10 Animated Movies Where Characters Actually Did It

10 Animated Movies Where Characters Actually Did It

remember the days before the internet when most of us assumed cartoons were for kids nowadays can't even try to look up any beloved characters from the Shrek franchise with your save search turned off without needing I bleach afterwards just just just trust us on that but we're not here to judge the love that can apparently exist between a donkey and a dragon we just really really don't want to see the fan art of it today we're going to be ruining some of your favorite childhood movies by pointing out what was really going on in certain scenes and we'll also introduce you to some shocking animated movies that were definitely never intended for kids Brave Little Toaster even though The Brave Little Toaster was a movie marketed towards kids a lot of its content wasn't exactly family-friendly we loved the movie even if it did contain these stuff of absolute nightmares but the second movie really get the creepy factor up a notch The Brave Little Toaster to the rescue was the direct-to-video sequel to The Brave Little Toaster and features the master in his final days of college anyone else think they could have picked a little less creepy thing to call this guy nope just us okay now the master has a computer which becomes infected with a virus but the process is a bit graphic he shudders and moans while describing how good it feels and even talks about his memory banks being stroked look maybe it's just us but there's something about seeing a computer shrieking and delight due to these sensations in his regions heretofore only dreamed of by man okay it's definitely not just us because this seems pretty uncomfortable and definitely didn't belong in a kids movie for it's the cat if you think cartoons are just for kids well you probably haven't spent enough time on the Internet hey maybe you were traumatized by the computer in the Brave Little Toaster to the rescue but we are not here to judge Fritz the cat is an animated movie which definitely wasn't meant for kids and has the dubious honor of being the very first animated feature film to earn an X rating in the United States congratulation you filthy animals it probably won't surprise you to learn that many viewers found the movie offensive the movie features an old people in a variety of controversial scandalous and less than politically correct situations producer Steve Krantz claims every major distributor turns him down and when Warner Brothers screen of the film one of their executives just up and left the room the road to El Dorado throat to El Dorado is a movie produced by DreamWorks Pictures that didn't exactly set the world on fire sure it has its fans but as far as ratings go it seems like most people found it simply ok in fact some of the common criticisms of the movie seemed to be that it was far more adult than an animated film should be while some people found that to be part of its charm others weren't so impressed the movie was originally going to be rated pg-13 but later it was toned down to earn a PG rating instead yet those of us who appreciate some adult humor can agree that there was one scene which went a little too far seriously how did this make it into a PG movie there's a scene with a high priest bursts in on a moment that seemed way too intimate for a kids movie well intimate may not be the right word for this particular ads but you know what we mean it seems like Chell and Julio are getting pretty close with one another before they're interrupted seriously those sound effects were pretty haunting and made it clear that they were doing more than just talking about their feelings Lady and the Tramp ha ha Lady and the Tramp a classic Disney movie about the love story between two dogs well it sounds kind of weird when you phrase it like that but it's essentially what the movies about this movie has plenty of wackiness going on including a pair of Siamese cats who are well kinda racist thanks let's go back to the dog love story though the movie is about a cocker spaniel named lady who's living the high life until her owners have a new baby and things get complicated she ends up on her own and finds herself in the pound where the other dogs fill her in about her mixed-breed acquaintance tramp and how he's had many girlfriends and they don't think he'll settle down are we really trying to shame a dog about his proclivities and this movies had a date eventually lady escapes she and strand have a classic spaghetti date and apparently the date went well because they end up with a litter of puppies that's right kids when you go out for Italian food you make sure to wrap your breadstick or you might end up with a litter cool world man remember what a good movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit was it surprised us made us laugh and even made us feel sympathy for an animated shoe which is quite an accomplishment now what if we had a movie that combined a live-action and animation in a similar way and it starred Brad Pitt Gabriel Byrne and Kim Basinger on paper it might sound like a good idea but when the cartoons and humans do more than just play pattycake it gets pretty weird cool world tells the story of a cartoon character named Hollywood who well would do anything to become real how does cartoon become really asked well in cool world a doodle has to hook up with a human which they refer to as noids and since Hollywood does indeed become a noite who will let you do the math on how that happened it turns out that particular bit of doodling was ill-advised as it causes some serious interdimensional conflict before the movie is over sausage party sausage party is another raunchy movie with an all-star cast and an unorthodox style we're used to seeing talking animals or even talking appliances but seeing sentient food is something else entirely it features big-name actors like Seth Rogen Kristen Wiig Bill Hader Paul Rudd Edward Norton and Salma Hayek's just to name a few it starts out in a style reminiscent of many beloved Pixar classics before quickly taking a delve into depravity come on you know food items aren't known for living long and healthy live so just consider the implication you know the implication this movie has the dubious honor of being the first completely computer animated film to be rated R of course there's a semi romantic plot between a sausage named Frank and his blonde girlfriend named Brando want to take their physical relationship to the next level well the love between a sausage and a bun is clearly a sacred thing sausage party gets real weird with it and involves tons of other food items all have in the time of their lives shrek – okay so nobody really wants to think about the nitty-gritty details abstract the ogres personal life well at least we used to think that before we saw some fanart which start our brains for good the first movie in the Shrek franchise establishes Shrek as kind of gross even for a guy who lives in a swamp but despite his lackluster personal hygiene he manages to earn the love of Princess Fiona and they live happily ever after in Shrek 2 they go on their honeymoon and before you know it their family is joined by adorable little baby ogres we're pretty familiar with the methods ogres used to reproduce especially thanks to the after mentioned fan art but much more troublesome is the fact that donkey and the dragon somehow also have children we're entirely familiar with dragon biology what would then being fictional and all but hunting reptiles we wouldn't think that they would be compatible with a mammal like a donkey but hey if donkey can make it work with a literal fire-breathing dragon and all the more power to him 101 Dalmatians we've talked about cartoons hooking up with real people computers having a little too much fun and the unauthorized Dungeons & Dragons expansion donkeys and dragons but now let's get back to the realm of possibility with the classic Disney film 101 Dalmatians the movie only vaguely involves humans Roger and Anita as they meet fall in love and get married their dogs Pongo and Perdita become a couple as well but sadly society still doesn't legally recognize dog marriages Perdita and Pongo clearly consummated their relationship at one point since the former gives birth to 15 puppies the puppies are then kidnapped by the wretched Cruella De Vil who wants to play them and turn them into a fur coat yikes that's kind of grim for a kids movie but don't worry because the 15 puppies plus 84 of their new friends escape and end up back at Roger and Anita's place honestly the most unbelievable part of the whole movie is that this couple decides to keep all of the puppies and move into a bigger house we hope they at least decided to get their dogs spayed and neutered after all of this avatar if there's one person in the world of cinematography you probably don't want to argue with it's James Cameron but since we figure he probably isn't going to watch this video we're gonna go ahead and disagree with his statement that avatar isn't an animated film the movie contains 100% digitally animated characters in it so as far as we're concerned it fits the criteria whether or not you agree with master director James Cameron or us humble folks here at CVR there's no denying avatar was a massive success it smashed tons of box office records it's won awards and oh yeah feature two animated characters totally hooking up you can dress the movie up with all the amazing scenery and magical sky jellyfish you want but we all know what Jake Sully and Neytiri got up to sure the Navi method is a little bit different than what us humans do but we're not here to judge if this is the Navi way then that's cool and all but then why do they need to wear those loincloth all the time Lion King The Lion King is one of those beloved Disney films that seems entirely innocent when you're a little kid then you grow up and realize some unsettling things about the relationship between Simba and Nala did you happen to notice there are only two adult male lions and the pride in the beginning of the movie there's Mufasa who we all know is Simba father and his brother scar doesn't seem to be all that popular with the ladies I'm afraid I'm with the shallow end of the gene so with that mind whose null is daddy you don't have to call Maury Povich to figure that one out Mufasa you are the father of Nala then being secret half-siblings might not be a big deal earlier in the movie when Simba and Nala are just a couple of Cubs but eventually they grow up and reconnect as adults the two of them get really really close to one another yikes just look at that face Nala makes when Simba pounces on her in the grass we don't think it's a coincidence that can ya fear tonight is playing some fans even believe a cloud of dust spells out an r-rated word leading no doubt what's really going on between Nala and Simba but according to Disney animator tom sito the dust actually spells out sfx which is a nod to the special effects department that worked on the movie okay fine then we guessed that Lynx Nala and Simba just had some special effects with one another we've included a couple of scandalous animated scenes but there are many more out there tell us which scenes shocked you the most in the comments section below and then click on that subscribe button for more videos from us here at CBR thanks for watching and we'll see you again next time

