-man so much that he can't stop talking about it and we truly admire him for that it's quite adorable honestly if you haven't yet seen spider-man far from home this entry will have a small spoiler soap just skip forward until you see that number four in the corner if you've seen it already then let's get into it in 2001 Marvel's editor in chief at the time Joe Quesada came up with a policy about smoking in Marvel Comics it stated that no main character was allowed to be seen smoking they didn't want to make it come across as cool because those days are long behind us it's an unhealthy habit and no one should be it went it this PSA was brought to you by Captain America seriously The Wolverine was a known smoker in the comics but he's kicked the habit by now or at least he's doing it off the pages who knows what we do know is that Nick Fury is still smoking because he is not a main character now you may be saying Obadiah Stane was smoking in the first Iron Man movie so clearly this policy doesn't exist in the MCU well we specifically said it was for the comics it wasn't until Disney bought Marvel Studios that they incorporated this policy into their films so don't expect to see Nick Fury or Jay jonah Jameson light one up anytime soon remember in the intro when we said Marvel actors are occasionally taken to the middle of nowhere in an unmarked van neasha hop we weren't exaggerating that one bit elizabeth Olsen who plays Scarlet Witch will be the first to tell you that she experienced this herself she was refreshing ly honest about how Marvel Studios went about filming their movies which is something we'd love to see more actors do specifically she talked about Avengers infinity war at Ace Comic Con in Seattle she and Paul Bettany were interviewed by goo belts geek icon Kevin Smith who's always a great interviewer according to Olsen she had absolutely no clue what was going to happen at the end of infinity war until the last day of filming talk about keeping this one a secret on the last day the Russo brothers put all the actors into one big air-conditioned van and told them how the film was going to end while they traveled to the shoot location it's very tough for actress to just adapt at the snap of their fingers hands in thing but Marvel Studios only casts the best of the best and it's safe to say they delivered sticking with elizabeth Olsen who's easily one of the most honest actresses in Hollywood she opened up even more about the strange rules you have to follow as an MCU actor during an April 2018 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live she let us in on some surprising details about Marvel's obsession with secrecy concerning infinity war according to her only certain cast members were allowed to read the whole script yeah that's great at least right well you had to leave your phone at the door and were given five hours in an empty room to look at the script on an iPad that's right it wasn't even on paper this sounds very unpleasant which is why she decided to just have a look at her character Wanda Maximoff script so she doesn't have to deal with all that extra stuff that being said some actors like Robert Downey jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch man really loves saying that name did the private reading but according to Paul Bettany who plays vision there were some fake sprits going around so they may not have even read the real ones it sounds like pure organized chaos to us the mark of a good actor is one who essentially becomes their character they really get into their character and act like they're a different person in that moment they are the character not someone pretending to be someone else that is why it's so hard to see Iron Man go here's a guy who's played the character who kicked off the entire MCU since 2008 and now he's gone what's even harder is when you have to pass down the mantle of a character you've been playing to someone else that's right we're talking about Chris Evans and Captain America Chris Evans contract was up and he was ready to move on from Captain America but clearly Marvel Studios was not seeing him grow old with Peggy was a beautiful end to his story and when he passed his shield to Sam Wilson it was more than just a movie moment it was one after giving his role to another something Evans had to do he'll now be able to pursue a career in film directing like he always wanted to do and Marvel Studios will be able to continue with Captain America it's a win-win deal for both sides one of the most important roles an MCU actor has to follow is to hit the gym and stay fit have you ever seen a big superhero well other than that Thor that is yeah we didn't think so being fit just comes with the territory of being a superhero but getting fit isn't even the toughest part it's staying fit Chris Pratt's transformation from Parks and Recreation to the guardians of the galaxy star-lord was one heck of a transformation he was known as a Chevy comedian and now he's a beast he's also been very honest about it giving him a spot at the top 3 Chris's of the MCU but just hitting the gym isn't enough other than getting swole and see you actors need to learn how to fight which involves an intense training regimen that most of us mere mortals would not be able to complete for black panther chadwick boseman learned martial arts from Maurice Crump in Tampa Florida he also worked with Bill McLeod a jujitsu Grandmaster in Brooklyn New York oh and on top of all that he later attended a fight camp with Marvel's fight choreographers and on