15 People Who Accidentally Became Famous

● Some people work their whole lives just
for a glimpse of fame, and some people stumble into the limelight completely by accident. What does it take to catapult someone to worldwide
recognition? Could you end up a celebrity by chance some
day? Here are the ways people accidentally became
famous. 15 – David Boreanaz
● The 90s hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer had some of the most memorable romantic
storylines, like Buffy’s three seasons with Angel, a vampire who had a soul. The part needed a devilishly handsome actor,
so the casting director remembered a cute guy she saw walking his dog around her neighbourhood. Boreanaz was called to audition and cast immediately,
based on the effect he had on the women of the studio. He has enjoyed success on TV ever since. 14 – Ken Bone
● The 2016 Presidential race between Trump and Clinton had many memorable moments, some
of which we’d rather forget. Audiences watching a bitter presidential debate
in October were treated to the sight of middle-aged power-plant operator Ken Bone, asking an innocent
question about the energy industry. America fell in love, paying much more attention
to this mustachioed character in an adorable red sweater than to the debate. Hundreds of thousands began following and
discussing Mr Bone in the weeks that followed. 13 – Olajumoke Orisaguna
● When UK rap artist Tinie Tempah was in Nigeria on a photoshoot, his photographer
noticed a woman who appeared in one of the shots with bread balanced perfectly on her
head. The woman was so beautiful that he was determined
to find her and when he did, an impromptu photoshoot led to Olajumoke getting a modelling
contract, and being able to quit her job as a bread seller and put her two children through
higher education. 12 – Charlize Theron
● Years ago, the oscar-winning actress was an eighteen-year-old, struggling to find acting
work with her strong South African accent. One day on Hollywood boulevard, she was trying
to cash a cheque but she ended up in a loud shouting match with the bank manager, who
refused her request. Fortunately for Ms Theron, a casting agent
who was waiting in line overheard and was impressed by her flair for the dramatic, and
helped her land her first role. 11 – Jamie Oliver
● This East-London chef owns a business empire of over £200 million, and has cookbooks
translated into over 40 different languages, but he was first noticed during the filming
of a British documentary in 1997. Viewers of the Channel 4 show Christmas at
the River Cafe noticed an entertaining and cheeky junior chef who worked well in front
of cameras. So well, that producers quickly offered him
his own show. 10 – Thamsanqa Jantjie
● When beloved South African President Nelson Mandela died, dignitaries and world leaders
all flew in to Johannesburg to attend his funeral, which was televised and broadcast
around the world. Jantjie, a sign language interpreter, was
hired to sign the speeches and eulogies for deaf viewers. Except he appeared to be inventing the hand
gestures, having no knowledge or qualifications for the job. He became a comic figure on the internet for
his attempt to improvise an entire language on camera. 9 – Johnny Depp
● As a poor and struggling rock musician, a young Depp was introduced to his wife’s
ex-boyfriend, Nicolas Cage, who encouraged him to get into acting. After only seeing small roles as an extra,
it was at an audition for the new Wes Craven movie that Depp struck success. The director’s 13-year old daughter was
watching the auditions for A Nightmare on Elm Street, and her reaction to the heartthrob
secured him the part, 8 – The Kingsmen
● In 1963, the then unknown garage band The Kingsmen paid fifty dollars to record
a single take of their cover of ‘Louie Louie’, a common blues song. Despite forgetting most of the lyrics, getting
the rhythm wrong and standing too far from mic, the song became a hit across the States
for the Kingsmen. This may have been due to controversy that
the lyrics were obscene and sexual, something the FBI had a hard time proving, as no one
can hear what they’re singing. 7 – Danny Trejo
● This grizzled actor is memorable for playing tough guys, and this is partly due to his
experience of serving time in and out of prison in LA. Upon release, Trejo got sober and became a
drug counsellor for troubled teens. While helping a teenager on the set of the
1985 movie Runaway Train, Trejo was offered a role as an extra in a prison scene, an easy
role for an ex-con, which started his Hollywood career. 6 – Guy Goma
● While waiting to go for his job interview at the BBC headquarters in London, Guy Goma
was instead pushed into a news studio, mistaken for a technology editor and asked questions
about a financial legal battle he knew very little about on live tv. Amazingly, Goma answered the questions as
best he could, and the viewers loved him for it, a man making the best of a terrifying
situation. 5 – Mel Gibson
● After getting into a pretty bad fight at a bar the night before, a young Mel Gibson
drove his mate to the audition for the dystopian Australian action movie Mad Max. The casting director saw Gibson’s banged-up
face and told him he should come back in three weeks to audition as a villain. When he returned, his handsome face had healed,
and the title role of Mad Max was given to him then and there. 4 – Rosa Parks
● The famous civil rights protester is often depicted as a tired old lady who just wanted
place to sit on a bus. In reality, Rosa Parks was advocating for
black rights long before 1955. But on that fateful day, she was ordered to
make room for white passengers, even though she was already in the coloured section. Her refusal to give in to the driver, and
her subsequent arrest became a landmark case in the history of racial oppression in America. 3 – Justin Bieber
● While flicking through YouTube, music businessman Scooter Braun stumbled across
videos of a twelve-year-old Canadian kid singing R&B songs recorded by his mum. The kid turned out to be Justin Bieber, and
within a few months he had been introduced to Usher, who became a mentor, and was signed
to Def Jam Records. I think it’s safe to say that Bieber is
one of YouTube’s biggest success stories. 2 – Harrison Ford
● Not making too much money from acting, young actor Harrison Ford had turned to carpentry
to make ends meet. He was fitting a portico entrance on Francis
Ford Coppola’s house when George Lucas, a friend of Coppola’s, came by the property. The two had worked together on a previous
movie, but the chance encounter reminded Lucas that Ford would be perfect for the ruggedly
good-looking smuggler Han Solo in his new movie, Star Wars. 1 – Cheng Guorong
● In 2009, 34-year-old Cheng was homeless on the streets of a Chinese city, rummaging
through the trash for food and clothing. But a photographer, who spotted his stylish
flair and chiseled facial features, posted photos online that built up a fanbase, earning
Cheng the nickname ‘Brother Sharp: China’s sexiest tramp’. Cheng still struggles with his mental health
after so long on the streets, but his fame gave him the chance to reunite with
his family.

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