47 thoughts on “10 Animated Movies Where Characters Actually Did It

  1. My mother bought Sausage Party for my then 7-year-old brother without checking the rating… let's just say he had A LOT of questions when he finished watching…

  2. Bro if you think the lion king one was weird… then you OBVIOUSLY dont know how real life lion prides work dude

  3. Most people are not aware that donkies are in fact a subspecies of dragon. This is glossed over in most biology books and D&D manuals.

  4. The way lions operate, Nala could be the daughter of another male lion whose pride Mufasa took from him. If Nala had any brothers, Mufasa killed those so they wouldn’t grow up and challenge his genes. That is how nature works.

  5. When he said lion keep ng it's sounded like he said ling keng to me!!!!😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😘😅😆😉😆😘😂☺️😁😙😁😙😁☺️😍

  6. Ok that talking used condom distrubed me.. That was just gross, not funny >.< Biologically in the natural world, Mufasa indeed would have been the father of all the cubs. Or another male lion would be Nala's father but then she woudl have been killed by Mufasa when she was a cub.

  7. I’m eleven and I Love fritz the cat. And we all knew what was going on in that movie 😏

    I know I shouldn’t be watching it but….
    It’s just so good…😐

  8. If there was a cartoon, that had a woman in it, who wanted to be real, would other cartoons, want to be like that?
    How was she conceived?
    Was her mom and/or dad, a cartoon, and she was a cartoon?
    Who were the parents?
    I’d want to know that!

  9. Where's the proof Mufasa is Nala's father? I've never heard that one. Heard Scar was, but also heard that other males left pride rock to find their own kingdom, including her real father.

  10. Umm… You do know that in the wild, a pride of lions really would be all children of the alpha male and typically, like Scar, other males would be pretty much outcasts if they hadn't split off to make their own pride. But family is family and sometimes sibling cubs will stick together for life, just like we stick by our families side, or should. So yeah, a male coming up and splitting off to make a new pride will very likely mate with their own sister if not a cousin from a nearby pride.

  11. Any animated character that ended up having kids did it lol. It's not really that big of a deal, we all have sex, even cartoons lol

  12. Dragons are NOT fictional. I repeat, dragons are NOT fictional. The bible never mentions dinosaurs but mentions dragons, ancient history doesn't mention dinosaurs but mentions dragons. Dinosaurs ARE dragons, and some still exist today, even in small form such as alligators and turtles and komodo dragons. Some of the depictions of knights and saints slaying dragons, the dragons are small, crocodile like or komodo dragon like, so how can people say dragons are fictional when they clearly exist?

  13. I thought this was gonna be much worse, it only had 3 rlly wrong movies the rest where things even my parents didn’t even think. And every movie is wrong since they are all childen of someone

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