top of that he already had five hour workouts with a conditioning coach yeah that's crazy background checks are very important when you're looking to hire anyone for a job it just has to be done because there are so many stories of companies not do in the proper background check and paying the consequences later on this is no different for MCU actors Marvel Studios is known for their extensive casting process which involves an incredibly deep background check they'd probably even call your parents for information if they had to in the case of guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn his full background check came after he directed the first two movies Marvel Studios found some interesting tweets that gun made many years ago and fired him over it before he was later brought back Tom Vaughn Lawler who played evany ma and Avengers infinity war was viewed on rté raidió one second captain show where he talked about the movie he said it was amazing to be a part of but that he was so nervous about the background check even though he didn't have a shady past at all and that's not even mentioning all the waivers and contracts he signed supposedly there were too many of those to count he said they weren't hiring someone with weird baggage or someone who would most likely leak information but they still ended up hiring Tom Holland anyway one thing Disney and Marvel Studios despise is controversy especially when it revolves around actors who aren't team players and loved to make a scene well the whole James Gunn thing we just mentioned was a huge controversy but we promise it's something they want to avoid they don't follow the whole any publicity is good publicity shtick nowadays he wouldn't stand a chance if you talk back to Marvel Studios because they've ironed out their creative process down to an art actors now know what they're getting into if they sign a contract with them but one actor tried to throw his weight around back in 2008 when the MCU had just begun he asked for more creative control over the script of course we're talking about Edward Norton who played The Incredible Hulk in that movie that everyone forgets exists because almost no characters in it other than the Hulk are relevant anymore in the greater MCU Edward Norton clashed with executives so they said you know what let's just replace him with Mark Ruffalo it was an amazing decision honestly another famous actors swap involved roadie Terrence Howard was replaced with Don Cheadle and supposedly Howard only left because he was low-balled by Marvel Studios during contract negotiations now we're fine with Don Wallace on MCU characters look like regular humans others are from outer space and we're sure that there are some people who don't look like us out there right it would be pretty weird if the only other intelligent life out there are just more people who look like humans so what does this all mean it means that if you play a cosmic MCU character you're going to spend some time in the makeup chair well not just some time a lot of time each and every day they need you on set how much time exactly well according to Karen Gillan who plays nebula in the guardians of the galaxy movies she had to shave her head and on top of that had to endure for hours and 15 minutes in the makeup chair every morning on the first film she even had to wear prosthetics and contact lenses thankfully the process was refined during the sequel for her along with other characters like Gamora Drax and mantis they only needed to spend around two-and-a-half hours in the chair either way that's still a lot of time to spend doing absolutely nothing before filming we just hope they had an awesome playlist like the movie had to pass the time just because a movie is done filming doesn't mean its actors can go home kick their feet up and enjoy a cold one sure the hard work is done but now it's time to travel the world on a massive and lengthy global press tour if you're an MCU actor you'll find yourself in exotic locations like Albuquerque and Santiago walking red carpets at premiers doing so many interviews and answering so many of the same questions that you'll have no voice sounds like a grand old time doesn't it might sound exhausting but we're sure seeing all their fans makes it worthwhile for the actors MCU fans are some of the most dedicated in the world and it shows with all the incredible theories they come up with every day well the actual press tour itself might not be the most amazing thing if you're an MCU actor and you get to play an awesome comic book character hang out with fans who absolutely adore you and travel the world does it get any better than that the answer is no it definitely doesn't end we're very very jealous it's not us well it's never too late to go to acting school another bit of buying print written into the MCS contracts involved reshoots and cameo appearances sometimes a scene looked good at first but once it was edited something was a bit off in this case there will need to be reshoots and MCU actors must be able to get that reshoot in Marvel Studios is actually known for the ridiculous amount of reshoots to make sure everything is perfect while we respect this as viewers we understand that it could be beyond frustrating for actors to constantly have to reshoot scenes he drizelda who plays hi I'm down on the floor series of movie said that he had to do a reshoot as hime Dallin Thor the dark world one day after he played Nelson Mandela in long walk to freedom and unsurprisingly it didn't sit well with him even if