10 Celebrity Mind Control Glitches Caught on Camera

10 Celebrity Mind Control Glitches Caught on Camera

hey guys what's up it's Charlie here and today we're going to be looking at ten celebrity mind control glitches caught on camera so there's a big theory that celebrities are being controlled by MKULTRA and with all the crazy celebrities in the media some say they're being controlled by MKULTRA or something now that may sound crazy but wait until you see the insane glitches caught on camera and after watching these videos you can judge for yourself whether these celebrities are being mind-controlled or if they're just a bit weird before we get into it wireless subscribe and press the notification bell – coming in at number 10 we have al roker so al broke is a very famous broadcaster he's on many shows including The Today Show well one day on The Today Show he was presenting with Matt Lauer and his other co-hosts they're all talking joking around and having a good time Paul seems normal until his female co-host says holy ghost that is when Alf freezes and stares directly into the camera he gives a strange blank look and does not blink or move for absolutely ages his co-hosts continue talking but he freezes in that same spot it's a very creepy video it seems he's staring right into your soul and others pointed out it's quite strange how he does this as soon as his co-host says the words Holy Ghost it's a popular theory that celebs controlled by MKULTRA have trigger words when these words are heard by the people it sends them into a state kind of like in the movie get out where the character freezes whenever the cop is tapped by the spoon have a look at the video and judge for yourself whether Al Roker is really undermined control room for the Holy Ghost next up is Wendy Williams so Wendy Williams is known for being very eccentric however on the Halloween special of our show in 2017 things did get really scary she was talking to the audience and walking around as usual she was dressed in her Statue of Liberty Halloween costume that was when all of a sudden a strange leak appeared in her face she then put her arms up out nowhere and all of a sudden she then fell down and fainted staff instantly ran on to help her out and the whole audience was very scared later on she said she simply was dehydrated and that's why she fainted but some people simply did not buy this it seemed like something affected her brain by the way she looked and also she appeared to reach for her brain is if something was going wrong in her mind do you think this was an MKULTRA celebrity mind glitch some say just by the way she looked so panicked this could have been an MKULTRA mind control glitch and while TV studios do have very hot lights she does drink a lot of water while on set and also they have a lot of ventilation of fans too so some didn't buy her dehydration story what do you guys think after watching the video our first caress next up is cardi B so cardi B is another celebrity who's known for being a bit wacky she often says very funny and surprising things but during one red-carpet interview she was weird even by her standards and this caused some to say she was having an MKULTRA mind control glitch she's simply doing a regular red carpet interview as normal but then she does have That's So Raven style pause right in the middle of her interview you can then actually hear a voice in the background saying that's good if you listen closely some say the man's voice saying that's good is cardi B's handler in this theory the handler is basically the person who's in charge of the controlled celebrity not only that as soon as she clutches out two of her family members look over at her then as soon as they likova she returns to normal and they look away again this whole scene is very strange and you have to watch it back a few times to really get what's going on Carly B is a very fast rising an influential celeb but it's very rare we see someone get into an MKULTRA glitch and snap out of it so quickly next up is draymond Green so if this one will appeal to any fans of the NBA one day during a press conference a player was being interviewed but over to the players right is draymond Green he's a fellow basketball player who wasn't being asked any questions however despite his teammate being the one talking all eyes were on him while this was on TV as you can see draymond Green is totally frozen and does not move whatsoever he just stares into one spot and does not blink this entire time some say just because he didn't blink for so long that's purely unnatural and seeing as he is a big celebrity maybe he's being controlled by mkay old from do you think this is mind control or is he just having a flashback to it stays in nah I'm just kidding but seriously what do you think's going on here many say draymond Green really is being mind-controlled here but after watching the video let me know what do you think next up is Amanda Bynes so we all know that child stars seem to go kind of crazy some say the fame and money just get to the head while others say that many Charles stars get mind-controlled and cannot handle it well we all know that when it comes to child stars going bad nobody beats Amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes was on the popular Nickelodeon show The Amanda Show she played various crazy and wacky characters on the show but when she went into adulthood she became one of those crazy characters even as a child some said she acted very strangely and maybe being mind-controlled but just check out her meltdown in court she appeared in court in a blonde wig and acted very strangely she also filmed various bizarre videos of herself in her apartment including one where she was pouting her lips staring in the mirror and saying look what you've done was she talking to herself or maybe her handler by how crazy he made her what do you guys think of Amanda Bynes and her complete meltdown some say she has a lack of self-control and couldn't handle being a celeb as a child while others say she's clearly under some kind of mind control spell you next up is Mark Zuckerberg so recently Facebook's been getting a ton of coverage in the news and if there's one man all eyes are on is the CEO and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg he's not only one of the richest men in the world but many say he acts in a very strange way he's known for giving off a creepy robotic vibe but maybe he's just shy rights there are many conspiracy theories saying that he's a robot or maybe some kind of lizard person but in 1qa Mark Zuckerberg may have slipped up and admitted he's not really human one audience member of Mark Zuckerberg skew a asked how he overcomes failures he said try not to let stuff bother you and remember you're only human he said it might bother you ask you're human and I was human Mark Zuckerberg then looked very scared and realized what he just said and corrected himself saying I still am human he then looked very nervous and sweaty as well he then very awkwardly tried to say I was just referring to myself in the past as if that wasn't already clear many say this is very strange behavior and another very old word interview when someone accused him of being in the Allu nard he also pointed to him being non-human some say he may be a member of the Illuminati or maybe not even human at all there's even a famous quote Mark Zuckerberg once said the more data I collect the more I understand what it means to be a human from everything he's saying it really does sound like he's not human but what do you think is Mark Zuckerberg not human or into some kind of mind control spell as much as possible but it is gonna bother you because you're human and and I was human I am human still but um put it but I was just referring to myself in the past um not that I was not human world more open and connected oh my god it's like a sea cult look at that making the world open and connected stream graph what next up is Bruce Willis so when it comes to celebs Bruce Willis is definitely a list he's in all the biggest movies and is very influential well when he was talking about an upcoming movie he was in on the BBC One Show he glitched out he started slurring his words and then began making random noises the hosts and the audience laughed very uncomfortably and in a confused way and then he stared right down into the camera as the host then swiftly moved on he appeared to snap out of it but it really does seem like Bruce Willis totally just glitched out right in the middle of this interview title it's a good they have a sandwich and let's go shopping that would have been at your children Sonya well it's about I don't it makes about as much sense good next up is Beyonce so when it comes to celebrities being associated with the Illuminati beyonce is definitely up there first up she's married to jay-z who said to be one of the most powerful men in the world he constantly makes Illuminati references and is a billionaire however during one basketball game the couple were sitting courtside at Beyonce appeared to glitch out she thought nobody was looking but one camera was actually pointed right on her she appeared to be swaying from side to side looking absolutely nowhere jay-z was fully focused on the game but he didn't seem to care at all about Beyonce being in a trance as if he's used to it or maybe he's even her handler making her be in the trance could jay-z really be mind controlling beyonce some say that's the case and forgot to say really did seem out of it in this video say you may say she's simply thinking about something and rocking back and forth and that is what I thought at first but when you realize how long she does it for you know something is not right what do you think can be happening here is Beyonce being controlled by MKULTRA next up is Winona Ryder so when owner Ryder is famous for many many roles and TV shows and movies however most recently she got success in the very popular stranger things she plays joy spies in the hit series and she was praised for her role but when stranger things won a SAG Award David Harper went up and in an amazing speech however all eyes were on Winona Ryder and her facial expressions she appeared to be expressing every emotion at once she was happy sad confused worried and just about every other emotion you could possibly think of on Twitter at first people were simply laughing and thinking she was acting goofy it is an award show so perhaps she had been having too much to drink but then some people said she may actually be having a mind control glitch saying she's been a massive Hollywood star for so long perhaps she does if I Handler and is being mind control maybe here she was simply glitching out and feeling all these different emotions and facial expressions it does seem to be a trend when people glitch out to show a strange expression on their face but do you think Winona Ryder was just overjoyed by this award or was she being mind-controlled here leave a comment letting me know your thoughts seriously and earnestly believe like me the great acting can change the world is a call to arms to my fellow crafts men and women to go deeper and through our art to battle against fear self-centeredness and exclusivity check out the poll the top right corner to vote for the most convincing mind control video on this list Sooey I think it's al roker as that is so strange and unexplained and despite Anderson Cooper calling him out he's still yet to explain it if you guys want more amazing videos check out my second channel the crafty they'll be a link to that channel on screen in a moment but as always thanks for watching check out some more videos on screen right now leave like if you enjoyed and if you haven't told me what you waitin for subscribe to top tens