you're not one of the main characters in a film you have to make yourself available for a cameo if your number is called the MCU is very much connected universe with heroes constantly appearing in each other's movies most likely once the script for the film is written Marvel Studios will let all the actors who are involved in the movie know they're making an appearance so they can figure out what day they can be on set for this could be a lot for some actors so it's important to read the fine print people while we've talked about MCU actor contracts so much in this video we haven't got into the most important thing the length of them unlike most Studios Marvel isn't about those year-long contracts they're all about those multi film contracts Marvel Studios wants their actors to know what they're getting into and be willing to commit the MCU for the long haul they don't want a constantly changing cast of actors because that makes things hard to follow as a viewer and will no doubt make for lower quality movies it also means constant contract negotiations which slows everything down their casting process is so long and tedious because they want to make sure they get the right actors for the right job to play Nick Fury samuel l.jackson signed a nine film deal yep you heard us right a nine film deal that's insane there's no other word to describe it well MCU actors typically don't disclose their contract details with the public it's been reported that six film deals are the most common so if you're an MCU actor a long-term multi film deal as is tradition while some actors like Tom Cruise loved to perform their own stunts it's incredibly risky and Marvel Studios is not willing to take that chance with their actors a word accident involving one of the biggest names in Hollywood is something you want to avoid at all costs since it benefits absolutely nobody the insurance premiums for MCU actors are sky-high since they're almost all big names meaning Marvel Studios will owe them a whole lot of money if something goes wrong if they're doing their own stunts then there's a good chance something may go wrong at some point what is the solution to this conundrum stunt doubles of course they have been a part of the movie industry for quite some time now filling in for the main actor during those intense jaw-dropping high-octane scenes stuntmen and Sun women have spent their whole careers doing stunts and looking like other celebrities they also don't have ridiculous insurance premiums which is why Marvel Studios make sure their actors never perform their own stunts it's up to the doubles to do those that benefits everyone and it gives MCU actors another friend friends if you're an MCU fan why don't you hope the actors playing these superheroes on-screen were just as heroic off screen so does Disney they want their actors to have a good public image because good publicity is the only type of publicity they want and that is something we could totally get behind at the end of the day these actors are human just like us but they have a platform they could use to make a positive impact on the world and Disney definitely supports that in fact they'd strongly encourage their actors to do it luckily most MCU actors are very good and honorable people they don't pull publicity stunts to get attention and stuff like that because it is below them if they do something nice it's because they want to and because it'll make Disney happy when Chris Pratt dressed a star-lord and Chris Evans dressed as Captain America went to visit a Boston cancer charity and a Seattle Children's Hospital that was just because they're good guys doing the right thing they are two of our favorite Chris's and those were just some of the weirdest and wackiest rules Disney makes all MCU actors have to follow what do you think to believe any strange rules out let us know in the comments section below and don't forget to subscribe to CBR for more MCU videos thanks for watching

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  1. taking hours to put on makeup isn't a strange rule literally every movie with sophisticated makeup takes hours to apply or has things for actors to do with their body to make the makeup work best

  2. It does not mean Ryan can't be the MCU Deadpool. They just can't be contracted to be in both Marvel and DC movies at the same time. He can't finish Deadpool then head on over to film another Green Lantern movie.

  3. Idris Elba in the MCU is a great fit, but he is a dick apparently, he hated his role, wanted a bigger one the whole time he was Heimdall, got nasty about it and just flat out unprofessional. Not a team player, just an ego trip walking.

  4. Screw Edward Norton Hulk, get with the program mr ego trip, actor, not producer, not director, not writer, actor.

  5. Dick move by Marvel towards someone with Dyslexia (Paul Betany) He stated it was the biggest challenge of his career not being able to take a more comfortable approach for obvious reasons, having dyslexia.

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  7. I think that it’s TOOOO strict that it’s illegal to star in a DC movie when you’re mainly in Marvel movies!!

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  11. You’re dumb, there are two different Marvel Movie Universes, the Disney one, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Fox and Sony Marvel is the Ultimate Universe. So Deadpool isn’t in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and won’t go to jail.

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