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  2. Their clones malfunction…they also have trigger words which is 1 of the times the "freeze". The reptilian ILLUMINATI…look it up

  3. I stopped watching and following celebrities because I actually looked up to them then after my own breakdowns and attempted suicides then my last one where I was found unresponsive and hanging in 2012 then I did therapy and accepted medication after being threatened I would be sectioned so then in 2013 my brother was killed in a racist attack I am from the UK and a Muslim only after my brothers death did I actually wake up I got off drugs I did a lot of therapy and although psychiatrists said I have schizophrenia and depression and if I come off medication I would become psychotic I didn't believe their diagnosis. I think I have schitzo effective stress disorder and I do actually have PTSD and severe depression and I was getting clean for the first time In2012 and I started having flashbacks in the day time and whilst I was awake so when in them situations a person can experience a psychotic break down and showe signs of a schizophrenic. When I had to learn the prayer from the Qur'an for my brothers funeral which I knew in Arabic but I wanted to know what it meant in English As I can read Arabic but I didn't understand.what it all meant as kids we are taught how to read The Qur'an in Arabic we was not taught the translation.. anyway I lost my faith in God when I was put into foster care at 11 after a 9year traumatic childhood that came to light after a medical procedure… by 13 I believed if God was real why would innocent children get killed or raped or hungry people In the world … but in 2013 my brothers death forced me to learn the prayer then I got reading the whole Qur'an and everything made sense it was like I was blind my whole life… finally my faith was revived and I started to wonder why Islam has all these laws and rules like I can't listen to music then I understood and when I see things like this I am thankful I am awake now

  4. So y'all are telling me that all of these celebrities are just "having a bad day or having random seizures ? Why doesn't this happen to most everyday people then? Why does almost EVERY celebrity get hooked on drugs and checked in to rehab? Come on…something is happening here when you keep reading the same story just with a different celebrity each time. I don't by the "seizure" "exhaustion or any of that other bull crap. Ain't know way all of these people are just mental all of a sudden. If you think about most of the celebrities you know just look at how they started appearance and all and look at them now dead or alive and you can see the sadness and emptiness in them. You'd think they'd be happy with all of that money but something is causing them to literally lose their minds. This is the result from selling their soul and losing who they were

  5. They're robotoid clones well most of them are. They lack the chakra system so they malfunction a lot when frequencies in space are changed because they're not fully human

  6. You talk too much! Anyone ever tell you that! Wanted to see the actual here their words not yours! GEEZ!"

  7. These people are all clones. Clones are humanoid robotoids. Everyone of them have a handler. They all have key words like AL Roker. The receive no fame if they will not align with illumanti .

  8. These glitches are purposely done in my opinion 🤷🏾‍♂️ it’s basically a mass reaction audit lol when social media platforms go crazy they filter opinions to reference they database and progressively asleep society is..🤔 just my 2cents 😅

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